A Little Jealous

by: Ouroboros | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 16, 2023

A story commission for anonymous. Kelly and her friend Laura are jealous of their new college frat friend who just started dating the hot new guy on campus. They plan to use a secret magic potion to teach them a lesson, but will things go their way?

Chapter 1
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I can't believe her.” said Kelly, a twenty-six-year-old woman with long blonde hair and blue eyes. “Mark is such a catch! I saw him before her! It's not fair!”

I know Kelly.” said Laura, Kelly's friend. She was the same age as her, but had short red hair and green eyes. “He's the hot new guy on campus, but there are plenty more guys.”

“But only one like Mark!” Kelly shouted. “Look, we've been attending this college for a few years now. We welcomed Anne into our sorority even though she was a freshman. She's three years younger than us, but she got the hot guy right away!”

I had eyes for him too you know.” said Laura. “If you weren't going for him, I was gonna.”

Yeah, at least you have that respect for me.” said Kelly. “That Anne thinks she's so hot, but I'll show her.”

What do you mean?” asked Laura. “Look, don't do anything that gets us in trouble. I don't want to get kicked out.”

“Don't worry.” said Kelly. “There's no way they will know it was us.”

“What do you mean by us?” asked Laura. “Am I involved in this plan?”

Of course you are!” said Kelly. “I'll need your help for what I have planned.”

So what is it?” asked Laura.

Well, my cousin happens to be in a coven.” said Kelly.

A coven?” asked Laura. “You mean like witches and stuff?”

Yep.” said Kelly. “Magic is real and so are they.”

“Wow, really?” asked the gullible Laura. “What sort of magic are you going to use?”

This.” said Kelly, pulling out a small glass phial of clear liquid. “It's a youth potion. We slip this in their drinks, and soon they'll just be little babies again.”

Babies?” asked Laura. “For real?”

“Very real.” said Kelly.

But then we'll have babies to take care of.” said Laura.

“I planned for that.” said Kelly. “I bought some diapers and bottles and stuff. We'll have some real fun teasing them both.” She grinned while thinking of torturing her supposed rival, having visions of changing them, bathing them, and pointing out all of their small, chubby, underdeveloped parts.

So we'll be taking care of babies forever?” asked Laura.

“Of course not!” said Kelly. “We'll drop them off at her mom's house, on her door step, with a note.”

Just so long as it's not illegal.” said Laura.

“There's no law against making someone younger.” said Kelly. “It's perfect.”

Yeah, that'll show her!” said Laura. “Oh, but then Mark will be a baby too. Don't you want him?”

Not if he's going to accept her over me.” said Kelly. “He had his chance. If he wants her so bad, he can grow up with her all over again.”

Yeah, we'll send them back to daycare!” Laura giggled.

I'll invite them over for a pizza party tonight.” said Kelly. “Then we can have some real fun.”

They have no idea what we have planned for them.” said Laura. “I can't wait to see their cute little baby faces!”

“It'll be fantastic!” said Kelly.

Meanwhile, out on the campus, Anna was walking with Mark. When they first met, it was love at first sight. They were both around the same age and taking some of the same classes. Mark had first noticed her in his literature class. She was very pretty with long brunette hair and hazel eyes, but it wasn't just looks. She was smart and kind as well, and her personality is what really attracted him to her. Anne took one look at Mark and saw his handsome, smiling face and short black hair. He had a short mustache and stubble on his chin that made him look more mature than the others. Neither had really dated anyone seriously before, but both clearly had feelings for each other. They had been going out now for over a month, but were still a bit shy trying to do anything romantic.

So, how did you do on the test?” asked Mark.

I think I did quite well.” said Anne. “I'm only taking literature as part of my core classes. I'm actually planning on becoming a teacher.”

Oh?” asked Mark. “For what grade?”

“I think maybe kindergarten or first grade.” said Anne. “Kids are adorable when they are first learning.”

Yeah, but kids can be cruel too.” said Mark. “There are bullies and trouble makers.”

Sure, but not every kid is going to be like that.” said Anne. “Plus, they react to your mood and actions. I plan on being the fun, cool teacher.”

Those are the best kind.” said Mark with a smile. “I'm sure you'll make a good teacher.”

Thanks Mark.” said Anne. She smiled and slowly reached for his hand as they walked.

Mark noticed and smiled, reaching out himself. Their fingers touched, then he felt her hand grab his gently. He decided to hold her hand a bit tighter and swing it back and forth a bit. “Come on, let's find a place to sit down and chat.” he said.

“Oh, okay.” said Anne, blushing a bit. She thought maybe he was going to ask her out on a date or something. They went to the nearby cafeteria area and sat at a small table outside. It was a nice, warm, summer day and the birds were chirping.

Sure is nice out today.” said Mark. “I love the summer time. What is your favorite season?”

I like spring myself.” said Anne. “Summer is nice too though. I love going to the beach to relax.”

Me too.” said Mark. “Haven't been lately though.”

Maybe we could go together sometime.” said Anne.

“You mean like a date?” asked Mark.

Anne blushed and looked surprised at what she just said. “Um, sure!” she said. “If you want to that is.”

Well, only if you want to.” said Mark. “I don't want to move too fast.”

I feel like we're moving at just the right pace.” said Anne. “I wouldn't mind taking things to the next step if you are ready.”

