The House that Never Sleeps by InnocentGuilt

by: Heidegger | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 6, 2005

A boy goes to a spooky house on a dare.

Chapter 1
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The House That Never Sleeps a Halloween Tale

Every town has a legend and every street has a curse. Our town was no different. As a kid my parents had always warned me never to go to the house at the end of 13th street.

“Why?” I would always ask.

“That is the murder house!” My father replied.

“What murder?” I asked.

“A long time ago there lived a family. The family was made up of a daughter who was 3, a middle child who was 5, and a mother who was very sickly in her age. Legend has it that the youngest child went mad and killed her sister and mother. Nobody knows why it happen other then the fact that they found a knife in the child’s hands and she was floating in mid air.” My mom said.

“You’re lying.” I responded. Then nothing was ever said again about the stories. We all would go back to doing what we normally would do when preparing for trick or treating. That year I was going as Freddy, from nightmare on elm street. My mom had taken me to get the mask, t-shirts, pants, and over course signature blades on fingers at the costume store. This was going to be a blast. John, Jack, Jimmy, and I had planned to go trick or treating together that night. However my mom had other plans.

”Oh don’t you just look scary in your little costume,” she said as she took picture after picture.

“Mom, stop it. I have to go because they will be here any minute.” I said.

“That reminds me. I hope I have enough film for when they come,” she clicked on.

Thank God for the doorbell ring otherwise I don’t think I would have ever escaped the camera of doom. I went to the door and opened. As if on queue my friends were there. Jimmy was dressed as the cartoon character Jimmy Neutron, John had on a peter pan costume that made you want to laugh at him for even attempting to wear it, and Jack had a sheet over his head with two holes punched out.

“Mom, we are leaving, by.”

“Now hold on there young man. What do you do when crossing the street?” my mom asked.

“Look both ways and make sure that no cars are coming. Plus cross at the crosswalk.” I responded.

“That’s right. Now remember no causing trouble or rough housing.”

“Oh we won’t Mrs. Smith,” John said. At the same time Jack and Jimmy gave me a hit on the side. My mom just gave them the evil glare.

“Now boys just let me take one little picture of all 3 of you before you leave,” she said focusing in the camera on us like a sniper aiming for a target.

“Run!” I screamed.

As I did we all ran trying to escape while we still had a chance. We all slowed down after a few blocks away when we knew we were safe again.

“Dude, your mother is like so over protective of you,” John said.

“At least my mom knew enough not to put me in a Peter Pan costume. You more girly then a girl,” I said while trying to provoke John.

Instead of fighting back he turned to the weakest costume of us all.

“Well at least my parents could afford a costume. Jesus, Jack. What did your parents do pull up your sheets and cut holes in them?”

“So my dad is a cheap. I can’t help it, but I will fight anyone who says otherwise,” Jack replied.

“Dudes, chill out. Take a look at what I brought.” Jimmy said, pulling out a full carton of eggs.

“So what? Big deal.” Jack said while pulling out toilet paper.

“Well I got the shaving cream so we are all set. What did you bring with you, Billy?” John said.

”Bring with me? Well my costume of course.” I replied.

“You dork, nobody cares about the costumes. They were just excuses so we could get out of the house and have some fun. You actually thought we were going trick or treating?” John asked.

“Well I didn’t know. Besides you heard my mom. She said don’t do anything bad.” I responded.

“Look you are ten, aren’t you?” John asked.

I responded, “Of course, you idiot. We’ve known each other since we were five.”

“Then stop being a mama’s boy and start acting like a man. Because you let us down you are going to have to make it up to us.” he stated.

“How?” I asked.

John replied,” You know that old house that people say the murders happen at?”

“Yes,” I said a little afraid of what they had in mind.

“Well I want you to go in it. That is the only way that you can re-dim yourself,” John said, knowing that I wouldn’t do it.

“But what if there are ghost in there, or something happens to me?” I muttered.

“Look you screwed your own self up. Now are you going to do it or are you just a big coward?” Jimmy chimed in. They knew that it might be more fun seeing me afraid then me actually doing it.

“Billy’s a coward. Billy’s a coward. Oh look at me. I’m afraid of my own shadow. I have to have my mommy’s permission for everything. Otherwise I might get hurt or in trouble and that would be a bad thing,” Jack added.

“Oh very mature guys. Like that is really going to convince me to go into a old house,” I responded.

“Fine then. If your not going to do it then we are going to leave you alone. Go back to your mommy,” John said while walking off with the others and leaving me alone there.

“Al right. I’ll do it!” I screamed.” Just remember if something happens to me I’m blaming you guys for it.”

