Adopted Magic

by: Ouroboros | Complete Story | Last updated Oct 16, 2021

A story commission! Chris learns to appreciate his adopted siblings after a special bundle of joy arrives to shake things up.

Chapter 1
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I don't want another sibling!” Chris whined, sounding younger than he was. He was the oldest of his adopted siblings, being thirteen and living in a nice home with his biological parents. He and his parents were Caucasian, but his siblings were not. He had short red hair, green eyes, and was average height for a thirteen-year-old. He was raised to be tolerant of other races and genders, but still had somewhat of a superiority complex when it came to his siblings. It was Summer and he, along with his siblings, were off from school. He wanted to enjoy it, but now he would have another baby to deal with. “Wanda is still in diapers and kind of a baby. We don't need another diaper baby around here.”

Little Wanda looked upset. She was three-years-old and of African American descent. Her hair was done up in two cute puff balls tied off with pink ribbons.

“Chris!” his mom chided. “You're being very mean to your sister. Apologize.” When giving birth to Chris, she was injured and unable to have children again. Upset, she and her husband turned to adoption, wanting Chris to grow up with a full family and to give children who didn't have parents a chance at a better life. Each were adopted as babies and grew up with Chris, and he was used to helping out with them. He was a little jealous of the attention they got, but that is how he began to use his age to his advantage over them.

“I..I'm sorry.” he said, though he didn't mean it. “But we have so many already. Why do we need another?”

Because this one is a special case.” said his father. “This one was recently found abandoned and for some reason no other families want to take him in.”

“Why not?” asked Chris.

No idea.” said dad. “But we volunteered because it's the right thing to do. It'll be a bit of a squeeze, but we think we can pull it off.”

“I gonna haff a baby bwothew?” asked Wanda.

Yes you are!” said mom. “We're going to go pick him up. Chris, you watch the others while we're gone and call if anything goes wrong okay?”

Chris sighed and sat down on the couch. “Okay mom.” he said. With the parents gone, he could be in charge again, which he liked. He didn't like the idea of having yet another diaper to change and look after though. He played his video game for a while, then paused it so he could watch TV. Soon Eric entered the room.

Chris, can I play your video game?” asked Eric. He was an Asian child of nine, with short black hair and brown eyes.

No.” said Chris. “I have it on pause so I can watch this show.”

“Come on Chris!” Eric whined. “I haven't played it yet!”

I'm not done with it yet!” shouted Chris. He was the oldest, and therefore in charge and always right. “Why don't you go play with Julie or something?”

She's playing dress up with Wanda.” said Eric. “I don't wanna play dress up.” He pouted and kicked the couch with his bare foot.

Yeah, girls and their outfits.” Chris said, rolling his eyes. Although in reality he had begun puberty, and been seeing girls his age in a new light. His voice was starting to change and crack every so often, and he was growing hair down there. He was quite proud of this, since his friends all bragged about their first pubic hairs.

Eric sat on the couch and watched TV bored. He really wanted to play, but his older brother was in charge, so he had to wait.

Maybe if you bring me some chips I'll let you play.” said Chris.

“Ugh, fine.” said Eric. He got up and went to the kitchen, got some chips and returned with them. “Here. Now can I play?”

Chris took the chips and began eating them before answering. “Um, yeah.” he said. “Sure.” He switched it back over to his game and let Eric play.

Eric smiled and played the game. It was difficult for him, but he was doing well. Then his arm got bumped by Chris. “Hey!” he shouted.

Oh, oops.” said Chris. “Sorry about that.” He grinned, enjoying tormenting his younger brother like this.

You did that on purpose!” shouted Eric. “No fair!”

Don't blame me for being bad at the game.” said Chris. “Get good.”

Eric grumbled and continued to play while Chris snacked on his chips. Julie then entered with Wanda by her side.

Chris, Wanda pooped her diaper.” said Julie. She was Hispanic and seven-years-old with long brown hair and brown eyes. “She needs a change.”

Ugh, gross.” said Chris. He had experience changing diapers but never liked doing it. “You need to get potty trained kiddo. I can smell that from here.”

Wanda sniffled and cried. “I not mean to!” she whined.

No use crying about it.” said Chris. He got up and took Wanda by the hand and led her to her room, which she shared with Julie. One side was hers, with a toddler bed and changing table, while the other was for Julie, with a single size bed and lots of rainbow pony posters. He picked her up under her arm pits and laid her on the changing table.

Wanda just sniffled and hiccuped, sucking her thumb.

Chris wrinkled his nose as he opened her diaper. “Aw, gross.” he said. “You sure pooped a lot.” He lifted her by the ankles and began wiping her with baby wipes.

Wanda just cried and felt ashamed. Her parents never made a big deal about her accidents, but she was always reminded she should be a big girl and use the potty. She hated being a disappointment to anyone, even her big brother. Some of the kids her age at the daycare were potty trained and would brag about it, then make fun of her for still wearing a “baby diaper.”

Chris soon had the mess cleaned up and the offending diaper disposed of. As he went through this he was reminded that another baby was coming, and he would likely end up doing this for him as well. He groaned at the thought, lifting up Wanda again and placing a small pink diaper under her, then sprinkling powder on it. He pulled the front of it up between her legs and fastened it snugly around her waist, then put her back down on the floor. “There, now try and remember to tell me if you need to use the potty next time.” he said.

I wiww.” said Wanda, rubbing tears out of her eyes. She waddled back to Julie for comfort.

Chris went and washed his hands in the bathroom. Changing diapers was always so gross for him and he didn't want any pee or poop on his hands or anywhere on his body. Then he went back to the couch and saw that Eric had gotten farther in the game than he had originally. “Okay, time's up.” he said. “I want to watch my show.”

But Chris!” shouted Eric.

No buts.” said Chris, shutting off the game and turning on his show. “I'm the oldest so you have to do what I say, remember?”

Ugh, so unfair!” Eric pouted. He got up and stomped down the hall to his room. For the longest time he shared it with Chris, but now Chris had his own room and he would be sharing it with the new baby. Already there was a crib and a bunch of baby stuff along one side of the room. He wasn't looking forward to sharing it with some stinky baby, but he wanted to be a good boy for his parents, so he begrudgingly accepted.

You're so mean sometimes.” said Julie to Chris. “We never did anything to you.”

I'm not mean.” said Chris. “I'm just the oldest so I am in charge. It's not my fault if you can't follow my rules.”

Your rules are dumb.” said Julie. “They're only good for you.”

Hey, when you're old enough, you can make rules too.” said Chris. “Now, go play with Wanda and make sure she uses the potty next time.”

Julie just sighed and walked off with Wanda back to their room to play at having a tea party.

Soon Chris got bored and wondered down the hall to check on his siblings. He saw them having fun with their toys. “You guys need to clean up your rooms.” he said. “Time to put toys away.”

Nooo!” whined Wanda. “Wanna pway!”

Mom and dad are almost home with the new baby and I want them to see a clean house.” said Chris.

I can't wait to see the new baby!” said Julie. She had enjoyed taking care of Wanda, but now a new baby would be doubly fun.

Yeah, okay.” said Eric, sounding defeated. He began cleaning up his room, readying it for the new baby.

Chris just went back to the living room to watch TV and eat chips until his parents got home. They arrived with a little bundle of joy wrapped in a baby blue blanket.

Kids! Come say hello to the new baby!” shouted mom, bouncing her little bundle gently. Everyone gathered around to see as she sat down in her rocking chair and unwrapped the baby in her lap.

Baby!” said Wanda, wanting to see.

He's so cute!” said Julie. “What's his name?”

