Mysterious Mushroom Magic

by: Ouroboros | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 29, 2022

A story commission. An elderly sorcerer journeys with his apprentice to find what is supposed to be a cure-all, said to even reverse aging.

Chapter 1
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In another world, far away in the realm of fantasy, there lived a wizard named Oliver. Oliver was a master wizard in the kingdom which he lived, and had even trained many in his day. He battled fierce beasts and evil mages, and even gone up against armies to protect his kingdom, but he was not alone. He was part of his kingdom's own army of mages and even sat on the council. However, he was getting up in age, and there were more young mages pushing older ones out. In this world, one tends to reach their peak around age thirty, and struggle to maintain that peak for the rest of their lives. Magic power seems tied to youth and vigor, and the older and more worn out one gets, the weaker their magic becomes. He was well into his seventies now, and lately his spells had been fizzling out or not working right, and what was worse, his memory was beginning to fail him. His once brown hair had faded into gray, and his beard and grown long. He felt his position on the council was being threatened by newcomers, and felt he had to do something.

A young maiden, of age twenty-four, peeked in on him. Her name was Teresa and she was Oliver's newest, and possibly last apprentice. She had long purple hair, blue eyes, and wore a female version of wizard robes. They were long and black with gold accents, but very soft and comfortable, with many pockets with which to carry scrolls and tinctures. She had noticed his sad demeanor lately and done her best to comfort him. They had been living together for a few years and she had learned a lot from him. She saw him pouring through his books again, knowing what he was looking for.

Find anything useful?” she asked in her firm yet soft tone.

Oliver jumped, seemingly startled. “Oh, Teresa.” he said. “Please don't sneak up on me like that. You could have given me a heart attack.” He sounded angry, but wasn't really. He was mostly annoyed at his lack of any progress in spite of his years of research on a means to restore one's youth.

I'm sorry Master Oliver.” said Teresa. “I just thought I would come check on you and bring you some tea.” She had brought in a silver platter with a tea kettle and two white and blue ceramic cups on it.

Yes, I would.” said Oliver. “Thank you Teresa.” He poured himself a cup and took a sip. “No.”

No?” asked Teresa.

No, I haven't found anything useful in these dusty tomes.” said Oliver. “To answer your previous question.”

Oh, that's unfortunate.” said Teresa. “Why not take a bit of a break and take a walk or something? Clear your head.”

I've walked enough.” said Oliver. “I need to keep focused so I don't lose my place.”

Come on Master Oliver.” Teresa begged. “I'll walk with you. We both could use some fresh air. It doesn't do a body good to be cooped up all day with a bunch of dusty old books.”

I suppose you're right.” said Oliver. “Come then, let's go.” He got up, his back and legs making audible popping sounds. “Agh, ugh...”

Careful now.” said Teresa. She helped him stand and got his wooden staff for him.

Ah, thank you dear.” said Oliver. “I remember the days when I only needed this staff for certain spells, and not as a crutch.” Together they walked out of his nice stone and wood home and into town.

I'm sure you'll find what you've been looking for.” said Teresa. “Until then, I'll be here to help you as you help me.”

I appreciate that.” said Oliver. “You are sweet for taking care of a senile old wizard.”

Aw, come now.” said Teresa. “You're not senile, just a little forgetful.” She walked by his side, being close in case he fell. He did have the occasional weakness spell and had almost fallen, had it not been for some handy levitation magic.

It's more than that.” said Oliver. “At least I'm still sane enough to realize it. My father, rest his soul, lost all his faculties and found himself roaming the town and forest in his night gown, claiming he was looking for glowing mushrooms that would restore his youthful vigor and cognitive abilities.”

He sought out a means to restore his youth as well?” asked Teresa.

He did.” said Oliver. “After mom passed, he grew obsessed with it. Never found it though. He perished from dementia soon after. He began to forget how to do magic, then how to get around, then he began to forget his own family. He could no longer feed himself, dress himself, nor go to the toilet himself. It was as if he were an infant in an elderly man's body.” Oliver shivered a bit. “I don't want to end up like that.”

