Chrono Storm

by: Ouroboros | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 10, 2022

A story commission. In an alternate reality, Earth is commonly bombarded by occasional chrono storms. These storms cause random regression to the people, but usually only taking away a few years. One day, however, a particularly strong one surprises everyone during the daily news.

Chapter 1
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Chapter Description: Told through a TV news broadcast.

For more information on how to best use restored youth, give us a call or visit our website.” came a calm female voice from an old CRT television in a store window. It was a commercial featuring images of people at various stages in life, and then images of them being younger. One from our world may be confused at such a thing, but here it was a reality. Every so often, events known as “Chrono storms” would occur around the world, causing people that come into contact with its waves to regress. No one seems to know how they started or why, but people have adapted to it. Most of the time, these Chrono storms would only last for a few minutes and regress people by only a few years. However, sometimes there were stronger ones that would regress people by decades or seemingly at random.

Troubled by Chrono storms?” asked a young male voice on the television. “Save your age by buying a chrono shelter. Guaranteed to protect you from the heavier effects of Chrono storms. While no technology can completely block out the rays from them, our newest shelters can shield you from 98% of them, meaning you won't end up in diapers unless you are already in them.” The images showed spherical shelters made of a mysterious and rare metal that seemed to dull the effects of Chrono storms. Most people could not afford them, but there were public shelters created that people could go to if need be, and people in charge of important infrastructure were given them since they would be responsible for running things should a strong one strike.

Welcome back!” said a news anchor as the morning news returned from commercial break. The scene showed a desk with two anchors, one male with brown hair and pale skin, dressed in a suit and tie, and the other a woman with long blonde hair and bronze skin, wearing a dress suit. Both were in their late thirties, and smiling at the camera while the city skyline showed behind them in a large window. “I am Nathan.”

And I am Lucy.” said the female anchor. “Now for the forecast with Donna Dole! Take it away Donna!”

Donna, a female meteorologist in her mid forties, with shoulder length black hair and gold hoop earrings, stood in front of a green screen showing the current weather forecast. She wore a white skirt and pink top with red heels. “Thank you!” she said. “As you can see, the weather will continue to be nice for the rest of the week, with just a bit of a chance of rain come Friday. She pointed to a weather map and adjusted her skirt. Her appearance began to look a bit different. She looked healthier, with wrinkles fading and body firming. She cleared her throat and continued with the rest of the forecast until she was handed a piece of paper off-screen. “This just in. A chrono storm warning has been issued for the surrounding area. As usual, citizens are advised to stay indoors and refrain from any dangerous activity. Those driving should pull over and wait for the storm to pass. We currently do not know the severity of the storm, so please take precautions. Now, back to Nathan and Lucy for more news.”

The camera switches over to the two anchors, looking into the camera. Both are clearly now younger, appearing to be in their early twenties. Their clothing is only slightly wrinkled and both look healthy and vibrant.

“Well, looks like another chrono storm.” said Nathan. “You already look younger Lucy.”

So do you.” said Lucy. “I'm sure most people wouldn't mind being a little younger.” She laughed and adjusted a gold watch on her arm.

Indeed Lucy.” said Nathan. “In a way, these chrono storms are a blessing, but also a curse. We just have to hope it passes quickly. As usual, we will remain here giving you the news no matter what.”

Let's check in with John, our sports caster.” said Lucy. The camera cuts to a young man, appearing to be in his late teens. His brown hair is blowing in the wind and his button collar, green and white striped shirt is drooping on him a bit. He appears to be standing near a football field with people running behind him to take shelter. The sky is a pale purple, and flashes with light every so often, as if it were lightning. Unlike lightning, there are no lightning bolts and only eerie silence instead of thunder.

