Adventures in Athame

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Chapter 6
Dangerous Jellyfish

Chapter Description: Ryan has an unfortunate encounter while training, but Linda promises to help.

Ryan awoke to the smell of breakfast being cooked. It smelled like bacon and eggs, even though they had no pigs or chickens to get those from. Sitting up in the soft bed, he could feel that his Goodnites had once again swollen with pee from overnight. Kuma was nowhere to be found, so he got out of bed and walked to the bathroom. His swollen over-night protection bulged under his pajamas and sagged a bit, making him blush.

Good morning Ryan!” said Linda, the red panda plush. She wasn't exactly tall by human standards, but she was currently taller than Ryan. Ryan figured she must have been about the same size as he would have been if he hadn't regressed down to an eight-year-old. He missed his seventeen-year-old body but being small again gave him a new perspective. It was almost as if this world were made for kids.

Oh, good morning Miss Linda.” he said, hearing a child's voice coming out of him. Standing there in a soggy Goodnite made him feel even smaller.

I hope you slept okay.” said Linda. “Looks like you need a change. I can help with that.”

N-no, I don't need any help.” said Ryan. “I'm a big boy.”

Yes, but your accident yesterday means you have lost a good deal of your potty training.” said Linda. “I wanted to talk with you about it.” She led him into the bathroom and shut the door.

Ryan blushed as she reached for his pajamas. “I-I-I can do it.” he said. He took off his shirt and pajama bottoms, standing there in just his soggy Goodnites. “Wh-what's the matter?”

I'll just get right to the point.” she said, helping him remove his soiled garment. “I think you should start wearing these during the day.” She showed him what was basically a child's pull up. Training pants, adorned with colorful and goofy cartoon characters.

N-nooo!” he whined. “I..I promise I won't pee myself again.”

I'm sorry honey.” said Linda. “But it's for the good of you and your clothing, not to mention anything else around you. I'm afraid I must insist until you have your potty training skills back.”

I don't...I don't like this.” said Ryan, embarrassed.

I know dear, but it's for the best.” said Linda, wiping him clean down there. “Like I said before, I have taken care of many who were regressed by the monsters. Some experience loss of potty training since it is a strong ability that a lot of us take for granted. It also tends to take longer to regain than it did to learn the first time. As you may have guessed, this is why we have magic diapers and toilets.”

I was...wondering about that.” said Ryan, blushing at being wiped clean. He didn't complain about it though, because he figured he would get nowhere doing so. “How does that work? Where does it go?”

All waste gets broken down into base elements then recycled.” said Linda. “Even our diapers. It's a very efficient means of disposal that doesn't allow for build up or piles of garbage.”

Sounds good actually.” said Ryan. “Where I come from, there are landfills of garbage. We try to recycle, but not everyone does.”

Sounds a bit backwards.” said Linda. She held out the pull up for him to step into.

Ryan blushed, still hesitant, but stepped in anyway. “I guess if we had magic, we wouldn't have as many problems. Then again, we may have even more. Some people are violent or abuse power.”

Linda slid the pull up up his legs and around his groin, then gave it a pat. “Well, some have fallen victim to that here too in the past. That's how the monsters came to be.”

H-how did that happen?” Ryan asked.

A story for another day.” said Linda. “For now, go ahead and get dressed and have breakfast. Then get ready for another day of training.”

Oh, okay then.” said Ryan. He quickly got dressed and then had breakfast. Kuma was already eating at the table.

Good morning Ryan.” said Kuma. “Ready for a brand new day of training?”

Yeah!” said Ryan. “I can't wait to get started. The sooner I level up the sooner I can get back.”

Good to hear!” said Kuma, happy to hear Ryan in good spirits. The two went out into the back yard again to train.

Linda sat and watched them, making sure they were okay, and occasionally checked Ryan to make sure he was still dry and clean. She found she enjoyed making him blush. Then she decided she would teach them a new trick. “Have you heard of dual magic?” she asked the two.

