Ace's Little Problem

by: Ouroboros | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 24, 2022

A babyfur/furry story commission from Ace Lope! Ace is forced to visit his aunt and little cousin for the weekend, only to end up in a more immature position.

Chapter 1
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Ace was on his way to visit his aunt and little cousin for the weekend. He didn't really want to, but his mother was making him. Even though he was twenty one, he still lived at home, and that meant his mom had some control over him. She managed to convince him to come along by agreeing to get him some new headphones he had been wanting. The brown and tan furred jackalope put on his brand new headphones to listen to some music, making sure they didn't poke into his pointy antlers that he was rather proud of. He wore his usual green stripe shirt and brown pants along with some socks and green sneakers. His mother looked similar, but had more of a red colored fur and a little round, a bit shorter than him.

Once they arrived and got out of the car, they walked up to the front door of the small house and knocked. A smiling adult female hare with gray and white fur answered the door. She had a round stomach and wore a pink shirt and light green dress.

Hello Rose! Hello Ace!” she greeted. “Come on in!”

Hi Jenny!” said Ace's mom.

Hi Aunt Jenny.” said Ace. They both went inside and into the living room. There was a diaper clad toddler sitting on the floor playing with blocks.

You remember Wally.” said Jenny. “Say hello to your aunt and cousin Wally.”

The little gray and white furred hare looked up from his blocks and waved. “Hewwo.” he said.

Aww, isn't he cute!” said Rose.

He's almost three-years-old.” said Jenny.

Still in diapers I see.” said Rose. She smiled, remembering the days when her son was still in diapers.

Wally blushed and wiggled a little. He knew diapers were for babies, and he was no baby. “No am baby.” he said.

Awww, of course not.” said Rose. “Sometimes others just need a bit more time to potty train. Isn't that right Ace?”

Ace was distracted and not paying attention, still having his headphones on, but when he heard his name he took them off. “Oh um, yeah, right.” he said.

Ace was a bit of a late bloomer too.” said Rose.

“Mom, come on.” said Ace. “That was a long time ago.”

Well, you never know these days.” said Jenny. “What with people spontaneously regressing for one reason or another, you could very well end up back in diapers.” She teased him, and smiled. “I bet you were a cute little baby.”

Well, I'm a man now.” said Ace. “Just finished college.”

Good for you sweetheart.” said Jenny. “It's just that your mom sees Wally here and reminisces about her little boy. That's all.”

I know.” said Ace, slumping down in an arm chair. “I'd just rather not think about it.” He put his headphones on and turned his music back on.

I apologize.” said Rose. “He gets like this sometimes. One of his friends regressed on the day they graduated high school. Bounced at age one, the poor dear.”

Oh I'm so sorry.” said Jenny. “I didn't know. It must have been a reality check for him. For all our accomplishments, our maturity and life experiences can be made null at any time.” They continued to talk as if neither Ace nor Wally were there when Jenny picked up a familiar scent. “Uh oh, I think someone needs a change.”

Wally blushed and felt the familiar slimy feeling on his bottom, and only then noticed the scent. It was an issue he just kept struggling to control, and the frustration of failing again made him start to cry.

Awww, it's okay sweetie.” said Rose. “Here, let me help you.” She walked over and picked up the crying little hare and stroked his fur. “There there now, shhh, it'll be okay.”

Thank you.” said Jenny. “It's not every day I get someone to volunteer to change a dirty diaper. I'll make us some tea.” She got up and made her way to the kitchen.”

Ace sniffed the air and looked up, then made a face.

“Ace, come along and give me a hand with him.” said Rose. “It'll be a good life experience for you.”

Ugh, do I have to?” Ace whined.

Oh come on.” said Rose. “Do I have to bribe you to do this too? Just be a good nephew and cousin.”

“Fine.” said Ace. He took off his headphones and hung them around his neck, then got up and followed his mom to Wally's nursery. It was all bright and cheery with blue pastel walls, cartoon animals printed on the walls, a large wooden crib with a side opening door, a changing table, and lots of toys and diapers.

Rose laid him Wally on the changing table. “Now lets take care of that dirty diaper.” she said, rubbing his tummy.

Wally blushed and sniffled, sucking his thumb. His eyes glanced around the room. He obviously wasn't completely comfortable with Rose changing his diaper. He hadn't known her that long in his short little life, but she was a familiar face.

Rose gently unfastened the tabs on Wally's diaper and opened it, then lifted him by the ankles and began wiping his soft fluffy bottom with some baby wipes.

Ace made a face and covered his nose. “Ugh, aw man! Gross.” he said. “Babies are gross.”

Now now.” said Rose, finishing up the cleaning. “Don't make him upset. We all go through this in our lives and it shouldn't be made harder.”

