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Sorcerer Bait

by: Oni Last updated Jul 5, 2005

A fallen paladin, a possessive apprentice, and a quarter elven sorceress come together to take out an evil sorcerer. However, what are the secrets of the past to be unveiled and who exactly is the real bait?

Lara's Little Detour

by: Oni Last updated Jul 5, 2005

Lara Croft meets treachery as well as the bottom of a pool of youth. For all of those who got frustrated whenever dear Lara died on them.

The Dark Tomes

by: Oni Last updated Jul 5, 2005

A trio of AR stories each with a bit of a 'dark' theme. No real morality to the regressions but fun to read nontheless. One on a magical slave market, one on tennis and one on how not to respond to a bored and annoyed sorcerer. 3 stories.

A Girl's Night Out

by: Oni Last updated Jul 5, 2005

Four preteen girls, a slumber party and a mother's age altering invention. Wackiness ensues as well as a twist of an ending.

Loss of Privileges

by: Oni Last updated Jul 5, 2005

Never humiliate the daughter of a magical renegade. NEVER.

Melissan’s Fall: A Punishment Fit for a goddess

by: Oni Last updated Jul 5, 2005

A fanfic based on the Baldur's Gate II expansion. Melissan was evil to the core and had wanted the power of a goddess. She lost it, then her soul. Of course, that just wasn't enough punishment for a certain paladin turned god.


by: Oni Last updated Jul 7, 2005

A party at a sorority house hides a little secret. A rather playful story really.

The Nerd's Spell

by: Oni Last updated Jul 6, 2005

Rude co-eds cheat and tease the wrong college professor. It pays to have a magical artifact on hand, or neck.

Old Enough

by: Oni Last updated Jul 6, 2005

VERY short tale. Written from scratch in 20 minutes on a dare. Still kinda cute. Halloween themed.

Party Training

by: Oni Last updated Jul 6, 2005

Fun story designed to be humorous and ironic. A woman used to doing things the easy way wants her daughter past potty training and all grown up. Such a pity she wasn't more careful. Wink, wink.

Test Run

by: Oni Last updated Jul 6, 2005

My first AR story. Teenager 'borrows' his fathers time altering device and brings it to school. A story of love, revenge and sitting on Santa's lap.

One Good Trick

by: Oni Last updated Jul 6, 2005

Would you trust a fairy? I mean, really trust a fairy? Here's a Halloween story that may make all you Tinkerbell lovers out there think twice about how you view the Fey. Still, one good trick does deserve another.

Spirit of Christmas

by: Oni Last updated Jul 6, 2005

Beware elves bearing gifts. A Christmas tale for readers of all ages. Warning, this one is pretty long.

Sailor Moon: Age of Innocence

by: Oni Last updated Jul 6, 2005

A strange obession I had years ago to turn all the Sailor Scouts into little babies. Not finished but still a lot of nice AR. Picture Malcolm McDowell as Tencite, I did.

The Age Stone

by: Last updated Jul 11, 2005

A man receives for his birthday a magical stone that can change his age.

Keeping House

by: Last updated Sep 9, 2005

A family finds and uses a magic medallion.

Old Aunt Ida

by: Last updated Sep 9, 2005

A man and his wife use a magic medallion to deceive his Aunt.

SRU: Tried as a Juvenile

by: Heidegger Last updated Sep 10, 2005

A young woman resorts to magic (purchased at Spells 'R Us) to get out of trouble.

The Video Game

by: Heidegger Last updated Sep 10, 2005

When Victoria babysits nine-year-old Britt, they play Britt's new video game.

Through The Mirror

by: Last updated Sep 27, 2005

Chrissy's thirteenth birthday leads to an unexpected journey.

It starts with a beer.

by: elementalblue32 Last updated Sep 30, 2005

A man meets a woman in a strange bar.

You are never too old to go trick or treating

by: Tazz Last updated Oct 19, 2005

Bobby always was told he was too old to go trick or treating, soon he will find out that is never true

Never Talk to Strangers

by: Last updated Oct 28, 2005

Timothy is about to learn you should never talk to strangers.

Tia, Baby

by: Last updated Jan 14, 2006

After a battle against a strange Mamodo, Tia finds herself caring for three babies who's names happen to be Zatch, Kiyo, and Megumi... I don't particurally like Zatch Bell(or any anime besides Case Closed and Fullmetal Alchemist), but this was a blast to write.

Life goes on

by: elementalblue32 Last updated Oct 28, 2005

Trevor's journal of his A/R virus

Baby Troubles

by: Last updated Jan 14, 2006

Fanfic done by some people at a website. I got permission from the guy who started and wrote most of the story to post it on here.

Peterson’s Halloween Disaster

by: Steven Last updated Nov 5, 2005

The Peterson family had planned a special evening, but disaster strikes when the youngest daughter gets involved.

