Christmas Party Plot

by: Ouroboros | Complete Story | Last updated Dec 20, 2021

A story commission. Scott attends an office Christmas party dinner, and soon discovers it's secret side business.

Chapter 1
Complete Story

Scott pulled up to the large brick and mortar restaurant where his company was having a Christmas dinner party. “Hebe's Kitchen” read the sign. He wasn't sure why it was called that, but figured it was named after the owner or something. It was late, but the sun had yet to go down just yet. He looked in the mirror and adjusted his short black hair. His soft blue eyes gazed back at him from behind his round glasses. Working mainly at his computer all day, nearly every day, for so many years had ruined his vision. It didn't help that he was in his mid thirties. He was tall, but a bit heavy set due to mainly sitting in an office chair all day. He let out a loud sigh and grabbed the generic gag gift he purchased for the party. A desktop inflatable waving tube man. It wasn't much, but it was the usual sort of fare that was expected. It was bad enough to spend your entire day with the same people every day, but to then be forced to sit down and have dinner with those same people was worse. Scott would much rather just be home watching TV while eating dinner. At least there were gifts, even if they were dumb ones. He exited his car with the wrapped gift and went inside.

Inside the restaurant there was the sound of people talking and clinking silverware. There was a colorful Christmas tree and a few decorations here and there. It was your typical sort of “little bit of everything” kind of restaurant, perfect for picky eaters. The waitress greeted him and introduced herself as Alicia. She had short dark blue hair and pale eyes, and was wearing a long dark dress and apron with the restaurant's logo on it, as well as a light up Christmas light necklace. She led Scott to the back of the restaurant, into a large room where his party had gathered, and seated him, then took his drink order. Everyone already had a glass of wine at their seats, but he didn't much care for wine, and ordered a soda.

Scott put his gift in the corner with the others and sat back down. Looking around the table, he could see his usual co-workers. There were at least fifteen of them attending, and all were talking to one another. Scott wasn't sure what to say, so he just waited for someone to talk to him first. It was Ingrid, the project manager. She had a very kind and caring demeanor, and a face to match. She had long light brown hair and pink eyes. Obviously they were contacts, but she was different like that. She wore her black business dress and high heels.

Hello Scott.” Ingrid said with a smile.

Oh, hi Ingrid.” said Scott. He didn't know her that well, since she had only started a few years ago. She was around twenty-eight-years-old but was somehow hired in fresh out of college while he had been working there for almost ten years. He didn't dislike her, he just wondered how and why she got in at such a high position to begin with.

Merry Christmas” she said with a smile.

Merry Christmas” Scott responded.

I hope you enjoy the party.” said Ingrid. “I was the one who planned it.”

If you planned it, I'm sure it'll be great.” said Scott, smiling. Across the table he saw Charlie, one of the few co-workers he actually liked. He worked in software programming, and had short brown hair and green eyes. The eyes were what struck him the most about him, given their rarity. He was also in his mid thirties, so they were sometimes able to talk about past TV shows they used to watch. Charlie always seemed to be very into retro cartoons, and had toys and things on his desk.

Charlie smiled and waved to Scott. “Hey bud.” he said. “Merry Christmas!” He always seemed to really love Christmas.

Hey Charlie!” said Scott. “Merry Christmas! Having fun?”

Here? Hardly.” said Charlie. “I can't wait to get back and watch the old Peanuts Christmas special.”

“That come on tonight?” asked Scott.

Yep!” said Charlie. “Of course I have it on DVD and Blu-Ray but it just feels more special to see it on TV when it airs.

Heh, yeah, I hear you.” said Scott. “I kind of miss the times when you could only catch it on TV. Like when we were little.”

Oh, me too.” said Charlie. “That and Saturday morning cartoons.” The two were soon having a good chat back and forth when the waitress came around to take their orders. Charlie ordered chicken fingers, but Scott decided to go with a steak.

