Sam's Vacation

by: Elfy | Story In Progress | Last updated Apr 18, 2024

Chapter Description: Back in the crib, Sam finds herself struggling between her body's needs and wanting to let her friend rest. The next morning Nina comes up with a solution she knows Sam won't like.

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Sam opened her eyes but the bedroom was still dark.  It didn’t take her long to realise the problem, especially as she was curled up in a ball with her hands clasped over her crotch. She really, really needed the bathroom. Sam sat up and looked across the darkness to where Nina was still asleep. She let out a little whine, she really needed the toilet but she really didn’t want to wake her friend up again.

“I can hold it…” Sam whispered to herself.

Sam laid back down and pulled her cover over her little body. Sam liked Nina and she didn’t want her friend to think she was a little baby. With the wet panties, the scene at the go-karting track and the crib Sam was sure Nina’s opinion of her was dropping like a stone. She couldn’t ask to be taken to the toilet yet again, not if she wanted her friends to respect her as an adult still.

With a deep breath to try and calm herself down Sam laid back on her pillow and tried to ignore the pressure in her bladder. She was doubtful she would be able drop back off but, after a few minutes of tossing and turning she did just that.

Sam’s sleep was not restful at all. Her dreams were very vivid and she was getting this all-encompassing feeling of anxiety. She tossed and turned before finally waking up again. This time there was no putting off the problem, as soon as she woke up she knew her need for the toilet was desperate and wasn’t going to wait.

“Nina?” Sam called out into the darkness of the room. The sky outside was now a deep shade of blue as the sun started coming up.

Sam winced and bent forwards. She had waited too long, her bladder was full and she couldn’t hold on. She felt a dribble of hot pee run down her thigh before clenching again. Sam was seconds from disaster and she knew it.

“Nina!” Sam called out in a whine that sounded like a pathetic puppy.

“Ah!” Nina jerked upwards and turned on the light.

Sam’s hand was down between her legs but they were getting wet. She couldn’t stop it anymore, no matter how much she clenched the liquid wouldn’t slow down as it trickled out of her. Nina leaned over and turned on her bedside light, when her eyes adjusted to the brightness and she saw Sam she gasped.

“Sam? Oh my god!” Nina covered her mouth in shock.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” Sam started sobbing as the last vestiges of resistance died.

Sam moved her wet hand away from her crotch as her tortured bladder muscles finally gave in. The urine burst out of her now and soaked the mattress at her feet. She grabbed hold of the bars and cried softly, the sound of her tears drowned out by the noise of the waterfall between her legs. The sound of liquid hitting the already wet mattress and splashing.

“Sam! Let me get you out!” Nina slipped off the edge of her bed.

“No…” Sam shook her head. She couldn’t stop peeing no matter how much she wanted to and she didn’t want to end up covering her friend in urine.

Nina stood awkwardly nearby and stared as Sam’s full bladder finally finished. For a few seconds all that could be heard was Sam’s humiliated sobs and the occasional drip. Nina seemed totally out of her depth and Sam couldn’t blame her, this was a problem new mothers faced not college students on a fun vacation.

“Here, let me help.” Nina said softly after a few more seconds of agonised silence.

Sam saw Nina move in front of the crib and she gently reached over the top of the side. She took hold of Sam in the familiar way and lifted her carefully out of the baby bed. Sam was held at arm’s length as she was lowered to the floor, she was so humiliated by what had just happened that she didn’t even worry about being naked.

“I’ll get a towel…” Nina said distractedly, “Why don’t you have a quick shower to clean up?”

Sam couldn’t argue that a shower was exactly what she needed. She nodded and couldn’t look Nina in the face as she went into the bathroom. She got straight into the shower and turned on the water, she was only just able to reach the shower controls when she stood on tip-toes on the edge.

As the water started pouring down Sam saw Nina quickly walk in to grab a towel. Her face was white as a sheet, it must’ve been an awful way to wake up. Sam looked away, she couldn’t face her friend now, not after what she’d just witnessed. There was no way back from what she had just done, Sam would have to leave the lodge and get a taxi back home or something. She felt so humiliated she wondered if she would have to drop out of college to avoid her friends. Her mind was racing.