I have.” said Kuma. “It is said when two wizards cast spells at the same time on the same target, different results will happen depending on the spells.”

That's right!” said Linda. “Ryan, you cast fire on that target. Kuma, you use ice.”

The two nodded and looked at each other, then focused on their target. When they cast their spells and hit the target, there was a giant explosion.

Whoa!” said Ryan. “That was awesome!” He smiled, showing a few gaps in his teeth.

Try different combinations to see what will happen.” said Linda. “Just be careful, and remain in control.”

The two smiled at each other and kept on practicing until it was time for lunch. They took a break to eat and then were back at it, but suddenly Ryan had the urge to use the bathroom and ran inside. He had wet his pull up some, but made it to the toilet to do the rest of his business. After a quick change, he was back out again and things continued on this way for another couple of days. Then it was finally time for them to go after live targets.

Okay you two, today begins your true battle training.” said Linda. “I'll be observing you from a distance, but I'll only assist if I feel you can't handle it. You must act as if I'm not here.”

“Right!” said Ryan. He was used to fighting in his bulky training pants now. At first they were a bit of a distraction, but now he didn't notice them until they were wet. So far he had managed to avoid any messy accidents, thankfully.

Let's do our best!” said Kuma. They made their way out of the town and along the shore, fighting small devil crabs and walking jellyfish. They were easy enough to do away with using magic. Ryan still didn't have a sword he could handle, but was confident in his magic abilities. Their first session went well, and both leveled up their magic. As days went on, they ventured further and further out from the town, until one day.

These small fry aren't giving us as much experience.” said Ryan.

Yes, that's true.” said Linda. “That's why we keep going further out. The further we go, the more stronger monsters we will face. The stronger they are, the more defeating them will level up your skills. Even so, be on your guard. Even the small ones can take a lot from you if they sneak up on you.”

I'll be vigilant.” said Kuma, scanning the area with his shiny marble eyes. Though these plush folk were alive and could move, they still seemed to be made of threads, fleece, buttons, and other materials that make most plush toys.

Ryan looked out at the ocean. He missed playing on the beach as a kid and was tempted to wade out into the water, but didn't want his pull up to get soaked. He felt like he stepped in something squishy and looked down.

Ryan! Don't move!” shouted Kuma, but it was too late. A jellyfish monster bubbled up around him and swallowed him.

Gah!” shouted Ryan. “Help!” He squirmed and wiggled inside the gelatinous monster. Somehow he could breathe but moving was hindered a great deal.

Ryan! Hold still!” said Kuma, aiming a spell.

Careful Kuma!” shouted Linda. “You don't want to hurt Ryan. This is how they function. Hurting them will hurt the one inside.

But we need to save him before he loses anything else!” shouted a desperate Kuma.

Inside, Ryan was visibly shrinking, becoming even younger. His skin became softer and features rounded even more. As he wiggled, his boots came off, revealing shrinking little feet.

Ryan!” shouted Linda. “Use wind magic! Concentrate!”

Ryan heard the words but his regressed emotions were taking control. He began to cry and sob while also trying to produce magic with his shrinking hands.

“Come on Ryan!” shouted Kuma. “You have to do this! Maybe we should attack anyway. He's getting smaller!”

He has to do this.” said Linda. “We can't risk hurting him. He's too young now to take that kind of damage.”

Ryan's mind was a swirl of confusing information. He saw himself living his life in his world, growing up, going to school, having fun with his friends. Then he saw his life here, becoming a kid, losing abilities, and living among plush people. He knew he was getting even younger, and felt helpless and frustrated. Finally he screamed out, holding his little arms in front of him, casing a huge tornado within the monster jellyfish. It swirled and grew larger and larger, until finally it popped, exploding and getting jelly goo all over everyone. Ryan fell to the soft sandy ground in a heap of over-sized clothes.