I think I'm ready.” said Mark. “If you are.” He moved a little closer to her.

Y-yeah...” said Anne. “I think I am too.” She moved a little closer to him. The two moved closer and closer, bringing their faces nearer to each other. Each began to pucker their lips, anticipating a kiss. They were nearly kissing when Anne's phone rang. She jolted back and blushed. “Oh, sorry!” She pulled out her phone and looked at it. “It's Kelly. Give me a sec.”

“Sure thing.” said Mark. His heart was racing a bit from their near kiss. He had been wondering when their first kiss would happen, and was a little bummed that they were interrupted. He looked over at Anne as she chatted on the phone.

“Oh sure!” said Anne, on the phone. “We would love to. Tonight? Yeah, that sounds great. We'll be there! Bye!” She clicked off her phone then looked at Mark. “They're having a pizza party tonight and invited us over.”

“Both of us?” asked Mark. “I thought they were a girls only frat.”

“They are, but we can have boy guests.” said Anne. “It sounded like they really want to meet you. I guess they are being protective of me since I am the youngest there.”

Well, I'm sure they'll find I'm no threat.” said Mark. “It sounds fun, and I'll get to meet your friends.”

They're pretty cool.” said Anne. “Most of the time anyway.”

“Most of the time?” asked Mark.

“Yeah, it's just that sometimes they say mean things to each other.” said Anne. “I'm not sure how much they mean it, but it can be a little off putting.”

Oh, so mean girls?” Mark joked.

“Hah, a little.” said Anne. “They're harmless though. They've really helped me out in showing me around. They know which professors are nice and which are mean. They gave me advice on my wardrobe.” She smiled as she posed a little in her short jeans and pink and white top.

Very nice.” said Mark, giving a thumbs up. “I guess we should go get cleaned up and ready, then meet at their dorm room.”

Yeah.” said Anne. “I need to wash my hair.”

“Okay, see you later then.” said Mark.

See you there Mark!” said Anne. She smiled and hugged him, then went to her dorm room to get ready.

Mark went to his room to get ready as well, and got a warm shower. He combed his hair and put on some relax fit jeans and a t-shirt with the Superman logo on it. He soon left his dorm, hoping that this would somehow lead to first base with Anne at the very least. He was really enjoying her company, and she seemed to be enjoying his. He felt a true connection with her.

Anne showered and dried her hair, then brushed it and put it up in a pony tail. She dressed in a short, dark blue skirt, tan panty hose, and a light blue top. She had on her special teddy bear panties, which had a cute image of a teddy bear face on the rear of it. It was her favorite pair of underwear because it was cute and very soft.

A bit later, it was time for the party. Kelly and Laura had gotten ready and had pizza on the way.

They'll be here any minute.” said Kelly.

“Okay, I got the drinks.” said Laura. “Pizza is on the way.”

“Nice job.” said Kelly. “I called my cousin and told her. She wants to come and see the little couple later.”

“Haha, that'll be fun.” said Laura.

Remember to add two drops of the potion to each of their drinks.” said Kelly. “It's flavorless, so they shouldn't notice anything wrong.”

Okay, two drops.” said Laura. There was a knock at the door. Laura peeked out of the peep hole and saw Anne standing there. “It's her.”

“Good, let her in.” said Kelly.

Laura opened the door and smiled. “Hi Anne!” she said, waving at her. “Come on in!”

Hi Laura!” said Anne. “Thanks for inviting us over.” She came inside and sat down on the couch.

“Hi Anne!” said Kelly. “Where's Mark?”

“He should be on his way.” said Anne. “So what movies do we have to watch?”

Oh, well, we can look up pretty much anything online.” said Kelly. “What do you want to watch?”

Well, between you girls, I want something romantic.” said Anne. “I plan on taking things a bit further with Mark tonight, and it would help if the mood was right.”

Kelly looked at Laura and made a grumpy face, then calmed down. “Oh, that sounds great!” she said.

“Yeah, there are lots of romantic movies out there.” said Laura. “Let me see what I can find.” She picked up the remote and turned the TV on and began browsing through movies on various streaming services.

Anne sat there and watched while also keeping an eye on her phone in case Mark tried to call. She was about to text him when there was a knock at the door. “Oh, that must be Mark.” she said.

I'll get it!” said Kelly. She got up and walked to the door, secretly rolling her eyes behind Anne's back, and opened it. There stood Mark, looking as handsome and attractive as ever.

Hey!” said Mark. “I'm Mark! Nice to meet you.” He put out his hand to shake hers.

“Mark!” said Kelly, shaking his hand. She enjoyed the only chance she would get to shake his adult hand, and noticed how strong he was. “Come on in! Anne is already inside.”

Thanks!” said Mark. He headed inside and sat next to Anne on the couch. “Hello again!”

“Hey Mark!” said Anne. “Y-you look nice.” She smiled at his freshly washed hair and enjoyed the scent of his body wash. “We were just looking for a movie to watch. Do you have any suggestions?”

Oh, hmm, I don't know.” said Mark. “Maybe a comedy?”

Anne suggested a ro-” Laura started, but was elbowed by Anne. “Oh, I mean, how about this one? It's a romantic comedy.” She chuckled and blushed, selecting a movie.

Oh that should be good.” said Anne.