Once everyone's order came out, their boss, Greg, stood up and cleared his throat. He was an older, balding gentleman with black hair and a mustache, and a round tummy. If he were graying with a long beard, he could have played Santa. “I hereby call this Christmas dinner party to order!” he joked. “I know this year has been a tough one. We've had to work extra hard and be more aggressive than usual with our competitor, but it has been worth it! As usual, after we eat, we will exchange gifts. They are given out at random unless it happens to be your own gift, so no cheating!” He laughed and held up a glass of wine. “Cheers!”

Cheers!” said everyone at the table. Soon they were all eating and the conversations died down. The food was well made and very tasty.

Ingrid stood up and excused herself, walking out of the room. She looked around before heading into the kitchen area. “You remembered the secret ingredient right?” she asked the cook. She knew the owner of the restaurant and their secret side business. They had developed a perfect formula that not only increased appetite and made food irresistible, but also regressed people the more they ate.

Aina, the chef, was a tall woman with average build, long dark purple hair, and pale purple eyes. “Of course I did.” she said with a smile. “You should see the fruits of our labor soon.”

Very good.” said Ingrid. “Poor fools. I have nothing against them personally, but orders are orders.”

You spent a lot of time with them.” said Aina. “Did you get too attached?”

Not really.” said Ingrid. “Although there are a few I enjoy the company more than others.”

Any you have plans for?” asked Aina.

Oh yes.” said Ingrid. “But first thing's first.” She smiled and went back to the table. Already things were working. A few of the employees were starting to look more vibrant and high spirited than before, and it wasn't just the wine.

Scott didn't really notice anything unusual until he noticed an unusually high number of them going to the restroom. He wondered why and then it hit him. Suddenly he had to go really bad. He excused himself and went to the restroom, but of course there was a line. It was just one single unisex restroom for everyone to use. Men and women alike in line were grumbling and squirming to try and hold it all in. Scott thought it would have been funny if he hadn't been in the same situation. Obviously something was going on with the food. When it was his turn, he ran in and quickly did his business, then flushed and washed his hands. That's when he noticed the sleeves of his long sleeve shirt sliding up a little, and getting wet. They had been pulled back with a bit of a tight fit. Oddly enough, he was hungry again. Everyone else must have been as well, because when he got back to the table, they were all eating again. He sat down and pigged out again. The food was just so good and it almost felt addictive. He ended up ordering another plate, as did everyone else.

Once again, they all ate and one by one each had to get up to use the restroom. Ingrid smiled behind her glass of wine, knowing what they were in for.

Scott felt his skin crawling and his gut churning. His bladder became full again, as did his bowels. He stood up the same time as Charlie and ran to the restroom again.

Man, this stuff goes right through you.” said Charlie.

“Yeah, but it's so good!” said Scott. “I've never tasted anything so wonderful. I didn't think this restaurant would even have such delicious food.”

Yeah, now I want more!” said Charlie. He hiked up his pants and refastened his belt tighter.

Scott did the same, and noticed Charlie looked different, but couldn't quite place his finger on how.

Alicia was very busy busing the table and constantly bringing out food and bringing back empty plates. She had a moment to rest and sat down in the kitchen. “Whew! Your secret formula sure does work!” she said to Aina.

Yes I know.” said Aina. “I don't envy the janitors their job tonight. If you need help with the tables or anything, let me know.”

Soon it won't matter.” said Alicia with a smile. “I think I can handle it. Just be ready for what comes after.”

Oh I will.” said Aina. “Already working on it.”

Back out at the dinner party, things were starting to really liven up. The chats had gotten more personal, and some of the employees at the table were getting frisky with each other.

Greg hadn't noticed, but his hair had grown back, and he had lost weight. In fact, everyone was losing weight, and some had lost a bit of height as well. They were too busy eating and going to the bathroom to notice, plus most of them were drunk.

