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Collateral Gaming

by: Ouroboros Last updated Sep 11, 2021

When a mysterious new arcade opens up in a small town, rumors circulate about their strange collateral system. Joseph, the oldest of three siblings, takes his sister and brother to have some fun, only to end up the youngest once they leave. Will he be able to restore his age?

Gears of AR

by: Ouroboros Last updated Oct 25, 2022

A story commission for anonymous. Based on the game series Gears of War, this story involves characters Clayton Carmine and Lizzie discovering a top secret weapon while guarding a transport, then find it in the hands of the enemy. It involves both male and female AR. I have not played the games, so please forgive me if the characters aren't 100% accurate.

Home Again

by: Ouroboros Last updated Nov 19, 2007

A lonely man feels a need to return to his childhood home, only to find more than he bargained for.

Little Visitor

by: Ouroboros Last updated Nov 19, 2007

When a strange young man rents a room from an average city apartment house, the manager soon discovers that some occupants have more to offer than rent.

Mysterious Mushroom Magic

by: Ouroboros Last updated Apr 29, 2022

A story commission. An elderly sorcerer journeys with his apprentice to find what is supposed to be a cure-all, said to even reverse aging.

Nic and the Mysterious Teddy

by: Ouroboros Last updated Jun 10, 2023

A story commission for NicWaterfill Nic agrees to help Ozzie and Tavi's caregiver, Luna, while they are away, and is surprised when he finds a mysterious, talking teddy bear. A teddy bear that wants to play.

Office Mismanagement

by: Ouroboros Last updated Jun 9, 2021

A CEO of a failing company decides to change things, and her employees. How will they all react to their ultimate fates?


by: Ouroboros Last updated Nov 19, 2007

While working at a local hospital, a man discovers a mysterious secret...then becomes part of it.

Regression Fruit

by: Ouroboros Last updated Apr 14, 2021

A reporter, who has seen the darker side of humanity a few too many times, follows up on a story he thought was just conspiracy.

Regression is In

by: Ouroboros Last updated Aug 21, 2022

A story commission for SomeNerdBird. High school students join in a trend to regress as far as you can and still accomplish your daily responsibilities, but will it be worth it? Some fads rarely are.

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