Some go through it more than once.” Ace muttered. He looked at Wally's potty chart and noticed more rainy cloud and storm stickers than smiley suns. Wally must really be having trouble. “Guess we should mark this down eh?” He walked over and added a storm sticker to Wally's chart.

Wally squirmed and blushed, squealing unhappily. “No!” he yelled. “Dat mine!”

Sorry bud.” said Ace. “But those are the rules. I'm sure your mom wants to keep good track of things.”

Wally continued to cry and fuss as Rose tried to change him.

Awww, it's okay dear.” said Rose. “Please settle down. How about if we add Ace's name to your chart?”

“What?!” yelled Ace. “I don't need a potty training chart!”

“Please dear, it'll just be pretend, okay?” Rose pleaded as Wally continued to wail loudly.

Ugh, fine!” shouted Ace. “If it'll make him stop crying.”

Rose went over to Wally's potty chart and added Ace's name under his with a marker. “There, how is that?” asked Rose. “Now if Ace has an accident, you'll know about his too.”

Wally sniffled and sucked on his fingers, settling down and nodding with tears streaming down the fur on his face. He still thought it wasn't fair. Ace didn't even have any clouds on his chart.

Rose smiled and tickled Wally a little, making him giggle. “Ace, would you mind handing me the powder please?” she asked.

Ace grabbed the container of baby powder from the top of a set of drawers and handed it to his mother. “Here you go.” he said. A small cloud of powder puffed from it when he handed it off, and he had to admit that it did smell nice. Much better than a messy diaper at least.

Thank you dear.” said Rose. She sprinkled some powder into a fresh diaper and slid it under Wally, then sprinkled a bit more onto his crotch before bring up the front and taping it snugly. “There, all clean and fresh again.” She picked him up and snuggled him. “Who's a cute little snuggle bunny? Is it you?”

Wally giggled and blushed, then nodded. “Yah, I snugguw bunny!” he said cheerily.

Ace just rolled his eyes. “All good now?” he asked.

“Yes, all good.” said Rose. She put Wally down on the floor to play. “Have fun sweetheart, and don't forget to tell one of us if you have to go potty okay?”

Hokay.” said Wally, sucking his thumb. He looked up at Ace, wanting to be the big boy in the room, but then went about playing with his toys.

Ace huffed and walked out of the room. It had been a very long time since his mom paid him that kind of attention. Mostly she just asked him to do chores or help her with things. He couldn't wait to move out on his own. He put his headphones back on and continued listening to his music while going back to the living room.

Once they all left, Wally got up and managed to climb up onto his changing table. He had done it before, so he knew how. His legs were a bit wobbly, but he could prove he was the big boy and that Ace wasn't. He went up to his potty training chart, which was right above the changing table, and got a rain cloud sticker, putting it on Ace's line. Then he giggled and put a few more on it before getting back down on the floor to play.

In the living room, Ace felt a strange tingle run through his body, but shrugged it off and continued to listen to music while gaming on a handheld console. He flicked his ears and continued to pass the time until he suddenly felt an urge to go. Quickly, he got up from his chair and bolted to the bathroom. To his dismay, he found he had already started to pee before he could get his shorts down and finish in the toilet. “Oh man, my underwear is wet!” he thought to himself. “What am I going to tell mom?” He finished his business and tried drying his underwear with a hair dryer when he heard a knock at the door.

Sweetie?” asked Rose. “Are you okay in there? Do you need any help?”

N-no mom!” shouted Ace. “I'm fine. Really.” Did his voice sound different? What was going on?

Okay, just let me know if you need help.” said Rose, walking away.

A nervous Ace then blushed and pulled his wet underwear back up, followed by his shorts. He walked out hoping no one would notice.

Wally noticed Ace's awkward walking and giggled. “Mommy mommy! Acey wet!” he announced.

Uh oh, did Ace have an accident?” asked Jenny.

I thought you said you were fine.” said Rose. She moved to check him but Ace backed up.

N-no, I'm not wet!” said Ace. “Wally's lying! He doesn't know better.”

Let me check honey.” said Rose. Once she saw a small wet spot she gasped. “Oh dear, you did have a little accident.”

S-sorry mom.” said Ace. “I just felt the need all of a sudden and before I could get my underwear off I started to go.”

You lied to me sweetie.” said Rose. “You know that's against the rules. Come on, lets get you changed.” She held Ace's hand and walked to a back room, which was the spare bedroom they would be staying in tonight. Inside it was just an ordinary room with off-white walls and a wood panel floor. It had a simple queen sized bed and a smaller fold out bed, likely meant for Ace. However, there was something else there. It was a strange bag. Rose reached in and pulled out what looked like a pair of disposable training pants.