Scott only had a couple sips of wine, as he didn't like it much. He had been drinking his soda which was automatically refilled by the waitress, and led to his bladder getting achingly full frequently. This time, when he got up, his pants almost fell down. His shoes felt looser, as if he could almost step out of them. There wasn't time to think though, he had to make it to the bathroom. Unfortunately there was a line again, and he was squirming there in his expanding business suit. He could feel a strange tingling in his body and it felt like his suit was swallowing him. Then it happened. While holding his hands over his groin in an effort to keep his urine from flowing, he felt a warm wetness growing around the fabric of his pants. “Oh no!” he said to himself. It was too late, and his pee began to flow freely down his legs, working its way into his shoes.

He was not the only one however, as a number of others going in already had wet pants. Some were looking like blushing, barely toilet trained, children squirming and whining, though they appeared to be in their late teens at best. Some went into the restroom but didn't come out, requiring Alicia to go in to check on them. Shortly after, she ushered out some blushing guests who had to go without pants, now using their shirts to cover themselves.

Scott and Charlie were able to get in next. Scott went to a stall and did his business. He still had some left in him, but his pants were soaked, as were his socks and shoes. He wondered what to do when he saw some baby wipes sitting on the counter and several pairs of wet pants and other clothes in the trash bin. He didn't want to lose his pants, but he didn't want to exit with wet pants either. He tried drying them off using the had dryer, but it was taking too long.

Charlie was a bit more embarrassed, staying in his stall.

Charlie?” asked Scott, his voice breaking a bit. “You okay in there?”

Y-yeah.” said Charlie. “I mean, no, not really. I kinda...pooped my pants a little.”

This is crazy!” shouted Scott. “We're adults, not little kids. This can't be real. Something is making us younger and have to use the toilet a lot.”

“Its gotta be the food.” said Charlie. He tried wiping out his underwear with toilet paper, but it was still stained with poo. “Ugh, this is gross.”

Damn, these pants just won't dry!” shouted Scott. Then the door opened. It was Alicia again.

Okay you two, that's enough time in the restroom.” she said.

What is going on here?” asked Scott. “Why are we getting younger?”

Hmm, that's odd.” said Alicia. “You're not supposed to be thinking about that. Did you skip out on the wine?”

The wine?” asked Scott. “No, I don't much care for wine.”

That explains it.” said Alicia. “I can't really explain, but all will be revealed later. Just don't cause any trouble and it'll all be okay. Now, lets get you all fixed up.” She helped Scott get cleaned, wiping him with baby wipes, causing him to get an embarrassing erection. “Oh my, are you sure you don't like this?”

Sh-shut up!” said Scott, all flustered. “Don't treat me like some little kid. I can do this.” He looked down as he held his shirt up and saw his stiff member, diminished a little, but still a decent length and surrounded by black pubic hair. He finished wiping it down while blushing.

Well, you can go back with your pee-smelly pants or go commando and let your shirt cover you.” said Alicia. “We don't carry spare clothes for people your age.”

My age?” asked Scott. “You mean we're not done yet, right?”

You catch on quickly.” said Alicia. “Still, there's nothing you can do about it now. You've already had enough food. Any more would just speed things up.”

While Scott thought about his options, he looked at the stall where Charlie was still inside.

Oh yes, let's get you all taken care of too.” said Alicia. She was able to open the stall door, even though it was locked, and exposed Charlie, who was looking rather pathetic. He had shrunk down to about sixteen, and was standing there with his dirty underwear in his hands and his pants on the floor. “Aww, come on. Let me help you.” She gently took Charlie's dirty undies and led him out of the stall.

Charlie had partaken of a bit more of the wine than Scott, but also mainly had soda to drink. “I..I need those.” he said. “They're expensive.”

I know.” said Alicia. “I don't know why you big wigs buy expensive underwear, knowing full well where it's going to be worn. She looked at the stained section of the seat of the underwear and shook her head. “I'm afraid these are ruined bud.” She tossed them into the trash can.