I'm sure we will find something.” said Teresa. “I'll be helping you.”

I appreciate your assistance.” said Oliver. “I couldn't do this without you.”

I am glad to be of help to you.” said Teresa. She continued to walk with him while in deep thought, wondering if there was something to what his father had been searching for. Some children ran by, giggling and playing barefoot but wearing shorts and tunics. She smiled, happy to see children able to play free and happy thanks to Oliver and the other mages of the kingdom.

One of the children brushed by Oliver, nearly bumping into him. “Ooops! Sorry mister!” said the child.

Dummy!” shouted one of the other children. “That's Master Oliver! The great mage!”

Ooooh!” the kids said in awe.

Oliver smiled a little.”That's alright young man.” he said. “How would you all like to see a magic trick?”

Yay!” shouted the children. “Yes please!”

Oliver cleared his throat and gestured with his hands. He muttered a spell in an ancient tongue and soon colorful waves of light emitted from his fingers, making a rainbow in the sky above the children. Then he gestured again and the light became sparkles which danced around and crackled.

The children cheered and jumped around as the colorful sparkles rained down around them.

Oliver smiled, seeing how happy they were. Children were always so easily amused with some simple magic tricks. He was glad that they didn't have to know the horrors and fighting of war. In a way, he was somewhat envious of their happiness.

With the children amused, they moved on, walking around the village and helping a few more residents before returning home. Oliver found himself exhausted, though it was more from countless nights staying awake and reading through books than it was the walk itself.

Oooh, so tired.” said Oliver. “So old.” He sat down on his bed, making it creak a little.

It's okay.” said Teresa. “Get some sleep. I'll keep digging for you.”

Thank you Teresa.” said Oliver, laying down and getting all cozy under his blankets. “I just feel like it's a lost cause at this point.”

Nonsense.” said Teresa. “We'll find it. I know we will.” She dimmed the magical light artifact in his room. “Sleep well.” She closed the door and let out a heavy sigh before going back to the books. She came across a journal that Oliver's father had written, and began reading it. It seems he was looking for blue glowing mushrooms within the forest, and had been tipped off about them by an elf in the tavern one night. Was there any truth to it though? She had to wonder. One thing led to another, and she began going through old elven texts. Sure enough, one of them made mention of these special fungi and their ability to heal injuries or even restore one's life force, but there was a warning. Something about temptation, but it was hard to translate.

The next day, she brought her discovery up to Oliver.

Are you saying my father wasn't crazy?” he he asked, looking up at her from his chair.

I'm saying that there is at least a chance he was right about the mushrooms.” said Teresa. “But according to the elven texts, the mushrooms have long been extinct.”

That's disappointing.” Oliver sighed, leaning back. “Then he was just in a crazed search for something that no longer exists.”

I think he was onto something.” said Teresa. “According to his journal, an elf at the pub had seen them in a cave deep in the mystic forest. “

Oliver's eyes lit up. “Really?” he asked. “But...where exactly?”

I'm not sure.” she said. “This is all there is, but I think if we went looking together, maybe we could find something for sure.”

Oliver read over the journal and the texts, his hands trembling a bit in excitement. “This is it!” he shouted. “My god, it could really exist! We could be the ones to bring it to light. Think of the advancements in medical treatment.”

Perhaps we should be careful.” said Teresa. “After all, if everyone lived longer, or forever, the world would run out of space and resources at some point.”

True.” said Oliver. “However, this could also cure diseases and mental ailments. If my father had this, he wouldn't have... Well, anyway, I'm not sure I should try it. There seems to be a great risk that comes with it.”

Yes, I saw that.” said Teresa. “Apparently there is a great temptation that comes over those who cast the spell. It says to beware what you wish for, and be prepared to accept the consequences.”

Indeed.” said Oliver. “We should take this slowly.” He read over the elven spell several times to make sure he had the translation down. “Hmm, there seem to be some words I am unfamiliar with.”

Let me see.” said Teresa. She looked over the text and turned the paper around. “Look here, it is written in such a way that it reads differently from different angles.”

Would you look at that.” said Oliver. “That's pretty brilliant.”