“Well, look who finally decided to have a little courage. Now remember no chickening out from this point,” Jack said with a laugh.

“Oh shut up already. I agreed to do it. Now just leave me alone so I can.” I said getting a little frustrated and irritated by the group.

As I walked up the dirt road to the entrance of the house, all my so-called friends just looked from a far and watched. I was afraid of what might happen, not to mention the fact that I didn’t want to run into any ghost of the past. I lifted the board post wood that was blocking the door. Then opened the door. The house was very dark inside. If it wasn’t for my flashlight I would not have been able to see a thing as I walked through the house. Inside the room was filled with dust. Huge spider webs surrounded near-by corners of the house. Three doors stood in front of me. Each room was empty so I had to choice among them. I chose the room on the right. It didn’t seem to have as many spider webs, and the ones I did see I pulled apart and pushed aside hoping that no spiders were on them. This room must have been where the murders had taken place because when I looked down there was a blood stain on the floor.

That was when I noticed the body slowly start to appear. It was that of a woman in her late 30’s. She was wearing a nightgown. I reached down and touched the body almost wanting to scream. It was real. That was when I noticed my own change. On my feet were little kitty slippers. When I looked up I noticed the bottom of the pink pjs. The pjs had little ballerina’s dancing all around. Even the top had pictures of ballerinas on them. Then I felt my hair tickling down my neck. It had changed to a strawberry blonde. This couldn’t be happening. It had to be some sick joke, but the shock of it all happen when I reached down. Nothing was there. What the hell was happening to me? It was confirmed however when I pulled the pjs up and looked down. A girl’s private part was underneath what appeared to be a pair of pink power puff girl panties. That was when I let out the biggest scream of them all. Even my voice confirmed the fact that I was now a little girl.

“My dear sister. It’s time for you to die,” said a little girl younger then me.

“Who are you and why did you call me your sister?”

The question was a dumb one, but I had to know.

“Because sister it is you who I am after. I killed our mother, and now I shall take care of you.”

This girl seemed to honestly believe that I was her sister. Then it hit me. I was reliving the legend except instead of seeing ghost I had been altered and twisted into someone’s sick version of a practical joke.

“Jack, Jimmy, and John. I don’t know how you made this happen, but it isn’t funny. The joke isn’t funny at all!” I screamed.

“There is nobody here but us girls,” she said approaching me with the knife in her hands.

When it came across me I tried to dodge it, but it sliced through the skin. I was actually bleeding. I don’t know if some part of me thought that the knife would go through or what, but it was real. I did the only thing I could do, ran.

As I ran I became more aware of the scene changing in front of my eyes. The house was coming back to life. All the dust was disappearing with each step I took. Furniture appeared all around me. My only solution was to run for the door. However she appeared right in front of me.

“No escaping that easy my big sister. It’s time for you to die.”

The knife came directly at me. It went right through and I spit up blood. I was dying. I should have never listened to my friends about the dare. Because of it, I now lost my manhood, and was about to loose my life. This was all too much for me. That was when everything around me changed. The house went back to just dust and rust. I was so close to the door that I opened it and ran out without a second thought.

Little did I know that John was standing right in front of the path of the door and I ran smack down into him. We both fell to the ground hard.“Stupid girl. Watch where you are going.”

“I’m no girl. It’s me Billy,” I said to him.

“Like I would believe some dumb girl.” John said. “If you’re a boy then why are you wearing girl clothes?” he asked.

“I went into that house like you forced me to and then this happen. You have to believe me. I’m really Billy, and this is all your fault. That stupid legend of the girl and mother being killed by their sister was true. She attacked me with a knife,” I said while pointing to the cute from where the knife had been.

“Stupid girl. If there was really a knife cut then why is there no blood?” Jimmy asked.

“How should I know? I can’t even explained how I ended up as a girl in the first place, but it is all your fault,” I said with tears coming down my eyes.

The others must have sensed a weakness in me at that moment because that is when the all started to attack me. John pushed me at Jack.

”Stupid girls always lying for attention.” Then Jack pushed me towards Jimmy, and Jimmy pushed me on the ground.

I cried as I landed on the ground. “I thought we were friends!” I screamed.

“I’m friends with Billy, not some stupid girl he got to pretend to be him. If the coward was so scared to go in there and come back out to face us he should have just told us flat off,” John said.

All I could do was cry and run. Normally people would have taken notice to a little girl crying and running down the streets, but because it was Halloween everyone just thought it was cute. They figured it was all part of the costume. Therefore, no one stopped me, or questioned why I was out like I was. The real problem came when I reached my front door and rang the doorbell.