Mooom!” Ace whined. “Why do you have those? I don't need diapers!”

They're yours sweetie.” said Rose. “Don't you remember? You told me to get the plain gray ones so they don't feel too babyish. Besides, they're not diapers, they're disposable briefs. Now get those shorts and wet undies off, or do I need to do it?”

Ace felt strange, as if he were shrinking. He felt smaller somehow, and younger. Was his mom always this tall? He remembered being taller than her. In spite of being an adult, he shuffled over to her and took his shorts off, exposing his wet undies.

“Honestly, I should have known better than to let you wear undies on this long trip.” said Rose, helping pull them down. “I know you have done better recently, but I think you should stay in disposables until we get back home. If you really want to wear underwear, you'll have to sit on a pad.”

“B-but mom, I never had potty problems before!” shouted Ace. “Something is going on. Is this regression syndrome? Am I getting younger?!” He felt panic building within and his heart pounded. He didn't want to end up a drooling infant like his friend.

“Don't be silly dear.” said Rose. “You've always had potty troubles. Why do you think I packed so many?” She got out some wipes and began cleaning his crotch while he stood there.

Mooom!” shouted Ace, blushing brightly. “At least let me do it.” He took the wipe from her and turned away, wiping himself down. He couldn't believe he was standing here, naked from the waist down in front of his mom and wiping himself. It certainly felt like regression, but his mom acted as if he had always been this way.

Sorry hun.” she said. “Sometimes I forget you're seventeen.”

“S-seventeen?!” shouted Ace. “Mom, I'm twenty one!”

Ace, come on, don't play games with your mother.” said Rose. “Let's just get these on you and you can go back to playing your little game.”

Mom, I'm serious!” said Ace. “If you say I'm seventeen then, why does my driver's license say...” He pulled out his license, but it only confirmed what she had said. Indeed he was seventeen again. “Am I...dreaming?”

Oh sweetie.” said Rose. “Come on.” She held out the training pants for him.

Ace reluctantly accepted the training pants and put them on him. He felt the thick papery feeling of them around his groin and blushed, then quickly pulled his shorts back on.

How about we get something to eat now?” asked Rose. “I think Jenny should be done with dinner.”

“Sure mom.” said Ace. He felt so confused, but he continued on.

Wally giggled seeing Ace being put in big pull ups. He decided he would have some more fun and put some storm clouds on Ace's side. Then he thought about it and put some smiling suns on his own. He felt a strange tingle as he did and things seemed to get smaller around him. His clothes felt a bit tight on him, as did his diaper.

At dinner, everyone sat at the table while Wally was put in a high chair. He looked a bit big for it, but seemed happy enough. Jenny had made spaghetti for everyone and they all ate while trying to avoid the subject of potties and regression. Ace picked at his food and ate slowly, thinking about everything and trying to figure out what was going on. Wally ate messily and got spaghetti sauce all over his face and paws giggling.

Acey weaw diapees!” said Wally, pointing at Ace.

Ace just made an angry face and frowned.

Don't make fun Wally.” said Jenny. “You wear them too.”

Wally just giggled and continued to eat. When he was done, he felt the need to go. “Mommy! Gotta potty!” he said.

“Okay dear, lets hurry!” said Jenny. She cleaned his face and paws then rushed him to the bathroom where she sat him down on a plastic training toilet.

Wally blushed and grunted as he did his business, then cheered. “I did it!” he announced. “I used da potty!”

“You sure did!” said Jenny happily. “You've been doing better and better. I think you can graduate to pull ups now.”

Yay!” cheered Wally. After he was wiped by his mommy, he scampered off to his nursery.

Jenny emptied Wally's potty and flushed, then washed her hands and followed Wally to his room. She proudly disposed of his unused diaper and got out a pull up. It was adorned with some silly cartoon characters and blue trim. She held it out for him to step into.

Wally felt so big stepping into the pull ups. He felt even bigger than he did before, and was so happy, especially when his mom put another smiling sun sticker on his potty chart.

Meanwhile, Ace had gotten up from the dinner table after finishing his meal and put his plate in the sink. He then made his way outside to walk around for a bit.

Don't go far sweetie.” said Rose, making sure to keep an eye on him.

I won't.” said Ace. Where would he go if he did? He walked out to the back yard and saw a bunch of small toddler yard toys. There was a little plastic basketball hoop and ball, some small swings, and even a chunky toddler slide. He just huffed and kicked some dirt, then sat on a stump. He felt the soft padding of the training pants under him and grumbled. He suddenly felt a bit strange again. Did things seem bigger? Was it happening again? He suddenly had to poop badly, and jolted up, running back inside. Along the way, his shorts fell off, but he was in too much of a hurry and left them on the floor in the kitchen. He held his paws over his bottom as he got to the bathroom, but the door was shut. He banged on it.