They sure didn't want to make things easy.” said Teresa. “I'll get the translation books so we can work on it together.”

Good idea.” said Oliver. “Due to the warnings, we should make sure it is all perfectly clear before doing anything.”

Together they spent the rest of the night and into the morning translating the text.

Oliver rubbed a tear from his eye. “You know, my father left his journal here for me.” he said. “I never took his claims serious, bu it's almost like this was his final gift to me.”

That's a nice way of thinking about it.” said Teresa. “Come on, it's bed time.”

You don't have to talk to me like I'm some child.” said Oliver, a bit grumpy from being so tired.

“Sorry.” Teresa chuckled. “Old man.”

Heh, right.” said Oliver. “Perhaps not for long though. Good night Teresa.”

Good night.” said Teresa. The two went to bed and got some rest, then prepared to search the forest.

My father ranted about glowing mushrooms in the forest.” said Oliver, walking along with his staff as a walking stick. He was leaning extra hard on it these days. “To think, everyone thought him a fool. I am ashamed to admit, even I did.”

You shouldn't blame yourself.” said Teresa. “He had no proof, only rumors, and to anyone else it would have sounded crazy.”

Now I guess we are the crazy ones, eh?” Oliver joked.

We'll prove him right and show he wasn't crazy.” said Teresa.

Yes, at least not at first.” said Oliver.

The two searched the forest for days, stopping to set up camp needed in order to keep up their pace.

Teresa sat around the fire spotted a cluster of fireflies around a tree. “Aren't they pretty?” she asked. “The fireflies are so beautiful this time of year. So magical.”

“Bah, they're just bugs.” Oliver grumbled. He was tired and grumpy. “Unimportant to the task at hand.”

Sorry.” said Teresa. “I am just enjoying nature. I didn't get to spend much time outdoors growing up. I was always studying.”

That's a more practical use of your time.” said Oliver. “Learning.”

You can learn much from nature too.” said Teresa.

“No doubt, but right now we have something more important to focus on.” said Oliver. He stopped again and let out a long sigh. “I'm starting to think these mushrooms no longer exist. We've been looking through the forest for days now.”

I fear you may be right.” said Teresa. They stopped to rest, and she noticed Oliver breathing heavily. “Are you okay Master Oliver?”

Yes.” said Oliver. He coughed and hacked a little. “My lungs just don't give me enough oxygen these days. I fear my time is soon. I would rather go while my mind is intact, or intact enough to be coherent.”

Don't talk like that.” said Teresa. She sat down next to him and put her arm around him. “We'll find it. I'm sure.”

You're just telling me what I want to hear.” Oliver said, coughing more. “You're sweet like that. I'm glad to have you help me on this fool's errand.” He sighed heavily and closed his eyes. It didn't take long for sleep to come.

Teresa supported his body while he rested. She shed tears, thinking of him leaving this world, and was scared he would do so right then in there. She made sure to watch his body to make sure he was still breathing. Finally she relaxed, leaning next to him and fell asleep too.

Oliver's mind clouded, as if in a dream. He heard someone calling to him. It sounded like his father.

The mushrooms!” said the voice. “The mushrooms, son! They're here! I know they are!” It was a memory of his father frantically searching for mushrooms in the forest.

Oliver followed his father in the dream, until he came upon a cave. Everything felt so real. He could even feel the coldness of the cave and the dampness of the rocks. Then he saw it, a strange blue glow further inside. It was the glowing mushrooms, and there were plenty of them, though now his father was gone. Oliver blinked and pinched himself. He was awake, and had been sleep walking while following his father's spirit. “Thank you father.” he said solemnly. “With this, we may restore your honor, as well as my youth.” He gathered up some of the mushrooms and made his way back.

Back at their camp, Teresa was sleeping peacefully, so Oliver decided not to wake her. Instead, he would surprise her with his sudden youth. He followed the instructions on the copied parchment and mashed the mycelium in a bowl along with some spring water and a few other ingredients. After bringing the concoction to a boil and letting it cook, he recited the spell while gesturing over it. The potion began to glow and bubble. According to the instructions, he was to drink only a small amount at a time. His hands trembled as he poured the potion into a glass flask. It glowed with a very pretty blue hue, and illuminated a small area around it. He didn't want to wake Teresa just yet, so he went a little ways out of their camp and into a grassy area. Eagerly, he brought it up to his lips and sipped.

