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Get younger and join the fun!

by: vended Last updated Apr 1, 2021

[Part II and III added] Peter had the lowest expectation for Halloween this year, but that was before his little sister's plan took shape, and changed his own.

A well fitting swimsuit.

by: vended Last updated Apr 1, 2021

A young woman will soon learn you should not be too shocking in some countries beach if you don't want the locals to make sure you're less.

Carlos' Escape

by: vended Last updated Jan 2, 2010

By Libra. A teenager boy wish to be out of school.

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RE: Sammantha

vended Feb 6, 2024

Sorry, what are you talking about ? ^^'

RE: Old archive

vended Feb 6, 2024

Any news on it, Heidegger ? I think we wouldn't mind losing the old one if we could have access to our favorite stories list on the new, but wit ...

On story: The Power of AI - chapter 1

vended Feb 6, 2024

Thanks for the neat read ! ^^

On story: The Business Trip, Chapter Three - chapter 2

vended Jan 27, 2024

I like where this is heading ^^

On story: Pop Star's Lament - chapter 1

vended Dec 28, 2023

Interesting start. :]

On story: AR Central Stories - chapter 2

vended Dec 27, 2023

Huggies weren't mentioned, sure, but she does end up two years old in part one. :]

On story: The Doctor's Office - chapter 1

vended Sep 6, 2023

Very neat story. I wish there was a non furry version. :]

On story: Wishing You Well - chapter 1

vended Aug 30, 2023

It look well written, but the formating make it impossible to read. Can you please change it?

On story: Personalias's Flash Fictions - chapter 4

vended Jun 17, 2023

Your best flash fiction so far. Very fun to imagine the character literally regress out of her clothes, only for everyone else to disregard what ...

On story: Show Your Work - chapter 1

vended May 19, 2023

It's been a while since I read such a happy ending AR story. ^^ Thanks for the read.

On story: Be Careful What You Don't Wish For - chapter 1

vended Apr 25, 2023

Very nice twist of the classic plot ^^

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