The warm water did nothing to ease Sam’s torment. She cried and cried as the water washed over her. As was so often the case when she got emotional her sadness spread away from what had actually upset her and towards everything. She couldn’t blame everything on her size though, not when she had passed up the opportunity to get Nina’s help. She had tried to prove to herself that she wasn’t helpless, that she could wait, and it had backfired spectacularly.

Sam sat down in the shower and didn’t move. The water started to turn cold but she remained in place. The skylight in the ceiling showed the sky outside was getting lighter but still she didn’t move as she shivered in the water. Sam couldn’t leave the bathroom, she couldn’t face anyone else. Somewhere out in the living room she knew Nina would be telling the others about the embarrassment, she could practically hear their laughter…

There was a knock on the door.

“Sam?” Nina’s voice came from the other side of the bathroom door, “Is it OK if I come in?”

Sam didn’t reply. After a few seconds the door opened very slowly. Nina stuck her head around almost as soon as there was space for her to do so. She saw Sam hunched over in the shower with her knees drawn up to her chest. Her eyes went wide and she quickly hurried over.

“Oh, Sam!” Nina exclaimed with concern as she felt the cold water hitting her hand. She was dressed already but that didn’t stop her from getting into the shower to turn the water off.

Sam shivered on the floor. With her knees drawn up and her face leaning down into them she was as small as she could physically make herself. The tears had dried up but she was despondent as Nina knelt down in front of her and touched her arm.

“You’re freezing!” Nina said quickly.

Sam barely moved as Nina went over to the radiator and pulled off a warm towel. Sam felt the warmth wrap around her as Nina rubbed it to both dry and warm her up. She felt some semblance of life returning to her small body, but with the retreat of the numbing cold came the return of the humiliating pain.

“I was getting worried.” Nina said as she continued to dry Sam, “You’d been in here ages and… Well, I was getting worried.”

It showed. Sam could see that Nina looked very concerned and couldn’t really blame her, she assumed she must’ve looked as bad as she felt. She took a deep breath and started unfolding from her position a little bit.

“Sorry…” Sam said. She kept her eyes on the bottom of the shower between her legs, “For everything.”

“You don’t need to apologise.” Nina said, “Accidents happen.”

“To me.” Sam said, “They happen to me.”

“Well, you have extenuating circumstances.” Nina replied. She moved to sit cross-legged in front of Sam, “But we all get caught short occasionally.”

Sam looked up in exasperation. It was clear Nina didn’t immediately know what caused such a reaction.

“Sorry, poor choice of words.” Nina finally said.

“It’s OK.” Sam sighed, “It’s just been a tough couple of days. You haven’t, um, told the others about…”

“Of course not.” Nina said quickly, “No one else needs to know. I’ve done my best to clean up but I think I’ll need to flip the mattress.”

“Thanks.” Sam said quietly, “I’m sorry I worried you.”

“It’s OK.” Nina replied with a smile. She reached up and put a hand on Sam’s arm. For a few seconds they looked into each other’s eyes before Sam looked back down.

“God, I’m still naked…” Sam chuckled slightly. At this point she had very little modesty in front of Nina.

“I’m going to go out into the living room, I think the others are awake. Will you be alright?” Nina asked.

“Yeah, I’ll just get myself together and I’ll be out in a minute.” Sam said.

“Are you sure you’re OK?” Nina asked again, “If you need anything you only have to ask.”

“I’ll be fine.” Sam gave a weak smile, “I promise.”

Nina stood up and Sam listened to her leave the bathroom. The bathroom was strangely silent without the water cascading on to her. She slowly stood up and finished drying herself off, she still felt intensely embarrassed but talking to Nina, no matter how briefly, had done a lot to help. Sam walked out into the bedroom and got dressed, she tried to avoid looking at the crib which had a towel hanging over the side. The window was open but it was only partially hiding the smell of urine.

When Sam tentatively opened the door to the living room she was surprised to see that Nina wasn’t there. Chrissy and Amy were at the table. She walked in and tried to act as if she hadn’t just been utterly humiliated. It was weird to see her friends acting normally after what had just happened to her, it almost felt like she was keeping a secret from them, as if not telling them was somehow like lying.

“Good morning.” Amy said with a smile.

“Hey.” Sam replied as she went and got herself some cereal. She took it to the table and sat with her other friends.

“Nina said she just had to run to the store.” Chrissy said as she drank some orange juice, “I have no idea why.”