Almost immediately he felt a warm feeling spread from his stomach to his whole body. It felt so good, as if his body were filling with energy. His aches and pains began to vanish and his skin tingled. Looking down at his hands, he could see the liver spots fading and the wrinkles smoothing out. He quickly conjured up a mirror and watched himself as he became younger. His long gray beard began to gain color, as did his long hair. Soon there were only streaks of gray, and his vision greatly improved. Sadly that's where the rejuvenation seemed to stop, but it felt so good that he wanted it to continue.

“Ahh! This is so wonderful!” he shouted, though careful not to wake Teresa. “I can't believe it works... If only my father could...” He thought for a moment about how his father's spirit led him to the mushrooms, and shed a tear. He grasped the flask and again drank from it. It was a sweet, almost candy-like flavor. The kind that would remind one of the sweet candies they frequently had as children. “Oooh, that feels so good.” Once again his whole body tingled, this time even more intensely. He shivered a bit as his skin lost even more wrinkles and his hair became a darker shade of brown, like it had been so long ago. He felt such youth and vigor, but also so hot. He began taking off his robes and other clothes, looking at himself and how his body was now much more tone and healthy. Giving a bit of a smirk, he pulled his undergarments off and revealed his genitals. They had shriveled a bit in his old age, but were now the healthy and girthy size they had been in his prime. He laughed a little as his penis began to get hard. The pleasure spreading all over his body was also making him horny. His mind popped with pleasure and waves of previously forgotten memories and spells returned to his healthy brain. His body, though healthy, was beginning to slow it's change again. Oliver did try to resist, but was unable. It was almost as if his body were reacting on its own.

Once again he grabbed the flask and took another drink. Almost immediately there were waves of pleasure rippling through his body. His hair was full and even his natural body hair was out in force. He looked at his hairy body in the mirror and chuckled to himself. His body had gone back to how it was when he was in his twenties. Indeed, he was almost as young as Teresa now. He looked at her in the distance and thought about what all she had done for him. He idly wondered if she would make a good wife, then his loins tingled with pleasure. His hormones raged and he couldn't help but reach down and grab his erection in his strong young hands. It was warm and very hard. His tip was bulbous and a reddish purple, as he began to stroke his large circumcised penis back and forth. It was already leaking on the ground before he started, but now it was like a faucet. He rubbed and stroked his meaty sausage while looking at himself in the mirror. Everything about this just felt so good to him, and he had missed the days when he could rub one out for pleasure. Soon he came, squirting out a huge load of white goop onto the grass at his feet. His hips bucked and his knees went weak as he orgasmed and felt the tingles all over. He wanted to keep feeling this feeling so he took another drink of the potion.

“Ahhh! So good!” he shouted as the pleasure rippled through his body again. He moaned and grinned, feeling drunk off of pleasure and constantly wanting more. His body now appeared to be back in its teen years, younger than Teresa. His beard was gone, replaced with a patch of brown fuzz on his chin. “Uh oh, I hope Teresa still likes me this way.” He looked down and smiled as he began to rub and stroke himself again while thinking of her. He glanced back at her still asleep and secretly used magic to see through her clothes. This got him feeling naughty and horny, and he masturbated furiously. He was unaware that his body hair was beginning to vanish and his penis was beginning to shrink in his hands. It all just felt too good to stop now, and he came what would be his final load of cum all over the grass in front of him. He sat back and sighed happily, taking another drink of the potion. He looked at the barely teenage form in the mirror and chuckled as he watched it shrink and regress even more. He wiggled his shrinking toes and felt a tickle as his body hair retreated into his skin. He was now totally smooth all over, with no facial hair to speak of. His little penis had shrunk to a mere three inches long and sat atop smooth hairless pea-sized balls. His mouse brown hair was tousled and messy, and he just giggled at the giddy feeling he felt as his body shrank more and more. He rolled around in the grass all naked and feeling the soft blades tickle his sensitive skin. His thoughts turned to the children he entertained earlier and how amused they were by simple tricks. It actually made him happy now that he too was a child, and his imagination grew as his body shrank.

