A Birthday Dream Come True

by: Ouroboros | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 21, 2010

This is the first story I've written in a long time, so I may be a bit rusty. It is based on a dream my mate had about the both of us, and is about two AB males who live together, and their dream come true.

Chapter 1
A Birthday Dream Come True

Chapter Description: This is the whole story.

[size=4]A Birthday Dream Come True[/size]

by Ouroboros aka Ozzie Astaroth

Ozzie and Tavi were living together in a small apartment in the warm south. While the two were almost opposite in appearance, they very much cared for each other, and spent most of their time together. They were both in their early 30s, but Ozzie was heavy set, Caucasian, and emotionally reserved while Tavi was trim, African American, and very spontaneous. Both of them also happened to be adult babies and wanted more than anything to be regressed back to babyhood. Even though they both knew this was impossible, they still acted it out together often. They would diaper each other, drink from baby bottles, watch cartoons, and play with toys. However, Ozzie’s health was poor, as he had a condition that caused him to constantly be tired and sick. As a result, Tavi would often take care of Ozzie and tend to his needs, which made him feel more like an adult and less like a baby. Ozzie wanted more than anything to be healthy enough to play with Tavi, but was often too tired or stressed out to release his inner child. Tavi tried as hard as he could to help Ozzie with this, and would often surprise him with toys, candy, pictures, and childish decorations in their apartment. Neither of them knew that one day Tavi’s kind deeds would lead to something they thought could never happen.

It was late fall and Tavi was giggling to himself as Ozzie slept in their adult crib. He was preparing a birthday surprise for Ozzie when he woke up. Tavi went into town dressed in his favorite overalls and blue onesie over his diapers. He stopped at the bakery to get a very special cake.

"Excuse me Susan." Tavi said, noticing the baker’s name tag. "I need a birthday cake please." The baker looked at Tavi and could tell that there was something unique about him. She was a tall, slender woman with fair skin, who looked to be in her early 40s with long, brown, curly hair.

"We have all kinds of birthday cakes." she said. "Is it for a boy or girl."

"A boy." said Tavi. "He’s um...almost two." he said with a smile.

"Awww, thats such a special age." said the baker. "I have just the one." The baker pulled out a large vanilla cake with chocolate frosting and blue trim icing.

"That one looks very good." Tavi said as he bounced slightly. "But it needs something. Can you add some crescent moons to the cake? He loves those."

"Sure I can!" the baker said smiling. She quickly pulled out a bag of blue icing and began to squeeze some out in the shape of crescent moons along the side. Tavi noticed that as the icing came out, it sparkled as if it were magic. This made him smile more, knowing the cake would be great for Ozzie.

"Wow, thank you!" said Tavi with a grin.

"You are very welcome cutie." said the baker, making Tavi blush. "I’m sure your special two-year-old will love it." she winked. Tavi just smiled, blushing, and paid for the cake. The baker watched as he left and smiled knowingly.

Tavi picked up a few other things and drove back to the apartment to setup. He put up blue streamers and babyish birthday decorations all over. He sprinkled confetti all over the living room and blew up different colored balloons. Two presents were already wrapped ahead of time and placed on the table. Tavi giggled to himself at what he had put together for his mate. He even put a small candle in the middle of the cake that was shaped like Flower the skunk from Bambi, which was Ozzie’s favorite character.

Meanwhile, in the bedroom, Ozzie woke to the loud sound of something falling. He yawned and stretched, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. He was still tired as always, but wiggled his way out of the crib and put on his night shirt. He held his soggy diaper up as he opened the door. There was Tavi, waiting and smiling.

"Good morning birthday boy!" shouted Tavi. He led the still sleepy Ozzie down the hallway and into the living room with his hands over his eyes. Once he got to the living room, he removed his hands and Ozzie’s eyes opened to see.

"Awwww!" said Ozzie rubbing his eyes. He saw all of the cute decorations that Tavi had set up. Ozzie turned to Tavi and gave him a very big hug. "Thank you sweety."

"You’re welcome!" said Tavi smiling. "Come on and sit down. I can change you later." he giggled.