His name is Kevan.” said dad. “He's only a year old, so be gentle with him.”

Chris looked at the chubby baby in his mom's arms. He had plump rosy cheeks, fluffy blonde hair, and green eyes. “Kevan huh?” he said, poking at the baby's belly. “Kinda weird name.”

It's the name he was given when he was put up for adoption.” said mom. “I think it sounds unique and imaginative.”

Sure.” said Chris. He was already bored of this.

Baby Kevan squirmed and cooed in his mom's arms, looking around at everything. He seemed to be in deep thought about something.

Eric looked at the little baby wearing only a disposable diaper. “Hi baby bro.” he said, offering his finger to the baby. He smiled when Kevan grabbed it with his little hand.

Aww, I think he likes you.” said mom.

Eric smiled, thinking maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all. He had dealt with Wanda as a baby, but he didn't have to share a room with her.

Can I hold him?” asked Julie.

Okay, but be careful.” said mom. She gently handed the baby over to her.

Ooh, he's heavy.” said Julie. She smiled down at him and held him with both arms. She had practiced this with her dolls and began rocking him back and forth.

Kevan cooed and gurgled softly. He kicked his little pudgy legs, making his diaper crinkle.

Chris tickled one of his little feet, making him giggle. “Heh, I guess he is kinda cute.” he said. “Am I on diaper duty again?”

“Only when you need to be.” said dad. “Your mom and I are responsible for his well being, so we will be taking care of him. You should be very careful not to hurt him and tell us if he needs a change or anything.”

Will do.” said Chris. “I've been through this a few times, so I know how it goes.” He figured that soon he would have another sibling minion under his control. All he had to do was endure a few years of diapers and crying.

It wasn't so easy though. It seemed like as soon as the new baby came, the work load for their parents got worse. They frequently found themselves having to rely on Chris to take care of the new baby, and he was getting tired of it. He could still pass tasks onto his siblings, but he had no control of the new baby.

One night, Chris was sitting on the couch trying to play his game. Kevan was in his playpen on the floor where he could keep an eye on him. Things were going smoothly but soon Chris picked up a familiar odor. “Ugh.” he said. “Not again. You poop too much. Is mom feeding you when I'm not watching or something.” He picked up the stinky baby and carried him to his changing table, laying him on it.

Kevan just cooed and kicked his little feet softly, sucking on his thumb a little. He had a funny look on his face, almost like he was aware and knew something Chris didn't.

Chris opened up the diaper and exposed the mess. He made a face and began to clean the baby boy. “Yuck. So gross.” he said. “Nasty. Babies are nasty. So much trouble.” He continued to grumble when suddenly his arm was grabbed.

It seemed as if Kevan were possessed by a demon or something, because his grip was tight and almost hurt. He began speaking in some kind of odd language. It wasn't just baby gibberish, it was an actual language. He gave Chris a mischievous grin and for a moment their perspectives changed and Chris saw himself as the baby and Kevan as the oldest. Then the moment was over and Kevan let go.

Chris shook his head and stepped back. “Whoa! What was that?!” he asked the infant. He looked down for confirmation but baby Kevan was just gurgling and cooing, playing with his toes and looking like any other baby. He stood there for a bit wondering what happened.

Chris!” shouted mom from her office room where she worked from home. “Are you almost done with Kevan? If you are, please feed him his bottle. I'm going to be stuck here at my computer for a while longer.”

Chris shook his head and figured it must have been his imagination. He quickly finished diapering little Kevan and washed his hands, then took him into the kitchen where he fed him his bottle. “This sure is a pain.” he said, holding the bottle for him to nurse on.

Kevan smiled as he nursed from the bottle. It was a somewhat knowing smile and expression that made Chris think on what happened earlier.

The rest of the night went smoothly, but that moment did kind of haunt Chris as he laid in his bed trying to get to sleep. Once he did get to sleep, he dreamed of giant babies with stinky diapers chasing him around trying to get him to change them. When he woke up, he yawned and stretched then went about his day. Nothing seemed unusual until he saw Kevan.

Kevan now toddled about on his legs and looked bigger. He still wore a diaper, but had no troubles getting around on his own.

Chris walked up to him. “Um, hey lil guy.” he said. He noticed his voice sounded a bit different from yesterday. “You learned how to walk already?”

Uh huh.” Kevan said with a smile. “I big boy.”

Can't argue with the results.” said Chris. “Maybe you'll potty train sooner too and I won't have to change you anymore.”

Kevan nodded and giggled. “Gonna be biggew dan yoo!” he said.

Heh, good luck with that.” said Chris. He didn't notice much else different, but did question things. When he asked his mom about it, she said he must just be going through a growth spurt. Babies do grow up fast, so it seems.

Later on, when taking a shower, Chris noticed that the few hairs he had down there were gone, and only the familiar peach fuzz was left. It was very confusing, since he had taken particular notice of his body hair now that he was growing some in. Only now it was gone, as if stolen from him. Again, he shrugged it off, figuring that it must be puberty being weird.

Eric was in the living room playing a video game. “Yeah! Take that!” he shouted.

Chris walked up to him. “Hey, let me play now.” said Chris. “It's my game anyway.”

Ugh, you act like you're so big.” said Eric. “Always telling us what to do, but you're not much older than me!”

Shut up and let me play!” shouted Chris. The two got into a bit of a fight, and Chris found Eric to be stronger than he thought, but still ended up the winner.

Eric ran off crying to his mom.

“Oh boy, the cry baby strikes again.” said Chris.

Chris! What did you to do Eric?” shouted mom. “I'm trying to work back here so you all need to play quietly. Sheesh, I wish it wasn't summer so you kids would be in school.”

Yeah right.” said Chris. “Then I wouldn't be around to help with Kevan and Wanda.”

Watch your tone young man!” shouted mom. She knew he was right though. “Go to your room. You're grounded for the rest of the day.”

“Aw, mom!” Chris whined. Again, his voice sounded strange yet familiar to him.

Now young man!” shouted mom.

Chris picked a toy ball as he walked to his room and slammed the door. “Stupid tattle tail.” said Chris, flopping on his bed. “Stupid brother. Stupid babies. Stupid life!” There wasn't much for him to do for the rest of the day, and eventually he fell asleep for the night.

The next day he woke up to a strange surprise. His room looked different. There were decorations of Star Wars, Marvel, and DC characters in his room, and a lot of action figures. He knew he was too big to be playing with action figures like his little brother Eric, but here they were in his room. At first he thought Eric was playing a trick on him, but when he got up he saw that he was also wearing Spider-Man pajamas. “What the...?” he said. He looked at his hands. Were they smaller? Quickly, he ran to the bathroom and looked at himself in the mirror. He did look younger, almost as young as Eric. He started to panic. His heart raced in his chest. He had to confirm it with someone.

His mom saw the worried look on his face as she passed the bathroom. “Something wrong dear?” she asked.

M-mom?” he asked, sounding younger as well. “D-do I look younger today?”

His mom just smiled and chuckled. “No, of course not silly.” she said. “You look the same age as you did yesterday.”

Chris gulped a little. His mom didn't notice anything different. Was she in on it? His mind raced with thoughts, trying to figure out just what was going on. He walked to the kitchen for breakfast and saw that Kevan was even older now, looking a bit older than Wanda. They were sitting next to each other in booster seats as they ate cereal. Now he knew there must be some connection between him and Kevan. Something was going on, but what? Just then Eric ran by, and he was horrified to see that he was only a little taller than him now.

Good morning Chris.” said Eric. He went to get himself a bowl of cereal.

