Sam's Vacation

by: Elfy | Story In Progress | Last updated May 16, 2024

Chapter Description: It's time for Sam's vacation to continue and their next activity is an escape room. Before reaching it Amy has some questions for Sam and then, once locked in a room together, Sam quickly realises she may have made a terrible mistake.

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Half an hour later it was time to get going. Sam dropped off the couch and quickly pulled her skirt down. She needed to visit the bathroom but she wasn’t going to be able to get the diaper off without ripping the tapes. It wasn’t a problem after another few minutes. As Sam was tying her shoelaces she took the time to relax her bladder and wet her diaper. She closed her eyes as the warmth enveloped her, the now familiar feeling of her own pee being held against her body and warming her up.

“Everything alright, Sam?” Chrissy asked.

Sam looked up from her position kneeling to tie her laces. She saw the other three looking at her and realised that as she peed her pants she had completely stopped moving. Amy and Chrissy looked confused whilst Nina, standing behind them, twitched a quick smile before turning away. Sam muttered an apology and quickly finished tying her shoes.

When Sam stood up she could immediately feel the difference between the wet diaper and the dry one it had been previously. She waddled out behind everyone and waited for Amy to close the door. Nina and Chrissy were already at the road at the end of the little path that led to the front door.

“Sam…” Amy said quietly when she had locked the door, “Can I ask you a question?”

“Sure.” Sam replied.

“Erm, I don’t want to upset you…” Amy looked unsure.

“Is it something that is likely to upset me?” Sam asked semi-jokingly.

“I don’t know.” Amy replied honestly.

“OK, I promise I won’t get upset.” Sam said.

“Is there anything going on between you and Nina?” Amy asked.

If Sam had been drinking she would have spat it all out on the floor in front of her. She hadn’t been expecting that question at all. She had tried to keep things on the down low since she wasn’t even sure how she felt yet. Sam became aware that Amy was waiting for a response as her own eyes darted around and she nervously fumbled over her words.

“W-Why do you ask?” Sam finally said. She immediately realised that answering Amy’s question with her own likely gave the answer away.

“Just… you two have seemed to spending a bunch of time with each other.” Amy shrugged, “And you’ve been acting a bit… differently?”

“Differently?” Sam repeated.

“Yeah, I mean, normally you wouldn’t be caught dead being treated like a kid or anything. I’ve seen you practically bite the heads off people for making that mistake. But in the last few days…” Amy trailed off a little and looked around. She squatted down a little and spoke much quieter, “You’re wearing a diaper again aren’t you?”

Sam immediately looked down and felt the familiar embarrassment rising up. She hadn’t realised it was so obvious. Maybe everyone could see she was padded just from looking at her. All this time she thought she had limited who knew but perhaps literally anyone who looked at her could instantly tell. She was suddenly massively regretting the skirt and childish shirt.

“I mean it doesn’t bother me!” Amy quickly added when she saw how uncomfortable Sam had suddenly become, “Sorry, I shouldn’t have said anything. Forget about it.”

Before Sam could even work out how to formulate a response to all this Amy quickly apologised again and hurried down to the road with the others. Sam kept her eyes down as she turned and followed Amy to the tarmacked street.

“What’s wrong?” Nina asked as soon as Sam reached them.

“Nothing.” Sam replied.

“But-…” Nina started.

“I said I’m fine!” Sam snapped.

There was an awkward silence. Sam looked away from the group. She knew she shouldn’t be taking her frustration or anger out on her friends, especially Nina, but it was an almost instinctive reaction borne from years of being ultra-defensive. Nina didn’t press the issue though when Sam glanced up she seemed to look concerned.

“Right, let’s go.” Chrissy said, “We don’t want to be late and get locked OUT of the escape room.”

It was a relatively short walk to the escape rooms. There were three of them and they were each themed differently. Sam saw one that was clearly meant to look like a cabin on an old cruise ship, another was set up like a rustic old cabin in the woods and the third was very futuristic and sci-fi.

“That’s our one.” Amy said as she nodded to the science-fiction door.

The four of them went to the door and waited. They were five minutes early and as they milled around outside other groups turned up for the other rooms. Sam felt prickly again, she hated that she had snapped at Nina, she was about to apologise when two people in Midforest uniforms walked into the room.

“Everyone ready?” One of them asked after the usual greetings.

The groups all smiled and murmured that they were indeed prepared.

“OK, just so you know, there are cameras in each of the rooms and you’ll all be monitored.” The other employee said after everyone had confirmed they were ready, “There is a button next to the door, if you get really, really stuck we can give you hints. Likewise, if there’s an emergency press the button. However, if we have to open the door, for safety and fairness, we have to end the game there so we try to avoid that if at all possible!”

“These rooms are all roughly equal in difficulty.” The first person continued, “So we can have a little race to see which of you finish first. We’re going to the control desk, when the light above the door turns green you can head in and start. Any questions?”

Sam didn’t have any questions but she was somewhat surprised that no one was telling her she was too small to do it. She didn’t think she was too small for the activity but other people usually had a different opinion. It was nice, for once, to be able to do things with her friends. The two staff members walked away and Sam waited with everyone else, she felt like there was a slightly nervous tension in the air but couldn’t wait to start as she had noticed the people in the other groups giving her curious looks. Whether they thought she was a baby who was too young to do this because of her size or if they could tell she was padded she had no idea.