“I'm in here!” announced Rose.

“Mooom!” said Ace. “I gotta go really bad!”

Uh oh, hold on son!” said Rose. She knew that once he had the urge to go, he only had minutes, sometimes seconds before it came out on its own. She quickly tried to finish her business.

Ace did his best to hold it in, but could already feel it working its way out. He blushed as he felt it push against his hands and fall into his pull ups. Soon the damage was done and his body voided his previous meal load by load, into his sagging pull ups. The smell made Ace feel hot and ashamed as his face reddened.

Rose opened the door. “Okay hun, quick!” she said, guiding him inside. Then she picked up the odor. “Oh no. I'm so sorry dear.” She said, giving him a hug.

Ace wanted to cry, but didn't want to look anymore babyish. He covered his blushing face and wiped away a few tears before looking up at his mom. She was taller than him now. No, he was smaller. He definitely was getting younger. “Mom! I got littler!” he said, tugging at his messy pull ups.

Aww, just because you're not quite potty trained doesn't mean you're getting younger sweetie.” said Rose. “You've always been this way. Guess we should switch to the diapers though. I don't think those pull ups can hold everything.”

Mom no!” said Ace, backing away. “I don't want to wear diapers! I'm not a baby! No way am I wearing them!” He turned and ran out of the bathroom, holding up his loaded pull up and feeling the heavy load bouncing around as he did.

Ace! Get back here!” shouted Rose.

Ace ran down the hall and right past Wally, who was now much older. He saw him and froze in his tracks.

Mom! Ace pooped again!” shouted Wally. He too was in pull ups, but looked like he was about five or six. “He really stinks!”

Ace blushed and felt a hand on his shoulder. It was Jenny, who was now very tall compared to him.

“Oh my, Ace, I think you need a bath after that one.” said Jenny. “Come on, let me help you find your mommy.”

Wally just giggled at how Ace was shrinking and now a stinky baby like he was. He eagerly ran back to his potty chart and put another storm sticker on Ace's side with a grin.

Ace shivered and shrunk again as he was led back to the bathroom where his mom was running some bath water.

I found a little stinker.” said Jenny, with the young jackalope in front of her.

Ace blushed and looked down. His shirt now hung down over his pull up, which sagged heavily and openly now. He squeezed back some tears as he felt himself go again.

Aww, come here honey.” said Rose. She brought him in for an embrace, and his wet and messy pull up plopped to the floor at his feet.

I don't wanna be little.” Ace sniffled. “I'm not a baby.”

I know you're not.” said Rose. “Shhh, come on. Lets clean you up.” She got a few baby wipes and began cleaning him as he stood there sniffling and holding back tears. He was tired of smelling like poop. “I just want to get a bath and go to bed.” he said finally.

Aww, my poor baby.” said Rose. She finished cleaning his bottom and legs, then tossed his dirty pull up into a nearby diaper pail.

“Not a baby.” said Ace. Though he did currently smell like one. He blushed as he heard his messy pull up make a loud thump in the pail and from the feeling of having his bottom wiped like a toddler. Though part of him thought it did feel nice. The attention from his mother made him feel small and young. Was he shrinking again. He tried to see if she looked any taller, but it was hard to tell.

Rose ran a bath and even added some of Wally's bubble bath to it. She made sure it was warm, but not too warm. “Okay hun, hop in.” she said.

Ace blushed and covered himself as he stepped in and sat down in the warm bubble water. “Um, thanks mom.” he said, all embarrassed.

No problem.” said Rose. She grabbed a sponge and soaked up some of the soapy water, then began bathing Ace.

Mooom!” Ace whined. “I don't need to be bathed by you.”

“Oh, are we suddenly a big boy now?” asked Rose with a smirk. “I don't think so. You never clean yourself properly.” She continued to wash him as he protested, making sure to get behind his long ears and short antlers. Next she had him stand up so she could wash his tummy and bottom.

Ace blushed as he was washed like a toddler. “Mom? How old am I?” he asked, curious.

That's a silly question.” said Rose. “Are you trying to test my memory? I'm not that old sweetie.”

I'm serious.” said Ace. “I think I'm...regressing.”

Aww, I see.” said Rose. “When your friend regressed it scared you badly. Don't worry honey bun, you're the same ten-year-old boy you've been since your last birthday.”

T-t-ten?” Ace stammered. “I'm not...never mind.” He sighed, defeated. For whatever reason, no one seemed to remember him being older. He was scared and shaking a little.