Um, good morning.” said Chris. He went through the motions of getting himself a bowl of cereal. Glancing at Kevan, he saw that he was indeed taller than Wanda, and now in training pants and eating cereal with a spoon. Wanda still needed a bit of help eating, which Julie was doing. Chris just scratched his head. “Don't you guys think it's a little weird that Kevan was a baby a couple days ago?” The room was silent, then they laughed.

“Good one Chris.” said Eric. “You're always saying something silly.”

But he was!” shouted Chris. “And I was thirteen!”

Don't be dumb.” said Julie. “You're only ten, like Eric.”

Chwis bein siwwy!” said Kevan, giggling and looking innocent.

T-ten?” Chris gulped. He was right, he was getting younger. He glared at Kevan.”You know something don't you? Fess up!”

Kevan then screwed up his face and began to cry.

“Aw, do you have to fight with your siblings every day?” said mom. “I don't know what sort of game you're playing, but it's not funny.”

“But...but!” said Chris.

Knock it off son.” said dad. “We're not in the mood.” He had bags under his eyes from having to deal with stress at work and kids at home.

“Ugh, fine!” shouted Chris. “Whatever!” He dumped what was left of his cereal in the sink and stomped out of the room, back to his room, and slammed the door. Looking in the mirror, he saw his ten-year-old self. A sight which he hadn't seen in, well, three years. “What the heck is going on?!” He decided to get dressed and found that a lot of his clothes had super heroes on them. “This is related to Kevan, it has to be!” Once he was dressed, he roamed the house a bit, and waited for his opportunity. Soon it came when it was bath time, and he was called on to help wash Kevan.

Kevan sat in the bath tub which was filled with warm bubbly water, and played as any natural toddler would.

Chris began to wash him, then finally got to ask his question. “What's going on, huh?” he asked. “You were a baby, then two days later you're a toddler and I'm a ten-year-old? That's no coincidence. Now tell me what is going on.”

Kevan just giggled and splashed Chris with the water. “Nuffin.” he said. “Jus pwayin.”

“Don't give me that.” said Chris. “I know you did something to me the other day.”

Hehe, nu uh.” said Kevan, still keeping up the act. He almost had Chris convinced.

Chris began wondering if it was actually Kevan, or if it was some sort of strange magic that he wasn't aware of triggering. He couldn't just dismiss the idea because he knew for a fact that he was older. “Come on, you can tell me.” he said.

Da twoof?” asked Kevan. He looked up knowingly. “Ish magic.” He smiled up at Chris, making him jump back a little. It was a bit scary seeing his face change like that.

I knew it!” said Chris. “What did you do to me?!”

“Hehehe, yoo see.” said Kevan. “Yoo wike bein da biggest? So do I. Now I gonna be da owdest. Wets see how yoo wike bein bossed awound.”

B-bossed around?” asked Chris. “Is that what this is about? Just because I bossed them around means I get little? That's stupid! You're stupid! Just a dumb baby!”

Kevan grinned and then began to wail loudly.

Oh no!” said Chris. “Shhh! Shhh!” He didn't want to get interrupted.

Chris!” shouted dad. “What are you doing in there?! Why is Kevan crying?” He walked in to see Kevan crying his eyes out in the tub.

“Chwis mean to me!” said Kevan. “He big meanie!”

Okay young man, go to your room.” said dad. “I'll finish up here.”

Dad! He's lying!” said Chris. “I didn't do anything! He just started crying!” He didn't want to try explaining about their ages since he wouldn't believe him anyway.

Just go Chris!” said his dad. “We'll talk about this later.”

Chris wanted to shout, he wanted to scream at his dad because he didn't understand this stupid game Kevan was playing, but he couldn't, and just stomped off to his room yet again. He stewed inside, trying to plot against Kevan somehow. Maybe if he got rid of him or somehow caught him in the act, but how?

Unfortunately, there was nothing he could think of, and he soon fell asleep. His dreams were filled with tormented images of Kevan's deceptively innocent baby face looming over him. He woke up startled from a knock on his door.

“Chris? Are you okay?” asked his mom from the other side of the door. “I heard you yelling.”

Chris figured he must have been yelling in his sleep. He looked and saw the morning sun shining through the window. “Y-yeah mom!” he said, and gasped. He sounded even younger now. How young had he gotten though? He felt smaller in his bed and saw that there was now Spongebob and Bluey posters on the wall and toys meant for younger kids on the floor. Building blocks, chunky figures, plushes, and various vehicles. Then he looked and saw another bed in his room. It was unfamiliar to him, but it had decorations of moons and stars and some glow-in-the-dark stickers. Maybe it was Kevan's bed. Whomever it belonged to wasn't there. They must have gotten up already.

Okay, well come to the kitchen for breakfast.” said his mom, turning and leaving.

Chris's heart raced. He was even more afraid now. What would he find when he left his room? He looked at himself in the mirror again and saw an even younger version of himself with more rounded features, a few gaps in his teeth, and wearing Spongebob pajamas. “Ugh, great.” he said, taking them off and putting on some plain shorts and shirt. He tossed his pajamas towards the dirty clotehs bin, but missed. Everything seemed bigger and farther away now, and his muscles were weaker. He headed to the kitchen, as usual, and on the way passed his old room. It was now Eric's. He was the oldest. His heart sank. His power over his siblings was gone. Would they treat him the same now? When he got to the kitchen it looks so much larger now. Wanda was in her booster seat, Julie, Eric, and Kevan were all sitting at the table talking. Kevan looked to be nearly as big as Eric now, certainly bigger than Chris was. It was then that he realized he was the youngest boy in the house now.

Hey little bro!” Eric shouted with a smile. “Need some help with breakfast?”

N-no.” Chris said meekly. “I can do it.” He had to stand on his tip toes to get a bowl, then sat in a large chair at the huge table. He nearly needed a booster seat himself now. He was able to pour himself a bowl, but got some cereal on the table and floor.

Don't make a mess sweety.” said mom, patting him on the head. She poured milk for him so he wouldn't make a mess.

Chris just blushed and ate his cereal, glancing at Kevan every now and then. It was as if the older kids were talking and he was kept out of it. Then they started giggling, and he felt as if they were mocking him somehow. “What's so funny?” he squeaked out.

Nothing.” said Kevan. “Something a little kid like you wouldn't understand.” He and the others chuckled.

Be nice Kevan.” said Julie.

We were just talking about going to the park to play.” said Eric. “Want to come?”

But if he comes we'll have to look after him!” Kevan whined. “He might pee his pants or something and we'll have to come right home.”

“N-no I won't!” Chris said, all flustered. “Shut up! It's your fault I'm like this!”

Chris, what are you talking about?” asked Julie. “Is this another one of your silly stories?”

It's not silly!” shouted Chris. “I was big and he was little!”

It's not nice to lie.” said mom. “You were born six years ago. Our little miracle baby. I didn't think I could have children of my own until you happened.” She smiled and hugged him tightly.

Chris teared up a little. His whole history and birthday was rewritten, and no one knew about it except for him and Kevan. “” he said.

Aww, don't cry.” said mom, wiping his tears. “You can play with them at the park. We'll all go.” I managed to get some time off.

Chris sniffled. That's not why he was crying, but he thought maybe he could catch Kevan doing something at the park, so he went along with it. “Thanks mom.” he said.

After breakfast they loaded up in the car and headed to the park. Chris was ashamed to have to be put in a car seat, but it was the law. He had to sit next to Wanda in the back seat while the older ones got to sit in the middle. He couldn't help but feel left out.

Wanda smiled and offered him a lick of the lollipop she had been sucking on. “Wan some?” she asked.