“Hello, and what a cute little girl we have here. Here’s two pieces of candy,” my mom said trying to pass me out some of the candy that she had bought for trick or treateres.

“Mom it’s me Billy. I’m not some dumb trick or treater.” I said.

“Oh you know my son Billy?” she responded.

“I am Billy!” I whined.

“Silly, Billy’s a boy, and you’re a girl,” my mom spoke in a playful voice.

I pushed my way through and past here.

“Excuse me but this isn’t your house,” she said. “And that isn’t polite.”

“Mom it’s me Billy. What do I have to do to convince you that I really am Billy?”

I’m not for sure at that moment she really understood what and who I was or if she was toying with me, but she said, “Then tell me how a boy gets turned into a little girl? I’m up for a good humor after all it is Halloween.”

I told her how John, Jack, and Jimmy had forced me into the old house that mom and dad had warned me about. I told her how when I entered the house it seemed to come alive and I changed. She listened to everything.

“Well now that is a interesting story. For a little girl you sure do have a interesting imagination.”

“I’m not making it up!” I pouted.

Just then I heard the door open and a police officer walked in.“Now what seems to be the trouble here?” he asked.

I looked nervous. Why had they called the police? Didn’t she understand all I wanted was for her to believe who I was?

“This little girl here seems to think she is my son although he’s out with his friends trick or treating. I have no idea why she claims it, but we entertained her story till you got here,” my mom said to the officer.

“But I really am Billy.” I protested again.

The officer reached down and rubbed my head.

“Now why would a cute little girl like you want to be a boy? You really shouldn’t be telling stories.”

“But, but,” I cried.

“Don’t cry. You did the right thing about having your husband call us. Chances are the two thought they would play a trick on us and Billy had her come to the house. He could be laughing about it nearby somewhere so don’t worry and we will take her down to the station and then contact her parents,” the officer said.

I looked at my mom and cried. “Don’t let them take me away. Please I’m telling you the truth.”

“Don’t worry sweetheart. The nice officer only wants to help you. Once you’re with your parents you will be ok.”

She didn’t understand how wrong her words were. I was with my parents, and nothing was ok.

I then felt myself being lifted up in the air.

“Up you go.” The officer said placing me on top of it shoulders. Then to my mom, “Don’t worry. I have a girl of my own around her age. They can be a handful, but as long as you know how to handle them they are also a blessing.”

“I agree,” my mom said speaking from her own experiences of childhood.

The officer took me out of the house and down to his car. I was so helpless at that moment with no way out. He then opened the door and sat me in the back seat of the squad car. Even then I was helpless, as I tried to open the door it wouldn’t open from the inside. I was trapped inside. As he drove past the old house I cried. It had robbed me of all my hopes and dreams.

“Now don’t you worry your pretty little head over this. Everyone knows the legend of that place.”

If only he knew how true it was. Then maybe he wouldn’t treat me like a stupid little girl.

That was when I noticed John, Jack, and Jimmy standing by the house. They must have still thought I was in there.

“Are those three supposed to be over there?” I asked quickly.

“Now that you mention it they aren’t supposed to be there.” The officer said.

He turned the car around and then got out. “I’m going to let you out since it is wrong to leave children your age in a parked car. Do you promise to be a good girl and not run away from me?”

“I promise.” The only reason I planned on being good was the fact that I knew maybe if I could reenter that house then there was a chance that I could become a guy again. I couldn’t pass that up even if something far worst could happen.

“You three stay where you are.” The officer said.

Jack, John, and Jimmy tried to run away from the cop, but he caught John as he tripped over a rock.

“Just what do you think you are doing at this old house?” the officer asked.

“We were just lost. That’s all.” John responded.

“He’s lying! They pushed me down earlier and were mean to me,” I said in a sad voice.

I was starting to figure out how to control the movements of this new body and also added a pouted face that made the officer question John again.

“Is what this girl says true?” asked the officer.

John gulped, then responded, “We didn’t do a thing to that stupid girl. We’ve been here waiting the whole time for Billy to come out and then she came out trying to say she was Billy.”

“Are you saying that a young boy is in that house?” the officer asked.

“Yea, Billy is in there,” John responded.

“You kids shouldn’t be playing around old houses. Now I want you to go back home, and don’t let me see you hanging around here again,” the officer lectured to the three.

“But what about Billy?” John asked.

“That is a problem for me to handle. Now go home otherwise I will run you into the station for trespassing on private property.”

The Officer knew that nothing would happen to a child other then their parents being called, but threats usually worked on young children if they knew that they were going to get into trouble. He then turned to me.

“Wait right here young lady and I will be back in a little while with Billy. Then we can find out why you two seemed to want to pull this trick tonight,” the officer said.