Ozzie blushed and sat down at the table. Tavi’s surprise had refreshed his spirits and made him feel a little better. Then he had a look at the cake, smiling at the cute skunk candle and frosting moons on it. Tavi lit the candle and began singing happy birthday, which made Ozzie blush. He took lots of pictures as Ozzie blew out the candles and smiled. "Yay!" said Ozzie, clapping and trying to act as childish as possible.

"Now its time for presents!" said Tavi as he handed him one. Ozzie smiled as he began to open the present carefully. "Open it like the baby you are!" Tavi shouted.

"Hehe, okay!" said Ozzie as he ripped the paper off and tore open the box. He pulled out a big toy train set, with working lights and sounds. "Wow, thanks Tavi!" said Ozzie, admiring his gift and giving Tavi another big hug.

"Awww, you’re welcome." Tavi said, hugging back. "Here’s another!" Tavi handed him the other present and Ozzie once again tore the wrapping off like an excited child. He reached in the box and pulled out a large plush skunk, which he immediately hugged as Tavi snapped more pictures.

"I love it!" said Ozzie smiling. "Thank you so much!"

"You’re welcome!" said Tavi. "I’m glad you like them. Now its cake time!" he said, pulling the cake over.

"Ooooh, this looks great!" said Ozzie. Before it could be cut, Ozzie scooped up a spoonful of the cake with lots of frosting and offered it to Tavi. Tavi smiled and did the same as they fed each other a spoonful of cake. They giggled and smeared icing on each other’s faces, making a mess. They didn’t bother cleaning up as Tavi moved to cut the cake.

Just before Tavi started cutting the cake, he noticed a flash. At first he thought the camera had accidentally gone off, but it was sitting on the counter turned off. Another flash went off, and Tavi noticed that it seemed to be coming from the blue icing on the cake. He looked at Ozzie as the flashes continued and noticed that he seemed to be getting smaller with each flash. Ozzie looked up at Tavi confused. He wondered what was going on, but suddenly his body felt so full of energy and life. His aches and pains were going away.

"Ozzie! You’re shrinking!" shouted Tavi. Ozzie blinked with each flash and rubbed his eyes. He noticed the table getting higher and the cake getting further out of reach. Still, he tried to reach the cake, but couldn’t without repositioning himself. Tavi noticed that Ozzie wasn’t just shrinking, but getting younger. He looked to be about 10 years old now, trying to stand on the chair. His hair shortened and softened along with his features. Any evidence of puberty was gone, and all that was left was smooth skin. Old injuries were healed completely and any scars were long gone. Time itself seemed to be reversing.

"Ummm...oops!" he said as his huge soggy diaper fell down around his ankles, causing him to slip a bit and fall back to his bottom in the chair with a squish. Tavi couldn’t believe his eyes as his mate continued to shrink. His hair became soft and wispy, his tummy protruded, and his arms and legs plumped. There was one last very bright flash, causing Tavi to cover his eyes. When he opened them, he saw Ozzie sliding down off the chair to stand on his tiny feet in his huge night shirt, which was dangling off one shoulder. He looked to be only two years old now as he looked up at Tavi. He never thought something like this could happen, but somehow he had actually become a baby as he always wanted. He looked at his tiny, chubby hands and fingers, marveling over their appearance.

"Ozzie?" asked Tavi, kneeling down to his now baby mate. He couldn’t believe it either, and it was amazed at what he had just witnessed.

"Wha happen?" said Ozzie as he tried to walk forward, only to have his shirt fall down around him, leaving him nude. This didn’t seem to bother him much however, as he looked down at himself and inspected his toddler body. Tavi just stood and giggled a bit, feeling like he was in a dream.

"I think that cake made you turn into a baby." said Tavi. "That’s the only thing I can think of anyway."

"How come u not a babee?" asked Ozzie childishly, blushing at his squeaky voice.

"I don’t know..." said Tavi with a frown. He wanted to join in on the fun. "Well, why don’t you eat some cake while I get you a diaper that fits?"

"Hehe, otays." said the tiny naked toddler as Tavi put the plate with a slice of cake on the floor. Ozzie wiggled a bit, trying to figure out how his new body worked. His muscles were much weaker, but he felt better than ever overall. Struggling, he bent over to eat his cake with his bare hands while Tavi ran into the bedroom. Since they were both ABs, they happened to have a number of actual baby sized diapers to use as stuffers. He grabbed one and ran back out into the living room to see Ozzie’s naked tush sticking up in the air. Tavi giggled and quickly put the diaper onto his baby mate’s bottom, wrapping the front of it around him and attaching the Velcro sides. He was so small and easy to diaper now, Tavi could change him faster than a NASCAR pit crew. Ozzie just giggled and stood up, poking at the diaper. "Wow, deze fit me?" he asked as if dreaming.

