Sam's Vacation

by: Elfy | Story In Progress | Last updated May 16, 2024

Chapter Description: Sam's in trouble but there's still an escape room to finish. Can she and her friends figure out the puzzles or will they have to tap out?

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“Sam?” Nina hurried back across the room and knelt down in front of Sam with concern etched across her face, “What’s wrong?”

“I’m…” Sam started. She had no idea how to tell her friend she was actively pooping herself. She had thought being found in the messy diaper the previous day was as bad as things could get but she had been very wrong. This was much worse.

Sam’s body answered for her. She felt a cramp building through her bowels and she knew there was only one way to relieve it. With Nina hands on her shoulders Sam lowered herself into a squat. Before she had even reached her lowest point the rest of the first turd that had been poking out of her emerged and dropped into the padding, she exhaled softly as her butthole closed but there was more to come. She could only imagine how she looked, squatting in front of the others like this.

“Oh… god…” Chrissy was muttering but in the now mostly quiet room her voice carried to every corner.

“I’m sorry… I’m sorry…” Sam cried as tears ran down her cheeks. She was still fighting the rest of the waste that felt like it was piling up at her backdoor. A useless battle that she would inevitably lose.

“Shush, it’s OK.” Nina said quietly, “Sam, look at me. It’s OK.”

Sam looked up at Nina but it felt like the hardest thing she had ever done. She felt so ashamed. A second later her resistance gave up. Her eyes closed and she held her breath. Just as her tummy muscles tensed and pushed she felt Nina’s arms wrap her in a tight hug that she didn’t let go. Sam could hear Nina whispering to her as a sticky mass spread over the back of her diaper.

“It’s OK.” Nina kept repeating, “I’m right here. You’re going to be alright.”

Sam grunted. Her hands balled up into fists and she separated her legs a little more. There was a rush of hot sticky poop that pushed out the back and bottom of her diaper. She let out a breathy exhale as she stopped pushing. The heavy disposable felt like it might now be sticking out under her skirt.

“That’s it.” Nina continued to quietly whisper, “Everything is going to be fine.”

Sam covered her face with her hands and could feel the wetness of her tears on her cheeks. As soon as she had finished pushing she relaxed her bladder and soaked the front. At this point she felt out of breath and leaned forward into the cuddle which felt like the only thing keeping her from losing her mind.

“Is everything OK in there?” A female voice came through the speakers. Clearly an employee of Midforest.

“Erm…” Chrissy hesitated to say anything.

Sam was still wrapped in a hug with Nina. She could smell herself and was shocked that her crush wasn’t gagging and running away. Sam’s tears had calmed down and one of Nina’s hands was up and stroking the back of her head.

“I’ll tell them to unlock the door.” Amy said as she started towards the intercom.

“W-Wait!” Sam suddenly blurted out.

Everyone stopped and looked at Sam. She finally untangled herself from Nina and stood up slowly. She winced as she felt her heavy load rubbing against her skin and pulling her diaper lower. She swallowed nervously, she could see her friends looking at her with concern and not a little disgust. Bearing in mind what she had just done right in front of them she could hardly blame them.

“If… If you can put up with the smell we… we could continue.” Sam hesitantly suggested. She was surprising herself in some ways.

“Are you sure?” Nina asked with concern, “I’m sure no one will blame you for ending it.”

“I don’t want to ruin it for everyone.” Sam said, “If you guys want to keep going then we can keep going.”

Sam saw Amy and Chrissy look at each other. The smell was clearly spreading. She wondered if they both wanted to leave but neither had the heart to say so. Eventually Chrissy shrugged and Amy walked over to the microphone and pressed the button.

“Erm… We’re fine. Thanks.” Amy said.

“You really don’t have to stay in here doing this.” Nina said quietly to Sam, “I’m sure we’d all be happy to leave if it would make you more comfortable.”

“I’ll be OK.” Sam replied in a slightly choked voice, “We must nearly be done, right?”

Nina smiled and gave her a little nod. Sam stood still as her taller friend leaned forwards and gave her a small kiss on the forehead, for just a brief second Sam forgot all about her predicament.

“Alright, well…” Chrissy was still looking like she would’ve rather left the room but didn’t want to be the one to say it, “We need to go through this little vent still.”