I only nodded knowing I had no choice or say in the matter. The officer then disappeared into the house.

After a few seconds I saw the house start to glow and knew that something was happening on the inside. Parts of me were still scared, but others felt a calling or a strong desire to enter the house again. Maybe since I had changed into the form of the girl who died there by her sister’s hand I belonged in some way. As I entered the house this time there was no dust, but the image of the girl who stroke me before with the knife was there. Only this time she was as scared as I was the first time that I had entered the house.

“What’s going on, and how did this happen to me?” she asked.

She was a very cute little girl. I could see and now the family resemblance of us two girls who had died. The only difference was that her pjs were peach and had fairies dancing on them.

”Now do you believe me?” I asked, “This is the that happen to me. Except when I came in the girl that you are now tried to attack me with a knife.”

“Then you were telling the truth to them, and you are Billy?” the young girl asked.

“Yes! Why do you think I didn’t want to leave my own house, but no, you had to force me into the car, and now look at you! You are under the same curse that I am. I should leave you as you are so you can experience the same type of pain that I have,” I replied.

The little girl cried.” Please I’m sorry. Don’t leave me here. Not like this.”

“I was only teasing besides if I want to change back myself then I have to figure out how and why this place did this to us. There has to be a way for us to turn back otherwise we will be stuck at 5 and 3 and have to regrow the natural way.”

A sour look came on the little girls face.

“Anything but that. It’s bad enough reliving childhood as a boy, but as a girl yuck. I don’t want any of it,” the little girl said.

“I feel the same way. That is why I just wish there were some clues as to why this happen to us. Do you have any idea?” I asked.

“No,” she responded with tears.

I went over and gave her a hug. I had no way of explaining why I felt sorry for her other then the fact that maybe there was a connection between us now.

“Don’t worry. I’m sure there is going to be a way. Just have to cheer up,” I told her.

“But what if there isn’t?” she asked.

“Then at least we will be two cute little girls.” I said.

I was starting to accept who I was and what I had become. It could be that seeing another person go through the same things I did helped. She was luckier then I though. She had someone to depend on for help. When this first happen to me I had no help at all.

“It’s nice to see you two finally getting along again,” the voice came from the body on the ground.

It slowly started to set up. This freaked both the little girl and me out.

“Who or what are you?” I asked.

“I am the mother of the two who died here. Thus making me the mother of you and your sister,” she said.

“You’re not my mommy,” the little girl spoke.

“Maybe not in this life, but when your souls were that of the two little girls that I gave birth to I was your mother,” she responded.

“But why do we look like the girls that died in this house and how did it happen?” I asked.

“Because the house made it happen. A house isn’t just a home, but a place of memories. It remembered who you were and made it possible for you two be that way again,” she said.

“But I don’t won’t to be a stupid girl,” the little girl said.

“Now Jessica don’t be ashamed of who you are. I loved you back then, just as I do now.”

“Why, though, and what is to happen to us?” I asked.

“Thanks to the house I was never able to be reborn. My soul waited till one day my little girls would be back together and I would get to raise them right. I know that Jessica had a few mental problems, but she was just a child and I couldn’t stand sending her away so I kept her. That night that she attacked us never should have happen. Now I can raise her right and not worry about those problems. As for you Susan it was never meant for you to die. You were just an innocent who lost her life. You deserved better, and now I can give that to you along with your sister. We shall always remain together in this house as a family, “ she stated.

“But I already have a mom and dad. Not to mention a life. I was born a boy. This girl, Susan that you refer to means nothing to me. I’m just a kid why can’t you give me my life back and let me live it how it should be?” I responded.

“You can never go back to that life,” screamed Janet. “You were my girls. This house is giving us a second chance to relive a life I never had. I demand that you stay here.” Jessica and I both quivered at the sight of this ghost who had stolen our lives.

“Please let us go. You’re scarring me,” Jessica said.

Janet had grabbed Jessica’s arm and was squishing it. She didn’t realize the pain that she was causing to her own daughter. I ran as fast as I could, trying to escape the woman’s grasp.

“Please don’t leave me. Help me.” Susan said with tears running down her eyes.

“I’m sorry. I’ll come back for you someway.” I screamed back.

“Where do you think that you’re going young lady?” Janet yelled.

Janet’s arm changed into a ghostly vapor and reformed around me. She was dragging me as I was kicking and screaming.

“I’ll never let you two go. I love you way too much.”

“If you love us so much then why are you hurting us?” I asked.

“It’s because I love you that I do what I do.”

“That isn’t love. That is control. You just want someone to fill in as your daughters as your dead daughters. We mean nothing to you!” I yelled in anger.