Thankfully the lights above the door turned green and there was a click as the locks disengaged. Sam was the last of the four girls to walk into the futuristic themed room. She broke into a big smile when she looked around, it really did look fantastic, as if she had stepped out of the forest and into a totally different world.

“This is so cool!” Chrissy exclaimed as she walked across to a shelf full of vials of strangely coloured liquids.

“Hold on, don’t touch anything.” Amy said as she went to a sealed envelope sitting on a metal table in the middle of the room, “You might mess up the puzzles!”

“Sam, do you want to read it?” Amy asked as she held out the envelope.

Sam took it. She rather felt like Amy was testing the waters in terms of whether she had offended her earlier. The letter was sealed with wax and stamped with the Midforest logo, it almost felt like a shame to tear it open. Sam pulled out the paper and unfolded it.

“Attention cadets!” Sam said extravagantly as she got into the role play aspect, “You are on the space station Sevastopol which has experienced catastrophic failure and is plunging into the atmosphere of the nearby planet!”

Sam paused for dramatic effect and Nina covered her mouth in shock causing everyone to laugh.

“You are our last hopes for saving the station. It is imperative that you work together to get the mainframe computer back up and running. You have one hour. Good luck, cadets!” Sam finished.

As Sam finished reading a digital display above the door they had entered turned on showing sixty minutes. It immediately started counting down. Everyone looked around, there didn’t seem to be any more information on how they should start going about their task.

Sam was happy to spend a minute just marvelling at the set that had been built. There were computer banks with flashing lights and dials around the room and even a porthole with the blackness of space outside. Sam looked at the computer screens, they were flashing warning messages and asking for a password that would reboot the system. Aside from the computers there were some space bunks on the other side of the room as well as a vent and another door next to it. Aside from that there were a lot of other things that, whether they had use in the puzzle or not, provided nice set dressing. Scientific equipment, a partially built robot and about a dozen other things that demanded Sam’s attention.

“So… what do we do?” Chrissy asked.

“Was there anything else in the envelope?” Nina asked.

Sam turned the envelope upside down. When she did so a small key fell to the floor. Without thinking she bent down to pick it up, it was only as she straightened up again that she realised she had just flashed her diaper to her friends and anyone who was watching the camera feed. She blushed as she held up the key.

“A key!” Nina quickly said to try and distract from Sam’s indiscretion.

“For what?” Chrissy asked as she looked around.

“It does seem a bit out of place…” Amy muttered as she looked at all the futuristic gadgets.

The girls got to work looking for anything that seemed to have a lock. It took five minutes before Nina announced she had found a chest underneath one of the bunks. The key fit and the chest opened.

The activity carried on like that for twenty minutes. Each puzzle answer gave a new clue and the girls were having a lot of fun in their “space station.” It was after those twenty minutes that Sam felt an uncomfortable feeling growing in her tummy, one that she remembered very well from the previous day. She nervously looked up at the timer, there was still thirty-eight minutes to go.

“Sam? Have you seen a screwdriver?” Chrissy asked as she walked over to the drawer Sam was looking through, “I’m determined to get more clues right than Amy…”

“I think I saw one on one of the lower shelves.” Sam said distractedly.

“Perfect.” Chrissy replied as she turned and hurried across the room again.

Sam bit her lip as her tummy complained again. There was no way she was going to make until they unlocked the door, she didn’t know what to do, if she asked to be let out she would end the experience for all of them. Hindsight was twenty-twenty and she now knew she shouldn’t have had a breakfast quite so rich in fibre. She saw Nina at one of the computer consoles, she looked at the other two who were distracted and waddled over to her.

“Hey…” Sam said quietly.

“Hi. I don’t suppose you’ve seen any four digit numbers anywhere?” Nina asked as she frowned and looked at the screen.

“No.” Sam replied, “Listen, I…”

“Ah ha!” Chrissy suddenly exclaimed attracting everyone’s attention, “Screwdriver!”

“What do you need that for?” Nina asked as she walked over leaving Sam alone at the computer.

As Chrissy explained her thinking Sam cringed and leaned against the metal of the computer bank. She closed her eyes as she felt another pain in her belly. This was becoming a critical situation, she was fairly sure that even if she pressed the emergency button right then she wouldn’t make it to the toilet. Her face was flushing with heat, she had done this just the previous day and now it seemed inevitable it was going to happen again.

Sam was still thinking about what she was going to do when she felt her struggling sphincter partially open. She covered her mouth as she felt poop push out of her for an inch or so before she clamped down again. Her heart was pounding. Whether it was the fibre or something else her control seemed greatly diminished, despite her problems she had rarely known a need for the toilet to come on this quickly.

“So we need to go through the vent to the other side of the door?” Amy asked. She was referring to a door on the opposite side to the entrance, “Who do we send through?”

“Well, I think we could squeeze through but…” Chrissy turned to Sam and the other two followed suit.

Sam couldn’t say anything. Every muscle she had was contracted against the inevitable. Her legs were shaking and her eyes watered. Her friends may not have known there was a problem before but now it was obvious.


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End Chapter 21

Sam's Vacation

by: Elfy | Story In Progress | Last updated May 16, 2024


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