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Birthday Boy

by: Aurora Last updated May 11, 2021

This will be my first time writing in many years, and was in reply to a forum post asking about male male, daddy son scenes, please comment if you would like to share your feelings, please be kind, I haven't practiced in a while.

Saturday Football Highlights

by: username Last updated May 9, 2021

Mr. Smith enjoys his pastime.

Little Tales

by: ReinaHW Last updated May 9, 2021

This is a little project I'm very slowly working on that was inspired by the likes of Tales From The Crypt Keeper and Twilight Zone, it's a bunch of short AR stories with each story being it's own contained story with a narrator who spans the full series. Bear in mind that this may take a while to develop so don't expect new stories all the time, they will appear as and when I feel the ideas are strong enough.

Karting with Mommy and Daddy

by: Achuloh Last updated May 7, 2021

Mary makes her babysitting jobs easier with a special device. But tables are turned when the device starts switching hands.

Baby Hero vs. Mommy Goddesses

by: BabyBoy1672 Last updated May 6, 2021

A secret ABDL superhero that is virtually invincible and unstoppable faces off against two goddesses. How will they flip his world upside down?

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RE: Male AR as promised.

Aurora May 11, 2021

Released a few chapters of a story with some of these themes. Might continue it little by little if it's kinda what you're looking for.

RE: Male AR

mARc May 9, 2021

Diaper-bois.com has a stories section that is almost exclusively what you’re looking for. Also check out their forum archives for great old st ...

RE: Reality change stories?

FoxingtonIII May 9, 2021

Yep. I've commissioned a ton over the years. I've put them all in one place. Enjoy! https://www.reddit.com/r/realitychanged/

RE: Now The Discussion Forum Isn't Working

doctor anguish May 8, 2021

Eh, I'll try posting it here. I'm sorry it's taking so long but I keep revising the story to try to improve it. Hopefully, it should be finishe ...

RE: Now The Discussion Forum Isn't Working

doctor anguish May 8, 2021

Okay, that one came up. Maybe the problem's just that I'm just too long-winded.

Now The Discussion Forum Isn't Working

doctor anguish May 8, 2021

I keep trying to post an Update on how my story's coming and I get a 405 message.


On story: Karting with Mommy and Daddy - chapter 5
Natasha May 8, 2021

I loved the start but then it just got all jumbled with all the characters, I mean i don't want to be negative but on chapter 5 you must have se ...

RE: Male AR

rumaya2000 May 7, 2021

All good themes so I'm looking forward to it.

RE: Reality change stories?

Reina Watt May 7, 2021

I've written a fair few of them over the years.

RE: Male AR

Aurora May 7, 2021

I'm going to try to write something just as an experiment to see if anyone likes my writing. Regression theme, male/male, diapers and humilia ...

RE: Male AR

c47711 May 6, 2021

I would be super interested in these also

RE: Male AR

rumaya2000 May 6, 2021

Would they be stories you would be willing to share privately? This kind of content is extremely rare and I understand your reluctance to post t ...

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