Sitting up, he saw the grass and dirt covered child in the mirror and stood up. He giggled at his tiny penis, now just about two inches long, and wiggled it, having fun being totally naked and feeling thrilled. His little heart raced and he quickly grabbed the flask and downed some more of it.

Ahhh!” he said. “The taste of youth.” He blushed at his high squeaky voice, sounding much more feminine than manly. He shrugged, not really caring. He chuckled at the dirty little boy in the mirror, making faces and seeing gaps in his teeth where his adult ones had disappeared. He could feel more receding into his gums with his tongue and just laughed, rubbing his bulging little belly and running around naked in the grass. He felt so free for the first time in a long time. Using a spell he remembered, he began to levitate in the air and giggle. He curled up and rolled around in mid-air, again giggling and wiggling. He turned to see his little bare butt in the mirror and giggled. He watched as his own form grew smaller and chubbier. His face gained more baby fat, as did the rest of his body, and was more rounded and innocent. His cheeks grew a red hue as he blushed from laughing. His mouth felt strange, and he ran his tongue over his new full set of baby teeth. “Haha, I'm just a boy now!” He floated up to the mirror and opened his mouth, looking at his teeth, and his cute appearance. He looked like a cherub floating around like this. He examined his shrinking fingers and saw how chubby and tasty they looked. Without thinking, he began sucking on them and giggling to himself. When the fun feeling started to fade, he swooped down and grabbed the flask. There was only a few drops left, but he suckled on it like a baby bottle, getting every bit.

His tiny body tingled and got even tinier. His age continued to tick backwards, and he was now just a toddler. If he weren't floating, he would be having a hard time walking on his chubby, weak little legs. He giggled and squealed, kicking his little legs in the air. Soon he was too young to keep up the spell and his body fluttered to the grassy ground. He felt the ground growing under him as he wiggled his bare bottom in the grass and kicked his little feet. He squeaked and squealed as he felt so good all over. His tiny one-inch penis wiggled and bounced around as he played, and he eventually sat up and looked in the mirror again. He was shocked to see a little baby there, and crawled up to it.

Bay-bee?” he said in an even tinier voice. “Uh oh.” He looked at his apple cheeks and cute little turned up nose. His hare was sparse and baby-fine now. He tried to stand but his legs were far too weak. Instead he just fell back to his plump little bottom. Some of his baby teeth began to disappear into his gums now as he got even smaller. He wasn't even sure how young he would get, but it still felt so good. His little penis felt tingly, and he looked at it. Now it was barely an inch long, and appeared to have foreskin regrown on it. As a mage, it was common practice to have their foreskin removed at a young age, so he never had a chance to know what it was like to have it. Curiously, he began playing with it, and tugging at it. He pulled the foreskin back to reveal the tiny tip hidden underneath and giggled loudly at how sensitive it was. It felt so good and fun to be this small and sensitive!

Teresa was awoken by the sound of a baby giggling. “Huh?” she asked. “What's going on? Master Oliver? Are you there?” She looked around but didn't see him in their tent or at the fire. “Don't tell me he went off alone.” She heard the baby giggling again and turned her attention towards a grassy meadow. There she saw a little naked baby boy rolling around in the grass with his toes in his mouth. “A baby?”

Little Oliver rolled onto his back and looked up at beautiful Teresa. To him she looked like a massive giant now, but a pretty and loving one. He giggled and raised his arms up to her. “Teh...Teh...w..” he tried saying her name, but his control over his tongue was severely weakened. Just then, his cute little peepee perked up and began to pee a little fountain in an arc into the grass, making him giggle.