Charlie gasped and reached for them, as if he could pull them from the air. “My undies!” he yelled.

“It's okay.” said Alicia. “You'll get some more later. Let me help you get cleaned up.” She picked up a few baby wipes and gestured for Charlie to turn around. She lifted his shirt and began wiping the mess from between his cheeks, causing him to blush hard.

Charlie felt humiliated, standing there being wiped like a toddler. The smell of poop and baby wipes made him feel even younger. Much like Scott, the attention to his genitals got him aroused.

Scott watched and could have sworn he saw Charlie shrink a little before his eyes. He looked down at himself, and his shirt was covering his groin. His bare feet were cold on the tile bathroom floor.

Once she had Charlie cleaned up, she examined his pants. They were soaking wet and also had a bit of poo in them. “I don't recommend you wear these again.” she said, tossing them in the trash as well.

B-but, what do I wear?” asked Charlie, sounding a bit whiny.

Here, lets try this.” said Alicia. She took Charlie's dress jacket off him and tied it around his waist. “There, that will cover all that needs to be covered.

Scott decided to do the same with his jacket, without her help. He didn't want to get tricked into thinking he was a little boy or something. He was big, an adult, not a teenager or little kid.

Now then, wash those hands and go on back out.” said Alicia. “We've got another line going.”

Charlie and Scott blushed and washed their hands, then left the restroom. Sure enough, outside was a line of young teens and a few pre-teens waiting and squirming. More had had accidents as well.

Okay everyone, listen up!” announced Alicia. “Anyone who has wet or messy pants, come forward and let me help you. The rest of you go on and use the potty.” She would stay behind to help the rest of the regressing company members with their toilet troubles.

Scott walked barefoot back with Charlie to see those at the table were still eating and drinking as if nothing were wrong. It didn't take long for teens to become tots who didn't care about their state of dress. Women became little girls. Their chests became flat and their bras now hung uselessly inside their blouses. The men became little boys, losing chest hair and maturity at an alarming rate. None seemed to be very embarrassed even if they were only wearing a shirt at the table. Their eating skills diminished and they made more of a mess, but there was one who was missing. “Where is Ingrid?” he asked.

Charlie looked around and shrugged. “I dunno.” he said. “Maybe in the restroom?”

“I didn't see her in line.” said Scott. “Maybe, but it's strange. I don't remember seeing her last time either.” He sat down at the table and was getting hungry, but didn't want to eat.

Charlie resisted as well, but it was hard. Everything looked so good, and by now they had brought out various deserts instead of asking what people wanted. The apple pie looked really good, and his stomach was empty. He couldn't help himself, and began eating.

Charlie don't!” shouted Scott. That pie did look good though. He resisted the best he could, but he too soon began to dig in. Soon he was regressing even faster than before, dropping from sixteen to about twelve. He could feel tingles in his groin as he went through a reverse puberty, and his body hair began to vanish. He didn't notice though, since his shirt covered all but his legs and feet now. Looking over at Charlie, he could see that the former man was now very much a boy, sitting on his knees and pressed up against the table to eat tasty sweets. His face was covered with pie and whipped cream. He very much looked like a little kid playing dress up.

Once again, people began getting up to use the restroom, and now they had some small plastic potties to use to facilitate more people at once. While not everyone was little enough to use them, enough of them were that they were able to keep the line moving to and from the table.

Charlie soon had the urge and hopped down from his chair. The coat around his waist promptly fell off, but his bladder and bowels ached too much for him to care as he scampered off in his over-sized office shirt.

Scott thought he looked silly, but soon followed him, pressing his hands against his penis in attempt to keep it from peeing. He remembered what was going on, but his brain was in such a fog from the food and urges to use the restroom that he was losing himself. With the other toilets taken, he went over to one of the ridiculous duck-shaped training potties and sat down, doing his business. There was a flap in front to cover his weewee, which prevented him from spraying his pee all over. However, he forgot to take his shirt off which resulted in it getting wet anyway. “Oh man!” he complained. He looked so silly, a little boy sitting on a toddler potty in a wet shirt. At least he managed to poop in the toilet and not his pants.

