A Day at Springtide Park

by: Ouroboros | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 20, 2022

A furry/babyfur story about two friends who go to a popular new theme park to escape the boredom and heat of a particularly hot summer day. The theme park boasts a wide selection of rides for all ages and even a theme park. It guarantees you will feel happier and younger after your visit, but is that true?

Chapter 1
Complete Story

Chapter Description: The whole story.

Typically in the summer the weather gets warm, but on this day the temperature was particularly warm. It was the kind of warm that meets you as soon as you open the door to your house, blasting you from all sides with heat, making you want to rush back inside. The ice cream trucks were out in force, but those were for kids. Adults needed more adult activities to do to combat the hot, sticky weather.

Felix and Angelia were life long friends. They met in kindergarten and grew up together, and even attended the same college. Now they were both twenty-one and watching TV out of boredom,.

Ugh.” said Angelia, a pink and white wolf with red hair and green eyes, wearing a red top and jeans. “I'm so booooored!”

Yeah,” said Felix, an otter with light and dark brown fur and brown eyes, currently wearing a yellow hoodie and orange shorts. “and it's too hot to go out. There's nothing fun to do around here anyway.” Then a loud commercial came on, as if it heard them.

Come and check out Springtide Park, now open from noon until ten!” a voice over stated excitedly.

Oh hey,” said Angelia. “How about that?”

Maybe,” said Felix. “but it's still too hot out.”

Beat the heat!” said the commercial. “With air conditioned rides and attractions, refreshing drinks, restaurants, and even water rides!”

How about now?” asked Angelia with a smile.

Aw, but that stuff's for kids.” said Felix. “We're adults. We need adult things to do.”

Fun for all ages!” said the commercial, as if shouting directly at Felix. “From age one to ninety, and older! In fact, we guarantee that you'll end your trip feeling much younger than when you arrived!”

Hah!” Angelia laughed.

“Okay fine.” said Felix. “You win, let's go. Guess it beats doing nothing.”

“That's the spirit!” said Angelia. “Come on!”

Felix groaned as soon as he step foot outside of their apartment. “Ugh.” he said.

“Come on, the car has AC.” said Angelia. She got in the driver's side and turned on the car and the air conditioning.

Felix sat in the passenger's side seat and sighed happily. “Ahh, that's better.” he said. “I hope this place is worth all the fuss.”

Even if it's not,” said Angelia, “it'll help pass the time.”

Fair enough.” said Felix. They both made their way to the amusement park, and saw the front sign. It was an image of a family of various species and ages all playing and looking happy. The parking lot was pretty full, but there were thankfully some shuttles running people back and forth. Strangely enough, there seemed to be some outgoing ones that seemed to be filled with children.

Huh, that's weird.” said Angelia. “I wonder where they're going.”

I don't know.” said Felix. “But who cares? The less annoying, screaming kids the better.”

The two went up to the ticket counter and got their tickets, then headed inside.

What should we do first?” asked Angelia.

Let's do one of those indoor rides where it's nice and cool.” said Felix.

That sounds fantastic.” said Angelia. They followed the map over to a building where there was a short line. “At least the lines aren't long.”

“Yeah, kind of odd considering this place is new and popular.” said Felix.

Don't question it, just have fun.” said Angelia. They waited in line for a few minutes before being let in. Inside was dark, but cool at least. Everyone clearly appreciated the air conditioning, appearing to relax once inside. The theme was space, and there were stars and planets glowing on the walls, and a row full of coaster seats to sit in.

Once they were seated and secured, the ride started. It was slow at first, with narration about space and space travel, but then it started to get faster and faster. Felix tried to look cool while holding onto the rail in front of them, but then the coaster took a sharp turn and his heart beat faster. It was going faster and making more turns, then it felt like gravity was reversed for a second. There were lights around them that made it look like they were going warp speed through space.

Angelia let out a loud but excited scream as the coaster plunged downward, then the ride slowed again. “Whew, that was great!” she said.

Yeah, it was awesome!” said Felix. When the ride came to a stop, everyone got out. “Man, I hate to have to go back out in the heat again.”

Maybe we should find another indoor ride.” said Angelia.

Sounds good.” said Felix. Neither of the noticed or knew that the ride had made them just a bit younger. Not much had changed, except for a bit of mass lost, so it wasn't noticeable to anyone.

