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James and Veronica's Medallion Sexytimes

by: OmoriSunburn Last updated Jul 19, 2021

WARNING: This story contains very descriptive sex scene between an adult man and a regressed woman. If you don't like that please don't read A/N: I have read dozens of stories with sex between a regressed man and an adult woman so I decided to make the reverse.

Melissa and Doug

by: Personalias Last updated Jul 18, 2021

A man is put in his place by some very "old fashioned" yet "innovative" punishments.

Daddy & Baby

by: Peculiar Changeling Last updated Jul 16, 2021

I went for a mix of cutesy relationship stuff and heavy kink on this one, as a Daddy and his Little enjoy an evening in together. Enjoy! Support me: Newsletter:

Little Accidents

by: JimmyWuffster Last updated Jul 13, 2021

Ace is a caretaker at his local daycare, and finds one particular charge is failing at his potty training. Time to take him off his potty chart, but not before the charge gets an idea with some interesting results....

Gamer Pants

by: Peculiar Changeling Last updated Jul 11, 2021

A twenty four hour gaming livestream doesn't sound so bad - until Danny realizes that he didn't account for how he'd take bathroom breaks. After a bit of prodding from his boyfriend, though, he comes up with an unconventional solution. Contains AB/DL content! Mostly just cute, PG stuff, but if you don't like diaper stories, look away! If you enjoy this and want to support my writing, you can subscribe over on Patreon or SubscribeStar. Money goes to feeding me so that I can continue to write!

The Baby Bet

by: Peculiar Changeling Last updated Jul 10, 2021

Grace has a problem with her housemate. Wait, that's not right. Grace's housemate is a problem. He doesn't cook except to nuke frozen dinners in the microwave, he barely cleans, he's a mess that drags the whole house down. Her other housemates aren't a problem - just him. And, despite this, he insists he's kept up, sufficiently tidy, and responsible enough to care for a child if the need arises. Grace has had enough of his bullshit, and she's willing to go to extreme lengths to prove it. ... This is an ongoing story that's being written chapter-to-chapter, sometimes with the chapters being incomplete at the time of being posted. The ultimate plan is to finish the first draft before doing any serious editing to fix up structural problems or rework problem chapters. In the event that a chapter is missing parts when posted, or if something needs to be retconned, there will be an author note explaining as much. If you'd rather wait until the story is complete and edited, then read it all in one go, that's understandable! It'll be finished eventually and you can read it then! ^_^

Rebirth Movement: Congmao Control

by: TheFurEffect Last updated Jul 8, 2021

Warning: Darker subjects explored in the series. Read at your own risk. In an alternate timeline the terrorist Congmao communist government gains access to research about anti-aging. They militarize the research and take over the various countries across the 7 continents, turning all who dis-obey into young children to be re-educated as "role model citizens." Can they be stopped by resistance movements or is all hope of a truly free world lost? Chapters will be added as they come since I don't have a coherent release schedule for this series other than hopefully getting a chapter a month done. Will add tags as needed because I don't have a coherent plan for the story either.

The Testing Ground

by: klatuk4u Last updated Jul 7, 2021

When an elite team is sent to deep space to recover a lost science vessel, they uncover a dark life form and must race against the clock to survive. My own blend of Age Regression, Science Fiction and Horror. Hope you enjoy!

Matters of Magic and Time

by: klatuk4u Last updated Jul 7, 2021

A Harry Potter AR/AP Story (Just the ladies this time)


by: Peculiar Changeling Last updated Jul 1, 2021

Warning - Contains explicit adult content and diaper usage. Primarily DL content. When I got called in late to work, I didn't think much of it, until my cubicle neighbor took out a doll that looked suspiciously like me. Before I could do much else, I found that what he did to the doll happened to me too - and he had very particular ideas about what he wanted to do with it.

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