Alicia came over to help him. “Uh oh, looks like you got your shirt wet.” she said. “It's much too big for you anyway. Why not get rid of it?”

Because then I'll be naked.” Scott pouted. “I'm not going back out there naked.”

Then you'll have to wear these.” said Alicia, presenting him with a pair of disposable training pants. They were white with blue sides, and stars on the front that fade when wet, and they were in his current size.

I'm not wearing some baby pants!” said Scott.

“It's that or go naked.” said Alicia. “Look at your friend. He seems okay with it.”

Charlie happened to pad by wearing the embarrassing training pants and nothing else. Now he appeared to be back in single digits. “It's better than nothing!” he said, waving at Scott before leaving to go back to the table.

“Ugh, fine, whatever.” said Scott. “But I can wipe myself.”

Suit yourself.” said Alicia. She smiled at the blushing little boy as he reluctantly gave up his wet shirt, leaving him naked.

Scott resisted the urge to look down, but he did, and was shocked to see he was totally hairless down there now. His impotent little dinky dangled between his legs, only about four inches long now, and his balls were barely the size of peas. His tummy bulged a bit, and he wondered if it was normal or because he had been stuffing his face. He grabbed some toilet paper and wiped his bottom, then tossed it into the potty.

“I'll take care of the potty.” said Alicia. “Here, step in.” She held out the open training pants for him.

Scott reluctantly stepped in, one foot at a time, into the disposable garment meant for containing accidents. He actually felt a bit better once his diminished bits had been covered up. “Um, thanks I guess.” he said.

You're welcome.” said Alicia. “Now wash your hands before going back to the table.”

Scott nodded and did as he was told, like a good little boy. He may not have had much of the wine, but it was enough to make him feel small and submissive in the presence of the adults. When he walked out of the restroom and back to the table, he noticed that pretty much everyone else was in training pants too. The boys were in blue ones while the girls were in pink ones. It was a regular daycare dinner event. As much as he didn't want to, he got back in his chair. Now he had some hot dogs on his plate and a small soda in a cup with a lid and straw was next to it. He looked around as he took a bite and then slurped on his soda.

Charlie was now standing on his chair, training pants drooping a little, and stuffing his face with a hot dog, getting ketchup all over his hands and face. He too slurped at his soda and then looked around. The scene was a bunch of kids eating messily at the dinner table, as if it were some kind of huge family with a ton of ill-mannered children. They were smacking and eating with their mouths open. Some of them weren't even using utensils anymore. By now even the boss, Greg, was a mere child wearing disposable underwear as well, seemingly uncaring about his appearance.

Scott ate a bit slower, starting to feel full quicker now that he had a smaller stomach. He watched as those around him shrank down to kindergartners, and some of them had used their training pants. Alicia and another appeared that he hadn't seen before. It was Aina, the cook, now helping Alicia with the kids. They went around checking everyone's pull up, and taking those aside who needed a change.

Come along now.” said Aina. “You need a change little man.” She picked up a squirming Greg who was fussy at having his meal interrupted.

“I don't wanna!” he said, kicking and squealing. He curled up and grunted while being held, pooping in his pull up.

You little stinker!” said Aina, quickly taking him to the bathroom before the smell could permeate the room.

Scott needed to go, and contemplated using his training pants so he could just keep eating. Then he shook his head, as if fighting something. He remembered he wasn't little, he was really a big boy, and didn't need these dumb training pants. He hopped down on his little bare feet and hot footed it to the restroom.

Alicia was there to help again. “Hello Scott!” she said softly. “Need to potty?”

Yeah!” said Scott. “Gotta hurry!” He quickly made his way over to the training potty and slipped off his training pants. They had already become a few sizes too big anyway, and easily fell down with a slight wiggle. He sat down and did his business, letting out a sigh of relief.