Hey, let's try that one!” said Angelia, pointing to a magical fantasy themed ride.

Looks good to me!” said Felix. They headed over there, and after a short wait in line they made their way inside. Once again the air was cool and the lights were dim. The interior was filled with medieval magical themes, with stone castles, wizards, and various knights and monsters fighting. They were animatronics, of course, but it was very entertaining.

Unlike the last ride, this one was more slow. The coaster was more of a boat headed down a fake river, and along the way were more scenes of sword and sorcery, and some fun light shows to portray spell casting. There was a skunk wizard casting a lightning bolt at a gray goblinoid, and a fluffy white dog paladin swinging his mace at some oncoming enemies.

Man, that's pretty cool.” said Felix.

I know you like fantasy stuff.” said Angelia. “The effects are really neat!” They shrank a little in their seats as they were entertained by the attraction, but their clothes also shrank to match, so they still did not notice. Then at the end of the ride, there was a sudden drop as they went down a small waterfall. The crowd screamed in excitement, as they didn't expect it. Angelia and Felix just laughed.

The two eighteen-year-olds got off the ride and walked outside.

“Ugh, it's still pretty hot out.” said Felix.

“Yeah, I'm thirsty.” said Angelia. “Let's get some drinks.” They walked over to a nearby raccoon selling cold, refreshing drinks, and happily sold some to the pair. They walked over to a bench under a tree and sat down.

I have to admit, I am enjoying myself.” said Felix, sipping on his drink.

Good!” said Angelia. “Me too. I feel better than when we first walked in.” She smiled and sipped on her drink.

Yeah, same.” said Felix. “So what's next?”

Why don't we try an outdoor ride this time?” Angelia suggested.

Ah, okay I guess.” said Felix. They finished their drinks and made their way over to a roller coaster. It was pretty basic, but had a loop and a long drop, so they were excited to try it out.

I've never been on one that does a loop before.” said Angelia.

I have.” said Felix. “They're super fun.” He smiled and got onto the coaster with her, then got strapped in. Soon the ride started with a sudden jerk forward, and they were off. It was slow at first, but they were making their way up a steep grade. “Oooh, here it comes!”

Angelia held on tightly as her tail bristled in anticipation. “We're so high up!” she said, looking down at the ground below. Then the coaster lurched forward and began its descent rapidly. “Aaaahhhh!” shouted Angelia.

Whoa!” shouted Felix, as they sped down the ramp and around several corners. It was hard for them to keep their eyes open from the force of the ride, but they saw the loop coming and braced for it. It felt much like the space ride when they went upside down, and all on board let out a scream of excited fright. All too soon it was over though, and they slowed to a stop.

Wow.” said Felix. “I liked that one a lot!” They got off the ride, now looking like high school students, wearing shirts that advertised different bands that they liked. “Come on! Let's to this one next!” He was really getting into it now, which made Angelia happy.

The next ride was another coaster, but this one had two loops and crazy turns. They both held on tightly as it whipped around several turns, loops, and plunges, going faster and faster. When they got off, their fur was blown back, which made them laugh. The two sixteen-year-olds went to the restroom next to brush their fur and do their business. Inside were a surprising amount of baby changing tables, and several babies being changed.

There seem to be more little cubs here than there was at first.” said Felix. “I wonder where they're all coming from.”

Yeah,” said Angelia, “some of them look familiar too. It's so strange.”

Oh well, it's fine.” said Felix. “Let's try another adult ride.”

Sure!” said Angelia. “How about the log ride?”

Oh yeah, I saw that one on the commercial.” said Felix. “Let's go!” They made their way to the famous log ride and got in line. They could hear the sound of rushing water and people screaming over and over as people in front of them got their turns. Finally they were able to get on and the ride lunged forward. They went down a narrow river in their fake log ride until it came to a long drop. Everyone on the ride screamed as it plunged down into the water, getting some of them wet. Then the ride used it's momentum to careen down several twists and turns before finally slowing to a stop.

Hahaha!” Angelia laughed. “I got wet!” She stood up and showed her wet shirt and pants.

Me too.” said Felix. “Let's go dry off.” Together they went out into the park to explore some more. The heat wasn't bothering them as much since they were wet, and the sun was quickly drying their clothes and fur. The two young teens headed over to an area where a park mascot was entertaining visitors by dancing and doing tricks.

