The Power of AI

by: Ambrose | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 9, 2024

Dave's is using an A.I. he found in the internet to change his age on a photo ... what could go wrong? Commissioned by Areat!


Those AI-program are fun to use and harmless, thought a 16 years old Dave, eager to see how he would look on the football field as a 20 years old. But after a typo send his computer reeling to create a single digit one while he's at school, he's bewildered to see the creeping change at work on his own body. Now he's got no choice but to win the race back home, or face hosting the next game in a sandpit.

Feb 5, 2024


The Power of AI(Chapter 2)

Dave made his big journey home and feels he has more than earned back his teenhood. Things aren’t that easy though as neither has the AI shown its full potential, yet, nor is everyone convinced a back to normalcy would be preferable to what it has to offer.

Feb 6, 2024


The Power of AI(Chapter 3)

Dave is getting his mind back … only to feel like he is losing it again. His mother and sister suddenly seem to have forgotten he is sixteen despite being reduced to a two-year-old toddler. The house is changing to erase every hint he ever was older and to top it he loses his ability to read, count or speak grown-up. Will he find out who is behind this and will this even make a difference?

Feb 7, 2024


The Power of AI(Chapter 4/Final)

A new day for Dave, but also a new chance to get back his teenhood? Waking up in his crib makes him doubt it. What can he do without being able to read, write or even remember how old he is supposed to be? Maybe a trip to the daycare is just the distraction he needs. Toys, games and a lot of other two-year-olds to have fun with!

Feb 8, 2024

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