Aww, honey, are you okay?” asked Rose. “I'm sorry I brought up your friend, but don't worry, you're not going to turn into a baby.” She did her best to reassure him, but the fact of the matter was that regression did happen and could happen to anyone at any time. There was no reason to scare her little boy any more than he already was though. She finished washing Ace and then rinsed him off, then dried him in a warm fluffy towel.

Ace looked up, now much shorter, and saw himself in a mirror. His antlers had shrunk from their adult form to nubby child ones. His face was more round and his fur was fluffier, looking softer and younger. He looked like a little kid.

Rose noticed his sad face and hugged him. “Are you okay sweetie?” she asked. “You've never been this upset about it before.”

“Y-yeah mom.” said Ace. “I'm okay. I just...don't want to be in diapers.”

I know dear, but you need them.” said Rose. “Don't worry, so does Wally, and he's almost your age.”

H-he is?” asked Ace. “How old is he?”

“He's seven of course.” said Rose.

Seven?” asked Ace. “Are you sure?”

Of course, his birthday was just a couple of months ago.” said Rose. “You were there, remember?”

Ace didn't remember that at all, but at least now he knew that he wasn't the only one changing. Perhaps Wally knew something about it. If he really was seven now, he could talk and understand things better. First thing's first though, he was about to be put in a diaper. He was led down the hallway with a towel around his waist, back into the spare room.

Rose closed the door and unwrapped the towel from Ace, then helped him up onto the bed. She got out a diaper in his size, which was a blue one with smiling cartoon characters on it.

Ace felt so humiliated. Not only was he about to be put in diapers, but they were silly babyish ones too. He was lifted by the ankles and the diaper placed under him. Then he felt the cool tickle of baby powder as it was sprinkled on him. He remembered how it smelled earlier, and now was no different. Only now it was on him and not his cousin. It made him feel even more babyish as he covered his face with his paws.

Rose just pulled the front of the diaper up and taped it snugly around his waist. “There we go.” she said, giving it a pat. “All done. Ready for bed?”

Ace nodded and yawned. “I wanna talk to Wally first.” he said.

Wally is already in bed.” said Rose. “Jenny just tucked him in. You can talk to him tomorrow, okay?”

Uh, okay.” said Ace. “I guess.” It was important, but there didn't seem to be anything he could do.

Rose smiled and got out some green footed pajamas. “I remembered to bring your favorite pajamas.” she said. They had a long white zipper that went all the way from the neck down to the knee, obviously meant for easier diaper changes.

Ace blushed again. His favorite pajamas from his childhood were back. He remembered how soft and snugly they felt and how often he wore them, eventually to the point where he wore out the feet and his mom had to sew them. However now it appeared like new. While he didn't want to be treated like a child, part of him really wanted to wear those pajamas. Before he could accept or reject them, his mom had already begun working them over his feet as he sat on the small bed. His diaper crinkled as she worked them up over his groin. He pushed his arms through and watched as his mother zipped him up.

There we go.” she said. “All snug and comfy.” She gave him a hug. “Good night sweetie.”

Good night mom.” said Ace, laying down and pulling the sheets up. His bed was a small single sized one, but felt big to him. His feet didn't even reach the end. He thought about everything that had happened and tried to figure it all out, but eventually fell asleep.

In the morning, the sun shone through the window of the spare bedroom and onto Ace's head. He wiggled and turned over, then sat up. He immediately noticed something was off. Everything looked a lot larger than when he went to bed, and he felt a cold wetness under him. He cringed and pulled his sheets back to reveal the obvious. He had shrunk even more. His pajamas were large and floppy and his over-sized diaper was soaked and had leaked. “Oh no...” he said silently. “Not this.” He could smell the stale urine under him, but the bed itself seemed to crinkle under him. Then he remembered how he used to have protective plastic sheets over his mattress when he was little. Carefully he got out of bed and plopped to the floor. The feet of his pajamas were all wrinkled and flopped about without his feet in them. The sleeves draped down over his hands and the collar hung around one of his shoulders. His diaper slipped down his thighs and landed inside his pajamas.

Good morning sweetheart!” said Rose from the door. She had just walked in and looked down to see her little six-year-old boy in huge wet pajamas and a noticeable dark wet spot on his bed. “Oh dear, did you leak?” As if she even needed to ask. She could see that his diaper was sagging around his knees inside the pajamas.

Ace couldn't take it anymore. He let go and openly bawled like an upset toddler. “Mommyyyy!” he shouted. “It's not fair! I don't wanna be little! I don't wanna wear diapers! I don't wanna be a baby mom!”

Awww, come here dear. Come here.” said Rose. She knelt down and opened her arms.

Ace waddled over to her in his floppy pajamas and hugged her, rubbing his face into her fur. She was so huge now. So warm, soft, and comforting.