“I’ll do it.” Sam said.

“Are you sure?” Amy asked.

“Guys, please…” Sam said as she waddled into the middle of the room, “If we’re going to carry on can we just try to pretend everything is normal?”

Sam saw her friends nod but she understood how impossible what she was asking of them was. She couldn’t realistically hope that they wouldn’t act differently towards her after she had just filled her pants. She grimaced a little as she went across to the vent, the diaper’s contents shifted with each step and she wondered if the bottom of her disposable was peeking underneath her skirt. It certainly felt heavy enough to be poking out.

Chrissy had already unscrewed the vent covering. It was a short tunnel but it would clearly be easier for Sam to traverse than the others, even so, she would have to get on her hands and knees. As she looked at the small hole she thought about how well she was taking everything. Before the week had started she had always thought she would throw herself off a building if she did anything so childish and humiliating. Now she had lived through her worst nightmare multiple times and yet not only had she not died from embarrassment but she was carrying on almost like everything was normal. She didn’t know how things had changed so much.

“Alright, so I think there’s a button or something on the other side.” Amy said. Sam saw she was very pointedly breathing through her mouth.

Sam dropped to her hands and knees. She heard gasps behind her and cringed, no doubt her friends could see her diaper under her skirt but she hadn’t thought that the damage she had done would be clearly visible. She could practically feel their eyes burning a hole into her bulging and stinky behind. Her automatic reaction was to freeze up but after a few seconds she decided the only way through it was forwards.

With slightly awkward movements Sam crawled forwards. She quickly found that crawling in a messy diaper was even worse than walking in one, the poop rubbed against her and spread even more. Crawling in a diaper she had just filled as her friends watched her, it was easily the most like a babyish she had ever felt. She found that she wasn’t nearly as upset about it as she would’ve thought and wasn’t sure whether that was a good thing or not.

It only took a few seconds for Sam to scamper through but once she was on the other side of the door she breathed a sigh of relief. It felt good to be out of view for a second. She leaned back against the wall and as she looked around she noticed a blinking light in the corner, of course she wasn’t alone and Sam started wondering just how much the people on the other end of the camera had seen.

“Sam?” Nina’s voice called through the tunnel, “Can you see a button or anything?”

“Hold on, I’m just looking.” Sam shouted back.

The room on the other side of the door was very small, barely bigger than a closet. It was dark with a single lightbulb hanging from the ceiling. It was so dark that basically every bit of the walls just a few feet down from the light were completely hidden. There was indeed a button next to the door, in fact there were half a dozen and each was a different colour. Sam could just about reach them when she stood on tiptoes. As she looked at the buttons she started to smell herself, the small unventilated space quickly being made toxic by her underwear.

“Erm, there’s a bunch of buttons.” Sam shouted through the vent, “Six of them.”

“Damn it.” Chrissy exclaimed in frustration. Patience never was her strong suit.

“They’re different colours.” Sam continued, “Red, blue, green, purple, yellow and orange.”

“Well there must be a clue in here somewhere…” Amy said thoughtfully, “Give us a minute, Sam.”

Sam leaned against the wall with her upper back taking special care to keep her diaper area away from anything solid. As she listened to her friends searching the main room for clues she wondered about how things would change. Once they all left Midforest would they all respect her after everything they had seen her do? Could she just go back to “normal?” Did she even want to? The strange fact of the situation was that Sam, after all of the accidents she had suffered through had rarely felt as at peace with the world as she did right then. Her walls had fallen and she didn’t feel the desperate need to prove anything to anyone for the first time in her memory. She’d always thought being exposed, being shown up in any way as anything less than a totally mature adult, would be the end of her but it had happened, repeatedly, and she was still OK. If anything she was happier than ever before just to not be constantly on guard, it had allowed her to get closer to Nina so it couldn’t be all bad.

“Alright Sam, we have an idea.” Amy yelled, “Try…”

A sequence of buttons was read out and Sam dutifully pressed each one. Everyone watched the door expecting it to slide open but it didn’t. Instead, a new button lit up, one shining a bright white light from it. It was above the other ones and obscured by the darkness which was why Sam had missed it before.

“Nothing?” Chrissy asked.

“There’s a new button.” Sam said as she stretched and stood on tip-toes. It was just out of reach, “I can’t reach it.”

