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The Magic Santa Hat

by: Heidegger Last updated Dec 26, 2007

A special gift left behind by Santa leads to all kinds of changes.


by: Heidegger Last updated Jun 23, 2006

A spray that can restore the body of your youth, but don't use it more than once a week. Co-written by Heidegger

The House that Never Sleeps by InnocentGuilt

by: Heidegger Last updated Nov 6, 2005

A boy goes to a spooky house on a dare.

Candle Shortage

by: Heidegger Last updated Sep 9, 2005

There aren't enough birthday candles for the cake.

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On story: Tales from the ARVInn, 4 - chapter 25

Heidegger Jun 7, 2024

The first chapter under any story needs to have a chapter number of 1. If you change the chapter number in the editor, it will display the front ...

On story: A Comedy of AR's - chapter 76

Heidegger May 30, 2024

It should be fixed now. A Comedy of AR's hasn't broken the front page from memory issues yet but I don't want to take the risk. Please staop add ...

RE: Frontpage

Heidegger May 27, 2024

The large amount of content for all of the chapters of ARVInn took up too much memory when rendering the front page. I have divided it into mult ...

RE: Old archive

Heidegger Feb 20, 2024

Sadly, the software has reached the end of its life. I can't get it to run anymore. In somewhat better news, I have all of the databases and fil ...

RE: The site should be working better now

Heidegger Oct 30, 2023

Please email me so we can work out what is going on. heidegger@ the same domain as this website

On story: The Mists of Time - chapter 1

Heidegger Oct 20, 2023

Sorry about that. I had to remove the views count because thaty was what was causing the long load times. It affected some pages that I didn't e ...

The site should be working better now

Heidegger Oct 3, 2023

I have resolved the issues that caused the site to be so slow or to stop working correctly. It was a product of the large number of views and co ...

Visible Time site is no more

Heidegger Oct 5, 2022

The Visible Time site was taken down due to complaints about some of the images. The hosting company required it after "too many complaints" eve ...

RE: Spam on Front Page?

Heidegger Feb 17, 2022

It has been removed.

RE: Is anybody else using either TOR or private mode Firefox having trouble accessing the story lists?

Heidegger Jan 31, 2022

I tracked down the issue and fixed it. Let me know if you see any other bugs like this or if any listings are still not working correctly,

RE: Pictures

Heidegger Dec 25, 2021

There is a link to the old site where you can see many of the pictures (not captions currently. In the new year, all of the images will be avail ...

RE: How far can I go with darker / more adult subjects in a story before I am not allowed to post it here?

Heidegger Jul 8, 2021

In the history of the Archive, I believe there has been only one story removed due to content because it described sex between an actual adult a ...

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