Yeah, plus it's one I haven't seen.” said Mark.

You guys thirsty?” asked Kelly. “We have soda, tea, lemonade, water, and even some hard stuff.”

Sure!” said Anne. “I'll have a diet soda.”

“I'll have a cola.” said Mark.

Coming right up!” said Laura. She got up to get the drinks in the kitchen, secretly adding the potion Kelly told her to. She added two drops to their drinks, then brought the drinks in. “Here you go!”

Thanks!” said Anne, taking her drink.

Thanks Laura.” said Mark. He took his drink and sipped from it, then leaned back a little. He slowly put his arm around Anne as she drank from her cup.

Anne felt Mark's arm around her and blushed, looking into her cup. She took a big gulp of it and tried not to burp. “Oh, when is the pizza getting here?” she asked. “I'm kind of hungry.” She leaned back against Mark's arm.

Should be here any minute.” said Kelly, smiling.

“Cool.” said Mark. “What kind did you get?” He drank some more of his soda and burped a little. He shrank subtly when he did.

One pepperoni and cheese, and one deluxe.” said Kelly. “Hope that's okay.”

That's fine.” said Anne. She had shrunk just a bit as well, and kept drinking her soda while enjoying the movie.

Mark saw a funny scene and laughed loudly. His voice cracked all of a sudden and he coughed to cover for it. “Oh, hm, must be the soda.” he said, sounding a bit higher in pitch. The aroma of popcorn suddenly filled the air and Laura came out from the kitchen.

“How about some popcorn until the pizza arrives?” asked Laura, putting a large bowl of buttery, salted popcorn on the coffee table in front of them.

Oh, sure!” said Anne. She grabbed a handful and ate it, but it only made her more thirsty, so she drank more of her drink.

Mark did the same, and they were soon snacking and regressing slowly through the movie. Mark was looking more like his high school self. His muscles were melting away a bit, and his facial hair was fading.

Anne was looking more like a teenager as well. Her long hair shortened a little, and her bust began to deflate. Even so, neither one noticed just yet. Each kept adjusting their clothing as it crawled on their skin.

Kelly smiled at their continued regression and looked at Laura.

Laura was trying not to laugh at the scene while watching the two teens slowly regress into their clothing. There was another knock at the door, but before she could get up to answer it, Mark decided to.

“It must be the pizza.” said Mark. “I'll cover it as thanks for having us over.” He stood up and his pants fell to the floor. He blushed and quickly picked them up, and noticed his shoes were roomy. “Something's wrong.” His voice cracked higher.

“Mark?” asked Anne. She gasped at her own voice, which sounded higher than usual. “You look...younger.”

Don't worry about it.” said Laura. “I'll get it. You two just stay put.” She went to pay for the pizza and soon came back with two pizza boxes.

Um, Kelly?” asked Anne. Her shirt slipped down, causing her to blush and quickly tug it back up. “Something's wrong here.”

Mark tightened his pants and sat back down. He looked over at Anne and saw that she too looked smaller and younger. “It's like we're shrinking or something.” he said.

But that's not possible.” said Anne. “People don't get smaller.”

Maybe you're just imagining things.” said Kelly. “Come on, let's eat.” She opened the pizza boxes and got a slice of pizza. She cracked open a cold beer and began drinking.

Laura chuckled, drinking some lemonade with her pizza.

As the movie went on though, the dwindling couple kept noticing things. Mark's once rugged face was looking more sweet and innocent. His facial hair was nearly gone completely, and his frame was more scrawny and awkward. Anne's face was showing signs of acne and her chest was growing flatter, giving her shirt and bra much more room than needed. Her panty hose was bunching up on her legs as they grew too small for them.

Kelly noticed Anne squirming in her clothes and smiled. “Something wrong?” she asked.

N-no, I just...” Anne started. “I need to use the bathroom.” She stood up and her short skirt drooped down her hips. “Eeep!” She squeaked and instantly pulled them back up, but noticed that they were not as short on her as they had been. In fact, it seemed like a normal length skirt on her now, going down to her knees. “W-wha...”

Anne?” Mark asked in a higher voice. “Huh? My voice!”

I guess there's no hiding it now.” said Kelly. “Surprise! You're both getting younger!”

Y-younger?” asked Anne, still clutching at her dress. “But that's impossible.”

“Yet here you are.” said Kelly. “Just look at yourselves.”

Laura smiled and held up a hand mirror to them.

Anne gasped at her image, seeing a barely teenage girl looking back at her. “No way!” she said.

Mark saw his reflection and touched his face. “This can't be real.” he said. “We look like kids!”

“You ARE kids!” shouted Laura. “Haha, look at the cute little couple!”

Mark jolted up, causing his pants and underwear to fall down yet again.

Wow Mark, I didn't know you were such a late bloomer.” Kelly teased.

Mark blushed and pulled his underwear and shorts back up, holding them in place. “Wh-why?” he asked. “How?!”

With this!” said Laura, pulling out the phial of liquid.

“What's that?” asked Anne, pointing at it while trying to keep her clothes up.

It's a magic potion.” said Kelly. “I got it from my cousin. She's a witch!”

“A witch?!” asked Mark. “There's no such thing!”

Sure there are.” said Kelly, moving closer to them.

Anne and Mark moved closer to each other, as if to shield each other from the two older women.