Alicia did her best to stifle a giggle. It was always so funny to see grown men reduced to tiny tots like this. People who were, just earlier that day, busy at their computers typing away and taking very important phone calls. Now they were sitting on plastic training potties, grunting and straining, while others were simply pooping their training pants. By now a few other girls had come out to help, but still Ingrid was nowhere to be found.

Charlie came waddling in with one of the ladies, with his training pants drooping low and swaying between his legs. He now looked like an actual toddler, and was acting like one as well. Tears rolled down his cheeks as he felt embarrassment about his accident. His arms and legs were plumping with baby fat, and his cheeks were all puffy and red.

Scott watched in disbelief as his office friend was stripped of his training pants and had his butt wiped like a helpless toddler. He was then placed on one of the changing table that he hadn't really noticed until now.

Charlie wailed and squirmed. “I notta baby!” he yelled. It didn't help that he began to let loose a stream of warm pee from his little dinky. It was deftly caught in a diaper by the woman helping him. She lifted him by the ankles and slid a fresh diaper under him, then sprinkled powder on his groin and rubbed it into his skin. Charlie finally began to settle down and then cooed softly at the attention. Once he was properly diapered, he was picked up and carried back out of the restroom.

Scott stood up and felt his bottom being wiped. “H-hey!” he squeaked, sounding like a small child.

I have to make sure you're clean.” said Alicia. She wiped him clean then provided him with a clean, dry pair of training pants. “You're not quite little enough for diapers yet.” she said, patting him on the bottom.

Scott blushed and covered his front. “No diapuhs.” he said. “Imma big boy.” He then toddled back out of the restroom, but could hear some commotion from the other part of the restaurant. Peeking around the corner, it looked like pandemonium. Somehow a few of the regressed business men and women had found their way out of the party room and into the main room. They were giggling and running about underneath tables and even on top of tables. Some reached and grabbed food from the patrons, giggling and running off to eat it. Some were wearing diapers, and some had taken their diapers off, and were running around naked and giggling, having fun playing hide and seek with the staff.

The team of waitresses were doing their best to round up the little scamps, but were having trouble with some of them slipping through their grasp. Some of the patrons were laughing, taking it all in stride, but some were upset, demanding that someone “get these damn kids under control.”

Even Charlie had made his way out of the party room and was waddling around, crinkling in his diaper. He wanted to play with the other kids, most of whom were a bit older than him, but some were younger and crawling about on all fours. The more they played, the smaller, weaker, and slower they got.

Scott was no good at resisting his urges, and this did look like a lot of fun. Everything looked so big and roomy now. The carpet felt soft and comfortable under his little bare feet. He looked back and forth, then made a mad dash for the desert bar. He was able to climb up onto it and begin eating ice cream with his hands. His little feet were now in the fruit bowl and he soon began tossing fruit at his co-workers and the other patrons. It was so much fun, he didn't have a care in the world. He didn't even notice when he pushed out a little load into his pull up.

Alicia tried to grab Scott, but he bolted from the desert bar, leaving ice cream and cake in his wake. “Come back here you little stinker!” she said. She picked up on the scent of his accident and wanted to get to him before he spread the smell around the whole restaurant.

Scott giggled and met up with Charlie, who was now crawling around on all fours. “Hehe, Charwie?” he asked in his babyish lisp.

Scott!” said Charlie happily, as if seeing an old friend after a long time. He crawled up and hugged him, but then wrinkled his nose. “Yoo poopy.”

Nu uh!” said Scott. “Yer poopy! Imma big boy!” Then he felt his training pants droop and feel heavy, and noticed the familiar smell. Then the floor seemed to be moving away from him. He was being picked up.

Got you!” said Alicia. “You two are being naughty! Santa won't bring you anything nice if you're naughty.”

Nooo!” shouted Charlie. “I good boy! I be good fow Santa!”