"Looks like it." said Tavi, picking up Ozzie. "I can’t believe it! You’re a little baby! I thought this was impossible!" He held Ozzie out at arms length to get a good view of him. Ozzie had cake and icing all over his face and hands. He just giggled and wiggled his tiny toes in the air.

"Dis is so weiwd!" said Ozzie. "Ish wike a dweam!" He giggled as Tavi held him closer and wiped his face and hands off and sat down on the couch with his now toddler mate. Tavi gave Ozzie a baby bottle of grape juice, which was now just the right size for him. He suckled on the bottle happily, smiling around the nipple. He was really enjoying being a baby again, as his worries slipped away. They snuggled together, feeling each other’s warmth and love. "I wish u was a babee too tho." said Ozzie.

"I know, me too." Tavi replied. "Maybe it’ll happen soon." Tavi bounced Ozzie in his lap and the baby cooed and smiled. Just then, Tavi noticed Ozzie’s tummy was rumbling. "Uh oh, I think someone is still hungry." he laughed. "What does the little baby want to eat?"

"Ummm... Pizza!" shouted Ozzie.

"Pizza it is then!" replied Tavi as he put a small shirt over Ozzie and took him out to the car. "We need to get you some clothes that first though." he added. Ozzie nodded and smiled as Tavi buckled him in the back seat. Luckily there was a Walmart less than a mile away and they could pick up a baby car seat and other supplies easily.

It was just as Ozzie imagined it would be as he was placed in a buggy baby seat. The shirt he wore was big enough to cover his entire body, so he didn’t have to worry about being cold. He kicked his little bare feet happily as they strolled around in the store. Tavi got up some speed and raced forward with the cart, making Ozzie giggle happily. They got to the baby section and together they looked at all the cute clothes and sleepers.

"How about this one?" asked Tavi, holding up a onesie with a picture on the front that said "Diaper Loading...75%"

Ozzie giggled and nodded. "Dats fow me!" Tavi put the onesie in the cart and looked around for more. They ended up with several outfits, socks, and even tiny shoes. Then they looked at the sleepers. There were several really cute sleepers with babyish designs on them. Ozzie pointed to one that had a skunk on the front and the words "Lil Stinker" across the belly.

Tavi nodded and giggled. "That’s very you ’tinky butt." he said, causing Ozzie to blush.

"Hey, I na ’tinky yets!" he huffed. Tavi just giggled at the cute sight.

"Speaking of which..." said Tavi as he headed over to the diapers. "Lets get you some baby diapers!"

"Yay!" cheered Ozzie, clapping his chubby little hands. Passers by just smiled at the excited toddler who seemed very happy to be getting diapers.

"We don’t even have to buy them online anymore!" Tavi giggled. "These tiny ones will fit you just fine." After getting the diapers and supplies, Tavi picked up a baby car seat.

"There, now you can be safe in the car." said Tavi smiling. He had taken care of younger sibling during his own childhood, and taking care of his mate seemed to be the thing to do at the moment, though he still wondered why he hadn’t regressed too. He continued to think about this as they headed for the check out line.

"Awww, what a cute baby boy you have there." the clerk commented. Ozzie just smiled and blushed, very much seeming like any other toddler in the store. He could feel his diaper become warm in front and didn’t even feel the need to go at all. This just made him feel even more babyish as he tried to hide his face. He was certainly feeling more and more like a baby, and he loved every minute of it. But he couldn’t help wanting Tavi to experience this too.

"Thank you!" said Tavi. "I’m babysitting for a friend tonight." he explained. "He kinda caught me off guard, so I have to buy a bunch of stuff for him."

"Well, I hope he pays you back." said the clerk. Tavi just nodded and looked at Ozzie who grinned, showing what few teeth he had. Soon they were on their way back to the car. Tavi installed the car seat and picked up Ozzie from the cart.