Chris was grossed out. “No.” he said, folding his arms. “That's gross.”

Wanda frowned and popped it back in her mouth. “Ya no fun.” she said.

Chris just waited impatiently to get to the park. At least he was tall enough to see out of the windows. He saw his school as they drove by and he suddenly realized that if he were in school right now he would be in second grade again.

Once they got to the park, he needed his mom's help to get out of his seat and then walked out to the park with everyone. He looked around and everything was so big. As he walked around he tried keeping an eye on Kevan to make sure he didn't try anything.

Kevan noticed and kept running around, getting behind people and generally making it tough to track him. He wasn't doing anything though, he knew better. He was just doing this to get under Chris's skin.

Chris huffed and kept trying to follow Kevan, but his smaller body couldn't keep up. He eventually gave up and sat down on a bench looking defeated.

Aww, what's wrong Chris?” asked mom. “Don't want to play? I thought you wanted to come along.”

N-nothing.” said Chris. He knew that trying to explain why he was following Kevan wouldn't be productive. “I guess I just...wanted to play with Kevan and the others, but they keep running off.”

Ah, I see.” said mom. “Tell you what, how about I push you on the swings?”

It had been a while since his mom had asked him to do anything fun, let alone gave him this kind of attention. Chris decided he would go along with it and nodded. “Okay mom.” he said. He walked over to the swings with her and sat down in one.

His mom smiled and pushed him in the swing, higher and higher. She kept an eye on the others as she did, making sure Wanda was still playing in the sand box.

Chris actually smiled. For the first time in a long time, he was feeling genuinely happy. He actually began pumping his legs, swinging higher and higher, enjoying how high he was going. It was nice to get this kind of attention from his mom again after so long of looking after others for her. Soon he felt the need to pee though, and had to stop. “Mom?” he asked.

Yes dear?” she responded.

I um, have to use the bathroom.” Chris said blushing.

Oh, okay.” said mom, slowing the swing to a stop. “It's right over there.” She pointed to a small building across the way. “Let me know if you need help.”

Okay mom.” said Chris. He headed that way while his mom went to tend to Wanda. Just as he got there, he was confronted by Kevan.

“Where you going squirt?” said Kevan. “Gotta go potty like a big boy? Are you sure you can?”

Y-you shut up!” said Chris. “Make me big again!” He shouted and swung his fist at Kevan, but missed.

Now now, is that any way to treat your older brother?” Kevan teased. He easily pushed Chris away. “Better go potty before you pee your pants like a toddler!”

Chris teared up again but fought against his emotions. He didn't want Kevan to get the satisfaction of him having an accident, so he ran inside.

Don't worry, you won't have to worry about the potty soon.” Kevan joked, walking away.

Chris made it to the low urinal and did his business, but as he did he thought about what he just said. Was he going to get even younger? Would he end up in diapers? The thought terrified him and his heart raced. He needed to come up with a plan. After he finished up and washed his hands, he returned outside looking for Kevan, but he was nowhere to be found. Instead he saw Eric.

Hey bro! Want to go down the slide?” Eric asked.

“Hey Eric.” said Chris. “Um, sure.” It felt weird looking up at his little brother. At this point there was only a three year difference between them, but it was enough of a difference. Eric seemed happier and actually wanted to play with him. Together they went to the slide and climbed up and slid down several times. Chris couldn't help but noticed how high up it seemed. All of this was just so strange.

Julie was helping mom with Wanda, but later came over to join them in sliding. Together they all had a lot of fun, but without Kevan around. It all felt so nice that Chris began to take less and less notice of Kevan and simply enjoyed playing with his siblings. The thought struck him that maybe Kevan was right. If things could be this way without him being so mean to them, maybe he should change his ways. But would he even have a chance to now? As much as he hated it, his fate seemed to be in Kevan's hands, but why? How was he doing this?

On the way back to the car, Kevan grinned and tripped Chris, causing him to fall down and hurt his knees. “Ooops, sorry bro.” he said, getting in the car.

Chris's eyes burned and tears flowed. He was unable to control what happened next as he wailed loudly for his mommy. “Mooooom!” he cried. Julie and Eric came to his aid first though, followed by their mom.

Uh oh, what happened?” asked mom. “Are you okay?”

He fell.” said Kevan. “He was trying to go too fast and tripped.”

Chris sniffled and rubbed his eyes. “Kevan tripped me!” he tattled. “He made me fall!” He was unaware of his knees bleeding a little. His hands stung from taking most of the impact.

Is that true Kevan?” asked mom. “Don't lie.”

No, it's not true.” said Kevan. “He's lying!”

Well, whatever happened, let's get you home and take care of those scrapes.” said mom. She helped Chris into his car seat and the others got back in and drove home.

Chris sniffled and rubbed his knees on the way home. He felt like his fun time was ruined. He wasn't even thinking of having his age stolen or whatever was going on. He just hated Kevan for tripping him and then lying about it. Once home, he was taken into the bathroom and had his wounds treated by his mom. He ended up with Mickey Mouse bandages on his knees. “These are for little kids.” he said.

You are a little kid.” said mom. “Now come on, go rest on the couch while I make dinner.”

Chris nodded and headed there. He saw Kevan there playing his video game, and doing rather well at it. “Hey! That's my game!” he shouted.

No it's not!” said Kevan. “Mom got this for me!”

You big meanie!” said Chris. “Gimme back my game!” He tugged at the controller but Kevan was stronger, and pulled it away.

No way!” said Kevan.

Chris!” shouted mom. “Stop yelling and making trouble!”

Ugh, but mooom!” Chris whined. He sulked on the couch next to Eric.

“Don't worry Chris.” said Eric. “You can have my turn.”

Chris looked up at Eric and smiled. “Really?” he said.

Sure bud.” said Eric. True to his word, he let Chris play next.

Chris smiled and played, but the controller now felt too big in his hands and he had trouble adjusting. He kept losing and got frustrated.

See?” said Kevan. “I told you this was my game. You're too little to play it right.”

Chris glared at Kevan, but any threat he could make would be an empty one. He just continued to play until it was Julie's turn. At least he got a turn to play. The rest of the night went on like this, until it was bath time. Much to his surprise, his mom was waiting for him in the bathroom.

Come on honey, time for a bath.” said mom.

I can bathe myself.” said Chris.

“Yes, but you don't always get everywhere.” said mom. “Also, here are your night clothes.” She pointed to a stack of Spongebob pajamas.

Okay mom.” said Chris. “But let me bathe myself please?”

Hm, okay.” said mom. “If you think you can get yourself completely clean. Otherwise I'll be bathing you next time.”

Chris blushed. “Okay mom.” he said. He waited for her to leave then shut the door and got undressed. He looked down at his little body and blushed. Not a hint of puberty anywhere. He was soft and round in the middle. His skin was a pale peachy color, and his face shown with innocence. “Ugh.” he sighed, and got in the tub. He made sure to wash himself clean, but as he did he thought about how he was going to get out of this mess. He would have to somehow convince Kevan to undo everything.

After his bath, Chris was dressed in his embarrassing pajamas and sat on the couch to watch TV with Eric. Together they watched Spongebob, and Chris found himself actually enjoying the show. Then Kevan came in and changed the channel.

It's time for my show.” said Kevan.

Hey!” shouted Chris. “We were watching that!”

You can watch your dumb baby show anytime.” said Kevan. “They show marathons of it every day. This show only comes on tonight.”

Chris then remembered, the show he wanted to watch was the show he used to interrupt games for. Oddly enough, it no longer interested him the same way, and he soon got bored and went to his room. Looking at the toys on the floor, he decided to clean them up. However, the boredom and renewed childhood interests got to him and he found himself playing on the floor with them for the rest of the night.

