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Ever The Little Baby

by: BabyBoy1672 Last updated Jan 19, 2022

Set in the Diaper Dimension, only one Little stands against the oppression of the Bigs.

Baby Hero: Orisha Chronicles

by: BabyBoy1672 Last updated Jan 19, 2022

Marcy aka Neon the Dragon Princess returns. This time introducing a new goddess, Oya, African goddess of transformation. How will our heroine fair in meeting this new goddess?

From College To Cradle

by: Stacey Ayodele Last updated Jan 18, 2022

Welcome To Childhood Inc – Have A Childhood Again...that's the webpage I have in front of me. I hope this works...

Corporate Espionage

by: Personalias Last updated Jan 17, 2022

Who knew that rivalries between diaper companies could be so cut throat?

In-Between (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia Last updated Jan 16, 2022

Cameron Sylvester has grown up always hoping he'll live up to the heritage of his mother's family height. She was a Big, and his father a tall Mid, which meant it shouldn't have been a question he would grow out of the Little category of height early on. A bright student, he's been the top of his class in science and math throughout his academic career! Looking towards his high school graduation, and towards college, it's a question of inches if he'll be left to the fate of being a Little with a limited future, or manage to make a future as a short 'Betweener'. Even as a Betweener the question remains to be seen if he can be a normal adult, or if he'll be left In-Between. A tale from the DiaperDimension

Power Struggle

by: Mr. D Last updated Jan 15, 2022

Inspired by the super hero universe, just a short story with a single chapter. May or may not continue.

Unfair- A Diaper Dimension Novel

by: Personalias Last updated Jan 15, 2022 Set in the Diaper Dimension, where Littles live under the constant threat of being adopted by Amazons and forcibly babied and mentally regressed. Clark is a Little who is doing pretty well for himself. He has a wife, a job, and a good home in a small town. All the trappings of adulthood that a Little could want. But as a teacher, his job is always walking a razor's edge for when Faculty and Staff might see him and think he deserves to go from teacher to less than a pre-k student. Read on to learn about Clark, his world and worldview, and how everything gets turned on its head.

Spirit of Christmas Finale: Drummer Baby

by: BabyBoy1672 Last updated Jan 12, 2022

This story will be a final continuation of Oni’s Spirit of Christmas. All characters belong to Oni. Just kept thinking that this needed an ending, since it’s been In Progress for a few years. Anyone having trouble finishing stories? Send me a message! Anyways hope you enjoy!

A Matter of Aging

by: klatuk4u Last updated Jan 12, 2022

A few Disney Villains try to restore their youth and beauty.

A Perfect Solution Teaser

by: sonofsheila Last updated Jan 11, 2022

This is just a portion of my first story, heavily inspired by Jennifer Lorraine. All diaper stuff included so avoid this if you don't like that. Criticism is very welcome, go all in.

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