Yes, hello everyone!” said John. “Coach John here, looking a little younger than usual. No worries though, I'm sure it will pass soon. In soccer today our local team beat the away team by just one goal right at the buzzer. It was quite the game to witness as you can see from our replay.” The screen shows the soccer game where a young man in a white uniform scores the winning goal, causing everyone to celebrate. When the camera returns to John, he is looking even younger, and could now pass for a high schooler. The neck of his shirt droops down a little and his body grows a bit scrawnier. “In basketball, the young women's basketball team had quite the game, with Yar city beating Quark Town in a thirty-seven to ten match.” His voice begins to crack a little as he goes on. “Today's football game will not be canceled due to the storm since both the home and away teams are here getting hit by the same storm. However, it will be delayed until it passes and everyone receives new uniforms that fit their new ages.” His pants fall down off camera, and freckles appear on his face, causing him to blush, but he continues on. “Back to you Lucy.”

The scene switches over to the news desk where both anchors appear to be in their tweens now, looking like children playing dress up. Their sleeves are rolled up and they are going over the notes in front of them. All vestiges of adulthood were gone. Their chairs had been adjusted to accommodate for their new heights, and someone behind the desk was assigned to adjust them more as needed.

Thank you John.” said Lucy, now sounding like a child. “Nathan, I think this storm may be packing more of a punch than usual.”

It would seem so Lucy.” said Nathan in a high pitched voice. “Storms like this only come around once in a lifetime. As you all know, the last time this happened it caused chaos. Those of you who were alive back then may remember, or even have experienced, parents becoming younger than their own children. Chrono storm shelters were packed and the elderly were called out of retirement to once again become hard working citizens taking care of those regressed too young to take care of themselves.”

Of course, now we have more shelters, staff, and housing for displaced, regressed individuals.” said Lucy, having to adjust herself in her seat as she visibly shrank on camera. It was as if the two were slowly melting candles. Both now appeared to be around six or seven, shoes and pants on the floor behind the desk, and their shirts drooping, exposing their hairless and deflated chests. “So make sure you head to one if you can, and call emergency services if you can't. Now, before we get any younger, lets go to our final story. A new bakery has opened up in the city, and our own reporter Frank is on-site with the owner. Take it away Frank!”

Thanks Lucy.” said Frank, looking like a ten-year-old boy dressing up in daddy's suit and tie. His sleeves were rolled up and his tie hung low on him. The camera angle was also low to the ground, and shook every now and then as the cameraman lost more and more height. The scene was of a bakery with fresh cakes and pastries in a glass case behind him, and showed footage from previously in the day when everyone was their normal age and shopping. “Everyone knows about the famous bakery chain Patty's Cakes. Now we have our own right here in town, opened by the original owner's daughter. I'm sure after this storm, there will be a high demand for their famous cookies and birthday cakes. Here with me is the store's owner Ruby.”

The camera pans over to an awkward looking little girl with long blonde hair, holding her bunched up yellow skirt up and blushing brightly trying to remain calm and modest.

Th-thank you Frank.” she said, smiling and showing gaps in her teeth. Just earlier in the day she had been an adult in her early thirties talking with her mother about opening the bakery. Now she stood in front of the camera, doing her best to remain clothed in her adult-sized attire. Her ear rings had fallen out when her piercings healed over, going back to their childhood state. She had long abandoned her shoes, choosing to go barefoot rather than awkwardly walk around in huge adult shoes. “Today is opening day and we are proud to announce an all new cupcake!” She picked up a small plate with a single cupcake. It was a yellow cake cupcake with rainbow frosting. “It's a cupcake within a cupcake!” Her voice squeaked a little with excitement and embarrassment. She sliced it in half to show that inside was more frosting and chocolate cake underneath.

Wow, a smaller cupcake inside a bigger one?' asked Frank. “I gotta try one!” His face rounded and his features softened as he dwindled further into his swamp of clothes. His baby teeth returned after his adult ones had withdrawn into his gums, filling in the gaps those had left.

Yeah!” said Ruby. “Ith my idea. Mommy said it was a good one!” She was still getting smaller and younger as they talked, now developing a lisp due to missing teeth. Her baby teeth soon returned though, and her hair was becoming a lighter color, as well as softer. Her nose shrank and became a tiny upturned little button on her face, and her precious apple cheeks plumped with baby fat.

