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by: Ambrose Last updated Aug 23, 2022

No good deed goes unpunished, an advice Celyn Kabar soon wishes she had heeded, for when trying to help she finds herself in the hands of a captor whose definition of good care involves cribs, diapers and supervised play time.

Wild Travel

by: Ambrose Last updated Jul 18, 2022

Kim's life is not easy. As she struggles in college, her lack of friends isn't helping, nor is the bleak financial situation her mother's illness left them in. Could a machine allowing her to return to the past be the answer to all her problems? Could this be a way back to easier times? Or are the results wilder than she could have imagined? ///A commission by Vended whose polishing is simply amazing!

A Boy and his Bear

by: Ambrose Last updated Jun 24, 2021

Eager to show that the AR Virus regressing him to a toddler doesn't mean he needs any help, former teenager Ethan decides to remove some of his old stuff from the attic. Doing so he discovers a nearly forgotten old friend!

Rescue Mission to Wonderland

by: Ambrose Last updated Jun 14, 2021

Josh is just supposed to look after his little sister Kelly and her two friends for a bit. What could go wrong? This is the first part of a story I did for Areat. He had this great idea and helped a lot with many scenes as with correcting mistakes. A story with three parts.

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On story: Another Way, Another Day - chapter 14

Ambrose Sep 15, 2022

I read this story some time ago and really liked it, though I lacked the time to comment until now. The way you show Amanda's regression and her ...

On story: Sam's Flight to Babyhood - chapter 10

Ambrose Sep 15, 2022

A great story! Love the concept of the triggers and how little it needs for Sam to have her adult life stipped away from her. The scenes on the ...

On story: The Test Class - chapter 1

Ambrose Sep 8, 2022

Interesting start! Nice that not all adults are with it.

On story: A.n.n.i. - chapter 10

Ambrose Aug 24, 2022

Thank you so much! Even an A.I. deserves some happiness. ;-)

On story: A.n.n.i. - chapter 9

Ambrose Aug 21, 2022

Thank you! The epilogue might not be what you expect, but I hope you will like it never the less.

On story: A.n.n.i. - chapter 5

Ambrose Aug 13, 2022

Thank you so much! I hope you'll like the future chapters, too. There will be some twists and turns.

On story: A.n.n.i. - chapter 1

Ambrose Aug 7, 2022

Thank you! It was fun writing about something like Anni. She really has an interesting view on humanity. ;-)

RE: New Boss Baby netflix series with AR in first episode

Ambrose May 21, 2022

Nice premise, should make for some good stories.

On story: Jason's Journey - chapter 5

Ambrose Jan 10, 2022

Great five chapters! I like the interactions Jason has, but also the hints of his *parents* knowing and regressing mentally!

On story: A Perfect Solution Teaser - chapter 1

Ambrose Jan 10, 2022

An amazing teaser! Makes me wonder how he got into this situation and if Marie knows. I hope you finish the rest of the story.

On story: Relationship Upgrade - chapter 2

Ambrose Nov 25, 2021

Thank you! Andrew has really been a bit too convincing ... or the amulet too strong? ;-)

On story: The Sanctity of Knowledge - chapter 10

Ambrose Oct 4, 2021

An amazing story! The change and humiliation works perfectly, as does the description of Alexa's mental changes. Love the details like "Bribe ...

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