“Everything okay Rose?” asked Jenny from the door way.

“Yes, Ace just had an accident.” said Rose. “Could you please wash his sheets while I clean him up?”

“Sure thing.” said Jenny. She came in and began stripping the small bed of its sheets. “It's been a while since I've had to wash wet sheets. Wally hasn't had any night accidents in over two years.”

Yes, but Ace here is younger than Wally.” said Rose as she stripped him of his pajamas. “He'll catch up soon.”

Younger than Wally?” Ace thought. He wondered just how much younger, but that would have to wait as he was cleaned up with some baby wipes and then laid on the big bed.

Rose hummed and pulled out a fresh diaper. It was white with green trim and happy smiling bunny faces on it.

Ace moaned and covered his face, too embarrassed to look at her or anyone right now. After he was properly diapered, his mom helped him get into some brown shorts and a green t-shirt. He was glad at least he wasn't wearing some kind of cute toddler gear over his diaper. When he went to the kitchen for some breakfast, he saw Wally, who was now taller and older than him. He looked to be ten or eleven now.

“Hey Ace.” said Wally. “Sleep okay?”

Um, hey...Wally.” said Ace, blushing in his diaper. “I guess so, but I...wait, what is going on? I was bigger than you yesterday.”

“Haha, that's funny.” said Wally. “You've always been younger than me. I remember when you were born.”

“That's not true!” said Ace. “I remember when YOU were born. I helped change your diaper just yesterday!”

Um, I don't wear diapers anymore.” said Wally. “Mom says I'll be out of training pants soon too. I only wear them now because of my weak bladder.”

W-what?!” shouted Ace. “You're more potty trained than I am?!”

Yeah, always have been.” said Wally.

Rose and Jenny both came in and helped serve breakfast. Ace was put into a booster seat at the table while Wally could sit without one now. The high chair from before was gone. Something was altering reality, but what? After everyone ate, Ace was encouraged to play with Wally, so they went to his room. It was no longer a nursery, but now a young boy's room. It had a few sports and fantasy decorations on the walls, and even some action figures arranged on shelves. There was also a TV with a video game hooked up to it, and a big full-sized bed. However, there were also a few indications of his incontinence, such as a stack of pull ups and a potty chart. That's when Ace noticed it. He remembered that his mom had put his name on it, but didn't remember ever putting anything else on it. Now his side had nothing but rain and storm clouds on it while Wally's was almost all smiling sun stickers.

H-hey!” said Ace. “Who put those stickers on the potty chart?”

Oh, mom does that.” said Wally. “Heh, when I was little I used to cheat and put suns on mine. I thought it would make me potty train faster.”

Y-you did?” asked Ace. “Maybe that will help me with mine...” He reached for the stickers but was interrupted by Rose.

Ah, ah, ah!” she scolded. “These are for us to use, not you two.” She took the stickers away with her to hide them.

So much for that idea.” said Ace. “I'm gonna be stuck in diapers forever!” He hung his head in shame.

Come on Ace.” said Wally. “It took me a while too, but I made it. Let's just play a game.”

Ace sighed and nodded. “Heh, okay.” he said, sitting down on the floor next to Wally. It was so weird now that he was the younger of the two. Wally seemed much larger and more mature now. The games they played were a few party and puzzle games, and Ace found that the controllers fit his smaller hands better than they did when he was an adult. He was getting way into the game when he felt a pressure building. He didn't want to stop playing though, and instead got on his knees. He was jerking the controller around, mashing buttons with his tongue hanging out, all absorbed into the game. He didn't even notice when he pooped his diaper. It began to fill and droop with little jackalope bombs, and even a little pee.

Heh, you're doing great cuz!” said Wally. Then he noticed the smell. “Um, Ace?”

Huh? What?” asked Ace, sitting back down. Then he felt it mush against his bottom and the smell soon followed. “Oh...not again!” The frustrated jackalope got up and ran to the bathroom and shut the door.

Wally smiled and added another storm cloud to Ace's chart, as he had some stashed away in a drawer.

The toilet seemed like a foe now, one to be conquered. His drooping smelly diaper mocked him, making him seem like an incapable toddler. He quickly tugged his shorts off and looked at it. It hung on his hips heavily and swayed between his legs. Looking in the mirror, a five-year-old jackalope stared back at him. His face was more rounded, cute, and innocent. His antlers had shrunk even more, now just nubs. He sniffled and stomped his feet. “Not fair!”

Ace?” asked Rose, knocking on the door. “Honey are you okay?”

“No!” shouted Ace, sounding like a little kid.

He messed his diaper.” said Wally, walking up behind Rose.

Thank you for telling me.” said Rose. “Ace? I'm coming in, okay?”