Time for bed!” said mom. “Go brush your teeth.”

Chris got up and went to the bathroom to brush his teeth. When he got back he saw that Kevan was already in his bed. Slowly, he made his way over to his own bed and got into it.

Good night you two.” said mom, turning out the lights and leaving the room. After a while, Kevan spoke up.

Hope you like being a toddler.” said Kevan. “You'll be in training pants like Wanda. That'll be fun.” He laughed in his bed.

W-why are you doing this?” asked Chris. “If it's because I was mean to my siblings, I'm sorry! I saw how much fun we can have together and I know I was a jerk. I'm sorry. Just please, don't make me younger again.”

We'll see.” said Kevan with a grin.

Chris's mind whirled with thoughts of being younger and he had trouble sleeping, but soon found himself dreaming of running around wearing nothing but a diaper. People were laughing at him, and he was crying as he wet himself. When he woke up things had changed again. He was now in a nursery colored in pastel green and yellow colors. His bed had rails on the side, but was shaped like a car. Across from him was Wanda, asleep in her toddler bed. When he sat up, he was horrified when he felt a cold wetness around his crotch.

Good morning kids!” said mom, happily turning on the light.

Chris covered his eyes from the blinding light and cringed. When he opened them, he saw that his side of the nursery was decorated with Paw Patrol characters and there were plushes here and there. “M-mom?” he said in a tiny voice. Looking up at her, she was like a giant now. He had indeed gotten smaller and younger. He knew he had wet himself and now was just a toddler like Kevan said. All at once he began to cry like one too.

Aww, what's wrong little man?” asked mom. She checked his night time diaper. “Oh, you're wet. It's okay. Let me clean you up.”

“Mommy I dwy!” said Wanda. She had woken up dry for once and was very proud of herself. “I big guwl!”

You sure are!” said mom. “Go on and use your potty while I change your brother.”

Mama I big boy!” said Chris. He had vague memories of being a bed wetter when he was younger, and the lingering odor awakened them.

Sure you are.” said mom, picking him up. “Mommy's big man!” She laid him on the changing table and teased his tummy.

Chris felt so little being placed on a changing table. He couldn't help but cry a little more at his situation.

“Shhh, shhh...” said his mom, trying to calm him. “I'll have you changed in a jiffy.” She hummed as she opened his diaper and began cleaning the cold urine from him.

Chris blushed bright red being changed by his mom. He had fallen far from his pedestal as oldest child, now down to nearly the youngest. He squirmed and fussed on the changing table but was unable to prevent himself from being put in a fresh pair of training pants.

“There, all better.” said mom. She kissed him on the head and blew raspberries on his belly.

Chris couldn't help but squirm and giggle. His laughter sounded like a baby. His disposable training pants rustled slightly when he wiggled. “Moooom!” he whined through his giggles. “No diapuh!”

It's not a diaper dear, they're training pants.” said mom, picking him up and getting him dressed in a cute pair of shortalls with a snap crotch and a Paw Patrol shirt.

Chris frowned at his new attire. He felt like such a baby. He was frustrated that his complaints were going ignored by his mom. He saw his reflection again and how little he looked in his mother's arms. Chris was no longer a child, but a toddler. Nearly a baby. He certainly looked the part in his outfit, blushing cheeks, and messy red hair.

His mom tended to Wanda, who had used her plastic training potty like a pro, then carried them both to the kitchen and placed them in high chairs. She then prepared some pancakes for everyone and cut them up for Chris and Wanda.

Chris looked around at the table, which was even larger to him now. It was hard getting used to being so small. Once again, Kevan was older, now the oldest from the looks of it. He blushed, having to eat small bites of pancakes with a toddler fork. He ended up making a mess on his shirt with syrup, and got it all over his hands as well. He blushed as his mom cleaned him and Wanda up.

Okay, you two go and play.” said mom. She put both Chris and Wanda down on the floor.

Otay mom!” said Wanda. “Come on Chwis! Wets pway!” She toddled excitedly to the living room.

Chris reluctantly followed. “Um, I dun wanna pway.” said Chris. His childish lisp annoyed him.

Aw, come on bwo!” said Wanda. “We can pway gwocewy game! I bwing yoo da stuffs n yoo wing up em up on da toy wegistew.”

Chris looked at the big clunky cash register. It had happy images of food, clothes, toys, and other things on it, as well as fake money inside. Before he could complain again, Wanda had brought him some plastic fake food in a little pink grocery cart.

Otay, wing deze up pweez.” said Wanda, smiling and handing him the plastic items.

Chris sighed and pretended to scan them and pressed buttons. “Dat wiww be ten dowwahs.” he said.

Wanda handed him some pretend money. “Hewe yoo go siw.” she said.

Fankoo.” said Chris. He took the money and put it in the cash register.

Otay, now I be da cash wowkew n yoo bwing da gwocewies to me.” said Wanda.

Chris sighed again and swapped places with Wanda. He had played this game with her before when he was older, so he knew how it went. “Hewe my gwocewies.” he said.

Fankoo siw!” said Wanda, ringing up the items again. “Dat be hundwed dowwawahs!”

Dats a wot!” said Chris.

Uh huh!” said Wanda. “Ish wike da biggest numbah!” She giggled and pressed more buttons on the register. She didn't understand any of the numbers that popped up, but she enjoyed pressing the buttons and hearing the sounds.

I gotta find Kevan.” said Chris. He got up, hearing his training pants rustle, and walked around. His legs were small and a little weak, but he was able to walk okay even with the bulk of the training pants slowing him down. Everything was so massive now, and his siblings were all giants except for Wanda. This must be how she sees everyone. As he walked he passed by what used to be his room and saw it was now Kevan's. It was full of sci fi and magic decorations, but he was not inside. He saw that now Julie and Eric shared a room, and Julie was inside watching videos on an iPad.

Julie saw little Chris and smiled. “Hey little bro.” she said. “Want to come watch videos with me?”

Um, suwe.” said Chris, walking into the room. It was gigantic and he had trouble getting up onto the bed, but Julie helped him. He sat by her and saw that she was watching funny videos. He ended up chuckling at a few, but then remembered his goal. “Whewe ish Keban?” he asked.

Oh, I think he's out back with Eric playing ball.” said Julie. “Want me to take you out there?”

Uh huh.” said Chris. It felt weird being picked up by her like a sack of potatoes. He noticed her grunt a little as she carried him. He must have been a bit too heavy for her as he began to slip.

“Here, let me put you on the floor.” she said. “You're too heavy for me to carry.” She smiled and held his hand and led him out into the back yard.

Chris looked around. He hadn't been out here since the changes started, but things looked familiar. There was still the swing set and toddler play area with little plastic slide and climbing station. In the open area, Eric and Kevan were tossing a football back and forth.

Hey guys!” said Eric. “What's up?”

Aw man, why'd you bring a baby out here?” Kevan complained.

He wants to see you.” said Julie with a smile.

Oh yeah?” asked Kevan. He walked up and towered over the boy. “What do you want Chris?”

Chris looked up at Kevan's looming image. He was a bit intimidating. “Y-yoo wanna pway?” he asked.

Play what?” asked Kevan. “Some kind of baby game? Hide and seek maybe? Heh.”

That sounds like a good idea!” said Julie. “Let's all play hide and seek! Kevan is it!”

Hey!” Kevan complained. “We were playing something already.”

“Come on Kev.” said Eric. “This sounds fun! Besides, it'll involve us all!”

“Ugh, okay fine.” said Kevan. He turned and began to count.