Scott squirmed and felt himself shrinking in her arms. His poopy training pants began to fill with warm pee and another load, starting to slip down his hips. “N-noo!” he cried. “I big boy!” His limbs plumped with rolls of baby fat, his toes became stunted and chubby, and his hair became soft and downy. His skin was so soft, smooth, and sensitive now.

Not anymore.” said Alicia.

Charlie just giggled as he was picked up by Aina. “Hai.” he said to her shyly.

Hello little one.” said Aina. “Ready for Santa?”

Santa!” shouted Charlie. His little diaper was slipping down, and very wet.

Lets get these little boys changed.” said Alicia. She took Scott to the restroom and to the changing tables.

Scott felt so small and helpless, and the cold poop felt icky when it squished against him. “Ewww!” he said, squirming. He could see a few others being changed. They were former co-workers, but now just looked like squirming, giggling infants.

Aina placed her charge on another changing table, and began changing his diaper. She smiled and tickled his little feet, enjoying the sounds of his giggles. “This one is adorable.” she said.

“Scott is pretty adorable too.” said Alicia. She held him out over one of the diaper pails and let his over-sized and loaded training pants slide down into it, exposing his messy rear and pee-covered front. She hummed gently as she laid him on the changing table, then lifted him by the ankles and began wiping his tush.

Scott squirmed and fussed, but then began to feel better with the icky mess gone. His teeny tiny member stood erect from the attention, and he giggled while looking at it. Something about it seemed familiar, but was it bigger before? He was sure it was. He knew he had been bigger before, but now was little. It started to feel normal, as if he were supposed to be getting little.

Alicia smiled at his tiny erection and wiped it clean, then pulled out a Christmas themed diaper with candy canes and Christmas tree prints on it. “You're finally little enough for these.” she said. “I hope you like them.” She slid the clean diaper under him before powdering his genitals and fastening it across his belly. She picked him up and cuddled him. “So precious.” she said, showing him his reflection in the restroom mirror.

Scott looked at the baby in Alicia's arms. He knew who she was, but wasn't sure who the baby was. He knew he wasn't a baby, so it couldn't be him. However, when he moved, it moved. When he talked, it talked. That's when he realized that he was the tiny eighteen-month-old baby in her arms. “I baby?” he asked.

Yes you are!” said Alicia. “And you're so cute! I think I'll claim you.” She smiled and snuggled him, enjoying his warmth and clean baby scent.

Scott just looked confused. He wasn't sure what she meant by that, but was being amused by his reflection.

I'm keeping this one.” said Aina, appearing behind her holding a one-year-old Charlie. She bounced him a little in her arms, making him coo and giggle.

Charlie sucked on his fingers, not completely understanding what they were saying. He knew some of the small words, but almost none of the big words. He knew his friend Scott, and smiled when he saw him.

Together they were taken back to the party room table. The room had been totally cleaned, and the restaurant itself had been cleared out, now being cleaned by janitors. At the head of the table sat Ingrid, now dressed as Santa, minus the beard.

“Ho ho ho!” said Ingrid in a deep voice. “Merry Christmas little ones! I know most of you probably won't understand or remember this, but I am the one who arranged to have you all turned into babies. Hebe, the goddess of youth for which this restaurant was named, has worked her magic through the food you all ate. You see, I work for the CEO of your competitor as a spy. You all wanted to buy her out, but when she wouldn't sell, you tried to put her out of business. I guess you won't be doing that now will you?” She picked up the former CEO Greg, now dressed in a Christmas diaper and tiny Santa hat, and bounced him on her knee gently. “As the highest ranking member of the board left, and acting CEO, I have decided to sell to her and open a new daycare for all office workers' children. Now, don't worry about your former lives. As we speak the news is spreading about a certain office jet that went down over the ocean containing all of you.”

The regressed employees began to sniffle and cry, feeling that their lives were being taken away. They didn't understand much of what was going on now, but they knew this.

