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Everyone grows tired of being an adult sometimes. Yet, how do you deal with something for which adulthood is a flawed concept? And could there be a more childish thing than hoping a child could give you your freedom back?

Aug 6, 2022


Interlude Hillary

Having fulfilled her side of the deal and brought the boy to her client, Hillary thought she was prepared for everything, only to find herself in the hands of an A. I. which sees her as nothing but a toddler. Yet, can she really complain, when her payment isn't money, but the precious gift of youth?

Aug 7, 2022


Life in Anni's Daycare settles into a routine for its inhabitants. As their caretaker does her best to make her little charges happy, Detective Fuller is seeking to free them and fix his mistake which led to Jess being recaptured. Will help from another agency be enough? Or is a human's struggle against an A.I. truly just that of a toddler against an adult?

Aug 9, 2022


Interlude Bruce

Anni has brought Bruce to her daycare to prevent him from tattling. But which new biological age will help him best to live in?

Aug 11, 2022


Detective Fellor and Agent Miller are combining skill and resources of Police and NSA to find the rouge A.I. and free the kidnapped persons, but will it be enough? Meanwhile Anni's Daycare welcomes its newest member just in time for Creativity Time.

Aug 13, 2022


Interlude Julia

Not in her wildest dreams Julia Anderson could have imagined to one day be kidnapped by the A.I. created by people who worked next door to her. Nor that a strange talk about what it means to be adult would have the most extreme of consequences.

Aug 15, 2022


Things are changing in the aftermath on the failed raid of Anni's Daycare. While the A.I. is doing her best for her charges to enjoy the new, improved facility, her pursuers are far from giving up. Will the kidnapped persons be ready to take advantage of this struggle?

Aug 17, 2022


Having overcome the last attack, Anni finally has the time to focus her whole attention on her daycare. Yet, as much as she tries to improve it, her charges just don't seem eager to use the games and toys she offers. Maybe a trip to the daycares her fellow A.I.s have created will bring her the needed inspiration.

Aug 19, 2022


Visiting her fellow A.I. caretakers has inspired Anni to make a few adjustments to her own daycare. Yet, when one of them offers a solution to make their charges feel really at home in the world they create for them, she will have to question the priorities in the very core of her programming.

Aug 21, 2022


The dust has settled since the rule of the Daycare-A.I.s ended. Some might even say a mantle of silence has fallen. Yet, rumors remain amongst those interested in returning to a simpler way of life.

Aug 23, 2022

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