“Awww, what a cute little couple.” said Laura. The two women began laughing.

“S-stop it!” shouted Anne. “This isn't funny!”

Of course it is!” said Kelly. “You wanted Mark all to yourself, well now you can have him! You'll both be going to the same daycare together!”

“Huh?” asked Anne. “This is because I'm dating Mark? Oh my god, how petty can you be?!”

Watch it.” said Kelly. She stood over Anne, looking down at her, now being a head taller.

Yeah, little girl.” said Laura. “We're in charge here.”

You're not in charge of me!” shouted Mark. He bolted for the door, but his shoes tripped him up, causing him to fall and tumble, ending up a heap in his over-sized clothes, bare bottom in the air.

Kelly and Laura lost it laughing, nearly bursting into tears.

Anne huffed and stepped out of her shoes, then walked over to Mark while holding her skirt and panty hose up. She stooped down and helped him up. “Come on Mark, we're leaving.” she said.

Y-yeah...” said Mark.

“Oh no you're not.” said Kelly, blocking the door. “You're staying right here.”

“Yeah, we have plans for you two.” said Laura.

“What kind of plans?” asked Anne.

Kelly chuckled and pulled out a package of Pampers diapers.

“Noooo!” shouted Mark. “I'm not ending up in diapers!”

“No way are you putting us in those!” shouted Anne.

You have no choice.” said Kelly. “Soon you'll both be babies, and it's either diapers or go naked. Which will it be?”

Anne blushed at the thought, looking at Mark and imagining them both as squirming little babies. “N-no!” she shouted. “Move! Let us go!”

Nope.” said Kelly, shoving them both back onto the couch, leaving Mark's shoes and socks behind on the floor.

Hey!” shouted Mark. “Don't touch us!” He squeaked out as he suddenly shrank again, now looking even smaller and weaker than before. His ears and nose were smaller, and his features were taking on more on an innocent look. He was no longer a teen, but a child.

M-Mark!” shouted Anne. She looked down at herself and realized she had lost more maturity as well. Her chest was nearly as flat as Mark's. “We're still getting younger!”

I know.” said Mark. “But what can we do?”

“Nothing.” said Kelly. “You're going to stay here until you are both babies, then we'll diaper you and have a special guest over to help take care of you. We're going to have lots of fun! It'll be like playing house!”

“You're mean!” shouted Anne, on the verge of tears. Her regressed emotions were getting the better of her.

“Aww, is baby gonna cry?” asked Laura. “Baby wanna bottle?” She pulled out a baby bottle with milk in it. “We have some!” She and Kelly began laughing again.

Anne angrily got up and kicked Laura in the shins.

“Ow!” shouted Laura, hopping from one foot to the other. In doing so, she did not realize that the phial had fallen from her pocket and rolled under the coffee table.

You stupid brat!” shouted Kelly, rushing over.

Anne quickly ran around the room, leaving her panty hose behind so they wouldn't trip her up.

Mark began running as well, now only wearing his shirt and underwear. The two ran down the small hallway into the bathroom and shut the door. “We need a plan.” he said.

Yeah, we need to get out of here.” said Anne. “But how?”

“We need to level the playing field.” said Mark. He held up the glass phial and smiled.

“Oh Mark!” said Anne. “How'd you get that?”

“She dropped it when you kicked her.” said Mark. He sniffled a little and had become even younger, now looking like he was back in single digits. His face was rounded and his cheeks were flushed. In his mouth he could feel gaps forming where adult teeth began to recede into his gums. His hair was soft and tousled, and his body was starting to plump with the baby fat he had lost during his awkward teenage years.

Anne smiled and got some tissue, then gave it to Mark. “Here you go.” she said. Her hair was becoming a bit lighter in color, and her nose was small and upturned a little. Her cheeks were rounded and her limbs were becoming short and awkward.

“Thanks.” said Mark, blushing. He blew his nose and tossed the tissue into the small trash can. “We just gotta get this into their drinks without them seeing. Then we just play their little game until they're little too.”

Maybe we should play the part a little.” said Anne.

What do you mean?” asked Mark.

“You said earlier that some kids are mean.” Anne smiled and winked.

“Right!” said Mark. “We can be brats.” He chuckled, sounding like a giddy child.

You're so cute Mark.” said Anne, holding his smaller hands. She was a bit taller than him at this age, and she smiled, showing gaps in her teeth as well.

“You are too.” said Mark, blushing and having to look up at her slightly. His underwear fell to the floor, but he didn't care. They both leaned in for a kiss when there was angry pounding on the bathroom door.

Kelly angrily banged on the bathroom door with her hand. “Open up!” she shouted. “There's no other way out of here so unless you want to end up as babies locked in a bathroom I suggest you-” She was suddenly cut off by the door being shoved open from the other side. Two barely clothed kids came running out, giggling and scampering about.

“Nyah nyah!” shouted Mark. “Can't get us!”

You old ladies are too slow!” shouted Anne, giggling.

What the-” Kelly started. “Old?! Why you...” She began running after them.

Laura was guarding the front door when the two ran by her. She tried grabbing them, but only succeeded in grabbing Mark's underwear. She pulled it off him as he scampered by and blushed, looking at it lamenting over what could have been if the situation were different.

