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Get younger and join the fun!

by: vended Last updated Apr 1, 2021

[Part II and III added] Peter had the lowest expectation for Halloween this year, but that was before his little sister's plan took shape, and changed his own.

A well fitting swimsuit.

by: vended Last updated Apr 1, 2021

A young woman will soon learn you should not be too shocking in some countries beach if you don't want the locals to make sure you're less.

Carlos' Escape

by: vended Last updated Jan 2, 2010

By Libra. A teenager boy wish to be out of school.

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On story: A Trip to the Shrink - chapter 1

vended Jun 18, 2021

Very good start! Hoping it is indeed a start and there's more to come. :P

On story: The Diaper Bag - chapter 8

vended Jun 15, 2021

Such a really good read! I love the use of reality altering item with consistent magic logic yet unpredictable results in the way they're used b ...

On story: Rescue Mission to Wonderland - chapter 1

vended Jun 12, 2021

Still as great as when I first read it completed. You've done wonders on this tale, Ambrose! Neat to see it finally shared on the ARchive. :]

On story: The Montford Reduction - chapter 1

vended Jun 11, 2021

Thanks again for the amazing story ! I look forward working with you again in the future. ;)

On story: Baby for new year - chapter 3

vended Jun 5, 2021

Chapter three felt a bit too repetitive, if you don't mind the criticism. I get that you were showing the progression of the way he's treated ch ...

RE: AP Movie

vended Jun 3, 2021

Just found the french dub, and yeah there's one, off screen of course, like the AP. And damn, I bare ...

RE: AP Movie

vended Jun 3, 2021

The video got removed. :/ But thanks nonetheless. Was there AR at the end?

On story: Relationship Upgrade - chapter 2

vended Jun 1, 2021

As much a great read as the first time!

On story: Baby for new year - chapter 1

vended Jun 1, 2021

Nice start! I was going to advise not to have characters with such close names (Jimmy, Tommy, Timmy) in a story as to avoid confusion, but reali ...

On story: Baby for new year - chapter 2

vended Jun 1, 2021

Nice story so far. I wonder if he is going to physically regress at some point, or if it will remain ABDL-like.

RE: Father / daughter age regression

vended May 31, 2021

There's this little caption-like story : ...

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