Ryan!” shouted Kuma, running up to him. “Ryan are you okay?” He quickly cast a healing spell on him.

Linda was already by his side, having run up just as it was popping. “Ryan?” she said, shaking him gently. He looked so much smaller and vulnerable now, and she secretly found him even more adorable.

Ryan was shaken and sniffling. He wanted to be a big boy and not cry, but he noticed he was smaller again. Then a familiar odor hit his nose. He felt something slick and slippery under his butt and wiggled a bit, blushing.

Linda picked it up right away and knew what he had done. “Oh my, Ryan did you...?” she asked.

Ryan realized he had pooped himself. While the pull up used magic to hold liquid, it did not absorb solids, and the fact that it no longer fit him made him feel even younger than he actually was. Having to wear a pull up due to incontinence was one thing, but suddenly being too small for one was another. His emotions once again got the better of him and he began to wail loudly.

You poor thing.” said Linda, hugging him gently. “Kuma, gather his things. We need to get back home now and give him an overall check. I fear he is too young to fight now.”

Kuma nodded, feeling very sad for his regressed friend, but also wondering why so many monsters seemed to have more interest in him than any of them. He picked up some of Ryan's gear that had fallen off his shrunken body.

Linda picked up and held Ryan, cradling him like a baby, being sure to keep the mess he made inside the pull up. “Shhh, it's okay sweety.” she said. “I'm here. I'll take care of you. We'll get you home and all cleaned up, then we'll have some cake. Okay?” She snuggled him, trying her best to get him to stop crying.

Ryan felt super embarrassed having messed himself like a baby, and now being talked to like one as well. He sniffled and slowly stopped crying, though tears continued to stream down his little blushing cheeks. The warm embrace of Linda's plush body helped clam him. He found himself clinging to her soft body as they made their way home.

Once home, Linda took Ryan into the bathroom and ran a bath for him. She helped him undress and cleaned his messy bottom. “Do you need to potty?” she asked.

Ryan blushed, being cleaned like a toddler. “Um, I dunno.” he said, sounding even smaller than he did before. He looked down at himself and blushed harder, seeing just how small he had gotten. His body had gained a bit of baby fat. It was hard to believe the chubby digits in front of him were his own. He shyly tried to cover himself, even crossing his little feet a bit, feeling very shy and little.

Well, guess we'll just have to take that chance.” said Linda, picking him up and placing him in the tub of bubbly warm water. “No need to be shy dear. I've seen it all before. Just relax in the tub and get clean. I'll be back in a bit.” With that, she disposed of the dirty pull up and left the bathroom with his clothes.

Ryan sighed and relaxed in the warm water. He lifted a foot up above the surface and saw how small his toes looked. Everything was even larger than it was before. The tub seemed like it could fit three of him easily. There was a yellow rubber duck sitting on the side of the tub, as well as a little toy boat. Something about them seemed very appealing to him now, whereas he had ignored them before. Unable to resist temptation, he picked them up and began playing with them in the water. He pushed the boat along the surface and squeaked the rubber ducky happily. Playing really helped his mood.

Outside, Linda had cleaned up his clothing with magic and sent Kuma off to pick up some supplies. Looking at Ryan's stats she saw that he was now only five-years-old. She shook her head and pittied him, though she had seen some victims that had become literal babies before. She hoped it wouldn't come to that, and vowed then and there to keep him safe no matter what. She also noticed that his potty training skills were virtually non-existent, which meant he would now need full on diapers day and night. His math and reading skills were of that of a child his age now, and his language had taken a hit too. She noticed his interests may be regressed as well as his tastes in food. It seemed like there would be more cookies and cakes being made now. However, his magic skills were mostly untouched. His physical attack was pitiful, and the training he had with the sword was all gone, back at level zero. She hoped she could somehow still find a way to get him back home, but part of her wanted to keep him as her own.