Eee! She got my undies!” shouted Mark. He bent over and showed his butt, smacking it. “You pervert!” He giggled and ran to the kitchen, shrinking down even more as he did. His shirt now went down to his knees, covering all that needed to be covered.

Hey!” shouted Laura, still holding his undies. “I'm not a...” She blushed and tossed them on the floor. “You'll be in diapers soon enough anyway!”

Mark teased her from the kitchen. “Stupid old lady!” he shouted, giggling.

Oooh, that's it!” shouted Laura. She began to chase him around in the kitchen. “Come here little brat! I'm not old!”

Anne was running from Kelly around the living room when she saw Laura leave her post guarding the front door. She made a mad dash for it but Kelly dove and pinned her down.

“No ya don't ya little squirt!” said Kelly. She looked down at the eight-year-old girl who was slowly becoming seven, then six. “Oooh, just look at you shrink! You're getting so small and cute, but much too young to date now.” It was then that she saw her cute teddy bear panties that had slid down to her knees. “Oh my god, teddy bear panties? What are you four? Heh, you will be soon enough.”

Anne blushed hotly and squirmed under the heavy woman's weight. She was growing bigger and heavier all the time, and she felt so small and weak. “Ugh, get off me!” she squeaked. She managed to get a foot free and kick Kelly between the legs.

Ow!” screamed Kelly, suddenly letting go. “Ugh, you brat!”

Anne got up in a hurry, now wearing only her over-sized top. There was no time to worry about her panties now, which were on the floor. She quickly ran across the room on her tender, bare feet, to the front door.

No!” shouted Kelly. “Laura I need you!”

Laura heard Kelly and gave up her pursuit of Mark for now. “Ugh, fine!” she said. “Jeez, kids are hard to keep up with.” She left and joined Kelly.

Mark made sure neither of them were looking, then snuck out and poured half of the liquid into Kelly's drink, and the other half into Laura's. He didn't know to only add two drops, nor what the proper amount was, but it didn't matter to him. Once his deed was complete, he stuffed the empty phial between the couch cushions.

Anne, made her way to the door and fumbled with the locks, but soon she began to shrink again, making them harder to turn. She quickly shrank down to a mere four years old, and the knob was soon too high and hard to turn for her. “Noooo!” she squealed. She stopped and looked at her chubby hands. She looked down and saw her tiny toes peeking out from the bottom of her shirt and blushed.

Awww, too late.” said Kelly, walking up with a smirk.

“Someone got too little.” said Laura, giggling.

“No more big girl panties for you.” said Kelly, twirling Anne's panties on her finger.

Give em back!” shouted Anne, hopping and reaching for them in vein.

Haha, why should I do that?” asked Kelly. “They don't fit you now. Don't worry, you'll fit the diapers soon.”

Mark suddenly rushed up and punched Kelly hard in her rear. “Stop it!” he shouted in a squeaky toddler voice. He began pummeling her on the legs impotently.

Haha, that tickles!” said Kelly. “Did you enjoy touching my butt little boy?” She turned around and picked him up under his arm pits.

Mark wiggled and kicked his little legs. “Ugh, put me down!” he squeaked.

Uh oh.” said Laura.

What is it?” asked Kelly, still grinning and holding Mark out at arms length.

Someone had an accident.” said Laura, chuckling.

Huh?” asked Kelly. She turned and saw little Anne, now just three, tugging her shirt down. There was a dark wet spot on it and a small wet puddle at her feet. “Hahaha! Good thing we got those diapers! What's wrong Anne? Was someone late to potty train?”

Sh-shut up!” shouted Anne, blushing and squirming.

I got it.” said Laura. She picked up Anne and took her to the bathroom, though she kicked and squirmed the whole way. “Stop squirming! You're getting it on me! Ew!”

Haha, this is it kids!” said Kelly, taking Mark back to her bedroom. “Now lets get these little tots nice and diapered.” She smiled and tugged at his huge shirt, which now covered his entire little body.

Mark struggled to hold on with his clenched little fists, but it was useless. His muscles were weak and flabby now, and soon he had been stripped of his final bit of dignity. He looked down at his minuscule frame and blushed at how small he was, especially down there. He was a little chubby and soft all over, and he used his little hands to cover himself.

Just think.” said Kelly. “You could have gone out with me and stayed big. You're just a little baby now though. Look at you, so small and pathetic.” She smiled and got a diaper out, then tried putting it on him. “Hmm, it's just a little too small. Looks like we'll have to wait until you shrink some more. You're just a toddler now, but soon you'll be a baby!”

Mark squirmed on the bed and wanted to hide. He turned and crawled under her sheets, shrinking away underneath.

In the bathroom, Laura had removed Anne's shirt and stood her on the floor. She got out some baby wipes and was cleaning her up down there, but she kept squirming at her touch. “Just stay still.” she said. “It'll make this easier for both of us.”

“Dis not faiw!” Anne lisped, stomping her chubby little foot. Her face was all round, cute, and innocent. Her tummy bulged with baby fat, and her legs were short and stubby. “You gotta make us big again!”

No I don't.” said Laura, turning her around to clean her behind. “That's all Kelly's doing. You'll have to ask her.” She turned the little toddler girl around and saw some tears running down her cheeks. “Awww, look, it won't be so bad.” She was starting to feel sorry for her. “We'll feed you and change you and bathe you. It'll be perfect for our child care class.”