Now now, it's okay.” said Ingrid. “You're all getting adopted by loving parents within our merged company. Naturally, we get first pick. I think I'll pick you, little CEO.” She smiled down at him on her lap, then booped his nose. “You'll also be the first to get a gift from Santa!”

Little Greg blinked then smiled and clapped. He had stopped crying when he saw the gifts being brought out. His little hands went right to work, ripping up the paper on the gift. Opening it, he pulled out a little teddy bear, and snuggled it while cooing.

I've picked little Charlie here.” said Aina. “What does he get from Santa?”

Ingrid handed Greg off to another worker and placed Charlie in her lap. “Well let's see!” she said. “Has he been a good little baby?”

The best!” said Aina. “Just look at that adorable little face!”

Charlie blushed and smiled, enjoying the attention. “Me goo' Santa!” he said.

In that case..” said Ingrid, bringing out a wrapped gift. “Merry Christmas little boy!”

Charlie smiled and ripped through the paper with his chubby little hands. Inside was a little plush skunk wearing a little cloth diaper with a fake safety pin painted on the front. He giggled and cuddled with it, cooing and sucking his thumb.

Aww, so adorable!” said Aina, picking him back up.

“My little Scott is next!” shouted Alicia. “He's been a little naughty. He didn't drink much of the wine when he was big.”

Uh oh.” said Ingrid, placing Scott in her lap. “That means he may keep some of his big boy memories. What can Santa do about that?” She reached into a diaper bag and pulled out a baby bottle of formula.

Scott blushed and wiggled. He already felt so small and helpless, did they really want to make him even smaller? He squirmed and fussed, he didn't want to be any smaller. “Nooo!” he yelled. “I be good Santa! I be good! I pwomise! No make me smawwer!”

Smaller?” asked Ingrid. She laughed, then sat him up. “Silly, this won't make you smaller. It'll just make you feel really good, like a good little boy. You want to be a good little boy don't you?” She held the baby bottle's nipple up to his face. “For Santa?”

If it wasn't going to make him smaller, he thought it would be okay. Plus he did want to be a good boy for Santa. He opened his mouth and latched onto the nipple, nursing on it. It tasted creamy, sweet, and familiar. It was...egg nog! It tasted great too, and with each pull he filled his tummy with it more and more.

Good boy!” said Ingrid, patting his tummy. “Santa does have a gift for you after all.” She pulled out a gift and let him unwrap it while holding his bottle.

Scott opened the small package and pulled out a cute little plush elephant. His brain began to smooth over as he drank more of the creamy goodness. He was starting to really like the toy he got from Santa. He felt a strange warmth in his diaper and cooed softly, finishing the bottle. The little baby boy stuck the elephant's ear in his mouth, sucking and chewing on it.

Perfect.” said Alicia. She picked up her little man and cuddled him. “Who's my cute little baby boy?” She smiled and tickled his protruding tummy.

Scott smiled and kicked his little feet with the plush in his mouth. “Mmf...” he said, then removed the plush. “Mama?”

Aww, he called me mama!” said Alicia, snuggling him close. “Yes, mommy loves her little baby boy!”

One by one the other babified workers were given a turn on Santa Ingrid's lap and given a gift. Ingrid was left with her own little guy, Greg. “I hereby call this company Christmas diner a complete success!” she said, holding him up.

Everyone cheered and cuddled with their own little one, whom they would share a new first Christmas with. Each were given a bottle to nurse on, and soon the room was filled with soft Christmas music and the sounds of suckling and cooing babies and toddlers.

Charlie and Scott's memories faded soon after, but they became neighbors, and got to grow up all over again together, having a very happy childhood. They office merger and daycare idea worked out perfectly. No one ever remembered their former lives, but they would be raised to be much better and happier people the second time around.

The End



End Chapter 1

Christmas Party Plot

by: Ouroboros | Complete Story | Last updated Dec 20, 2021


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