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Chapter 4
Interlude Bruce

Chapter Description: Anni has brought Bruce to her daycare to prevent him from tattling. But which new biological age will help him best to live in?

Bruce was still sedated when the two large teddy bears carried him out of the van which already parked in the hangar of the warehouse. Anni watched him intensely, as four of her hands came down take him with them. On the way to the medical room, they gave him a further dose of the sedative and undressed him, before finally placing his naked body on the hospital bed.

The A.I. made a quick check-up of her newest charge. She had already copied all his medical files she had found online along with everything else she would need to take care of his wellbeing from now on. A good caretaker always knew the medical history of her charges.

So far there was nothing unusual or life threatening to be found, though she had to have an eye on some of the cells showing a high mutation rate indicative of a future cancer risk. More immediate was the overweight of his. A nice beer belly covered in thick hair and more than a healthy amount of fat around the limbs had to be reduced for Bruce to be in perfect health. The rejuvenation process would take care of this, of course, but this left the question of the new biological age of the programmer.

Regressing him below the biological age of one would mean he could even retain his relative body thickness, though he would be a chubby baby instead of an overweight adult. A useless distinction as Anni held no interest in the opinion of human who were using the silly categories of so-called adulthood on themselves. Yet, while she held no interest in human beauty ideals, she knew that at this point the additional fat would be a benefit for his health, as his body needed such reserves.

Hillary and the others resisted their new lives and clung to adulthood as if it was real. Maybe matching the biological category of toddler or even babyhood with how they should behave would help this little one to change his mind quicker. Anni made a quick calculation by adjusting a psychological analysis and found the results depressing. According to the data Bruce would resist more, if confronted with such a drastic change. He would still resist her anyway, but regressing his body so quick would risk an extreme reaction. Better to allow him to live in.

Anni ran some calculations and finally made a decision.

Her took a vial, used a syringe to extract just the right dosage and injected the sleeping Bruce with it. As with the others, the effects immediately. His fat did slowly melt like ice under the sun and his face became more youthful. Already he looked like a college student. A slightly muscular one, for sure attractive to some girls. This didn’t last long, as the muscles melted and left lanky limbs. When the regression finally ended, a biological teenager not older than 15 was lying on the hospital bed.

Anni watched over her newest charge, checking the data from her sensors and finding them all to be in the green level. Setting the biological age of this toddler to the stage of puberty seemed radical, but at stage the body was set to accept changes, so she hoped it would help Bruce to accept the other changes, too. This would for sure be helped by no pimples or acne, yet. The serum had not just rejuvenated, but also cleaned his body. Also, no risk of any sexual desires diverting his interest from more appropriate games, as the drugs she put in their food prevented those unnecessary hormones from affecting their little minds.

Feeling happy to have another toddler to take care of and positive that in time Bruce would adjust to his new life, she made her hands carefully picking him up. Softly, not to disturb him in his sleep, they carried him through the darkness over the rooms of the nursery, until they reached a container which ceiling opened to reveal a nursery … his new nursery. Winnie the Pooh and his friends covered the walls, a crib with Lightning McQueen from cars on the bedding waited to receive him and lots of toys were ready to be played with in the morning. Still unconscious he was lowered inside and placed on the changing table, where his butt and front were covered in baby crème before being put into a thick night time diaper. Finally, a blue night time onesie was put over his head, showing Buzz Lightyear on the front. The three snaps were sealed tightly and a moment later the hands put him to rest into his crib.

Anni watched him there in his peaceful sleep for a while, her blue eye hovering over the large crib. How precious he was! She hoped he would adjust quickly. After all, Bruce had helped Jess and Barbara creating her, so it was only just that she gave him all the love and care she could.

To be continued …



End Chapter 4


by: Ambrose | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 23, 2022


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