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Louder than Words

by: Omnomnomdom Last updated Jun 5, 2022

As a fog begins to set in, Ann stubbornly refuses to believe her hypnosis is working. Can she realize her mistake and figure out the trigger before it's too late?


by: Personalias Last updated Jun 2, 2022

Set in the Diaper Dimension, Walter is paranoid of being "Adopted" by Amazons. That is until he happens across a jingling wrist rattle that brings back deep forgotten memories from his childhood.

Erika's Revenge

by: RegressedJanitor Last updated May 21, 2022

Rob's life is turned upside down when his sister decides to get revenge after he flexes his age against her, matters are only made worse with his domineering and infantilizing mother.

Another Day At The Office

by: Personalias Last updated May 15, 2022

Office work is only as entertaining as you make it. Unless, strange new decrees from management come down to make things more interesting.

Ever The Little Baby

by: BabyBoy1672 Last updated May 15, 2022

Set in the Diaper Dimension, only one Little stands against the oppression of the Bigs.

Mysterious Mushroom Magic

by: Ouroboros Last updated Apr 29, 2022

A story commission. An elderly sorcerer journeys with his apprentice to find what is supposed to be a cure-all, said to even reverse aging.

Little Tales

by: ReinaHW Last updated Apr 24, 2022

This is a little project I'm very slowly working on that was inspired by the likes of Tales From The Crypt Keeper and Twilight Zone, it's a bunch of short AR stories with each story being it's own contained story with a narrator who spans the full series. Bear in mind that this may take a while to develop so don't expect new stories all the time, they will appear as and when I feel the ideas are strong enough. Whenever it appears on the front page that means there's a new story added to it.

A Day at Springtide Park

by: Ouroboros Last updated Apr 20, 2022

A furry/babyfur story about two friends who go to a popular new theme park to escape the boredom and heat of a particularly hot summer day. The theme park boasts a wide selection of rides for all ages and even a theme park. It guarantees you will feel happier and younger after your visit, but is that true?

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