The mascot was a silly rabbit clown dressed in a gold and white striped puffy suit, orange puffs on the front, and big floppy gold shoes. His fur was colored in white and red and he had a large red nose that he would often squeeze to honk and amuse the crowd.

That's silly kids stuff.” said Felix.

It's cute though.” said Angelia. “Aww, look at the little ones.” She smiled, watching some little cubs cheer and giggle while dancing with the mascot.

Hmf.” Felix huffed. “Come on, let's go find another ride. I think we're dry enough.”

Aw, okay, fine.” said Angelia. They made their way to an area where it looked like people were flying in the air.

“Oh wow, look at that!” said Felix. He went over and got a closer look. It was a small room with a huge fan blowing air upward, and people inside could float around for a few minutes. “I want to try that!” He got in line with Angelia.

“Hehe, it does look like fun.” said Angelia. They waited a few minutes in line before getting in. They were instructed on how to behave in the chamber before entering.

You ready for this?” asked Felix.

Yeah!” said Angelia. Then the fans turned on and blew their fur upwards, making them look silly. After a little time and higher speeds, they began to float in the air with their arms and legs out.

Yay!” shouted Felix. “It's working!” He smiled and felt the air rushing all around him and under his clothes.

Angelia cheered and wagged her tail happily. Her figure changed and became less defined. Her breasts deflated a little and both of them had a bit of a reverse growth spurt, now only about thirteen or so. Their clothes continued to adjust to fit their new ages, and even though they were visibly younger, they didn't seem to notice or care.

Once out of the air machine, each shook out their fur and laughed. Felix's voice cracked a little while laughing which made Angelia laugh more.

Hey, I'm hungry.” she said. “Let's find a place to eat.”

Yeah, me too.” said Felix. “How about that place?” He pointed to a nice sit-down restaurant that served a number of different foods.

Sure, looks good to me.” said Angelia. Together they went and were seated by the waiter. Inside, things looked like a 50s style diner, complete with black and white tile floor, red counter tops, and booths with soft cushion seats.

This place is nice.” said Felix. “Hope they have good food.”

Let's order a pizza!” said Angelia.

“Yeah, and cinnamon rolls!” said Felix. They ordered their food and waited, then began playing with the salt and pepper shakers on the table. The waiter brought out their drinks in the meantime, and they decided to have a game of paper football with the straw paper while giggling. Soon their pizza and cinnamon rolls arrived and they began to eat, hungrily and happily. Felix kept getting pizza toppings on his shirt and picking them off to eat.

Angelia chuckled and ate some cinnamon rolls, getting sugary icing on her face and paws. After they were done, they excused themselves to the restroom to clean up and do their business. Refreshed and refueled, they both headed outside to see what else there was to do.

Hmm, what next?” asked Angelia.

Felix looked at the map and saw what looked like a fun super hero ride. “How about this one?” he asked.

I'm not that into super heroes.” said Angelia. “But I'll give it a try.”

“Awesome.” said Felix, and together they made their way there. Again, there was a bit of a line, but not too long, and the inside was decorated with different super heroes and villains fighting each other. There were statues, posters, and even performers dressed up. They were keeping everyone entertained while they waited for the ride to open up.

This isn't so bad.” said Angelia. “I know it's all fake, but they're doing such a good job. The kids all love it.”

Yeah, me too!” said Felix, now not minding so much about there being a lot of kids around. “I mean, I know it's for kids, but adults can like it too.” He blushed a little, really enjoying the spectacle. Soon it was time and the doors opened. Everyone was invited into a theater-type room and into a seat. There were guide bars and seat belts, but it didn't seem like the ride moved or left the room.

That's weird.” said Angelia. “What sort of ride is this?”

“It must be a motion ride.” said Felix. “You'll see.” He smiled and waited for the show to start. There was a huge screen in front and music playing. The screen began to show super heroes fighting and then one came up to greed the audience.

We need your help junior heroes!” said the super fox. “Come along with me!” He flew off and the ride began. The seats moved as the hero moved and jostled up and down, side to side, and vibrated a little. It felt as if they were actually moving very fast when in fact they were still in the same room as always. The dark lighting made the illusion more real, as did the effects of the regression.

As they both got younger, they began getting more and more into it. Their child-like imaginations were revived and they were now both very excited to see what happened next. Heroes were jumping in and out of frame, all chasing a dangerous villain, and the audience was along for the ride.