Ryan had become distracted by the toys and playing in the tub. Being little made everything else seem so far away and less important, but it also made some things more scary. Sudden sounds seemed to scare him now, as such when the door opened. He was relieved to see it was just Linda, there to help him.

You sure are cute.” said Linda.

Ryan frowned and blushed. “N-nu uh.” he said. “I don't wanna be cute.”

Sorry sweety.” she said, walking over and squeezing some shampoo into her hand. “I know it's no fun for you, but as long as you are stuck here, you may as well enjoy what you can rather than focus on all the negative.” She rubbed the shampoo into his hair and hummed a soft song.

Ryan wanted to say he could wash himself, but found he was unable to. Something about this seemed right and felt familiar. It was as if this were the norm and simply how things were. Although he still knew he used to be big and from another world, being around Linda made him feel safe and loved. So he decided that he would let her wash him. It actually felt good.

Linda smiled and rinsed him off, revealing a cute little boy under all the soapy bubbles. She plucked him from the tub and dried him with a fluffy towel, then drained the tub. “Okay sweety, come with me.” she said, leading him to the spare bed room.

Ryan held the towel around him and looked around at how big things were now. He may actually have trouble reaching some things up on higher shelves now. His smaller feet pitter-patted on the cold smooth floor before feeling softness on the rug.

Linda looked down to him and frowned. “I'm afraid you've lost a lot more this time.” she said. “First off, you are now only about five-years-old.”

Ryan's eyes went big and he felt a cold rush of shock. “F-five?” he asked. “I'm only five?”

I'm afraid so.” she said. “Also I'm sure you are aware, but your potty training has all but disappeared. Do you even remember how a toilet works?”

Ryan thought for a moment and looked confused. He frowned when he couldn't remember. He knew what it was and that it's what made pee pee and poo poo go bye bye, but he didn't know how to use it. “N-no...” he said finally. “I dunno.”

Linda let out a long sad sigh. “I'm so sorry.” she said. “But you'll have to wear diapers from now on, both day and night.”

Ryan's heart sank. While he knew it was coming, it didn't lessen the impact of the news. He knew he could use this thing called a potty before, and didn't have to wear pull ups or diapers. He also knew that it was usually only babies and toddlers that wore them, and he didn't want to be considered that little. “D-do I hafta?” he asked all shyly.

I'm afraid so.” said Linda. She gently removed his towel and spread it on the bed, then lifted him by the arm pits and laid him down on it.

Ryan blushed laying there without a strip of clothing on. He covered his eyes, not wanting to watch the process.

Linda felt really bad for him, but knew this is what had to be done. She had done so many may times before, and went about the task by lifting his legs and sliding the diaper under his bottom. Baby powder was applied, then the diaper pulled up and over his groin. Finally, she taped the disposable diaper around his tummy, then helped him up.

Ryan looked down at his crinkly garment of shame. It was just a plain white disposable diaper, but somehow the lack of any decoration made it seem even more infantile. It forced his legs apart a bit, which caused him to waddle when he walked. “Th-thanks Miss Linda.” he said, looking up at her.

You're welcome sweety.” she said, tousling his soft brown hair. “I don't have any clothes that fit you, yet, but there is this.” She pulled out his long red scarf and wrapped it around his neck. “Now, lets have some cake while I go over the rest.”

Ryan smiled and nodded, feeling better with his scarf on. He followed her to the kitchen, his crinkling diaper reminding him of his predicament with every step.

Linda helped him sit at the kitchen table and served up a slice of chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.

Ryan drooled a bit at the sight of the cake. It was his favorite flavor too! He used a nearby fork and began to eat, but kept getting some smeared on his face, hands, and chest.

Linda tried not to laugh at the little boy having trouble eating. His eating abilities must have regressed as well. “I looked over your stats and you've lost most of your reading and math skills.” she said. “Do you remember what one plus one is?”

Ryan blushed and held up to little fingers covered in chocolate cake.