Weww, she wouwd know!” said Frank, now plumping with baby fat himself. “Wets take a wook at ya othew stuff!” He turned to walk and ended up slipping out of his clothes, leaving them behind. There was audible childish giggling behind the camera, but he continued on without missing a beat. “So much good stuff!” There was only the sound of his soft, bare little feet pitter-pattering on the tile floor as he walked. His little nude body kept getting smaller and chubbier. His limbs were plumping with baby fat, and became rounder.

That's wight Fwank!” said Ruby, still doing her best to cover herself with what was left of her skirt. She could only hold it up to cover her front though, and when walking away from the camera it slipped down, showing her little bare bottom. “Wight hewe we haf some cakes dat I maded mysewf.” She began to waddle awkwardly, trying not to step on her dress with her tiny bare feet.

Dey wook good!” said Frank, standing on his tip toes to peek into the glass case. “Whas dis one?” He pointed to a pink and brown iced cake with his chubby little finger.

Dats one of my favwites.” said Ruby. “Stawbewwy n chockwit!” She couldn't help but giggle at their situation and how silly Frank looked, and eventually left her clothing behind as well. She was just a tiny naked tot now, and getting tinier. The two dwindled adults toddled down the middle of the bakery looking at the various baked delights and shrinking even more. The camera followed them, wobbling and going out of focus every now and then. Behind the scenes the camera man was now a five-year-old, wearing nothing but an over-sized shirt. He filmed as their little bodies shrank and thickened with more baby fat. Their spacial awareness dwindled with their height, as did their behavior. While they knew they were adults before, they just didn't care that they were no longer dressed as they knew they couldn't help it. Although Frank seemed to actually be enjoying himself more, being freed from his bulky attire.

They kept looking at all the sweet, cake-y treasures until the temptation became too strong for them, and Ruby managed to fetch a chocolate cake from a lower counter. “Wets eat!” she said, barely able to hold it.

Oh boy!” said Frank. He sat down, feeling the cold tile on his bare bottom. His legs could no longer support his weight. His cheeks, arms, legs, and tummy were all pudgy and soft. The dinky between his legs was now just a barely noticeable little nub.

Ruby awkwardly put the cake down on the floor in front of Frank and wobbled, plopping down next to him once her legs became too weak. They both dug in with their tiny toddler hands and began eating messily, getting gooey cake all over their hands, faces, and tummies. “Mmm, ish good!” she said. “Jus wike mama usta make!”

It ish!” said Frank. “Yoo make good cake too!” They both continued to shrink and regress, feeling the floor expand underneath their soft baby bottoms. Soon they were just a year old, both babies messily eating cake and giggling with full mouths and cake dribbling down their chins.

Ruby licked her hands and sucked her thumb, looking at the camera and smiling with chocolate all over her. “Ish messy.” she said, smiling at Frank. She found him adorable with cake all over his face and tummy. “It wook good on you though!”

Fanks Wuby!” said Frank, giggling and licking his chocolate covered baby hands. “Back to you guys!” He and Ruby both waved to the camera, as the camera man was now just a camera boy, a mere two-years-old and drooling, also wanting some cake.

The camera in the news studio flicked on, and in front of it were two tiny naked babies lying on the news desk. One a boy, and the other a girl. They were both cooing and sucking on their fingers and toes. Their clothes were draped over their chairs and lying on the floor. It was what was left of Lucy and Nathan, who had managed to climb up onto the desk, leaving their clothes behind in their chairs. Unfortunately for them, no one on set had any diapers or baby clothes for them to wear.

Oh!” said baby Lucy. “We back!” She popped her foot out of her mouth and struggled to sit up. “Dats aww fow da news today.”

Wucy it seem wike da stowm ish ovah.” said Nathan, still lying on his back and kicking his legs in the air. “We may be babies, buh we gonna keep givin you da news!”

