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May's Spider Tale

by: username Last updated Oct 17, 2021

A bit of fan fiction that takes place in the Spider Universe. What might happen if aunt May is reverted to a teenager? (I got the idea after noticing that with each new Spiderman movie, her character is replaced by younger and younger actors.) As always, enjoy!

Adopted Magic

by: Ouroboros Last updated Oct 16, 2021

A story commission! Chris learns to appreciate his adopted siblings after a special bundle of joy arrives to shake things up.


by: Personalias Last updated Oct 16, 2021

A sequel to Middle Management. A tale of a diaper loving Amazon who becomes a Nanny to a most unusual family, even by Diaper Dimension Standards.

The cursed lotion bottle.

by: Max Last updated Oct 15, 2021

A cursed lotion bottle changes Sam's life. (this is my first story) Partially inspired by bela04's "memories" comic.


by: Personalias Last updated Oct 12, 2021

Based on a music video with MD/lb themes

Made To Fit

by: ReinaHW Last updated Oct 10, 2021

Made to fit just right, just as it should be.

Rapid Infection

by: Reina Watt Last updated Oct 9, 2021

Could You Be Next?

Deal with a wizard...

by: Pullup Princess Last updated Oct 9, 2021

Lilly King desperately wants to be a girl. But she's stuck in the body of a man, and can't escape. Not by normal means anyway. Supernatural means are another story entirely. Lilly makes a deal with a strange man called the Wizard, and gets her new female body. But every wish comes with a cost...

Soft Prey

by: Longshot_Shoreleave Last updated Oct 7, 2021

Male/Female AR/Tg, contains mental and physical age regression and diapers, Rated X/NSFW-----------Two witch hunters are led on a desperate chase across the country searching for a witch possessing powerful and exotic magick.

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