“You dun desewve a chiwd.” Anne said angrily. “You pwobabwy jus spank em!”

Hey now, I'm not as mean as Kelly.” said Laura. “She's borderline psycho. I just went along with this because I was kind of jealous too. Plus I didn't want her to try something like this with me.”

“How you fink I feew?” asked Anne, sniffling.

I know...” said Laura. She offered her a tissue. “Blow your nose.”

Anne blew her nose just like Mark had done earlier. She looked around at how huge the bathroom was compared to just a few minutes ago. She felt absolutely tiny, and felt herself getting even smaller. The soft soles of her little feet rubbed against the smooth tile floor of the bathroom as she shrank even younger. She looked way up at Laura, who was her height as an adult, and wobbled a little. Her legs were growing weaker and the sensation of things growing around her made her a bit light headed.

Laura saw and picked her up. “Aww, but just look at you.” she said, turning her to the mirror. “You make a cute baby. If you and Mark grow up again and get married, just think of how cute your kids will be.”

Anne looked at the baby in the mirror and blushed. Her hair was a light blonde, soft, and messy from running around and getting tackled earlier. Her whole body was soft, pink, and pudgy. She wiggled her toes and the baby in the mirror did the same. She felt so helpless and small, especially when she looked down at how far the floor was from her. She suddenly gripped Laura's shirt with her pudgy little hands.

Aww, don't worry.” said Laura. “I won't drop you. We better get one of those diapers on you though. Maybe we can do your hair up in a cute style too.” She carried baby Anne to the bedroom where she saw Mark laying on Kelly's bed without a stitch of clothing on.

“There you are.” said Kelly. “Go ahead and lay her next to him.”

Laura did as told, and laid the baby girl next to Mark.

Mark looked at his baby girlfriend and reached out to her with his chubby hand. “Anne.” he said.

“Mawk.” said Anne, reaching out and grabbing his little hand with hers.

Aww, look at the cute little couple.” said Kelly. “Looks like they should fit these now. They were meant for ages one to two.” She lifted Mark by the ankles and slid an open diaper under him.

Mark wiggled and squirmed, feeling the diaper under his bottom. “No diapuhs!” he squeaked.

Sorry, but we can't have you getting the furniture all wet or messy.” said Laura, pulling out a diaper for Anne.

Nu uh!” shouted mark, trying to wiggle off the diaper.

Now now, behave little baby.” said Kelly. She grabbed Mark's feet and began tickling them. “Coochie coochie coo!”

Mark suddenly burst into laughter, and the room was filled with the sounds of babyish glee. He squirmed and thrashed, then suddenly began to tinkle on Kelly.

Ugh, Mark!” Kelly shouted, flipping the front of his diaper up to catch the rest. “You peed on me!” She began dabbing it up with a baby wipe.

Mark just giggled and clapped his little hand. “Got you!” he said.

Very funny.” said Kelly.

Are you sure this is okay?” asked Laura. She lifted Anne by the ankles and began diapering her.

Anne didn't resist as much as Mark did, but she did squirm and fuss.

Of course it is.” said Kelly, wiping Mark clean with a baby wipe. “You're not having second thoughts are you?”

N-no...” said Laura. She grabbed some powder and sprinkled it into the diaper, then pulled it up between Anne's legs and fastened it across her belly. “It's just that...they had lives ya know.” She picked up Anne and held her.

Kelly just huffed and finished diapering Mark, then picked him up. “So what?” she asked. “What about my life? The life I could have had with Mark.”

I no wanna wife wif you.” said Mark, pushing away from Kelly. “You mean! You make us babies!”

Kelly just huffed and bounced Mark a little. “Clearly you're just cranky.” she said. “Maybe some food and a nap will make you behave.”

Mark and Anne both resisted as they were carried to the kitchen. It turned out they had gotten baby food and formula as well. They blushed at the baby bottles as they were removed from the fridge, then they were carried back over to the couch.

Kelly opened a jar of baby food and spooned some up, holding it up to Mark's face. “Here comes the airplane!” she said with a smile. “Open up for a landing!”

Mark huffed and swatted the spoon away with his chubby little hand, making it spill on Laura.

Hey!” shouted Laura. She began wiping the spilled food off herself as the babies giggled at each other. She tried to feed Anne, but she did the same thing, spilling food on Kelly.

Ugh!” said Kelly, getting fed up. “What's wrong? Are you too dumb to eat?”

Nu uh!” shouted Anne, giggling. “You dumb! Dumb owd wady!”

“I'm not old!” shouted Kelly. “Ugh, fine, go ahead and starve then.” She sat Mark on the couch and gave him his bottle. “Unless you prefer these.”

Laura sat Anne next to him with a bottle of baby formula. “I know I'm thirsty.” she said, taking a drink from her lemonade.

Yeah, me too.” said Kelly, drinking her beer. She let out a loud burp after chugging it, then crunched the can with her foot. “Heh, you two babies are too little for alcohol now. You're too little to even use a toilet!”

Um, there is a way to turn them back right?” asked Laura.

Yeah, of course.” said Kelly. “They'll grow up again just like before. I think.”

“You mean they have to live their lives all over again?” asked Laura. “I didn't know...I thought it was temporary.” She adjusted her blouse and shoes.