Oooh! He's my favorite!” said Felix, pointing at a flying otter wearing a yellow jumpsuit and red cape. Then the seats moved around again, tilting up and down and bumping as the villain attacked.

Oh wow!” said Angelia. “This is so cool!” She waved her arms around as the ride sloshed them back and forth. “Get him!”

Yeah, get him!” shouted Felix, excitedly pointing at the screen. The hero called for the audience to press a button in front of them, and when they did the entire team fired on the villain and won. There was a large explosion and the seats rumbled. Then the heroes all thanked the audience for helping before the ride ended and the lights came up. The two were unaware that they were smaller and younger now, but both certainly felt younger.

That was fun!” said Angelia. “I'm glad you picked it.”

Yeah, me too!” said Felix. His shirt now sported his favorite super hero, while Angelia's had a rainbow unicorn on it.

Okay, now that we went on a ride for boys, lets go on a ride for girls.” said Angelia.

Aw man, do we have to?” asked Felix, whining.

“Yes!” shouted Angelia, sticking her tongue out. She skipped along now, happily heading towards a magical unicorn ride.

Ugh, it's so girly.” said Felix.

“Come on, it's not so bad.” said Angelia. She and Felix got in line and waited while he pouted. Each in line were guided to a unicorn they could sit on, which was sized for young kids. Angelia got seated on a pink one while Felix was helped onto a white one.

Felix blushed as the ride started and went around and around slowly. “This is boring!” he shouted.

Just wait!” said Angelia. She smiled as the ride started to go faster and faster, and suddenly the unicorns moved off of the platform and onto a rail.

Whoa!” shouted Felix. “What the...” The unicorns all followed each other, and once they were all on a track, a button lit up on the front of them.

“Okay kids!” a female voice came over the speakers around the ride. “Time to race! Press the button to go faster!”

Yay!” shouted Angelia. She pressed the button on her unicorn and began going faster. “I'm gonna beat you!”

Oh yeah?” said Felix. He pressed the button on his unicorn and tried catching up. All the others on their unicorns were going past him though. “Hey! What even?” He started pressing his button harder and found it made him go faster.

Come on Felix!” shouted Angelia. “You gotta keep up!” They were both too focused on the race to notice they were shrinking.

I'm gonna win!” shouted Felix, pressing the button rapidly. He eventually caught up to Angelia and stuck his tongue out at her.

No way!” shouted Angelia. She began rapidly pressing the button on her unicorn and just barely managed to cross the finish line first, then her unicorn and the others made their way back to the start and got back in their places.

And we have a winner!” shouted the announcer. “Come on up and get your prize!”

Oh boy!” said Angelia, happily getting off the unicorn. She needed a little help now that she was smaller, but she happily ran up onto the nearby stage and accepted the prize, which was a plush unicorn. She smiled and snuggled it happily, giggling like a school girl.

Aw man, I almost won!” said Felix, complaining. He also needed help getting down off the unicorn, nearly falling when he tried by himself. “Oh, it's just a dumb girly plush.”

Heh, admit it Felix, you're jealous.” said Angelia, sticking her tongue out and hugging the plush.

“Nah, not really.” said Felix, even though he kind of was. “Next time I'm gonna win a prize!”

Let's find a new game then.” said Angelia. They walked down a midway and saw a game where kids were squirting water at targets to make a balloon fill up. “How about that one?”

“Okay!” said Felix, happily padding over to it. The water guns were just the right size for his ten-year-old hands. “I totally got this.”

Angelia stood next to him and put her plush down in front of her and grabbed a gun. “Okay, ready!” she said. The game started and they began shooting water at the target. She noticed that Felix was doing better than her, so she turned and squirted him with the water.

“Hey!” shouted Felix. “No fair!” He giggled and turned to spray her in return, making her squeal and block it. The two kept squirting each other until they were soaked again, but Felix still won. “I win!” He smiled and celebrated by dancing and smiling, showing some gaps in his teeth. His tail swayed, although dripping wet.

Heh, yeah yeah.” said Angelia. “So what's your prize?”

Felix was handed a red and yellow toy plastic collapsible sword. “Cool, a light saber!” he said, swinging it around and making it extend.

Hehe, neat!” said Angelia, picking up her plush. “We're all wet again though.”

“Let's go to the water rides!” said Felix. “Since we're wet anyway, it won't matter if we get more wet.”

