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Sam's Crawl To Adulthood

by: Elfy Last updated Jul 18, 2024

Following the events of "Sam's Flight to Babyhood" (Linked within) Sam is a mostly regressed adult who is given a second opportunity to grow up. Will she be able to take it? Has the regression gone too deep?

Birthday Party

by: Mellow Sadistic Last updated Jul 15, 2024

Sarah attends her little cousin’s birthday party, but after she makes the girl cry, the hypnotist hired for the event decides she needs a little attitude adjustment. Sarah missed the hypnotist’s performance earlier, but that’s okay, because he’s happy to give her a one-on-one session to help her enjoy herself just as much as the birthday girl.


by: Garvug Last updated Jul 14, 2024

An experiment gone wrong transforms a 30 year old man into an 18 month old baby. His mind is still intact, but for how long? (14 July 24 update, just editing it so it matches the master copy that I had on wattpad before it got removed, mostly changes to grammar/spelling, but there are some minor changes that make it about a thousand words longer than the previous version.) This story contains themes of physical age regression, forced mental regression and infantilization.

Training Daniel

by: Elfy Last updated Jul 14, 2024

Daniel is a young man kept in permanent babyhood. When a chance discovery reveals the truth of the world and his position in it he is determined to "grow up". The question is whether his adopted mother and sister are ready to let him...

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On story: Reborn - chapter 20
Douglas Greene Jul 17, 2024

Good story.

On story: Birthday Party - chapter 3

vended Jul 16, 2024

Well, feel kinda weird to have the first chapter go on so much about Sarah being a bad person, yet as the story unfold her family turn out to be ...

On story: The Third Wish - chapter 10

vended Jul 14, 2024

Plus, it was fun to wonder what the third wish could be, as it seemed like it would indeed be used accidentally. Itended up being basically the ...

On story: The Third Wish - chapter 10

vended Jul 14, 2024

Look like he's essentially gone. Wait, it's the end ? Came very suddenly after a slow pace. I was expecting more to it ^^'

On story: Birthday Party - chapter 1

Mellow Sadistic Jul 13, 2024

I agree - I actually wrote this story a while ago, and I just touched it up a little before posting it here. Nowadays, I usually prefer when the ...

On story: Birthday Party - chapter 1

vended Jul 13, 2024

It's nicely written, but if you wan't my opinion it make way too much a point of showing to us how bad the main character is. You can make a sto ...

Incomplete story posted as adverteisment

ARWolf Jul 13, 2024

Hey, Heidegger, you should probably pull this down. The author has no intention of ever posting the rest of it here. https://ararchive.com/st ...

On story: The Dark Influence - chapter 1

vended Jul 9, 2024

Woah, that's a psycho right here. Going to make for either a very interesting or very boring read. ^^'

On story: The Third Wish - chapter 9

vended Jul 9, 2024

That's such a sly mental regression. Very neat ! ^^

On story: Sisterhood of the Thickening Pants - chapter 12

BBoy Jul 9, 2024

So glad to see your continuing this story. Such a great read.

RE: Old archive

BBoy Jul 8, 2024

Is there anyway of getting the old ARAchive Images section back? I'd love to go through the old PixChic collection.

On story: Sisterhood of the Thickening Pants - chapter 12

vended Jul 6, 2024

A good read so far. I wonder what will happen next. Keep the great work. :]

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