Tune in tomowwow fow tips on how to tange yer own diapee when no cawegivew is awound.” said Lucy. “Wemembah to contact emewgency sewvices if yoo need hewp. Good night!”

The babies on the desk go back to sucking on their toes and thumbs as the news jingle plays and the scene fades before more commercials come on. The chrono storm was localized to the side of the Earth the city was on, meaning everyone in the same continent received the same results, though at different times. Since they were able to see it coming, many were able to get into shelters, but most were not so lucky. The need for capable adults was extremely high. It got so bad that people had to call on anyone who could walk and had good muscle control to do work adults would usually do. This meant that there were former adult children working on construction sites, in labs, hospitals, daycares, and in stores. All of the most important jobs were still secure since they had shelters, but even they had employees who were at home at the time who could no longer do their jobs due to becoming too young. The demand for diapers was also at an all time high, so many switched to reusable cloth ones. Although everyone who regressed kept their memories, their behaviors would often match their new age, meaning they could have tantrums at any time, or become distracted by shiny or jingling objects. Anyone who fell below toddler age was no longer potty trained, as their bodies simply forgot how to tell when they needed to go. Even so, life carried on.

Months later, we find our news crew still at it. The news begins with new images of the various newscasters as babies wearing tiny suits with thick diapers and sucking pacifiers. Lucy and Nathan appear in high chairs, wearing little baby dress shirts but nothing from the waist down except for pink and blue cloth diapers. Each were sucking on their pacifiers when they suddenly blinked and looked at the camera, letting them drop to the trays below them.

Good aftewnoon!” said Nathan. “My name Nafan.”

“My name Wucy.” said Lucy. “Fanks fow joinin us today! Ish been a few monfs since da supah chwono stowm hit. Many peopwe haf now become babies, incwuding us n most of da cwew.” They then showed images of the crew behind the cameras, showing them as babies wearing diapers, sitting in bouncers while sucking on pacifiers and filming as best they could.

Since now dere awe mowe babies on Earf dan aduwts, many hadda adjust to be abwe to do theiw jobs.” said Nathan. “Othew countwies dat was na effected haf sent hewp in our time of need, and we fankoo aww.”

Speakin' of da cwew, hewe is Donna wif da weathew!” said Lucy.

Donna was now just a baby as well, wearing a pink onesie and thick diaper. She was sitting upright in a bouncer on the floor with a small green screen behind her showing the weather. “Fankoo Wucy!” she said. “It wooks wike dis weekend gonna be nice! No wain in sight. Jus a nice, sunny, warm weekend.” She had a sudden look of surprise and then of relief. “Oh, wook wike ish wawm in my diapee tho!” She giggled and clapped while the others in the room chuckled too. “I need a diapee tange! Back to you guys!”

It was only Lucy sitting in a high chair at this point. “Haha, fankoo Donna.” she said. “Nafan wiww be wight back. He ish getting a diapee tange too.” The camera panned over to a changing table where Nathan lay. A volunteer adult was there, lifting his legs and wiping his bottom. “As we adjust to our new wives, we must wook on da bwight side. Evwyone now has a second chance at wife. Pawents now get to gwow up wif dere kids n become dere best fwiends. Speaking of which, hewe is a speciaw intewview wif one such famiwy.”

The scene changes to a home where it seems only babies live. The furniture is mostly sized for small children, and toys are scattered everywhere. A baby boy wearing a “I Pooped Today” onesie and thick diaper, crawls around on the floor. Then we see a little girl, looking to be age four or five, walking up to him.

Hi daddy!” says the little girl. “Do you need a diaper change yet?” She reaches down and puts two fingers into the leg of his diaper.

The baby boy blushes and nods. “Yah, I do.” he says, sounding frustrated. He lays down as his own daughter begins to change his diaper on the floor.