Good idea!” said Angelia. She skipped along with Felix, holding his hand and dripping wet, to the side of the park with water rides and play areas. There they saw a fun looking water slide.

I'm gonna ride that!” said Felix.

It looks kinda scary.” said Angelia. “Besides, what about my plush?”

You can leave your prizes here.” said a worker wearing a shirt sporting the park's logo. He showed them to a wall of lockers where kids could store their shoes, prizes, and dry clothes.

Oh okay.” said Angelia. She put her plush and shoes in one of the lockers.

Felix put his prize and shoes in the locker next to hers. “Okay, let's go!” he said happily, padding off barefoot to the line to get on the slide. As they waited their clothing transformed into swim suits. A pair of blue and yellow swim trunks for Felix and a pink two piece swim suit for Angelia.

Once they got to the top, Angelia was a bit hesitant. “Are you sure it's safe?” she asked.

It's fine!” said Felix. The other kids went down just fine. Watch me!” He smiled and sat down on the slide, then pushed off. “Wheeee!” He felt the water rushing by and through his fur. It had a few twists and turns, making him slide back and forth a bit. Finally he came out of the bottom and plunged into the water. “Woo!” he cheered. “Come on down!”

Angelia cautiously sat on the slide seat and prepared herself, then pushed off. “Oooh, eeee!” she screamed. Water was rushing all around her and through her fur as well. She was scared at first, since she was going so fast, but then she began to like it. The tube seemed larger and more accommodating as she went down, and finally she splashed into the water where Felix was waiting. “That was scary, but fun!”

See?” said Felix. “I told you it was fun! Lets go again!”

Okay!” said Angelia. She followed Felix, feeling more brave now, and the two went down the water slide again, coming out slightly younger.

Oooh, I love water slides!” said Felix.

Of course you do!” said Angelia. “You're an otter!” She giggled and splashed him a little.

Felix giggled and splashed her back, then swam a little before heading over to a water raft ride. “This looks fun!” he said.

Yeah, lots of splashing!” said Angelia. They got in line and eventually got seated into a large round raft with a few other children. After they were all buckled in, the ride began. It was slow at first, but then the rapids started pushing the raft back and forth, and there were a few downhill parts to speed it up. Eventually they passed under a waterfall that got everyone wet, and the rapids got more intense, sending small waves of water all over everyone, making them squeal and giggle.

Whoa!” said Felix. “We nearly flipped over!” He chuckled and raised his arms in the air as they went down another sloped waterfall.

Wheee!” shouted Angelia. The ride slowly came to a stop and they were all helped off. Angelia smiled and shook her fur out, making it puff out.

Felix giggled at this and helped pat her fur back down. “Now what?” he asked.

I wanna go on the big slide!” said a six-year-old Angelia.

Which one?” asked Felix.

That one!” answered Angelia, pointing to a huge yellow slide with at least six people on at one time, all sliding down the water on a mat.

Oooh, fun!” said Felix. “Come on!” He held Angelia's paw and raced to get in line for the big slide. The sounds of giggling and cheering children echoed through the park.

It was a long climb to the top of the slide, but their young bodies were resilient and energetic. When they got to the top they were given a mat to ride on, and made to lay on it at the start of the slide. Felix held on with his paws and claws, as did Angelia, and they were given a gentle push. Whoosh! They went down the watery slide in a flash, zipping down and splashing into the water below.

Hahaha!” Felix laughed. “That was gweat!”

Angelia got up and shook out her fur again. “Hehe, yeah!” she yelled. The claws on her toes click-clacked around as she danced in place on the concrete. “I wanna go pway in the water!”

Race ya there!” said Felix, taking off.

Angelia giggled and raced along, trying to beat him. They were both smaller now and had chubbier legs, but Angelia was a wolf and Felix was an otter, so she was faster, and beat him to the water play area where other kids where. “I win!” she proclaimed.

Aw, no faiw!” said Felix. He waded into the shallow water, which came up to his belly, and began swimming around. “I can beat you in the water!”

I know!” said Angelia, splashing him back. “Ya know I haven't leawned to swim yet!”

Good thing the watew is shawwow hewe.” said Felix. He swam around like it was the easiest thing in the world.

Yeah.” said Angelia, kicking her legs in the water. “But I can do this!” She went up to one of the water guns attached to a station in the water and began squirting Felix with it.

