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The Diaper Bag

by: Personalias Last updated Jun 14, 2021

A professional babysitter in a quiet little town comes across a bottomless diaper bag that can make supplies for any size. ANY size. What's the worst that could go wrong?

Rescue Mission to Wonderland

by: Ambrose Last updated Jun 14, 2021

Josh is just supposed to look after his little sister Kelly and her two friends for a bit. What could go wrong? This is the first part of a story I did for Areat. He had this great idea and helped a lot with many scenes as with correcting mistakes. A story with three parts.

Teen Cutie

by: username Last updated Jun 12, 2021

Teen Cutie fights for viewer ratings in her never-ending quest to avoid responsibility.

The Montford Reduction

by: Alec Leamus Last updated Jun 11, 2021

A young woman takes an expiramental drug to grow taller.

A Date Night in Diapers

by: Matt Masher Last updated Jun 10, 2021

A man's date night surprise goes wrong when her wife ends up regressed into a baby. (My first story so I'd really appreciate any criticism)

Alcohol, Schmalcohol

by: Achuloh Last updated Jun 9, 2021

In some universes, alcohol has quite a different effect on the brain than in our own universe.

Office Mismanagement

by: Ouroboros Last updated Jun 9, 2021

A CEO of a failing company decides to change things, and her employees. How will they all react to their ultimate fates?

Baby for new year

by: derrickk73 Last updated Jun 4, 2021

James goes with his girlfriend home for the holidays and things take an unexpected turn

Parenting with the Remote

by: Anostus Last updated Jun 4, 2021

Frank uses a remote to make sure his little girl doesn't grow up too fast.

Relationship Upgrade

by: Ambrose Last updated May 30, 2021

Andrew and Linda seem to be the perfect couple if not for their different views on parenthood. Can a mysterious shopkeeper help?

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