Good!” she said. “Now how about two times three?”

Ryan thought and thought. He used to know what times meant, but now wasn't sure. He shyly held up five fingers.

No, but close.” said Linda. “Don't worry, remember you can re-learn these things.” She continued to go over what he had lost, much of it going over his head since he no longer remembered it. Once he was done with his cake, she washed his face, hands, and chest. Then she gave him a tall glass of milk.

Ryan smiled, feeling thirsty, and began to drink the milk. However, his hands were a bit unsteady and he ended up spilling it down his chin and onto his tummy.

Oh my, I think you need a different cup.” said Linda. She took his glass of milk and poured it into a smaller cup with a lid and spout on it, then gave it to him. “Here you go.”

Ryan frowned. He recognized the cup as a sippy cup meant for toddlers. “Dis is dumb.” he said pouting.

Now now dear.” said Linda. “Your feeding skills have regressed so unless you want milk in your diaper and on the floor, you'll have to drink from these from now on.”

Ryan whined a bit, but drank from the sippy cup anyway. He was still thirsty, and this cup did work for what he needed. He wasn't liking the baby treatment, but knew there was little he could do about it.

So, want to have a bit of fun?” she asked the little boy sitting at the kitchen table.

Ryan smiled and nodded. “Yeah, sure!” he said happily.

Linda placed some sheets of paper in front of Ryan, along with some crayons. “Here, we can both draw and color.” she said, knowing this would help him relearn some of his comprehension.

Ryan was resistant at first. “B-but...” he said, looking down at the colorful crayons. They were very inviting and fit just right in his little hands. He sniffed them, and they smelled just like the crayons from his world. The paper was like construction paper, and memories of making things with them came flooding back. Suddenly he smiled and began to draw. It was crude, but he drew himself as a big boy, wearing his armor and scarf, then Kuma and Linda next to him. He also drew a few other figures. Two were tall, one a man and the other a woman, then two shorter women.

Who are they sweety?” asked Linda.

My family.” said Ryan. “My mom, my dad, and my two younger sisters. I guess they're older than me now huh?”

Linda couldn't help but hug him. She knew he missed them so much. “I'm so sorry dear.” she said.

Ryan hugged back. “It's okay, see?” he said, showing her the picture. “You and Kuma are my family too.” The picture was indeed Ryan in the middle with Linda and Kuma on one side of him, and his human family on the other.

Aww, you are so sweet.” she said, kissing him on the forehead. “Here, let's put it up on the fridge so we can always see it.” She took the drawing and attached it to her refrigerator with a magnet shaped like a flower. Together they colored a bit more, then Ryan let out a yawn. “Aww, getting sleepy?”

Not...sleepy.” he said, fighting it off.

I think it's time for a nap.” said Linda, picking him up and checking his diaper.

No...naps.” said little Ryan, yawning again.

Linda sat on the couch and held him closely, rocking him gently.

Ryan squirmed a bit, not wanting to be rocked like a baby, but it did feel good. It was soft and very relaxing. Slowly, his thumb found its way into his mouth and he sleepily sucked on it. When Linda started humming softly, it sealed the deal and he soon found himself falling asleep.

Linda smiled and stood up, carrying him back to the guest room. She gently laid him in his bed and tucked him in, dimming the lights a little. “Good night sweety.” she whispered.

Kuma returned shortly after, having bought some new clothes for Ryan, and some diapers as well. He peeked in on his reduced friend and smiled a little. He was all curled up in bed sucking his thumb wearing just a diaper and his scarf. Though he was smaller now, he still thought of Ryan as the seventeen-year-old he first met while practicing magic, and felt bad for someone from another world suddenly stricken with such problems in an unknown world. He promised to help him along with Linda, and protect him no matter what, as if he were a beloved sibling.

To be continued...



End Chapter 6

Adventures in Athame

by: Ouroboros | Story In Progress | Last updated Jul 25, 2021


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