"Lets get you into some baby clothes." he smiled, taking the toddler’s over sized shirt off. Tavi immediately noticed the soggy diaper and laughed. "Wow, you really soaked it!"

Ozzie just blushed and nodded. "I go pee pee." he giggled. Tavi layed him down in the back seat of the car and proceeded to change him with the new supplies they had just gotten. It was on odd feeling, changing Ozzie now that he was so small. Tavi tickled his little feet, causing him to giggle helplessly. Once Tavi had him rediapered, he dressed him in the "Diaper Loading" onesie and some little blue socks. Ozzie looked at them and wiggled his toes. Tavi spied the tiny toes and playfully pretended to nom on them, making Ozzie squeal and giggle.

"Now, how about that pizza?" asked Tavi as he buckled Ozzie in.

"Yay! Pizza!" Ozzie clapped and kicked his feet happily. However, a surprise was awaiting them at the pizza buffet. Upon opening the door, they were greeted by a familiar woman.

"I’m sorry sir, but the restaurant has been rented out tonight." said the woman. "Its a sleepers only invitation."

Tavi blinked and looked around. "What do you mean?" he asked. He could see that there were a lot of small children running around in their sleepers and even the adults watching them had sleepers on.

"In order to take part in this, you have to be wearing a sleeper." she said with a smile. That’s when Tavi noticed her name tag.

"Susan?" he asked. She nodded.

"This is something I do when I’m not working." she said.

"Then that cake you sold me... You knew what it would do?" asked Tavi.

Susan looked at the baby in Tavi’s arms and nodded. "Yes, I knew." she said. "From time to time I get people who are like you. People who want to become young and innocent again. I do what I can by selling my magic cakes which give them their desire. As you can see, you are not the only ones." It was true, all the others there were pairs who had given their friend or mate a special cake.

"Wow, I thought this sort of thing was just fantasy." said Tavi in a daze.

"Its very real." said Susan. "Magic is all around us. You just have to open your eyes to it." She smiled at little Ozzie. "If you two can find sleepers, and I’m sure you can, feel free to join us."

"Wait right here." said Tavi as he bolted to the car with Ozzie. "Looks like its time for another change of clothes!" said Tavi as he stripped Ozzie of everything but his diaper.

"Hehe, yay! Pawty!" Ozzie clapped and giggled. Tavi got out the "Lil Stinker" sleeper and put Ozzie’s feet in one at a time, then pulled the rest up around him, threading his hands and arms through and zipping it up.

"You’re all ready!" said Tavi. "Now it’s my turn." he giggled, pulling out a sleeper in his own size from the trunk of the car. "Good thing I was doing laundry earlier." he smiled. He quickly changed in the car and the two of them were back inside the restaurant.

"Oh good!" said Susan. "You two are very fast." She took Ozzie from Tavi and sat him down in a play area with other toddlers. Ozzie was scared at first, and whined, wanting his Tavi back.

"Its okay Ozzie." said Tavi. "Go on and play. You know you want to." Ozzie turned and faced the other toddlers there. Some were a little older, some a little younger, but all in diapers and playing with toys. Ozzie waddled over to one of the toddlers and sat down to play. Meanwhile Tavi sat down next to Susan to talk.

"I know." she said. "You want to join him."

"Yeah, I do. Very much so." said Tavi. "Why didn’t the cake change me?" he asked.

"Well, that was HIS cake." said Susan. "It was bought for him by you. So it would only work on him."

"Oh, I see." said Tavi. "But I still want to..."

"I know." said Susan. "But every baby needs someone to watch over them." Tavi nodded and sighed.

"It seems to be my purpose in life." he said. "I’ve always been there to make other people happy, but never myself." Tavi continued, and told Susan all about his childhood and all he had done for Ozzie. Susan listened intently the whole time, taking it all in.

"You are such a great person." she said. "People like you are rare. Even though your past was rough, you still make the best of it."

Just then, Ozzie came toddling up from the play area, with tears in his eyes. "I wan my Tavi!" he said, holding his arms up.

"Awww, come here lil guy." said Tavi, scooping him up.

"No no!" said Ozzie. "Wan Tavi to be babee wike me! Den we can pway!" Ozzie sniffled and smiled.