“Hold on, I’m coming through.” Nina said.

“No, I’m OK.” Sam replied, “I can do it.”

Sam stretched as much as she could. She heard her diaper crinkle as she reached up and was just about able to touch the bottom of the panel that this new button was on. She gritted her teeth and stretched a little more. With her other hand she leant against the door. Finally, with one big effort she jumped and smacked the button with her hand.

A lot of things then happened very quickly. Sam was essentially a passenger to events as time seemed to slow down to give her just enough time to realise everything that was happening. Firstly, it turned out that the laws of physics still applied and as she hit the button she was pushed backwards, it was only a slight movement but when she was already so off-balance it was all that was needed. She started to topple over backwards as the door she hand been resting her hand on quickly slid open.

Sam’s eyes flew wide as she stumbled and was twisted around. She saw her three friends standing at the doorway and looking through to her, she reached out her two little arms but it was all for nothing. She started falling backwards. It seemed like it took an age for her to hit the floor but she landed in a sitting position with her heavily soiled diaper the only thing cushioning the drop.

It felt like an explosion. The poop had piled into a lump since it had been deposited in the diaper but now it was rapidly flattened between the floor and Sam’s butt. The sticky mush shot in every direction. Sam could immediately feel the hot excrement heading up her lower back and around the front until it seemed liked she was entirely coated. For a horrifying minute she thought the diaper had burst or leaked but it seemed like the disposable still managed to hold.

“Ugh…” Was all Sam could say.

“Are you OK?” Nina asked quickly as she rushed forwards. She seemed to hit an invisible wall as the smell escaped the confined space.

“Y-Yeah… I’m OK.” Sam said as she gingerly stood up.

Sam was fine physically but that didn’t change the fact that her whole diaper area was now covered in her waste. She gingerly walked out of the small room and back into the properly lit main area, she saw Chrissy step back to give her a wide berth. Nina and Chrissy were looking down at Sam with concern and barely disguised disgust respectively.

“Ah ha!” Amy suddenly exclaimed.

Everyone jumped at the sudden noise. Thankfully Sam stayed on her feet this time and turned around to see Amy pointing at the back wall of the tiny area. With the light of the main room now flooding in they could all see a grid of numbers that had been previously hidden by the darkness.

“The code must be in here somewhere.” Amy said as she brought a finger up to her mouth in thought.

“Well can you find it quickly?” Chrissy asked. Her nose was wrinkled up.

“Chrissy…” Nina hissed, “Can you show a little compassion?”

“I’m sorry.” Chrissy replied, “I really am, but it smells so bad in here.”

“Sorry.” Sam said quietly.

“It’s alright.” Nina put a hand on Sam’s shoulder, “Nobody blames you.”

When Sam looked up she saw Chrissy open her mouth like she was about to disagree with Nina but then turned it into a big yawn at the last moment. She flashed Sam a quick smile before retreating to the furthest wall. Nina crouched down.

“Don’t worry about her.” Nina said quietly, “No one’s angry or upset. It’s just…”

“It stinks.” Sam replied, “Believe me I’m aware of that. Let’s just let Amy finish the puzzle and we can get out of here… Thank you.”

“Why are you thanking me?” Nina asked.

“Because… This would all be a lot worse without you here.” Sam replied honestly, “You’re the only thing keeping me together.”

“Then I’m glad to be here.” Nina smiled widely.

Sam was blushing as Nina stood up and they all looked at Amy who was still looking at the numbers and thinking. There was very little the rest of them could do as Amy had very much taken over. They were standing round for five minutes in near silence before Amy finally let out a squeal. She spun around and practically ran across to the main computer. She pressed four buttons and then a victory fanfare played.

The countdown above the door cleared and was replaced by a large “Congratulations!” before the door clicked and swung open. Chrissy was the first to hurry out followed by Amy and Nina with Sam bringing up the rear.

It turned out that the four girls were the last to complete their room. As they walked out they saw the other groups happily chatting about the fun they had. There were a few Midforest employees talking with people as well, Sam didn’t spend too long looking at them and kept her head tilted down at the floor.


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End Chapter 22

Sam's Vacation

by: Elfy | Story In Progress | Last updated May 16, 2024


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