Heh, no way.” said Kelly. “It's much more fun having them as babies. Now they can go to the same daycare and kindergarten as soon as they master the potty.” She chuckled and kept adjusting her top as well.

We're going to have to take care of them until they grow up?” asked Laura.

“No dummy.” said Kelly. “Remember, my cousin is coming over soon. She'll help us, then we can drop them off at their parents' house.”

“Oh yeah.” said Laura, irritated that her shoes kept coming off.

Mark looked at Anne and winked, then picked up the bottle in front of him. He figured if they were going to be stuck as babies, he may as well get used to it. He slowly took the nipple into his mouth and began sucking on it. He was rewarded with sweet and creamy baby formula on his little under-developed tongue. Soon he had developed a rhythm and sucking on it became second nature.

Anne saw and copied him, suckling on her bottle too. She smiled at Mark. He sure looked cute as a baby, she had to admit. Maybe growing up with him wouldn't be so bad. The diaper between her legs felt soft, but bulky, and it crinkled every time she moved. It was so thick that it pushed her chubby little legs apart. She noticed Mark was in the same boat as he was idly poking at his own diaper. Then she looked over at Kelly and Laura, who were looking more like teens already. She knew Mark's plan had worked, and soon they would have two more babies in the room.

Aww, they're being cute.” said Laura. She scooped Anne up into her lap and began braiding her hair. “See? I told you this wouldn't be so bad.”

Anne blushed and smiled a bit, beginning to get settled into the role. She even let out a small coo as her hair was braided.

Kelly chuckled and pulled Mark into her lap. “Oof, you're a bit heavier than I remember.” she said, smiling and playing with his cute little toes while he suckled on his bottle. “You really are a cute baby.” She was getting reminded of being a little girl and playing with baby dolls. She had lots of experience in feeding them toy bottles and checking their temperatures with fake plastic thermometers.

Mark smiled and giggled a little as his feet were played with. He saw how stunted and chubby they were, and it kept surprising him that those were in fact his own feet. This was his body now. He was a chubby little baby boy, soft and vulnerable. He realized his life was in the hands of this shrinking woman, but then wondered what would happen once they became babies too.

Kelly's bra slipped out of place, causing her to blush and have to readjust. “Ugh, what is wrong with this thing?” she asked. She lifted mark out of her lap and sat him down on the couch.

“You look different.” said Laura, her voice sounding a bit higher.

You sound different.” said Kelly. She looked at Laura and at herself. “Wait, where is that phial?”

“I have it right here.” said Laura. She reached into her pocket but pulled out nothing. “Huh?”

Wookin fow dis?” asked Mark. He pulled the empty phial out of the couch cushion where he had stored it earlier.

How'd you get...” Kelly started, then she looked down at herself. Already her chest had deflated significantly, and she was rapidly losing height. “Oh no!” Her voice suddenly changed to a higher pitch.

“You mean...?” asked Laura, looking down at Anne in her lap, who suddenly seemed much bigger.

Anne smiled and nodded. She stopped nursing from her bottle and giggled. “Sowwy not sowwy.” she said.

They put the potion in our drinks!” shouted Laura.

“Of course they did!” said Kelly. “You little sneaks!”

Oh no, are we going to be babies?” asked Laura. She shuddered and shrank again, losing most of her teen-hood all of a sudden, and looking more like a flat chested young girl.

H-how much did you put in?” asked Kelly.

“Aww of it.” said Mark, giggling.

“You're only supposed to use two drops!” shouted Kelly, suddenly hiccuping and shrinking down about five years, now just twelve. “Ugh, you guys are gonna pay for this!”

My breasts...” said Laura, looking down the front of her shirt. She blushed and sat Anne aside, then curled up, shrinking into her clothing.

Kelly stood up, her skinny jeans now falling to her ankles. She was shrinking much faster due to the potent potion, now just ten. “My beautiful body!” she squeaked. “My voice! I sound like a kid!” She looked over at Mark and Anne who were giggling like giddy babies. “Stop laughing!”

Waaaa!” Laura cried. “I don't wanna be a baby!”

“I don't wanna wear diapers!” Kelly whined. Both girls cried like infants as they shrank down more and more.

Mark and Anne just watched and giggled at the dwindling women. “Ya get what ya desewve.” said Mark.

I dun desewve dis!” Kelly squeaked. “I gotta caww my cousin! Maybe she can fix dis!” She waddled to her phone, but tripped on her clothes, stumbling out of everything but her shirt. She stood up and wailed again like a child, sticking a thumb in her mouth for comfort.

Oh no, Kewwy!” shouted Laura. She rushed over, leaving most of her own clothing behind, then hugged the crying five-year-old, trying to comfort her. “Thewe thewe...”

Tears streamed down Kelly's face and her chest heaved with each cry she made. A puddle began to form under her which spread out between her legs.

Hahaha!” Anne laughed. “Wook at da big guwl dat can't howd it!”

“Yah!” shouted Mark. “Wooks wike it diapee time fow you two!”

Laura noticed the puddle and looked around. She suddenly had to go as well, and began toddling down the hall to the bathroom, leaving a small trail of wet drops.

The two babies on the couch kept giggling their little heads off at the awkward duo.

