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Get younger and join the fun!

by: vended Last updated Apr 1, 2021

[Part II and III added] Peter had the lowest expectation for Halloween this year, but that was before his little sister's plan took shape, and changed his own.

A well fitting swimsuit.

by: vended Last updated Apr 1, 2021

A young woman will soon learn you should not be too shocking in some countries beach if you don't want the locals to make sure you're less.

Carlos' Escape

by: vended Last updated Jan 2, 2010

By Libra. A teenager boy wish to be out of school.

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On story: Pre- (Ivy League) School - chapter 12

vended Mar 24, 2023

Neat story, although it feel like it lack a purpose by now.

On story: Pre- (Ivy League) School - chapter 4

vended Mar 24, 2023

Very neat story so far!

On story: From Soccer to Paci Sucker - chapter 1

vended Mar 24, 2023

This is actually quite well written! :] Please continue! I wonder if there will be actual AR, and how it will turn out whether there is or not.

On story: The Lake House By Libra & Jeff - chapter 1

vended Feb 27, 2023

Is that a new story ? I didn't knew you two were still writting. Very neat !

On story: A Little Jealous - chapter 1

vended Feb 16, 2023

Not a very developed plot, but a fun story. ^^

On story: Welcomed - chapter 1

vended Feb 12, 2023

Damn good story, as usual. I loved the slow regression in habits

On story: A Board Transformation - chapter 1

vended Feb 9, 2023

A bit short, but not bad at all for a first!

RE: AP:Orig Italian film inspired Big

vended Feb 5, 2023

Yeah, ending is fun. He go back to being a kid, and when the woman he had fallen in love with as an adult realise what happened, she decide to r ...

On story: DiaperDayz Daycare - chapter 1

vended Jan 29, 2023

You absolutely have to return to the line befor and after a ligne of dialog! That's basic story writting to make it pleasant to read.

On story: My wife’s abdl and a witch! - chapter 1

vended Jan 29, 2023

Seriously? Make at least a little effort...

On story: Everything Looks Better in Black and White - chapter 3

vended Jan 19, 2023

Still the best AR story I've ever read, even after all these years. Thanks a lot Sumner for writting and sharing this little gem !

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