Better go hide!” said Julie, running off.

Chris looked around and saw some bushes he could hide behind, so he toddled over to them and sat down, making sure he could see Kevan.

Kevan finished counting and began looking around. He instantly found Julie who was hiding behind the toddler play set. Eric was harder to find, and he kept searching while Julie sat on the swings.

Chris watched intently as Kevan stomped around looking. When he got near him, he got nervous and felt a few spurts enter his pull up. He was so embarrassed, having just wet himself a little that he let out a small whine.

Kevan heard this and turned toward the bushes. He quickly bolted around them and tagged little Chris. “Got ya little squirt!” he said.

Chris meeped and fell over, then got up. “No faiw!” he said.

Deal with it.” said Kevan. He went and then found Eric hiding behind the side of the house. “You guys were too easy to find.”

Eric went over to the swings with Julie and began swinging with her. “I guess you're just too good.” he said.

Julie smiled and hopped off the swings. “Guess I'm it now.” she said. “You all go hide!” She turned and covered her eyes and began counting.

Once again Chris waddled off to hide. There weren't many places to choose from, so he hid behind the slide. In spite of it all, he was having a good time playing with his siblings.

Julie soon stopped counting and looked around. She smiled, seeing Chris's leg sticking out from behind the slide. She ignored him for now, wanting him to feel proud of his hiding skills. Instead she went over and found Eric hiding behind the trash bin. After searching for a while, they gave up finding Kevan and went over to Chris.

Chris really had to go to the bathroom now, but he didn't want to be found. He squirmed as he waited, trying to hold it in. He also began to get bored just sitting there plucking grass from the ground. He was surprised when he was suddenly touched on the head by Julie.

Gotcha!” she said with a smile.

Chris meeped and began to soak his pull up. He looked down and saw they had leaked on his shortalls and began to cry.

Awww, uh oh.” said Eric. “Looks like he had another accident. I'll take him to mom.” He picked up the wailing toddler and brought him inside where he saw Kevan sitting on the couch eating popcorn. “Kevan! You were supposed to be hiding!”

I was hiding.” he said, having some popcorn. “In here.”

So lame.” said Eric. “Mom, Chris needs a change!”

Get Kevan to do it please!” she said from her office room. “I'm a little busy!”

Kevan, mom says to change Chris.” said Eric.

Oh man, do I have to?” Kevan whined.

Yes, mom said.” said Eric, handing Chris over to Kevan.

Chris didn't feel comfortable in Kevan's arms. Kevan seemed to hold him wrong and it hurt his arms. He whined and kicked in Kevan's grasp.

Stop squirming squirt!” said Kevan. He took Chris back to the nursery room where he laid him on a changing table. “Heh, just couldn't hold it huh?”

Chris sniffled and shot Kevan the middle finger.

That's rude.” said Kevan. “I wonder if you'll be able to make that gesture tomorrow.”

Chris blushed as Kevan opened the snaps on his shortalls, then removing them. “Why yoo do dis?” he asked.

You really want to know?” said Kevan, cleaning up the blushing Chris. “I guess I can tell you. You see, I used to be big too. In fact, I was about as old as you. I'm part of a famous magician family. I showed great talent so was sent off to a special magic boarding school early in life. I rarely saw my parents. They were always off attending parties or meetings. I guess they got on someone's list because they were killed.”

Chris looked shocked. First of all, he couldn't believe there was real magic in the world. Second, he couldn't believe this had happened.

Don't worry.” said Kevan, opening the soaked pull up and wiping Chris down. “We weren't close so I didn't really feel anything when I got the news. They were afraid of this shady group of wizards finding me, so they regressed me into a baby and hid me in a random orphanage. Somehow people must have known though, because most people didn't want me. Your parents were different though. More accepting.”

Den why yoo do dis to me?” asked Chris, feeling cold on the table.

Because I saw how you treated your siblings.” said Kevan. “You were half right before. I wanted you to see what it's like on the bottom looking up. Now look at you. Naked on a changing table after having peed yourself like a baby. How does it feel?”

Chris tried not to cry. “N-nawt good.” he said. “I dun wike it.”

Of course not.” said Kevan. He pulled out a diaper instead of a pull up. “How about this instead?”

Chris shook his head. “N-no! No diapuh!” he said, kicking his little legs.

“You'll have to deal with them eventually anyway.” said Kevan, lifting him by the ankles and sliding the diaper under him. “I want to be my full age again. Just one more night and I'll have it back. You'll be a baby, but think about it, you'll be smarter than all the other babies!” He laughed and began to powder Chris's groin.

Chris squirmed and fussed on the table, making it as difficult as possible.”Nu uh!” he squeaked. “No diapuh! Pwease! We make deaw?”

A deal? What could you possibly offer me that is better than getting my age back?” he asked, pulling the front of the diaper up over Chris's groin and taping it shut.

I gonna make it so hawd fow yoo.” said Chris. “If yoo make me a babee, I gonna cwy n pee n poop aww da time jus fow yoo. Mama n dada awe busy so yoo hafta take cawe of me. If I cwy when awound yoo, yoo get in twouble.” Chris grinned a mischievous grin. “I neber wet yoo haf a moment of peace.”

Kevan frowned. “You'll regret it if you do!” he said. “Don't mess with me! I can turn you into a mouse or snake. Maybe I'll make you a girl so Wanda will have a baby sister to play with.” He made these threats, but could he back them up?

Chris frowned. He didn't want to be turned into anything else. “Jus wemembah, I can make tings easy ow hawd fow yoo. If yoo couwd do dat stuff, I bet ya wouwd haf done it by now.”

Kevan picked up Chris and shook him a little. “Listen you little twerp!” he said. “Don't test me!”

Chris soon wailed and cried loudly, getting the attention of his mother.

Kevan!” mom yelled from the door way. “What are you doing to your little brother?”

Nothing mom!” said Kevan. “He just started crying. I think he wants you.”

Don't lie to me.” said mom. “He wasn't crying until you took him in here. You didn't hurt him by accident did you?”

No mom, I swear!” said Kevan. He was beginning to see how Chris could have some power over him, and he didn't like it.

Well, let me see him.” said mom. She took Chris from him and rocked him gently. He was a bit big for her to cradle, but she managed.

Chris soon calmed down. He did enjoy the attention from his mom, even though it made him feel like a baby.

“There there.” said mom. “All better now?”

Chris nodded his head. “Yah, I jus dun wanna weaw diapees.”

Mom looked and saw that Kevan had put him in a diaper. “Kevan, you know he's potty training and should be wearing his training pants. These diapers are old and for night time only.” She sighed and removed them, then slipped a fresh pair of pull ups on Chris.

Yes mom.” said Kevan, sounding a bit defeated. He clenched his fists though. He thought of himself as a powerful mage, not some babysitter for diaper babies.

Chris just smiled a little. Even though he was little and had to wear protection, he could still have some fun and mess with his oppressor.

After dinner everyone gathered in the living room to watch a movie. Chris was dressed in his Paw Patrol pajamas and night time diaper, since it was expected that he would fall asleep during it. He was given a sippy cup of juice to drink so he wouldn't spill anything, which made him blush. Instead of falling asleep he suddenly felt the need to poop. This was his chance to prove he could be a big boy to his family.

“Mom! Gotta poopy!” Chris said childishly. He had heard Wanda talk like that before.

Uh oh, better get you to a potty quick!” said mom. She got up and took him to his potty, removed his pajamas and diaper, then sat him on it.

Chris barely made it there in time as he felt it about to come out. He sat there and grunted slightly doing his business, then smiled. He looked up at his mom for praise.