Shut up!” shouted little Kelly, now a toddler. She stood up on wobbly legs and followed the trail to the bathroom where she saw a sobbing Laura who had an accident on the floor.

Da potty ish too big!” shouted Laura. “I can't get up dewe!”

Oh gweat!” said Kelly. “Dis jus wha we need. Now my cousin gonna come n see da mess I made!”

At weast she stiww big.” said Laura. “Maybe she take cawe of us?”

“M-maybe.” said Kelly. Her shirt was soaked, as was Laura's. They both knew they had to get something dry and clean on. “Ugh, we gotta get cwean.” She looked and saw the baby wipes sitting on the counter in the bathroom. She reached up, hopping on her two little feet, but nearly fell over when she shrank again. “It too faw!”

I can hewp!” said Laura. She held her little hands out for Kelly as if to give her a boost.

Otay!” said Kelly. She tried lifting her chubby little foot up onto Laura's hand, but she was just too heavy and Laura was too weak to hoist her up. Both of them ended up tumbling over and bumping their heads on the toilet.

Anne and Mark heard the two baby girls crying and hopped down off the couch. They toddled awkwardly, feeling their bulky diapers between their legs. They held hands to keep each other balanced as they toddled down the hall, crinkling loudly. In the bathroom they saw the two crying babies sitting on the floor with their shirts around them all wet. They looked at each other and smiled.

“We got dis.” said Anne. She went over and pushed a small clothes basket up to the counter, then helped Mark climb on top of it to retrieve the baby wipes.

The two little baby girls sniffled and rubbed their eyes. Laura hiccuped and sucked on her fingers while Kelly tried to stand. Her shirt fell down around her, leaving her without any clothes on, but still in need of a wipe down.

“C-can you um, pwease hewp us?” asked Kelly.

Hehe, sure!” said Anne.

Ya hewp us aftah wha we did?” asked Laura.

Uh huh.” said Mark. “Now we aww babies, we gotta hewp each othew.” He pulled out a baby wipe and began to clean Laura.

Anne grabbed one and began cleaning Kelly. The two new babies stood there awkwardly as they were cleaned by two other babies.

“Um, fankoo.” said Laura.

Yah, fanks...” said Kelly. “I guess.”

Ya stiww need diapees.” said Anne. “Come on.” All four babies headed to the bedroom where the diapers were. They were too small to get up onto the bed, so they had them lay down on the floor. Anne pulled out a diaper from the pack and handed it to Mark, then pulled another one out. She waddled over to Kelly and lifted her chubby little legs as best she could to get the diaper slid under. She needed Mark's help to lift her up and slide the diaper under her. Mark then tried sprinkling powder onto her, but ended up dumping a bunch all over her legs and tummy.

Kelly sneezed a few times and fussed. “Ya not doin it wight!” she said.

“Oh hush.” said Anne. “Ya wucky we doin dis at aww. I dun cawe if ya potty on ya own fwoor.”

Kelly just blushed, remembering the mess they made earlier. She crossed her arms and waited as she was diapered awkwardly by two babies. Next it was Laura's turn.

Laura seemed to be settling into the baby roll a bit faster than Kelly, as she had pulled her own foot up to her face and was sucking on her toes.

“Hehe, ya toes taste good?” asked Anne.

Laura just blushed and let go, then covered her face with her chubby little hands. She felt herself being lifted by the ankles and then felt the soft, bulky diaper under her. She peeked between her fingers to see the two babies sprinkling powder on her, carefully this time, and then working together to get it snugly in place. She sat up and looked at it. It wasn't perfect, but it would do. “Fankoo.” she said finally. “At weast we not nakie.”

Mark helped Kelly up to her feet. “So when ya cousin getting hewe?” he asked.

Kelly wobbled on her chubby little baby legs, having to hold onto Mark's hands to stay upright. The bulky diaper between her legs made her waddle awkwardly. “Soon, I fink.” she said. She looked at the clock on her night stand, but couldn't make sense of it. “Uh oh, I dunno how ta teww time anymowe!”

Awe we getting dumb?” asked Laura.

How come you guys not dumb?” asked Kelly.

I dunnos.” said Anne.

“Maybe ish cuz I put so much of dat stuff in ya dwinks.” said Mark.

“I bet dat it.” said Kelly. She was slowly forgetting things she had learned, like the alphabet and how to read. Things around her were making less and less sense.

Wha we gon do now?' asked Laura.

“Wets watch cawtoons.” said Mark.

Yah, come on.” said Anne. She took Mark's hand and waddled down the hall to the TV.

Kelly and Laura waddled along behind them. Kelly frowned when she saw them holding hands. “Hey, wets wait tiww dey asweep, den take dere diapees.” she whispered to Laura.

Laura just giggled and nodded. “Hehe, otay.” she said. She knew that her friend was always getting them into trouble, but she was still fun to hang out with. It seemed that though they had changed on the outside, who they were on the inside was still very much intact. They would have to play and get along until Kelly's cousin arrived to save the day, but would she be able to do anything to help them grow up again? Many things were unknown at the time, but they began to care less and less about it, instead getting all wrapped up in the cartoons they were watching.

The End?



End Chapter 1

A Little Jealous

by: Ouroboros | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 16, 2023


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vended · Feb 16, 2023

Not a very developed plot, but a fun story. ^^

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