Adventures in Athame

by: Ouroboros | Story In Progress | Last updated Jul 25, 2021


A Soft New World

A recent high school graduate accidentally stumbles into a new world filled with magic..and teddy bears?

Jul 4, 2021


The Wise Old Owl

Ryan is introduced to Hedwig and learns more about this strange new world he finds himself in, but has trouble coming to terms with his situation.

Jul 4, 2021


Loss and Gain

Ryan discovers what he has lost due to his encounter, but begins to learn basic combat and magic skills.

Jul 4, 2021


Ups and Downs

Ryan and Kuma train some more before setting out on their journey. The two run into a strong monster, but Ryan is confident.

Jul 6, 2021


Ryan and Kuma arrive in Briar Cove and meet Linda, their new magic teacher.

Jul 8, 2021


Dangerous Jellyfish

Ryan has an unfortunate encounter while training, but Linda promises to help.

Jul 10, 2021


A Little Adjustment

Ryan overhears plans for his future and isn't too happy about it.

Jul 14, 2021


Book 2: Chapter 1

Starting out book two we have Ryan facing his first day of re-education school.

Jul 19, 2021


Book 2: Chapter 2

Ryan has a sleep over with his new friends.

Jul 25, 2021

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