“Good boy!” said mom. She stood him up and wiped his bottom, making him blush.

Chris felt so little but so loved. Again, the attention from his mother was what he enjoyed most about this situation. Also he had seen how good he had it with his siblings before Kevan came along, and resolved to be better if he was ever able to return to his previous age. Once they were done, they went back into the living room and continued. Sure enough, he found himself drifting off to sleep.

His mom smiled and picked him up and took him to his room, and tucked him into his bed. “Sleep tight my little miracle.” she said, kissing him on the head.

Chris just smiled and snuggled up with a plush under his blankets. A thumb found its way into his mouth. Oddly enough, he slept peacefully that night, knowing he would wake up younger. He had his plan.

The morning sun shown through the window in the nursery. Inside a small crib, baby Chris awoke and looked at the wooden bars around him. Above him was a mobile of little animals that had long since stopped spinning. He struggled to sit up, having a hard time controlling his body. He felt something squish under him, and the noticed an awful smell. He looked down at his pudgy baby hands and shook them, wiggling his fingers to make sure they were his. He pulled the blanket off him and saw his round protruding tummy hanging over his diaper a bit. His diaper was soaked and stinky. It felt gross and slippery on his bottom, as well as cold. Looking over, he could see Wanda was still sharing a room with him, but she was in her toddler bed. He tried to speak to her, but forming words was difficult. Instead he let out some baby noises. His diaper felt icky and he did his best not to cry.

Wanda woke up upon hearing Chris and got out of her little bed. She toddled over to him and smiled. “Good mownin Chwis!” she said. “Phew! You smeww tinky. I'm dwy dis mownin! I a big guwl!” She waddled out into the hallway and called for mom.

Mom came to her and smiled. “Good morning Wanda!” she said, picking her up and hugging her. “Did you sleep well?”

I did mommy!” said Wanda. “Wook! I dwy again!” She proudly showed off her dry Goodnite.

Good girl!” said mom. She walked in carrying Wanda.

Chwis made a tinky!” said Wanda. “He need a diapuh change.”

Phew!” said mom, fanning her nose. “He sure did!” She put Wanda down on the floor. “Go use your potty and I'll get him changed.”

“Yes mama!” said Wanda, and she scampered off to the bathroom to do her business in her training potty.

How is my little miracle baby today?” she asked baby Chris.

Chris struggled to speak. He struggled to do everything it seemed. “M-m-mmmma! Mmmmama!” he said finally.

Yes, I'm your mommy!” said mom, picking him up. “Mommy thought she could never have a baby of her own, but then you came along.” She smiled and laid him on the changing table, unfastening his diaper.

The smell nearly overwhelmed Chris as he lay there. It was so gross, and felt gross to be on his body. He covered his eyes since he didn't want to see too much of himself down there as his mom lifted him by the ankles and wiped his little rear free of brown goo. He felt small yesterday, but today he felt absolutely tiny. His mom was able to lift him up with no effort and change his diaper. It was super embarrassing to wear one, let alone have a messy one changed by his mom, but he focused on trying to bargain with Kevan.

Once she had him in a clean diaper, his mom took him to the bathroom to check on Wanda. She had successfully used the potty again. “Good girl!” she said. “Some day you can teach your little brother how to use the potty. Then we won't have any more stinky diapers in the house!”

Yay!” cheered Wanda. “No mow tinky diapees!” She smiled as she was cleaned up and then had her teeth brushed.

Their mom washed her hands and then took the to smallest kids into the kitchen and put them both into a high chair.

Kevan just grinned at seeing little baby Chris.

Chris glared back with his baby face. He wasn't very threatening. He saw that Kevan was indeed even older now, perhaps even the age Chris had been to begin with.

Chris's mom gave Wanda a bowl of cereal to eat and then began feeding him his own. “Open wide for mommy!” she said.

Chris blushed and opened his mouth. It was so weird seeing his mom acting this way toward him. He wondered if she had been like this when he was a baby the first time. Now with a mature mind, she just looked like a crazy person. He ate the cereal though, and smiled. He decided he would be a good baby for her, but not for Kevan. After his cereal his mom gave him a baby bottle of formula to nurse on. He blushed, not wanting to, but allowed it to enter his mouth. He chewed and sucked on the nipple, at first getting only a few drops out of it. Then he figured it out and was able to get a good flow going. To his surprise, it tasted okay. It was creamy and sweet, with a hint of iron. When he finished, he was picked up by his mom and placed over her shoulder. She patted his back until he burped involuntarily and blushed.

Good boy!” she said, rocking him gently.

Kevan just laughed out loud, knowing how Chris must be feeling. He was a baby just a few days ago and he didn't like any of it. To him it was fun to see Chris put in his place like this. It was enjoyable seeing the frustration and confusion on his face. “Little bro sure is cute isn't he?” he said to cover himself.

Can I hold him mom?” asked Julie.

Well, okay, but be gentle.” said mom. She handed Chris over to Julie.

Chris looked up at Julie's smiling face. She was still a seven-year-old kid, but gigantic compared to him. He certainly wasn't too heavy for her to hold now.

Julie smiled and held her little brother, smiling and cooing down to him. He was just so cute.

Can I howd him?” asked Wanda.

You're too young to hold a baby.” said mom.

Buh yoo said I was big guwl!” said Wanda. “I two yeaws owder dan him.”

Two years older?” Chris thought. “That makes me...just a year old.” He shivered at the thought. He knew he was a baby, just not how old. He felt even smaller.

Maybe later we can sit on the couch together and I'll let you hold him then.” said mom. She was being very protective of him. She carried him to the living room once everyone was done with breakfast, and sat him down in a large plastic playpen. “Kevan, I'm trusting you to look after him.”

Kevan sighed. “Okay mom.” he said, sitting on the couch where he could watch his little prisoner.

Chris looked out from the playpen at the giant world around him. It was almost unfamiliar to him now that he was so small and isolated. The bars of the playpen were thick, rounded, and colorful. Inside was an array of baby toys for him. He looked at a baby rattle with a little happy face on it and frowned. This was going to be tough. His attention turned to some stacking rings which he managed to stack perfectly. Then he saw something he could annoy Kevan with. It was a busy box activity center that could make all sorts of sounds. A rivulet of droll dropped from his grin as he crinkled over to it. On it was a small mirror, and for the first time he saw his baby face looking aback at him. His red hair was whispy and soft atop his small rounded head, his eyes looked big and innocent. His little ears stuck out slightly, and his cheeks were plump with baby fat. He remembered seeing baby photos of himself but this was something else. He shook his head and began playing with it. He mashed the buttons and pushed the levers, making all sorts of noise. It was actually kind of fun.

Kevan was getting annoyed. He tried covering his ears, but that didn't work. Then he finally snapped. “Stop playing with that dumb thing!” he yelled.

Chris just smiled and kept pushing buttons, making a lot of beeps, boops, musical tones, and animal sounds.

“Stop it!” yelled Kevan. “I mean it!”

Chris giggled babyishly and kept pushing the buttons, knowing he was also pushing Kevan's buttons.

That's it!” said Kevan. He stomped over to the playpen and took away the busy box. “No more!”

Chris decided now would be a good time to unleash the regressed emotions he had been feeling and began to wail and bawl loudly. He kicked his chubby feet and banged his little fists on the floor.

No wait, stop!” said Kevan.

Kevan!” shouted mom from her office room. “What's going on in there?”

“Nothing mom!” shouted Kevan. “Chris is just...being a brat.”

Chris continued to cry and wail on the floor loudly, as loud as possible.

Soon their mom came in. “What in the world is your problem?” she asked little Chris, picking him up.