"I see." said Susan. "You two really are babies at heart. I can tell. There’s only one thing to do." She got up and walked to the kitchen. Tavi just watched with Ozzie in his lap. Soon she came back out with a cake very similar to the one Tavi had bought for Ozzie. "Today your birthday will become the same as his. I can tell you two were meant to be together always. Happy birthday Tavi!" she said, holding the cake in front of him. Tears welled up in Tavi’s eyes as he blew out the candle and was handed a slice. "Go on, eat up baby." she told him. Without another word, Tavi ate his cake happily as Ozzie watched and smiled. Soon the familiar flashes began and Tavi noticed everything getting larger. His sleeper began to wrinkle as he seemed to deflate into it. It became huge and his feet withdrew from the floor. Ozzie began to get very heavy, so Susan picked him up and together they watched Tavi shrink into his sleeper. His five o’clock shadow had faded to nothing but smooth skin on his face, his hair shortened and became fluffy, his muscle tone gave way to baby fat and a baby belly. Soon he was at sea in his sleeper, flailing his small arms and legs around. He slowly became the same age as Ozzie, and was picked up from his puddle of a sleeper.

"Oooooh..." little Tavi cooed as he looked at his hands. "Me so smaww!" he giggled. Ozzie bounced in Susan’s arms and reached out to touch Tavi’s face. The two were finally little babies together, being cuddled warmly.

"We should get you into a diaper and sleeper little man." said Susan. She quickly took both babies to a nearby booth to change Tavi. She sat Ozzie in one of the seats and he stood up to watch Tavi being changed. He giggled and poked at Tavi’s tummy and nose, making him giggle and try to poke back. Tavi lay there naked until Susan brought out a diaper and wrapped it around his bottom, spraying some powder into it, and taping it shut. Then she fished out a tiny orange onesie with tiger stripes that looked like Tigger. "How do you like this?" she asked.

"Dats awsum!" squeaked Tavi as he blushed. Susan expertly dressed little Tavi in the sleeper as Ozzie watched, making sure everything was nice and snug and comfy. Finally he was dressed and she gathered the two babies, bringing them over to the play area and placing them down on the floor.

"Now you two play nice and you can have a nice surprise later." she said, leaving to go sit with the other adults. Ozzie and Tavi just looked at each other and giggled their little heads off. They instantly pounced at one another, rolling on the floor and crinkling loudly.

"Now yous a babee!" shouted Ozzie.

"We bof babees!" shouted Tavi. The two were so overcome with excitement and happiness that they could have burst. Instead, they ran around, full of energy, squealing and giggling with the other babies. Tavi managed to pounce and pin Ozzie down, and began tickling him. Ozzie squirmed and giggled, drooling all over as his face began to turn red. Soon a dark spot appeared on the crotch of his sleepers and Tavi knew what that meant. "I win!" he shouted.

"No faiw!" shouted Ozzie, still peeing. He blushed as he could feel the wet warmth spread and flow down his legs. "Now ish yow tuwn!" he shouted, grinning and pouncing Tavi down with a torrent of tickles. Giggling and squealing, the tiny tot squirmed under his mate and soon the inevitable happened. He flooded his own diaper until it leaked, showing dark wet spots on his sleepers. Ozzie gigged upon seeing this. "Now we even." he smiled.

"Boys!" shouted Susan from behind, making the two wet youngsters freeze. Slowly they turned to face the woman, showing their wet fronts and bottoms to everyone in the room. The other babies giggled and pointed at the two, even though some were in a similar state. "You two soaked your sleepers!" she tsked. "Guess the party is over." Susan picked up the two leaky boys and carried them and a huge diaper bag into the women’s restroom. She sat Ozzie on the floor and hoisted Tavi onto a fold out changing table. "Silly boys. Can’t control themselves can they?" she cooed to Tavi as she unbuttoned his sleeper. Tavi just blushed and sucked his thumb, nodding in agreement. "Well, that’s okay." she said, removing the soiled sleeper from his body. "Because I have a surprise for you two."

"A supwize?" said Ozzie from the floor. He stood on his tip toes, swaying a bit, trying to get a better view of Tavi, before losing his balance and ending up squatting, with his hands on his knees.