“That isn’t true. I do love you.”

She let go of our hands and then bent down level with Jessica.

“You know I care for you baby. Mommy loves you.”

“You aren’t my mommy. You just mean scary ghost who’s hurting us.” Jessica said.

“That isn’t true. I love both of you.” Tears started to roll down Janet’s cheeks. She was very sad. Over the years of being a ghost she had forgotten what it was like being a real mother again. She could see clearly the pain that she was causing her daughters.

Jessica and I saw our chance to run for the door. As we did, we felt guilty and sad. We knew this woman wasn’t our mother and that we weren’t sisters, but here was this tormented soul that only wanted to be reunited with her daughters. We then walked over and sat down next to each other.

“You’re not my mommy, but please don’t feel bad,” Jessica said.

“In this house I lived most of my life. I remember being a little girl in the very spot that you stood. Holding my little dolls, watching my parents do big girl stuff, and just wishing that one day I’d be a big girl to and have a little girl that was as cute and pretty as myself. That’s what my daughters meant to me. That’s why I can’t let go of who I am. They are my only link to this world.”

“When the past is the past. Let it go so you can move onto the next world.” I said.

“I’m too afraid. I don’t want to loose the memory of the two little girls that I loved so much,” Janet responded.

“The people you love are never forgotten. You claim that I am Jessica, but my parents named me Billy. When I first came here it was because of a dare that I even entered this place. However the events that displayed to me were of the murder that took place. That proves that some parts of your life are embedded into the memory of this house. If you forget who you were, parts of that life will still remain,” I replied.

“I don’t know what will become of you two when I leave.” Janet responded back.

“What ever happens is fate. I’ve already come to terms with who I am now. If I’m stuck this way I can handle it.”

Jessica looked at me and nodded. She agreed with every word I was saying.

“Then in a way my girls will live on not in memory but in life too. Is there a place in your heart that could ever forgive me and remember that I actually did care about you and loved you?”

“Yes,” we both said together.

“Then please never forget that I loved you and took care of yourself.” Janet said.

Her sorrow and lost had been replaced with love. She found the joy that could give her hope and was able to move on to understand that if she truly loved her daughters she would have to give up the past and let them experience the future. Her spirit was free and so was she. Jessica and Susan watched as she disappeared, leaving them with memories of a mother who truly loved them.

“So what do we do now?” Jessica asked.

“Well it is still Halloween. Race you to the nearest house,” I said.

“No fair. Wait for me.” Jessica said chasing after me.

The night was still young and so were our hearts.

It was starting to get late at night and we were feeling the effects of all the joy and play.

“I’m tired.” Jessica whined.

“But the night is still young and there is still a lot of other houses we can go to,” I replied.

“But I’m tired. You don’t know what it is like to be this little,” Jessica said with a poutty face.

“I’m only 2 years older then you. Don’t say that I don’t know what it is like.” I replied back in a voice of authority.

“Still it doesn’t mean I’m not tired. Where are we going to sleep? Who is going to take care of us, feed us, clothe us?” Susan asked.

“I don’t know. We can take care of ourselves though,” I answered.

“What about money? Do you honestly think someone is going to give jobs to children?” Susan asked.

“No, but do you know what they do too kids. They throw them in a home where they get spanked for being bad,” I said at the same time making evil faces and a spanking motion with my hand.

“You’re lying they won’t do that to us. I was a cop after all.” Susan said stamping her foot.

“Did you see or hear from any of the children after you saw the bad people take them away?” Jessica asked.

“No.” I replied.

“Then how do you know they ended up with good people?” Jessica asked.


Then I started to cry.

“Stop crying. You’re going to draw attention.” Jessica said.

“I can’t help it. We are so little and helpless now.” I said.

“We are not helpless. We have each other and together we will get through anything,” Jessica said.

“I leave you two alone for just a little while and you are already in a mess.” A small voice stated.

“Who said that?” Jessica asked.

Suddenly an image of a woman reappeared. “Don’t you recognize the face of your own mother?”

It was Janet. Some how she had come back.

“But we saw your spirit set free. How can you be here now with us?” Susan asked.

“Because apparently they have a weird sense of humor. When I left you two I thought I would be moving onto the next life as a baby, but no they seemed to think what happen left you two in a position that could put you in more pain so here I am,” Janet explained.

“Then does that mean we will be living together as a family?” Jessica asked.

“Yes it does, and this time around I won’t leave you two. We shall remain together forever.” Janet said. “Or at least until you grow up.”

The End



End Chapter 1

The House that Never Sleeps by InnocentGuilt

by: Heidegger | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 6, 2005


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So were they really their daughters in a previous life?

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