Oh my, you need a bath and a diaper!” she said. “I wonder who left you here little one.” She looked around and called out, but no one was around. She then saw the mirror and discarded clothing. Upon inspecting it, she saw that it was Oliver's. “But this is...” She looked over at the drooling infant gleefully peeing in the grass and clapping his tiny hands. “No, it can't be.” She walked over to him and kneeled down. “Master Oliver? Is that you?”

Oliver looked up at her and smiled, drooling down his chin and nodded. “Uh!” he said, trying to say yes. “Ah! Ah..wee...bew.”

Oh my god.” Teresa gasped. “That's really you.” She looked over and saw an empty flask on the ground. “Oh no, this can't be. You can't be a baby! You're! Oh Master Oliver, look at what you've done to yourself.” She gently lifted him up after he was done peeing, and supported his little, nearly bald head. “You're so young. I'd say six months at most!”

Oliver nodded weakly and jammed a thumb in his mouth. “Goo!” he said, grinning with only a few tiny teeth. It felt so strange to him being held by his apprentice. He felt so small and helpless, but still felt so happy for some reason.

At least you seem happy.” she said, taking him over to a nearby stream of water. “But you do need that bath.” She knelt down and gently lowered him into the cool water.

Oliver shivered as his skin met the cold water. “Ahh, eeee!” he squealed. He squirmed and flailed in the water.

“I know it's cold, but you need to be cleaned up.” said Teresa as she cleaned the dirt, grass, and pee off of him.

Oliver couldn't help but giggle a shivering giggle when she washed his tender skin and feet. He made stuttering baby sounds while shivering.

Teresa tried her best not to laugh, but his giggle was infectious. “Goodness, you really got dirty.” she said. “You really enjoy being a tiny baby?”

Oliver blushed and nodded, kicking his little feet some. “Mgaboo.” he gabbered.

“I wish you could talk.” she said, lifting him out of the water and taking him over to the fire to warm up.

Oliver reached for the warm flames, warming his chunky little fingers. He clearly knew what fire was and remembered previously being an adult, but didn't seem to mind his new condition. He blushed, looking down at his little nub, which had shrunk even more due to the cold water, and was barely sticking out of his baby fat. It was hard to control his body now, but he figured he could do better in time, once he got older again. Just thinking about being a playful little boy again made him happy, and the giddiness of the potion would kick in again, making him laugh and drool.

You're such a giggly boy.” said Teresa. “Guess I can't really call you master anymore. You're just a baby. Babies can't use magic.”

Oliver looked around and tried to use some magic to make the fire dance, but was unable. “” he said, sounding disappointed.

Aww, it's okay.” she said, holding him up. “I'm sure you'll be able to use magic again soon. I'm starting to see why you're so happy. No one really knows how babies really think or if they are capable of certain things since they can't understand what we say. Now that we have you, I'm sure you can advance our knowledge of all that.” She smiled and laid him down for a moment, then went through her things and pulled out some cloth and began cutting it up.

Oliver watched curiously as she made what looked like a small rectangle of cloth, and began folding it.

Teresa smiled and lifted Oliver by the ankles, then slid the cloth underneath. “I don't have any baby powder, but I think you can hold out until we get back to town.” she said, fastening the garment around his waist.

Oliver blushed when he realized it was a diaper she had made for him. A garment made for catching and holding the peepees and poopoos of a child yet to be potty trained. That's what he was now, just a tiny baby. He could almost fit in the palm of Teresa's hand. She only needed one arm to hold his whole body now. He found himself feeling happier and safer when in her arms though, and let out a few happy coos.

Oh, you're too cute!” she said. “This will be awkward, but I promise to take care of you and help you grow up all over again.”

Oliver was happy to hear this and smiled, gurgling and giggling. He reached up with his tiny hands and touched her loving face, as if to say thank you.

Aww, you are sweet.” said Teresa. She cuddled with him by the fire until he began to yawn, then she rocked him gently and hummed a tune that her own mother used to sing to her when she was little.

Oliver felt so content and sleepy. Playing in the grass and giggling so much had used up a lot of his baby body's energy, and he needed a recharge. Soon he began sucking his thumb and drifted off into a deep and peaceful baby dream land.

