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Final Tester

by: Ambrose Last updated Apr 23, 2021

The scientists behind the youth-drug enter the final phase with a last set of trials. What fate awaits the unwilling testers? This is the last of five chapters. If you liked it, feel free to comment. It is the sequel and last part of the saga I began in Jumper and Losing Weight.

Losing Weight

by: Ambrose Last updated Apr 19, 2021

A company has developed a drug which allows it to control aging, yet the mental side effects of age-regression make it fall short of its multi-billion dollar potential. Can some more tests help? Sequel to "Jumper" and Prequel to "Final Tester".


by: Ambrose Last updated Apr 3, 2021

As every product needs testing, Garry and Mona make a baragain to work as top-secret testers... though not necessarily for the product they imagined. (First in a triology of stories!)

Sibling Love

by: Ambrose Last updated Apr 3, 2021

With his sister's life at risk, Andy must decide how far he is willing to go to save it.

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On story: 7 Days of Training - chapter 8

Ambrose Apr 29, 2021

Possible Future Plans

On story: 7 Days of Training - chapter 8
Ambrose Apr 28, 2021

One day maybe. I have some ideas, but I have to complete this and my DA archive first. Thanks for the interest!

On story: Year Taker - chapter 1

Ambrose Apr 20, 2021

Now this is an unusual and fantastic story! Makes me wonder: How young do her victims become?

On story: Jacob's Regression V1 - chapter 50

Ambrose Apr 20, 2021

Amazing to hear! Seems this really becomes the hub we hoped for.


On story: Jacob's Regression V1 - chapter 50
Ambrose Apr 19, 2021

I'm so glad to find your story here. I read it once at Wattpad, but feel it is unnecessary hard to find the right stories there. Your story i ...

RE: A Slight Apology

Ambrose Apr 19, 2021

This happened with my story, too. Hey, growing pains! ;-)

On story: Annie and Penny's tale. - chapter 1

Ambrose Apr 9, 2021

Cute story! Always be careful whom you make deals with! ;-)

RE: AR Stories

Ambrose Apr 7, 2021

Great to hear! I admit I was a bit lazy with that so far ...

RE: Welcome to the New AR Archive

Ambrose Apr 3, 2021

Thanks for helping me with the account! A request regarding one of my stories: "Jumper" was never listed as mine, maybe due to a mishap of mi ...

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