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A Birthday Dream Come True

by: Ouroboros Last updated Nov 21, 2010

This is the first story I've written in a long time, so I may be a bit rusty. It is based on a dream my mate had about the both of us, and is about two AB males who live together, and their dream come true.

A Day at Springtide Park

by: Ouroboros Last updated Apr 20, 2022

A furry/babyfur story about two friends who go to a popular new theme park to escape the boredom and heat of a particularly hot summer day. The theme park boasts a wide selection of rides for all ages and even a theme park. It guarantees you will feel happier and younger after your visit, but is that true?

A Little Jealous

by: Ouroboros Last updated Feb 16, 2023

A story commission for anonymous. Kelly and her friend Laura are jealous of their new college frat friend who just started dating the hot new guy on campus. They plan to use a secret magic potion to teach them a lesson, but will things go their way?

A Small Glitch

by: Ouroboros Last updated Aug 20, 2021

In the future, where androids are becoming more popular and realistic, a repair man finds an abandoned and deactivated one of the newest models and repairs it, only to have his world change in a way he could have never imagined.

A Voice In the Darkness

by: Ouroboros Last updated Jun 7, 2008

A young man is haunted by nightmares that are leading him further and further into his babyhood.

Ace's Little Problem

by: Ouroboros Last updated Jan 24, 2022

A babyfur/furry story commission from Ace Lope! Ace is forced to visit his aunt and little cousin for the weekend, only to end up in a more immature position.

Adopted Magic

by: Ouroboros Last updated Oct 16, 2021

A story commission! Chris learns to appreciate his adopted siblings after a special bundle of joy arrives to shake things up.

Adventures in Athame

by: Ouroboros Last updated Jul 25, 2021

A story commission. After graduating high school, a young man stumbles upon a strange new world when looking for a job.

April's Little Dilemma

by: Ouroboros Last updated Oct 31, 2023

A story commissioned by an anonymous user. April O'Neil is looking for a new big scoop and opportunity to prove her worth without the turtles, but finds a challenge she was not expecting. Contains female AR, weight gain, and diapers.

Christmas Party Plot

by: Ouroboros Last updated Dec 20, 2021

A story commission. Scott attends an office Christmas party dinner, and soon discovers it's secret side business.

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