No!” shouted Ace again, pouting and sitting in the corner of the bathroom with his legs pulled up.

Rose came in anyway, as little ones didn't have much privacy anyway, and saw her cute little man sitting in his diaper. “Aww, come on now.” she said. “Don't be like that. I told you it's okay. We all develop at different rates. Soon you'll be just like Wally, and not have to worry about diapers or training pants.”

Wally wears training pants.” said Ace.

Only on long trips.” said Rose. “Come on now, lets get you changed.” She picked up Ace and took him back to the spare room. There was a wooden changing table in here now, and she laid him on it.

Ace blushed, being laid on a baby's changing table. The indignity of it all. It was a bit small for him, but he figured it soon would fit perfectly. Tears streamed down his face as he kicked his bunny feet in frustration.

Ace, stop fussing.” said Rose, a bit more sternly. “You know this needs to be done, unless you want to smell like poop all day.”

Ace sighed and went limp, defeated. “F-fine.” he said. He looked up at his mom's face. She seemed concerned, but also a little angry. He felt ashamed and embarrassed, and covered his eyes with his ears.

Rose's expression changed to one of love and care. She remembered when Ace used to suck on his ears for comfort. Perhaps he had been through too much stress lately with all the fuss over potty training. She decided to be more lenient with him. She unfastened his diaper and opened it, then lifted him by the ankles and wiped him clean, then disposed of his dirty diaper. She then got out a clean one with the same design, and slid it under him. She sprinkled powder on his groin then taped the diaper snugly around his waist. “Okay dear.” she said. “All done.”

Ace blushed and sat up, looking at his diaper. “Mom? How did dis happen?” he asked, now having a bit of a lisp.

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“I was a big boy.” said Ace, sounding confused while looking at his hands. “Biggew than you.”

Silly boy.” said Rose, kissing him on the head. “You must have been dreaming.”

A dweam?” asked Ace. Yes, maybe that was it. Maybe this was a dream, or maybe his adult life was a dream. He felt so confused.

It sure sounds like it.” said Rose, picking him up. “But don't worry, you'll always be my baby boy, no matter how big you get.”

Ace smiled a little and hugged his mommy while being held. It felt comforting and safe. As he did, he also felt a tingle in his head. He was beginning to feel more like a child on the inside, and now saw his mom as his protector and caregiver.

Come on, lets watch some TV.” said Rose, carrying Ace to the living room and sitting down in a rocking chair by the TV. She rocked him gently and patted his diapered rear.

Ace felt smaller, weaker, younger, but happier too. He didn't even notice that his mom hadn't put his shorts back on. He felt one of his ears brush against his face and automatically put it in his mouth. He forgot how soothing this was, and it was as if all of his frustrations were melting away. He sucked gently on his ear as he watched TV with his mommy.

Awww, so precious.” said Jenny. She took a picture of them together and smiled.

Rose smiled up at Jenny and then down at her little boy. She snuggled him closely and kissed his head again.

Wally walked in and grinned. He saw Ace shrinking and looking more like the toddler he used to be. He also felt a tingle as he grew and became more mature. He walked back to his room, which was now more of a room a teenager would have. His potty chart was gone now, as were the stickers and any indication he was ever incontinent. “Darn, I guess that's it then.” he said to himself. “It sure is fun being big. No more diapers and no more baby stuff. Ace can have it all. I think he'll be happier that way anyway.”

Ace's mind was jumbled and his memories were all melty. He remembered being bigger and older, but also remembered being a baby. He remembered his troubles with the potty and was now used to wearing diapers all the time. After a while, his tummy grumbled.

Oh, I think someone is hungry.' said Rose.

“Yeah, I'm kinda hungry too.” said Jenny. “I'll make us some lunch.” She went to the kitchen and made some soup and grilled cheese sandwiches.

Rose brought Ace into the kitchen and sat him in a wooden high char, then tied a bib onto him.

Huh?” said Ace. He looked down at his hands and saw he now had stubby chunky digits. He felt of his antlers and they were just very small lumps on the top of his head now, just barely poking out. His diaper felt big and bulky, pushing his legs apart, and it felt like he was very high up. Looking down, the floor seemed so far away.

Wally walked in, now looking like he was eighteen or so. He was now very tall and strong. He ruffled Ace's head fur and sat down at the table. “Hey squirt.” he said.

H-hey Wawwy.” said Ace. He was a bit intimidated by the big boy. He knew that Wally wasn't an adult like his mom, but he may as well have been compared to him. Being called squirt seemed normal to him.

How goes the potty training?” asked Wally.

Ace blushed and looked down. He didn't answer, but his ears drooped.

Wally, you know better than to bring up sensitive subjects at the dinner table.” said Jenny. She served everyone some soup and a sandwich.

