Sam's Vacation

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated May 30, 2024

Chapter 28

Chapter Description: The penultimate update to Sam's Vacation sees Nina finding Sam in the kids' pool. Instead of taking Sam out she has a very different idea.

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“I’ve been so worried!” Nina was dropping into the water though even at this relatively deep point it didn’t reach her knee, “You were right behind me and then you weren’t. We’ve been looking for you but it was like you disappeared.”

The whole time Nina was talking she continued wading through the water until she reached Sam. The small woman was surprised when her taller friend reached down without hesitation and picked Sam up. They cuddled in that shallow water like a parent reuniting with their baby.

“I should’ve known to check in here.” Nina said as she looked around.

“It wasn’t my choice!” Sam was quick to point out.

Nina carried Sam over towards the changing rooms where the water got much shallower. They walked past the noisy inflatable and stopped at an area with various water spouts that alternately shot water from the wall and the floor. Nina stopped and slowly lowered herself into a sitting position with Sam sat on her lap.

“You didn’t choose to come in here?” Nina asked. Her eyes darted down the swim diaper that must’ve been very obvious.

“Of course not!” Sam did her best to sound offended, “You really think I would CHOOSE to be in here!?”

“Before this week I would’ve thought not.” Nina smiled wryly, “I feel like a lot has changed though.”

Sam blushed furiously. She couldn’t argue that Nina was spot on with her assumption that things had changed. She’d done things this week that would’ve been beyond anything she could’ve imagined before. It didn’t change the fact that she hadn’t chosen to be in here with the babies. It also didn’t explain why Nina was now sitting down in the pool with Sam.

“Why don’t you go play?” Nina suggested quietly.

“What!?” Sam exclaimed as her eyes went wide.

“I mean it.” Nina said, “Amy and Chrissy are in the Jacuzzi area, they won’t see anything. Why don’t you have some fun?”

“W-Who said I would want to do that?” Sam said as she ducked her blushing face.

“I saw you on the slide.” Nina smiled, “I saw that you enjoyed it. Look, no one’s going to judge you. I want nothing more than for you to have as much fun as possible. If you want to play then just do it.”

“You’re so embarrassing…” Sam complained half-heartedly.

Sam finally wriggled out of Nina’s grip and stood in the shallow water. She felt incredibly awkward in her puffy swim diaper. She couldn’t look up at Nina, instead she turned to look at where a bunch of small children were splashing each other and throwing a small ball around.

“I’m not hearing a no…” Nina said knowingly.

“Please… I…” Sam looked down at the water and sighed.

“It’s OK if you don’t want to.” Nina quickly added, “I didn’t mean to pressure you I ju-…”

“I do!” Sam finally said. She lifted her arms and let them drop to her side again. Like saying what she felt was a massive defeat for her, “I do want to play…”

“But?” Nina prompted.

“I shouldn’t!” Sam looked up with a defeated kind of frustration, “I’m not a kid. I shouldn’t want to play on the stupid inflatable or wear diapers or any of this stuff. I’m supposed to be the mature one, I’m supposed to be the adult!”

“Oh, Sam…” Nina said softly, “You’re not supposed to be anything. You can be and do whoever and whatever you want.”

“I never wanted any of this.” Sam continued, “Not until we came here. I’d never allowed myself to think about anything like this. I always had to be the most mature and adult of anyone. I’ve always been the voice of reason because it’s the only way anyone will possibly think I’m a grown up… but even that’s not enough.”

Sam sighed. She hadn’t meant to suddenly drop all of this on Nina. The kid pool seemed a very strange place to have a serious conversation. She felt bad that was being a downer and bringing other people’s moods down.

“It’s only because of you that I haven’t totally freaked out about everything that’s happened this week.” Sam finally finished.

“Me?” Nina looked surprised.

“You make me feel safe and comfortable.” Sam was going bright red but she ploughed on, “It’s like I don’t need to worry when I’m around you. Everything will be OK because you’ll look after me no matter what happens. I don’t know why it took until this vacation for me to notice. For the first time in my life I’ve been able to drop my guard and… I like it.”

Sam felt herself tearing up as she filled with emotion. She’d come so far, she couldn’t stop now. Not when this was the last day of the vacation, everything could go back to how it had been before. She didn’t want that.

“I like the diapers!” Sam said a little louder than she had perhaps intended, “I like being carried. I like not having to worry about how people see me or if I’m good enough to be seen as an adult. I like being looked after… I like being looked after by you.”

Sam glanced up at Nina who seemed to be similarly struggling with emotions. A shaky smile appeared on her face and Sam felt like she was on a tightrope. Was she about to laugh at her for her infantile admissions?

“Sam…” Nina’s voice was small but she opened her arms wide.

Sam didn’t need to be told twice. Feeling herself sob from the pure emotion of the moment Sam ran forwards with her arms out and practically jumped against Nina’s chest. The bigger woman’s arms wrapped around her as they embraced in the shallow water of the pool, both of them sniffing back tears.

“I think I love you.” Nina whispered, “I think I’ve loved you for a long time.”

That was the final straw for Sam. All her composure left her as she cried on to Nina’s shoulder. It was the words she had wanted to hear but had never thought possible. She wanted to say she loved Nina back, she was sure she did, but she couldn’t, she was too choked up.

They sat together at the edge of the pool with children splashing and yelling around them but that might as well have all been happening in a different world. There was no telling how much time passed before Nina’s hug gradually loosened and Sam was able to pull back a little. She was beaming with happiness.

“So bearing in mind… everything you just said.” Nina chuckled and rubbed her eyes, “How about a little play time?”

Sam shyly nodded. It was still embarrassing but now that her feelings were out in the air it felt like a roadblock had been bypassed. She wanted to play, no one here knew she wasn’t actually a small child. She just wasn’t sure what to do.

“How about you go through the inflatable again?” Nina suggested, “You seemed to like that.”

Sam nodded again and started walking away. After a few steps she sped up with a big smile on her face. All thoughts of being a grown-up had been cast aside. All she wanted to do was play like all the other kids, experience the childhood she had always avoided. She scrambled up the entrance to the inflatable and hurried through amongst everyone else. She was just one of them.

“I told you it was fun!” A small girl’s voice said.

Sam skidded to a stop on the wet floor and turned to see Alice leaning against the wall and looking very wet. Sam waited for a group of particularly boisterous boys to pass and then quickly crossed to where the girl was standing and smiling.

“It is fun!” Sam replied.

“Race you down the slide!” Alice said as she suddenly took off again.

Sam felt as light as a feather. She had never been in the moment like this before, she had never stopped caring about how others saw her like she did right then. She giggled childishly as she ran after her new friend until they reached the slide. Sam took the other girl’s hand and with an infantile scream she jumped forwards and down the slide again.

When Sam emerged from the water she was laughing and wiping her hair out of her face. She saw Nina and ran over to hug her again. Like a little girl she seemed to want to do everything at once and Nina was happy to encourage her.

Sam played and played. The squirt guns and water spouts were fun in between laps on the inflatable. She joined other children throwing a ball around, she pretended to dig up some buried treasure on the sandy “beach” on one side. As time went on Sam found herself thinking less and less as the adult she was and perhaps that would explain what happened next.

After going through the inflatable pirate ship countless times and losing track of time Sam felt a fullness in her bowels. Perhaps spending so much time with all these young kids had allowed her to go too far into the mind-set of a child because before she was even thinking about what she was doing she had started to push down.


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End Chapter 28

Sam's Vacation

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated May 30, 2024


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