This is Bob.” says an adult voice over. “Bob used to be in his forties, but as you can see, he is now a one-year-old baby. His daughter, Stephanie, was nineteen, but now is back to kindergarten age. She has to help change his diaper now, but says she is happy to help.”

The segment cuts to a close up of Stephanie sitting in a plastic princess chair. “Its been hawd.” she says. “Buh I love my daddy so much, and he took cawe of me, so I am taking cawe of him.”

Back at the diaper change, another baby waddles into frame, wobbling on chunky legs. This one was wearing a pink onesie with a small skirt sewed into it. “Mind tangin' me too sweetie?” she asks, blushing and looking at the camera.

Sure mom.” says Stephanie. “Soon as I'm done with daddy.” The busy girl seems used to this and makes quick work of disposing of her father's diaper before getting out a clean one.

The baby dad squirms on the floor, starting to have a tantrum. “Nu wike diapuh!” he squirms and kicks.

Daddy, pwease.” says Stephanie. “It's hawd enough to do this as a lil kid. Here, suck on your paci.” She hands him a baby blue pacifier with a little cartoon clown on it.

Baby Bob accepts the pacifier and begins sucking on it, calming down. He looks content, but still has his arms crossed and a red face. Then the scene changes back to the close up of Stephanie.

His baby instincts kick in a lot.” she says. “The pacifier hewps, but it's vewy hard to keep him happy sometimes. Mom is different. She seems to enjoy being a baby.”

The scene shifts back and now little Bob is changed and sitting by Stephanie, cuddling a bunny plush. The mom is lying down with her diaper open and Stephanie wiping her down.

This is Marge.” says the adult voice over. “She used to be forty-five, but is now just eighteen months. She says she has enjoyed being a baby, but does feel bad that her daughter has to do most of the work.

Ish been difficuwt.” says baby Marge during a close up. “I usta be a sociaw wowkew, buh ish too hawd fow me to tawk wight now. I was undew so much stwess. Now I dun eben hafta use a potty!” She giggles a little at that, babyishly. “I dun mind. I got used to it. I jus wish we had someone to hewp Steph.”

Back to the living room, Stephanie has both of her parents changed and happy. The two babies are sitting together, hugging and snuggling one another.

They really are cute together.” says Stephanie. “We appwied for hewp, but are waiting on da company. We know they got ovewwhewmed, but it feews wonger dan it has been.”

Stephanie's family has been waiting for help for months.” says the voice over. “They aren't the only ones. We reached out to the company providing relief for regressed families and they assure us they will get to everyone soon.”

Now back to the baby anchors, both back in the high chairs. They let their pacifiers fall from their mouths again.

So sad.” said Lucy.

“She so bwave.” said Nathan. “My own daughtew tuwned into a baby too, as did my wife. Ish otay tho. My mama n papa ish hewpin us.”

Ya one of da wucky ones.” said Lucy. “My dada passed away, buh my mommy ish stiww awive. Da onwy pwobwem is, she jus tuwned thwee again. Hew mom is now our mom, since she back in hew pwime again.”

Guess she got wucky dere huh?” asked Nathan.

“If takin cawe of ya baby daughtew n gwand-daughtew is wucky, den yah.” said Lucy. “Stiww, it not so bad. We haf baffs togefew and cuddwe time. My mama is owder dan me, so she gots potty twained and ish twyin to hewp me wif mine.”

It wiww be nice to get back outta diapees.” said Nathan, kicking his little legs and making a soft crinkle sound. “Wets see how John is doin wif spowts.”

The scene changes to a playground where children and babies are playing. A tiny infant, no more than six months old, wearing a green onesie with a button up collar and thick diaper lays in a bouncer sucking his toes. When he sees the camera on, he stops and pops his foot out, then fusses a little. “My team wost!” he yells, complaining. “Dumb away team! I dun wanna be a baby!” He kicks his little legs in frustration and begins to cry. “Now my diapee wet! Back to you Wucy!”

