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Chapter 2
Interlude Hillary

Chapter Description: Having fulfilled her side of the deal and brought the boy to her client, Hillary thought she was prepared for everything, only to find herself in the hands of an A. I. which sees her as nothing but a toddler. Yet, can she really complain, when her payment isn't money, but the precious gift of youth?

Anni put an already sleeping Jess – still under the effects of her stunning gas – out of his dirty big boy clothes he had stolen from other children during his adventure on the street. Then she cleaned him with baby wipes –especially the dirty soles of his feet –, put a thick night time diaper on him, dressed him into a much more fitting blue onesie with a smiling star on it and placed him in his crib where he could safely explore dreamland.

The woman who had brought him back to Anni’s daycare wasn’t quite ready for this journey yet.

“Let me go!” Hillary shouted.

The hands held her firm.

“I can bring you money,” she tried.

“I can make all the money I need to run my daycare,” Anni said, her eye approaching the woman. “It are all zeros and ones for me.”

Hillary looked shocked at her, but somehow managed to get hold herself enough to continue arguing.

“Children?” She asked. “You want children for … this place? I can get you some. I …”

The prostitute stopped as she felt as sharp pain in her right arm and looking down, she noticed the syringe a mechanical hand had used there.

“I have all the children I want right now,” Anni explained, as Hillary’s world grew darker. “And you are one of them. Doesn’t this make you happy?”

The woman didn’t reply, as she already had lost consciousness, so Anni softly carried her through the depths of her daycare to the medical room. There she quickly undressed her and placed her naked and unconscious on the bed. Even here the walls were decorated with happy animals to ease the children’s fears and so happy hippos, lions, giraffes and more watched, as the A.I.’s sensors began a complete check of her newest charge. As the medical files had suggested, Hillary was healthy despite her work, safe for some tooth fillings. Her slender body was immaculate, safe for the dragon tattoo on her shoulder.

Why do humans do this to their bodies, Anni wondered, as her laser quickly erased the fire breathing reptile, leaving a bit raw, but perfect skin. Good I’m here to safe them from making such decisions.

Of course, there was now the decision to be made what to do with her. Surely not to send her back on the streets, where she might get in trouble with the police over what she had done, or tattle on Anni, or just return to her old life in selling her body or doing other nasty stuff like what had brought her here … no, it was definitely the best for this little girl, that she had found her way to the safety of Anni’s daycare, where she would be taken care of.

The A.I.’s eye glided closer to the well-developed breasts. These were made for attracting mates, feeding babies and in Hillary’s case also to attract customers. Since she wouldn’t need anything of this three anymore, Anni decided to regress her biologically to make it easier for her to accept this. Ten? She already had regressed Celyn’s body to this stage, so this would be a reasonable choice, but it still left puberty in sight. Five then. With the body of a five-year-old she would be the smallest toddler around, but this maybe would make it easier for the others to accept her after the way she had tricked Jess.

One of Anni’s hand grabbed a syringe and pulled the necessary dosage of the serum out of a vial before injecting it into the still sleeping Hillary’s left arm. The woman scowled and shifted a bit in her sleep. Fearing to cause her charge nightmares, Anni went closer and cooed.

“It is all right,” she whispered. “Anni is here!”

Something in her voice seemed to help, for Hillary relaxed, allowing Anni to study the changes. The body shuddered slightly, as the regeneration set in. At first the hints of wrinkles vanished in the face, quickly giving it the appearance of that of a college girl. The breasts also became firmer, lifting up visibly. Then, as the border of puberty neared, they shrank, or rather did so in comparison to the rest of the body which size had reduced along that of them so far. It nearly seemed they seemed to melt, as the nipples and areola became visibly smaller. Checking the rest of the body, Anni noticed with satisfaction, that everything else changed in tune. Limbs became shorter, the face rounder and the hips became narrower. The vulva – being the secondary sing of sexual maturity – quickly lost hair and then size, as it became merely a slit between the legs, not needing its hairy protection anymore. Using a hand to pull back the lips and open the mouth, revealed a full set of milk teeth, the adult teeth having been dissolved and reabsorbed into the jaw, while the fillings would be excreted.

Looking over the changes in total, Anni was more than satisfied, where once an onlooker would have seen a beautiful woman, he would now see a cute Kindergartner. Of course, both ideas were wrong, since it was just a toddler lying there, before and now, despite the age of the body. As hands softly picked the sleeping child up, and carried her to another room, Anni wondered if the reduction of the biological age would finally make her other charges see the futility of defining themselves over their biological age, especially the one they once held.

Arriving in Hillary’s nursery, the hands placed her on the changing table and began cleaning her naked body with a slightly wet washcloth. Once she was clean and dried again, they lifted her butt by pulling the ankles up and putting a diaper under it. Having applied a good dose of diaper cream on the butt and front, they lowered the lower body and pulled the front of the diaper up before closing the tapes. A happy Yellow Bird now smiled just below Hillary’s navel. Deciding to end the day for her, Anni dressed her into a lila sleeping bag with white sheep grazing on it, before putting her into the crib. Just to show she respected Hillary’s preferences, she also placed a plush version of Elliott, the friendly dragon besides the sleeping girl. Maybe Hillary would recognize it as a more than fair exchange for the tattoo she had lost.

Watching the former woman from above, the A.I. enjoyed the innocence of the scene. It would be a whole new life for little Hillary now, one far away from the bad decision she had made in her old one. The changes in her biological age would help, but Anni hoped in time she would come to see it was the flawed concept of adulthood which she had truly saved her from. A perfect new start … but would Jess see it so, too?

Anni decided it would be better to reduce his biological age from ten to five. Being the same age maybe would make them see the foolishness of holding grudges and make it easier for them to play. Hillary seemed to be very gifted at playing pretend already and Jess had shown some skill of it, too, today. Also he was so eager of running around … maybe they could play catch? Having the body of a kindergartner also, it would prevent her creator from making big steps if he tried to run away from her again. Satisfied with the state of her daycare, Anni pushed the mobile above the sleeping girl’s head and glided away.

A caretaker’s work was never done.

To be continued …



End Chapter 2


by: Ambrose | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 5, 2024


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