"Yep!" said Susan, untaping Tavi’s diaper and beginning to wipe him down. "You see, I’ve had my eye on you two for a while now. I can see how devoted you two are to each other." She lifted Tavi’s feet and rolled up the wet diaper, tossing it in the trash and wiping his bottom down, then placing a fresh diaper under him with lots of baby powder. "Obviously two babies can’t take care of each other." she said as she tickled Tavi’s chin, causing him to smile. She then took out a small blue sleeper with yellow lightning bolts on it, and slipped his feet into it, followed by the rest of him, and zipped him up snug before placing him on the floor. Then she turned to Ozzie and smiled. Ozzie smiled back and raised his arms. Susan picked up the little cherub and placed him on the changing table, unzipping his wet sleeper.

"We can’t?" asked Tavi from the floor. "Wha we gonna do?" he asked babyishly as he tried to hide playfully. His new, thicker diaper was causing him problems with mobility, but nothing he couldn’t work around.

"Nope." said Susan, removing the dripping sleeper from Ozzie’s body and tossing it into a bag with the other. "That’s why you’re both coming with me."

"Do wha?!" squeaked Ozzie from the table as he sat up with a jolt. Susan laughed and gently laid Ozzie back down.

"Weally?" said Tavi with big cute eyes.

"Yep!" said Susan, untaping Ozzie’s diaper and beginning to clean. "I’ve been doing this for a long time now, and I’m tired of seeing everyone so happy with their babies." She cleaned gently, lifting Ozzie up by his legs, exposing his tush for Tavi to see below.

"I see a nakie butt!" Tavi giggled, causing Ozzie to blush and suck his thumb.

"A wet nakie butt..." giggled Susan, "and a little poopy too." she added. That really made Ozzie blush. He hadn’t even realized he had pooped. It must have been very small if he had not felt it. It did not even smell. His mind was quickly taken off his dirty bottom when he saw a mirror nearby and could see Tavi hiding behind a stall door. He just relaxed as Susan cleaned his bottom and removed the dirty diaper, tossing it into the trash bin. "That’s okay, little boys make messes a lot." she said with a smile and placed a freshly powdered diaper under his bottom, before settling him on it. She powdered his front and taped the diaper snug. It was a lot thicker this time, and Ozzie couldn’t even bring his legs together. He just giggled and kicked his tiny feet softly, looking down at his wiggly toes. While Susan dug around in her diaper bag, Ozzie thought it would be fun to suck on his toes. So he did, rather easily. Much easier than he could ever remember. It felt so good to be so small and flexible. Susan laughed at the baby drooling on his toes and showed him the sleeper. "What do you think? Did I get it right?" Ozzie could see a blue sleeper, with white moon patterns on it.

"Yay!" Ozzie clapped, "Ish pewfect!" he giggled.

"I thought so." smiled Susan as she took each of his tiny feet and slid them into the sleeper, followed by his thickly diapered tush, chubby tummy, and arms. She zipped the sleeper snug and placed Ozzie on the floor while putting her changing supplies away. There seemed to be lots of room in it, as she put more and more things into it, much like Mary Poppins. When she was done, she turned to see only Ozzie, who was giggling and sucking his thumb. "Here you go dear." she said, giving Ozzie a pacifier with Baby Tugs on it. Ozzie smiled and popped the paci into his mouth, sucking on it happily. "Now, where is your brother?" she asked, referring to Tavi. "I wonder where he could be." She wondered around, pretending not to see him. "Maybe he’s....here!" she said loudly as she turned and grabbed him, causing him to squeal happily and giggle. "I can see I’m going to have to keep an eye on you little one."

"Me can hide good!" smiled Tavi.

"Yes you can." said Susan, handing him a pacifier with a baby Tigger on it. Tavi happily accepted the paci and began to suck on it. Susan then picked up Ozzie and together all three left the restaurant. "Mommy loves her baby boys." she said with a big smile.

"We wuv u too mama!" both said at the same time, snuggling together in her arms. From then on, they were Susan’s babies. They would play all day together, take naps together, eat together, and do everything together. It was a dream come true for all three of them. They completely forgot about their former home, as it should be. All was taken care of according to Susan’s plans. Nothing for little babies to worry about. Nothing but peaceful and happy times forever more.

[size=4]The End[/size]



End Chapter 1

A Birthday Dream Come True

by: Ouroboros | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 21, 2010


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