Teresa prepared some things while he slept, and even took the opportunity to bundle him up so she could carry him more easily, swaddled around her chest, leaving her hands free.

Later on, it was night again, and the two had stopped to camp. Oliver felt a bit uncomfortable, and blushed when he realized he needed a diaper change.

Guess I had better get used to cleaning you up.” said Teresa, laying him down on a soft blanket. She gently unfastened his diaper and opened it, then used a wet cloth to clean him. She lifted him by the ankles again and wiped his plump little rear clean. “Still like being a baby?”

Mmgaka.” said Oliver, blushing but nodding. He could look down and see his tiny genitals peeking out just below his belly when she lifted him by the ankles. They looked impossibly small now, only good for soiling his diaper, but he didn't care. His lust for any sort of sexual pleasure had faded along with puberty. Something about seeing his little toes in the air made him want to suck on them. They were so stunted and chubby, looking like little beans.

Teresa finished cleaning him up and got him into a fresh diaper, then used magic to clean the soiled one. “I'm so glad we have magic that can do this.” she said. “Makes life so much easier.”

Oliver giggled and lay on the blanket. He pulled his foot closer to his face and latched onto his toes with his mouth. He explored his tiny toes with his tongue and then chewed them slightly before sucking on them.

Teresa turned to see the adorable scene and chuckled. “How do those taste?” she asked. “I guess you are partially mentally regressed, since I know the adult you would never do that.”

Oliver just giggled and made muffled baby noises around his foot. Then he saw something glowing just above him, followed by several twinkling lights. He let go of his foot and kicked a little, reaching for them. “Oooh.” he cooed.

Oh look, the lightning bugs are back.” said Teresa. “You seem much more amused by them now.” She smiled as he reached out with his chubby hands, trying to catch them. “You don't need to catch them, just reach your arm out.”

Oliver cooed curiously and did as she said. Soon a few of them lit on his little fingers, making him smile and giggle.

See?” she asked. “Stillness and peace, just like you taught me. It works well with magic, but also with nature.”

One of the lightning bugs landed on his nose, making him look at it cross eyed. The world looked so big and beautiful to him now. There was so much out there and he had trouble focusing on just one thing. He happily giggled and then his tummy grumbled.

Oh, are you hungry?” asked Teresa. “I made something while you were asleep.” She reached into her bag and pulled out what looked like a baby bottle of milk. “I was able to reshape this container into a baby's bottle, and I had some milk here to use for cooking. I think it'll serve you better as it is though.” She smiled and held him, then put the bottle's nipple up to his mouth.

Oliver was unsure at first, but then allowed the nipple into his mouth. He began sucking on it like he did his toes, and found that his tiny body knew how to suckle from it naturally. The creamy milk filled his mouth, then his belly, making him feel happy and content. He looked up at her as he nursed from the bottle and smiled.

You are adorable.” said Teresa. “I wonder what we are going to tell the others. I guess you could sort of see this as your retirement. At least for now. How will they react to the great Master Oliver now being a mere babe in diapers?”

Oliver stuck his little tongue out and made a face. “Nahbah.” he said, trying to say that he wasn't a baby, but his appearance said otherwise.

I sure wish you could talk.” said Teresa. “If you are okay with me telling everyone who you are and what we found, nod your head.”

Oliver thought about it. It would be extremely embarrassing to be seen as a babbling infant who used to be an elderly man. Then again, he felt the spell and mushrooms should be studied to further medical magic. The benefits, he felt, far outweighed his ego and dignity. Besides, it would also help prove his father right and give him credit for the original discovery. After much thought, he looked up and nodded at Teresa. “Ok.” he said.

You CAN talk!” said Teresa. “But only small, easy words. Okay then, this may be difficult for you.”

Oliver looked down and frowned. “Yuh.” he said, kicking his feet and flexing his toes. He began to suck his thumb for comfort.

Awww, don't be so blue.” said Teresa. She hated seeing him so down, so she began to tickle his little feet.

Oliver felt the stimulation on his soft, sensitive feet and began kicking and giggling babyishly. He felt her large fingers working their way up his chubby legs and onto his sides, making him squeal loudly and giggle louder, which echoed deep into the forest.