Back before expected, Lucy is now having her diaper changed on the table. Nathan is sitting in the high chair sucking his thumb, then looks surprised.

Oh! We back!” said Nathan. “Guess John not vewy happy. Wucy wiww be back. She did a poo poo and needed a new diapee.” He giggles and kicks his little feet happily. “We caught up wif Fwank aftew his wive wegwession at Wuby's new bakewy. Dey haf a supwise to announce. Wets go to dem wive!”

A screen next to Nathan turns on and shows Frank and Ruby, now both one-year-old, sitting together in a sand box at the park. Frank is dressed in a little white shirt with a cartoon doughnut on it and thick disposable diaper with cartoon characters on it while Ruby wears a purple one piece skirt with bulging diaper. They are holding hands and looking at one another.

Hi Nafan!” says Frank, waving his pudgy little hand.

Hi guys!” said Ruby, waving as well. She looked over at Frank and smiled. “We wanna announce dat we awe engaged!” She giggled and squealed, kicking her little feet.

Frank smiled and nodded, turning to kiss Ruby on the cheek. “Yup!” he said happily. “We ish togefer!”

Congwatuwtions!” said the two baby news anchors, smiling and clapping happily.

Fankoos!” said Ruby, squeezing Frank's hand a little. “When I saw Fwank tuwn into a baby n how happy he was, it made me feew bettah. Jus seein his cute widdle butt dat day was so funny.”

“Den I saw yers!” said Frank, giggling.

Dat's gweat.” said Nathan. “How awe you two deawing wif bein babies again?”

Aftew we tuwned into babies,” Frank started, “Wuby's mommy came to take cawe of us. Tuwns out she was in a shewtew when it happened.”

Yah, she got wucky.” said Ruby. “Hew fwiend had one. She was in anothew state, buh she saw da intewview and got into it jus in time.” As she talks, a woman in a red shirt and blue jeans with long brown hair walks up.

I just thought it was so cute.” says Patty, Ruby's mother. “Seeing their cute little tushies and watching them both turn into babies. I mean, it was scary at first. I didn't want my daugther to have to start her life over again, but it happened to so many people. I feel so bad for those who were displaced and need to go to special care houses. I'm just grateful they are alive, healthy, and together. They're both my babies now.” She picks them both up and cuddles them. “Frank's mom wasn't so lucky. She became a baby too, but luckily her mom is taking care of her and her husband now. They live right next door! We give each other updates on the babies well being and bowel movements.”

Frank giggled and nodded. “We get wots of cake now!” he said.

Mostwy on our face and hands.” said Ruby, giggling. They looked into each others eyes and smiled.

Aww, ya make a cute couwpwe.” said Lucy.

Fankoo!” said Ruby. “We pwan on gwowin up togefer n getting mawwied when we ish owd enough again.”

Dat's weawwy sweet.” said Nathan. “Eben in dis post wegwession worwd, wuv can be found when we weast esspect it.”

Weww Nafan,” said Lucy. “I dunno about you, buh I couwd use a baba and a nap.”

Sounds good Wucy.” said Nathan, letting out an adorable yawn. “Nini ebwyone.”

Stay safe n comfy!” said Lucy. Both of them waved to the camera as the show ended. Life was a mix of chaos and play for a while, but everyone became used to their situations and soon it became the norm. As with most widespread disasters, people came together and helped one another, overcoming the new challenge of daily life. New technology was eventually developed to better shield from chrono storms and detect them more in advance. It was a strange world indeed, but the people were happy, healthy, and peaceful.

The End?



End Chapter 1

Chrono Storm

by: Ouroboros | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 10, 2022


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illinoise · Jul 15, 2022

I love the idea and execution, especially with the lisping and simplified dialog. I have been toying with constructing a story about a special daycare for physically and emotionally regressed adults who were once highly powerful and successful grownups. Like the baby broadcasters in this tale, they do retain their memories and adult intelligence, but their emotions and bodies scream "baby. " I just have to work out a backstory and conclusion.

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