Ace had some trouble using his spoon to scoop the soup up into his mouth. His paws were clunky and uncoordinated. He ended up spilling some onto his face and bib.

Here honey, let me help you.” said Rose. She took the spoon and dipped it into the soup, then blew on it to cool it off, and spoon fed it to Ace.

Ace blushed and ate the soup, feeling as if he were getting even smaller. Still, the soup tasted good, and it filled his tummy warmly. Next he ate the gooey grilled cheese sandwich wedge, getting a lot of melty cheese on his face. He looked around at everyone laughing and wondered what it was about.

Rose wiped Ace's face clean then gave him a sippy cup of juice.

Ace looked at the sippy cup curiously. Was this really what he drank from now? He remembered drinking from the other things. What were they called? Cups? He brought it up to his mouth and tilted it, drinking from it. It tasted good and sweet, cool and refreshing. His belly was full, his diaper was warm, and he felt content.

Rose smiled and checked Ace's diaper with her fingers, then took him from his high chair.

Ace's diaper nearly fell off, sodden and heavy. He pulled his legs up to keep it on, but the core of it sagged below his bottom. “Mommy?” he asked in a mewling little voice. “Am I baby?”

Awww, no sweetie.” said Rose, reassuring him. “You're two-years-old now. A toddler, not a baby. You can walk and talk and play with your toys.”

Ace frowned. He was supposed to be a big boy. He was supposed to be bigger than Wally. Wally was the baby, not him. “Buh I big.” he said.

Yes, you are mommy's big boy.” said Rose, patting his sagging diaper. “Now lets get you into a dry diaper.”

Ace sucked on his ear again as he was carried to the spare room with the changing table in it. He found that now he fit on it just fine. He squirmed a little on it, and shivered when he felt the cool air hit his wet fur. This felt routine to him, yet also felt off. He felt like he should be able to do things himself, but wasn't able to. His feet looked small and chunky. Curiously, he brought one up to his face and slipped his toes into his mouth, sucking on them.

Awww, still hungry?” asked Rose. “Mommy can get you a bottle later.” She began cleaning Ace's fur after slipping his diaper off and disposing of it in a diaper pail. She then powdered and rediapered him in a more fitting, but thicker diaper with green trim and clouds on it that faded when wet.

Ace looked down at his bulging tummy, diaper, and chunky legs. He certainly felt like a baby, even if he was a toddler. Looking up at his mom, she seemed even more of a giant now, but he wanted to be picked up. He held out his little arms to her.

Rose picked up Ace and stood him on the changing table. She took off his shirt, which now covered his diaper, and replaced it with a green onesie, making sure to snap the snaps at the crotch. “There we go.” she said. “Don't you look handsome?” She picked him up and showed him to the mirror.

Ace's eyes widened when he saw himself in his mom's arms. He looked positively tiny! He waved at his reflection to make sure it was him, and saw his short stubby limbs and tiny nubs on his head. “Dat me?” he asked, as if to confirm the reality.

Yep, that's you!” said Rose. “My cute little man!” She smiled and rocked him gently. Of course she still thought of him as a baby. She wanted him to be a baby for as long as possible.

Ace felt loved and happy. He was somehow getting memories of being at daycare with his friend, and looked forward to seeing him again. Although his friend was a bit older than him, they were both still in diapers and both still played together. Now he and his friend would get to grow up together again, and maybe even again, and again.

Wally looked at the tender scene and smiled. He now had a college education and job prospects. It was a long way from being a toddler. He had no idea that the potty training chart was magic. Neither did his mother, who had bought it off a website that she didn't realize was regression related. Even so, he soon learned of it and how it worked. Had his decision to skip out on life been the best one? Maybe, maybe not, but he was happy, and that's all that mattered really.

Jenny was proud of Wally and his accomplishments. She too had gotten a bit older, having accidentally absorbed some of Ace's age, but only a few years. Enough to have a grasp on how to raise a child. She rubbed at her tummy and thought about giving Wally a baby brother or sister.

Rose was happy with her little boy. She had no memories of him being any older than he was now, just ones of giving birth through his current toddlerhood. She was prepared to be there with him for most of his life, and to raise him as best she could. She wasn't concerned about his potty problems. Not yet anyway. Even if he had to wear diapers forever, she wouldn't mind. It just meant that her little man didn't quite grow up, and may even grow down again someday.

The End?



End Chapter 1

Ace's Little Problem

by: Ouroboros | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 24, 2022


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TheFurEffect · Jan 28, 2022

Gosh, I personally haven't heard the name Ace Lope in a while... Also, this was a pretty good story. I don't think I've read a story about one of those charts being magical before, so it was refreshing to read a new regression process

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