Felix squealed and swam around, trying to avoid her shots. “Nyah nyah! Can't get me!” he teased. He was indeed fast in the water, and wiggled around easily.

Angelia just kept giggling and squirting at Felix as her swim suit changed into a one piece bathing suit with a rainbow unicorn on it.

Felix swam around and made his way to some mushroom-shaped structures with water pouring down them. He giggled and swam under them, letting the water fall on his head, and sat there, looking through a clear cascading sheet of water.

Angelia got bored and headed over to a tunnel made of rings where water was sprinkling through. It was brightly colored and like a car wash, which made it all the more fun to run through and get wet. Each time she did she got a little bit younger and more carefree. The water was starting to get high though, and she was having trouble wading through it.

Felix swam around some more then went to find Angelia. He giggled and went through the tunnels after her, and soon they both had a slight bulk under their swim wear. “Hehe, I gonna get you!” he said to her.

Nu uh!” said Angelia, and squealed, wading out of the tunnels and into the play area again. “Ugh, dis watew ish too deep.” She hopped on her little legs to go faster and get to a more shallow area.

I can swim jus fine!” said Felix, bragging a little. He didn't have trouble swimming, but he was having trouble walking in such high water. He saw that Angelia was playing with some inflatable toys in the shallow end, so he went to join her.

Angelia smiled and tossed an inflatable ball to Felix.

Felix caught it and bopped it back to her. “Hehe, catch!” he said.

Angelia scrambled to catch the ball, but instead just bopped it with her paws. She tried kicking it but ended up landing on her bottom in the shallow water. It didn't hurt though, since it was just water, and she was having too much fun to stop. Instead, she got up and grabbed the ball, then awkwardly tossed it back.

Felix lunged at it, hitting it with his tail, making it skip across the surface of the water.

Angelia went after it, waddling a bit as the bulk between her legs grew. “I got it!” she said triumphantly as she held up the ball. She then waddled back over and tossed it to Felix.

Felix smiled and chased after the ball. It was thrown so awkwardly that it completely missed him. The bulk between his legs grew as well, and now they both had on full fledged swim diapers.

They both kept playing in the kiddie pool and waddling around under some water shower heads spraying water around them.

Angelia smiled and opened her mouth, tasting the water. It tasted strange though, so she spit it out. “Yuck.” she said, waddling around in her pink swim diaper.

At weast it fun to pway in.” said Felix, splashing around in his little blue swim diaper. “Dis pwace ish so fun!”

Yeah!” said Angelia. “I neber wanna stop!” She kept playing and splashing around in the water, but eventually they both began to get tired and hungry.

Oooh, I kinda hungwee.” said Felix.

“Wanna snack.” said Angelia. They made their way out of the shallow pool and shook their fur out. Gravity certainly felt different when out of the water and on such weak little legs. They both waddled over to a snack stand, which was offering finger foods for toddlers, and got a couple of cookies and sippy cups of milk.

Felix sat with Angelia and they each enjoyed their snack, but then yawned, starting to feel tired. A friendly skunk with blue and white hair eventually saw them and came over to them, wearing blue shorts and a staff shirt.

Looks like we've got some tuckered out tots here.” he said. “Lets get you both home.” He gathered them up and picked up a familiar scent. He just smiled and carried them to a changing station where he changed their diapers and dressed Felix in a blue and white daytime diaper with rainbow paw prints on it, and Angelia in a pink and white diaper with rainbow unicorns on it. He then placed them both in a stroller and pushed them out to the parking lot. There, waiting, was a familiar tram cart, already loading other babies and toddlers onto it. The nice skunk gently put the sleeping tots into car seats inside the tram and waved goodbye. “Hope you two had lots of fun at Springtide Park.” He smiled, knowing they had. Indeed, everyone who came to the park tended to leave as sleepy toddlers or babies, and each were taken to their own homes where their parents were waiting for them.

Angelia and Felix got to grow up together all over again, having fun together in daycare, nursery school, and then school all over again. They would always play with one another on the playground, having vague memories of doing it all before, but that was just a dream now. Who knows, maybe one day they would go back to the park and start anew again, like so many others.

The End?



End Chapter 1

A Day at Springtide Park

by: Ouroboros | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 20, 2022


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TheFurEffect · Apr 21, 2022

It's always nice to see a story featuring more of my otter kind. Also a fun read in general

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