Sam's Vacation

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated May 30, 2024

Chapter 24

Chapter Description: With the traumatic escape room finished Sam and her friends go back to the lodge. But what has the day's events done to their relationships?

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They walked back to the lodge. To be more precise Amy, Chrissy and Nina walked back to the lodge. Sam spent the whole trip in Nina’s arms and despite the embarrassment she still occasionally felt there was no place in the world she would rather be. By the time they were at the front door Sam was leaning forward with her head resting against Nina.

There were no plans for the rest of the day other than hanging out and having fun. The girls all retired to their rooms to chill out for a while. Sam was placed on Nina’s bed, the taller woman then laid flopped down and laid on her back. After a second of hesitation Sam crawled next to her and curled up between her body and her arm.

“I think I’m going to have a nap.” Sam said with a yawn.

“Sure, I’ll be out of your hair in a minute.” Nina said. She went to stand up but Sam reached an arm across her, the message was received and Nina laid back down again.

In silence the two women cuddled for a few more minutes before Nina sat up. Sam was already half asleep and with the free space Sam slid up the bed. She felt the warmth of where Nina had been laying, she could smell her intoxicating smell.

“Have a good rest.” Nina said.

Sam slipped under the covers which Nina pulled up and over her. Sam smiled as Nina stayed another couple of seconds to look down at her. Finally she turned away and Sam was left alone in the bedroom, she very quickly fell asleep.

When Sam woke up ninety minutes later her first thoughts were of pure panic. For several long moments she replayed the morning in her head and felt embarrassed by everything that had happened. She cringed under the covers and wondered how she kept letting this happen, how she kept thinking it was OK to act like a child. But then she remembered Nina’s reactions to it all, how she had helped and made Sam feel so much better about everything that had happened. She slowly emerged from her cover feeling happier. Nina was right. Normal was overrated and if she could accept Sam for who she was perhaps Sam should be more honest with herself.

Sam pulled the covers down. Having napped in her clothes she was feeling rather warm so she lowered herself down off the bed and undressed down to her diaper. It crinkled comfortingly around her waist as she walked around to her clothes, she was about to pull out some new things to wear when she paused and looked into the mirror.

With her diaper on display Sam didn’t feel the expected embarrassment. Instead it felt… normal. It felt like that was how she was supposed to be dressed. She felt safe and secure, a lot of the anxieties she often had seemed to fade away. She went back to the clothes she had just taken off and put her shirt back on. Leaving her skirt on the floor she walked to the door and after a last minute wobble pulled the handle and opened it.

Sam heard the other three talking but as the door swung open they stopped. Sam’s heart was hammering as she waddled out of the bedroom with her baby diaper on full display. The shirt covered the top of the waistband but most of the rest was completely open. Sam could see the girls looking shocked as she walked around the couch.

“Hey, Sam…” Chrissy said with a frown.

“Hello.” Sam replied. She acted as if nothing was unusual about this.

Unlike the other two Nina was smiling and leaned down to help Sam up on to the couch. It seemed like the more Sam accepted her limitations and the diapers she was now wearing constantly the more confident Nina was becoming. Sam sat on the couch with her legs crossed leaving her diaper a little more hidden. After staring for a few seconds Amy and Chrissy looked at each other and then back to the television they were watching.

After the initial awkwardness things started to settle down. Before long the four of them were talking and laughing as usual. After watching a film they played a board game and by the end of that it was like Sam had always openly been in diapers, no one paid it any attention.

“What are we doing for dinner?” Nina asked as the afternoon turned to evening.

“I’ll order in some burgers.” Chrissy said as she picked up her phone.

No one was going to complain and about half an hour later the doorbell rang as the food arrived. Chrissy went to pick it up whilst the others started for the table. Sam dropped off the edge of the seat and felt like she needed to pee, she didn’t even hesitate. Standing suddenly still Sam relaxed and instantly felt warmth spreading throughout the padding. She closed her eyes as a small smile crossed her face.

It was a feeling Sam had quickly learnt to enjoy. When she pushed aside all of her emotions she could concentrate on the pure physical sensations. The relief of emptying her bladder, the feeling of the padding expanding, the warmth spreading from front to back, it all felt really nice. Sam slowly opened her eyes and saw Nina was watching her with her eyebrows raised.