That's better!” said Teresa. Then she noticed the dark spot growing on the front of his diaper. “Well, I guess happiness comes at a cost.” She smiled and began changing his diaper again.

Oliver just blushed and continued to laugh, causing a few extra spurts of pee to spring from his exposed dinky. Thankfully, Teresa was swift and managed to not get splashed with it.

“You little squirt!” Teresa teased. “I'll have to be careful with your diaper changes.” She lifted him by the ankles again to wipe him clean.

Oliver once again took note of how easily she did this, and how small his feet were in her hand. She was able to lift them with one hand, and the whole process was starting to feel more routine now and natural. He sucked on his hand and found he could fit his whole fist in his mouth.

Once she had him changed, Teresa picked him up and cuddled with him by the fire until it was time for bed. “Good night little Master.” she said, kissing him in the forehead.

Oliver blushed and wiggled. “Goonah!” he said, trying to say good night. They slept together peacefully and the next day made their way back into town.

Naturally, everyone wondered who the baby was, and were very shocked and surprised to find out it was indeed THE Master Oliver. Not everyone believed it, until she was able to prove it by having him react to her questions and showing them the notes she found. She was able to get all the baby supplies she needed and proper housing provided by the kingdom has a reward for discovering a cure to aging. They would never have to do without anything they needed, and could focus on living life and studying the effects of extreme youth on an elderly person.

One day, Teresa was pushing Oliver down the street in a brand new baby carriage. The children from before were playing around the square again, and came up to her.

Hi Miss Teresa!” said one of the little boys, about age six.

Oooh, is that him?” said a little girl, around age four.

Hello children.” said Teresa, sitting down on a stump. “Yes, this is him.”

Wow, Master Oliver is a baby!” said one of the kids.

Look at him!” said another. “He's so tiny and cute now. Can he still do magic for us?”

Oliver blushed and covered his face with his little hands. “No.” he said in a tiny, squeaky voice.

Sorry kids.” said Teresa. “He's much too young to focus well enough and concentrate hard enough for magic.”

Wow, he's younger than my little brother!” said one of the kids, reaching in to tickle his exposed foot.

Oliver giggled and squirmed in his carriage, pulling his foot back under the soft baby blanket the covered him.

He'll be big again one day.” said Teresa. “Maybe when he is old enough, you can all play with him.”

“Yeah!” said one of the boys. “We can practice magic together!”

“Maybe we can teach him things!” said another.

Oliver felt a pressure in his gut and made a face, then the other kids slowly backed away.

Oh my.” said Teresa. “The first thing he has to learn is potty training.” She chuckled and fanned her nose, and the others around her giggled.

Yeah, my little brother is potty training.” said one of the kids. “I hope he finishes soon. Diapers are stinky.”

They sure are.” said Teresa, looking at Oliver and smiling. “But it's worth it, for as small and weak as we begin our lives, we always have the capability of love, and should be shown love and care from the beginning. Excuse us now children. Please give us privacy for a diaper change.”

“Okay, see you later Miss!” shouted the kids. “See you later Ollie!” They had taken to calling him by a more childish name, which he would soon come to cherish and insist he be called. It was embarrassing to be a little baby wearing a diaper in the company of children he recently entertained with his magic, much less using it in front of them.

Teresa lovingly changed Oliver's diaper in private, under a tree. She had begun to feel more and more like a mother, and knew to tickle him a little and rub his tummy to make sure he was done before changing him into a fresh diaper. The two would live together for the rest of their lives, and she would raise Oliver as if he were her own son.

Oliver eventually forgot some of his adult memories, and required a brand new education, although he did have a bit of a leg up on other kids in school. His fame and situation got him a lot of attention, and a bit of ridicule, but he didn't care. He had a second chance at life and he wasn't going to waste it. He would spend days studying magic, but also going on nature walks with Teresa. He loved her deeply, and they had developed and unbreakable bond that would last forever.

The End



End Chapter 1

Mysterious Mushroom Magic

by: Ouroboros | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 29, 2022


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