Changing Costumes

by: Hobbitmon Last updated Oct 31, 2005

Tanya's mother swipes her original costume and replaces it with one a bit more controling


by: Last updated Nov 12, 2005

A young man on a babysitting assignment discovers that the boys he is placed in charge of have other ideas as to his role that evening.

Run and Hide

by: BBoy Last updated Feb 10, 2010

Two friends are forced to choose between arrest or escape...

One sugar, no cream.

by: elementalblue32 Last updated Nov 27, 2005

A man's business friend has an interesting vacation planned.

Be carful of how much you spend

by: Tazz Last updated Dec 22, 2005

A man gets a gift card from his wife for christmas with no limit to how much money he can spend. But instead of money being spent, and going lower his age is.

Younger Days

by: Last updated Mar 5, 2006

Watch as four young kunoichis of Konoha are forced on an adventure that is slightly different than what they are used to

Poor Little Rich Kids

by: Oni Last updated Dec 29, 2005

A holiday tale about a couple of naughty teens who get into a present not meant for them.

Baby Troubles

by: Last updated Jan 27, 2006

Mario fanfic written by me and some others. A red Mr. I working for Bowser reduces many of the characters of the Mario series into toddlers, and sets into motion many other villains' plots.


by: Last updated Feb 24, 2006

Very Quick story Johns bitrthday is around the corner but a witch casts a spell on him. Will it be his 18th birthday or his 1st

Product Tester Ch4

by: Last updated Mar 3, 2006

It's All About Haruko, Baby

by: Last updated Mar 20, 2006

FLCL fanfic. After 5 months, Naota finally runs into Haruko again. But, well, she's not quite the same as she once was...

Easter Bunny's Day Off

by: Last updated Apr 12, 2006

The easter bunny has a day off, so he decides to have a date with his beautiful girlfriend Katherine. Neither of them know what is in store for Katherine. This story has been edited for content by Heidegger.

Superman: The Other Crybaby of Metropolis

by: doctor anguish Last updated Apr 25, 2007

Lois Lane's REAL revenge on Superman...

Rebirth Festival Gift

by: Last updated Apr 15, 2006

The rebirth festival of pagans brings two special worshippers a wonderfull gift.

The Computer Guy

by: MaxPower Last updated May 1, 2006

A tale of a routine computer repair that led to a new life.

Younger Days: Retrieval

by: Last updated Aug 7, 2006

My long awaited (or never awaited) sequel to Younger Days, a Naruto Fanfic

New Boss in Town

by: ccwr89 Last updated May 16, 2006

School bully picks on the wrong new kid

Suggestive Regression

by: Last updated Jun 8, 2006

Two brothers have their older cousin stay the night but, they don't know he doesn't want to hang out with them. He wants to babysit them.


by: Reva Last updated Aug 9, 2007

Awakening crippled and without a memory of his former self, a young man must struggle with the his situation and the growing realization that nothing is as it seems.


by: TottieTa Last updated Apr 4, 2021

In a dark room a young child is found looking through a box for something...

7 Days of Training

by: Ambrose Last updated Apr 3, 2021

Set in a world where the AR-Virus hit. This story explores the struggle of an AR-Virus-Victim with AR-fantasies to let his dreams come true after his regression.(8 chapters, willing change of status after AR, little conflict).

Sibling Love

by: Ambrose Last updated Apr 3, 2021

With his sister's life at risk, Andy must decide how far he is willing to go to save it.


by: Ambrose Last updated Apr 3, 2021

As every product needs testing, Garry and Mona make a baragain to work as top-secret testers... though not necessarily for the product they imagined. (First in a triology of stories!)

A Close Inspection

by: putbackinnappies Last updated Apr 5, 2021

A prison inspector gets more than he bargained for when he encounters the mysterious governor of HMP Natum, a prison with a fearsome yet strange reputation

The Carnival

by: putbackinnappies Last updated Apr 5, 2021

An arrogant barrister is forced to reassess his belief in magic on a visit to a travelling carnival

Visiting Hours

by: putbackinnappies Last updated Apr 5, 2021

Max Galbraith was prepared to hold on to his position as one of the most powerful men in the city by any means necessary but could his methods hold the key to his own undoing?

Totally Spice! (A What if adventure)

by: username Last updated Apr 8, 2021

This is a fan fic scenario based on season 4, episode 3 of the "Totally Spies" cartoon. What if Boogie Gus' ray gun was destroyed before the girls could return themselves to normal? (If you haven’t seen the episode, it’s currently available on Prime and several other locations.)

Star Trip

by: Daddy_C Last updated Apr 10, 2021

Harry makes a wish and winds up with a completely different reality.

Regression Fruit

by: Ouroboros Last updated Apr 10, 2021

A reporter, who has seen the darker side of humanity a few too many times, follows up on a story he thought was just conspiracy.

Baby Hero vs. Mommy Goddesses

by: BabyBoy1672 Last updated Apr 12, 2021

A secret ABDL superhero that is virtually invincible and unstoppable faces off against two goddesses. How will they flip his world upside down?

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