Sam ducked her head like a puppy being caught doing something naughty. When she looked back up she saw Nina give her a quick smile and head to the table. The smile made Sam’s heart melt. Unlike any of the other times she had used her diaper there was no doubting that this wasn’t an accident. The bathroom was right there and completely unoccupied but Sam had chosen not to use it. She could pretend she wet herself to avoid wasting the diaper but that would’ve been a lie and she didn’t think anyone would buy it.

As Chrissy walked back in with the food Sam hurried across to the table. The expanded disposable rubbed against her thighs with every step, she didn’t know how obvious it was that she had wet herself but she definitely felt like she was waddling more than before. She had some difficulty climbing on to the chairs at the table until Nina helped by lifting her up, something that was becoming a very common occurrence.

For the rest of the evening Sam remained openly diapered. If the others hadn’t noticed that she was wet right away they certainly did when they went back to the living room to play some more board games and watch television. Yet again, any shock Chrissy and Amy had about the wet diaper seemed to gradually disappear. Sam was struck by just how weird it was that everyone was so quick to accept all this. She wondered if her friends secretly thought she was a baby despite her protestations in the past. There was a brief flare of annoyance before she remembered how she was dressed and everything that had happened. She was in a difficult place. As much as she still wasn’t overly keen on being automatically thought of as a helpless baby just because of her size when Nina put her arm around her shoulders Sam couldn’t resist snuggling up into her as the diaper blossomed with fresh warmth.

“We should probably head to bed.” Nina said a little while later.

Sam had been leaning against Nina’s side and only realised she was half-asleep when she was moved slightly. She slowly sat up and rubbed her eyes. It was fully dark outside now and Sam stretched as people started tidying up the empty chip packets and candy wrappers left on the table. Nina stood up and after leaning side to side to stretch her back she turned to Sam.

Without hesitation Sam smiled sleepily and lifted her hands towards her crush. Nina didn’t need much encouragement to lean forwards and lift her from the couch. Sam sighed happily as she was carried by Nina into the bedroom as if it was something they had done a thousand times before.

“You’re going to need a change.” Nina said as she put Sam down on the bed.

Sam quickly lowered herself off the side of the mattress as Nina started taking off her shirt and pants. She dropped to the floor and crouched on to her hands and knees with her big padded rear in the air. Sam reached under the bed and pulled out a new disposable. She noticed that the packet was nearly empty, she was shocked to consider how many diapers she must’ve gone through.

Sam stood back up and turned around with her new diaper in both hands. She was clutching it so it covered the top of her chest and the bottom of her blushing face. She swallowed nervously when she saw that Nina had stripped down to just her bra and panties, she felt herself stirring within her currently soaked underwear. She was beyond beautiful.

“Yes, you’re going to need that tonight.” Nina said with a wry smile.

The previous Sam would’ve thrown the diaper to the ground in anger at the assertion. She would’ve refused the padding regardless of how convenient it made everything and she wouldn’t have spoken to Nina for days, maybe weeks, afterwards. But this Sam was different. Instead of descending into a furious anger Sam she instead felt herself turning to jelly. For someone reason when Nina said these things it made her feel embarrassed in a way that made her tingle. With trembling hands she extended her arms and held the diaper out towards Nina

“You want me to change you?” Nina asked. She didn’t look surprised.

Sam quietly nodded her head. Her cheeks blazed but she wasn’t going to deny her feelings. She did want Nina to change her, she wanted Nina to look after her completely and forever. It wasn’t anything she could vocalise though, she hadn’t grown that comfortable with herself yet.

Nina reached down and took the diaper. Sam played with her fingers nervously before turning around and scrambling to climb back up on to the mattress. She struggled until she felt Nina’s hand on her soggy padding, it gave her just the added impetus she needed to get up on top of the bed. She laid down with her feet pointed at her crush and smiled nervously. This still felt so naughty.

“Hard to believe tomorrow is our last full day here.” Nina said as she bent over to pull off the tapes of the wet diaper.

Sam thought about Nina’s words. There was a certain fear that came with the idea of leaving Midforest. Would everything go back to how they had been before she came here? Did she WANT it to go back to how things were?

Everything that had happened at Midforest felt like it was in a bubble of some kind. It didn’t feel like it was part of her real life and that as soon as the bubble burst everything would be undone. She’d go back to being ultra-defensive of her size and suggestions of being little, maybe even Nina would lose interest once they were back around other people again. Sam fretted nervously as she was placed in a fresh diaper and taken to her crib.


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End Chapter 24

Sam's Vacation

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated May 30, 2024


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