Chris whimpered and sniffled, reaching for the busy box Kevan had behind his back.

Kevan?” asked mom. “What do you have there? Did you take away his toy?”

Kevan reluctantly showed her. “It just makes too much noise and I'm trying to watch my show.” he said.

“You shouldn't take his things.” said mom. She took it back from him and put it into the playpen. “I don't care if it makes noise, it keeps him happy and quiet.

That's not fair mom!” shouted Kevan. “I want to watch my show!”

Life isn't fair sweety.” said mom. “Just deal with it for mommy, okay?” She gave him a kiss on the head and then put Chris back into the playpen. “I have a lot of work to do, so please just keep him quiet.”

Okay mom.” said Kevan, slumping down on the couch. He was beginning to see what Chris meant by his threats.

Almost immediately, Chris began pushing the buttons and banging on the busy box again, giggling and drooling a little.

Kevan did his best to ignore the sounds and watch his show, even turning the volume up louder and louder.

Kevan!” shouted Eric from his room. “Turn it down! I'm trying to listen to music!”

Can it!” shouted Kevan, and he continued to watch his show. “Stupid baby.” He looked down at Chris who was smiling up at him.

Chris kept playing until he felt a pressure in his tummy. He knew what was coming, and that he wouldn't be able to stop it. He didn't want to, but it meant more work for Kevan, which was good. Pulling on the side of the playpen, he stood up on wobbly legs. He squatted and grunted, pushing out a heavy load into his diaper. It felt so gross, but it was a great relief.

Aw man!” said Kevan, covering his nose. “Not this too!”

Chris just giggled then frowned and threatened to cry again.

No no no!” said Kevan, picking him up. “I got this. I can do this.” He carried little Chris to his changing table and laid him on it. “Ugh, you are so gross. Do you like pooping yourself?”

Chris blushed and shook his head. Of course he didn't! But he did like that Kevan had to deal with it.

Kevan had to keep his breakfast down while opening the diaper and seeing the mess. “Oh god.” he said, covering his nose again. “You were right. Babies are gross.” He lifted him by the ankles and used some baby wipes to clean him. Then he smiled. “I guess I could get used to this. I mean, it's only for a few years right?”

Chris then pouted and kicked his little legs. Suddenly a stream of urine erupted from him and sprayed Kevan in the face. Chris giggled at this and clapped his little hands.

Gross!” shouted Kevan, wiping his face. “That's it man, you're going to get it!” He went to spank Chris but then his mom showed up behind him.

Kevan!” she shouted. “What do you think you are doing?!”

O-oh, s-sorry mom!” said Kevan. “He peed on me! He did it on purpose!”

Don't be silly.” said mom, taking over diaper changing duty. “He's just a baby. He didn't mean to. He can't hold it.” She smiled down at her baby boy and his smiling face, then cleaned him up and got him into a fresh diaper. “Don't you dare spank him! Hitting a baby is wrong! Go to your room for the day, you're grounded.”

But mom!” shouted Kevan.

No buts! Go!” she shouted.

Ugh!” Kevan grunted and went to his room and slammed the door.

Chris smiled. He had won this battle, and knew he could do it again and again, as many times as he needed. While Kevan was grounded, Eric helped out and actually played with him. Julie would come in and play peek-a-boo or tickle his tummy. Wanda got to sit on the couch with him and hold his bottle while he drank from it. It was embarrassing, but he felt so loved and cared for. Whenever Kevan would mistreat one of the other siblings, Chris would cry and get him in trouble. It was a good way of keeping him on a leash.

The next day their mom decided it would be fun to let the smaller kids play in a kiddie pool so she filled it with nice cold water, put both Wanda and Chris into swim diapers, and put them in it.

Chris looked around at the baby pool toys floating around him and pushed a boat with his hand. He wiggled his chubby little feet and toes in the water, kicking some.

Do it wike dis.” said Wanda, showing her little brother how to work the toy. She had to wind it up and let it go, and it would swim around the surface.

Chris nodded and tried, but his hands were too uncoordinated. He actually needed help from a toddler. “Wawawawa...” he said, trying to say her name. Even that was too difficult for him.

Kevan came out and sprayed them both with the water hose. “It's raining!” he shouted, chuckling.

Wanda giggled as the water splashed her and tried to block it with her hands.

Some of the water got up Chris's nose and into his eyes and he began to cry, once again getting the attention of their father and getting Kevan in trouble.

Kevan cursed under his breath and went to play with Eric, but he was playing with his toys near the kiddie pool. Even Julie was busy playing with them and occasionally getting into the pool with the babies. He was feeling left out all of a sudden and just went to sulk in his room.

After a few days of diaper changes, loud noises, crying, getting in trouble, and having to give up his free time to babysit, Kevan finally had enough. During one of the diaper changes he shut the door and decided to make a deal.

Look.” said Kevan. “I get it. Being a baby sucks. I was there. I dealt with it first hand. But taking care of one sucks even more. Also it kind of sucks not having someone my age to talk and relate to. Eric is still playing with toys, Julie just wants to play ponies or with Wanda, and Wanda just wants to have tea parties and play house. All my time is taken up and I can't even practice my magic. So I'll make you a deal. I'll find a way to grow you back up to your normal age, and you can volunteer to help out with the kids so I don't have to do so much. I can work on my magic in secret and in exchange for keeping that secret, maybe I'll teach you a trick or two. Besides, I think you've learned a lesson about being a better big brother. So what do you think? Does that work?”

Chris smiled big and nodded. “Yuh!” he squeaked. He really wanted to be big again. He didn't even care that his diaper was being changed as they talked.

Then it's a deal.” said Kevan. He shook Chris's tiny hand. “It may take a bit since I have to steal age from someone to give to you, but all I need to do is touch them and whisper my magic words.”

Chris nodded again and began to think. Unfortunately, having a regressed brain meant it made thinking harder. His mind would often wonder or he would get distracted by something else. He smiled as Kevan finished up the diaper change.

After that, it took a bit of time, but they all gathered to have fun at the park again on a nice sunny day. Kevan pretended to lose his ball and ask a nearby elderly couple if they had seen it. When they found it by their bench, they smiled and gave it to him. Keven took advantage and shook hands with them, quietly uttering his magic spell. He then smiled and thanked them and walked back over to Kevan who was sitting in the sand box with Wanda.

Okay.” whispered Kevan. “It may take a few days, since I can only manage a little per day, but they are so old they probably won't notice. If anything, they'll start to feel better and it's a win-win.”

Chris nodded and smiled. He was so happy that he would soon be big again. It took several days, but eventually Chris ended up at his normal age of thirteen. Now he had a new brother his own age that he could go through school with, and even learn magic from. True to his word, he helped out with his younger siblings so Kevan could sneak off and practice his magic. Their bond grew closer, and Chris found himself not minding so much taking care of them. He would even help Eric and Julie with their homework. This freed up even more time for his mom and dad, and meant they could eventually go on trips to see a movie or even to an amusement park. Kevan found himself slowly bonding to his new family. He hadn't actually grown up with them, but they showed him love and kindness as if he had. He didn't want to leave them, but knew that some day he would have to so that he could get justice for his original family. However, that is a tale for another day.

The End?



End Chapter 1

Adopted Magic

by: Ouroboros | Complete Story | Last updated Oct 16, 2021


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vended · Oct 15, 2021

Not bad at all! A fun little read. The beginning, however, is terrible in terms of story writting. You sould never do that sort of rpesentation card paragraph. Just begin the story and add these informations here and there when it fit the narration, in dialogs or descriptions. Show, don't tell. ;)

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