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Office Mismanagement

by: Ouroboros Last updated Jun 9, 2021

A CEO of a failing company decides to change things, and her employees. How will they all react to their ultimate fates?

The Uneducation of Guy

by: Ouroboros Last updated Apr 24, 2021

A thirty-something man gets a job, but it comes with odd rules.

Regression Fruit

by: Ouroboros Last updated Apr 14, 2021

A reporter, who has seen the darker side of humanity a few too many times, follows up on a story he thought was just conspiracy.

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On story: Relationship Upgrade - chapter 2

Ouroboros Jun 10, 2021

This was a very good story and fun to read. I hope you continue to write more. ^_^

RE: Stories that take place in historical or fantasy setting?

Ouroboros May 14, 2021

My story about my OC Ozzie takes place in a fantasy setting with magic and monsters and things like that. It also goes to other worlds that are ...

RE: Welcome to the New AR Archive

Ouroboros Apr 25, 2021

Thanks! I was able to see it that way. Its still a bit wonky navigating stories though.

On story: The Uneducation of Guy - chapter 1

Ouroboros Apr 25, 2021

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it. It was a story commission based on ideas from an RPG Maker game NEP is working on. I mainly just took the sett ...

RE: Welcome to the New AR Archive

Ouroboros Apr 24, 2021

I am unable to see comments made on my stories. Any time I click on the comments icon, nothing happens. Anyone else having this issue?

RE: Welcome to the New AR Archive

Ouroboros Apr 14, 2021

It works now, thanks!

RE: Welcome to the New AR Archive

Ouroboros Apr 13, 2021

I get a 404 when trying to add a chapter to a new story. It does not give me the option to edit the current chapter so I can't post a new story.

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