Sam was a little confused. Nina hadn’t mentioned going to the store or anything when they had talked in the bathroom. It wasn’t too important though and soon Sam was enjoying feeling normal as Chrissy and Amy discussed that day’s activity. A tree-top adventure course that involved being attached to a rope harness and traversing various activities high in the air.

“Are you sure I’ll be able to do it?” Sam asked. The memories of the previous day were still extremely fresh.

“They said they cater to everyone.” Chrissy replied.

“Yeah, but the go-kart track said that to.” Sam replied.

“It was technically true.” Chrissy shrugged, “But I understand and I’m sorry you had such a bad time.”

“I’m just worried that today will be a similar problem.” Sam said.

“We could cancel if you want?” Amy quickly interjected.

“No, no…” Sam shook her head quickly, “I don’t want to ruin anything for you guys. We’ll be fine.”

Sam had finished breakfast and was sitting on the couch looking at her phone when the front door opened. She looked up to see Nina walk in, she seemed in a hurry to go to the bedroom and was making sure the bags of shopping she were the other side of her body so Sam couldn’t see it.

“What’ve you got there?” Sam asked. She noticed her friend looking away.

“Nothing.” Nina responded a little too quickly.

“Nina?” Sam put her phone down but Nina was already in the bedroom and closing the door behind her.

Sam frowned and dropped off the edge of the seat. Something was going on, it wasn’t like Nina to be as secretive as this. Sam walked to the door and pushed it open to see Nina sliding something under her bed, when she heard the door open she quickly spun around and sat down on the edge doing the worst impression of acting normally that Sam had ever seen.

“Nina…” Sam said as she closed the door behind her, “What’s going on?”

“Nothing.” Nina said again. She attempted a smile but her eyes made her look like a deer in the headlights.

“Come on.” Sam said as she started walking into the room, “You’re not a very good actor.”

“Seriously, don’t worry about it.” Nina chuckled but the sound was forced and as Sam got nearer she seemed to panic more.

Sam reached the edge of the bed. Nina was almost wincing now as Sam bent down and reached under the frame for whatever her friend had stashed there. Very quickly her fingers touched a thin plastic that seemed to be pulled tight over whatever was inside it. There were strange ridges on the inside and although Sam thought the feeling was familiar she couldn’t immediately place why.

“S-Sam… Look, before you…” Nina almost sounded like she was pleading.

Sam grabbed a loose corner between her index finger and thumb. She pulled and the strange package slid easily out from under the bed on the carpet. At first she still didn’t recognise what she was looking at until she turned the slightly rectangular cube over. When she did finally see what it was she gasped and took several steps backwards. She felt a knife stab at her heart, the sting of betrayal from her closest friend.

“W-Wait… Sam, let me explain…” Nina stuttered and held her hands out.

“You bought…” Sam couldn’t bring herself to say it, “You bought…”

“I thought they might help!” Nina said, “But you don’t have to use-…”

“Diapers!” Sam hissed as loudly as she dared.

Sam put her hands up to the sides of her head as her face blazed red. She turned to make sure the door was closed and that no one else was going to walk in. She couldn’t believe Nina would do this after everything she had been through in the last few days. In the shower Nina had made Sam feel like she almost normal and now… this.

“I thought they could just be an option!” Nina tried to reason with Sam, “Like, just in case you wanted them.”

“Want them!?” Sam shouted then forced her voice lower, “How could I ever want something like that?”

Sam aimed a kick squarely at the diapers and they slid back under the bed. She was so angry that Nina would do this, the least she could’ve done was ask. The diapers were out of sight but Sam could still clearly see them in her mind. They were baby diapers, one’s specifically for little infants. Was that all Nina saw her has after the last couple of days?

“Sam…” Nina looked like she about to cry.

“I just… Leave me alone.” Sam said as she turned away.

Sam heard Nina remain in place for a couple of seconds before she belatedly turned and walked away. The door closed behind Nina and Sam was left alone. Sam had never let it be ambiguous that she hated to be treated like less than an adult, the fact that someone would buy her diapers and not expect her to be furious really angered her. She aimed a punch at the bottom of the bars of the crib, it accomplished nothing other than hurting her hand.


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End Chapter 8

Sam's Vacation

by: Elfy | Story In Progress | Last updated Apr 18, 2024


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