Never Ending

by: Voltaire | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 18, 2012

Sequel to "A SLOW DECENT" (Strongly Suggested that you read "A Slow Descent" before this story for it to make a bit more sence)

Chapter 1
Men on a mission

Chapter Description: A new law is passed. New storyline is introduced besides the main characters.

Dan rarely watched the television, but right now, right at this moment, he did.

His future was on the line.

In the last month, a new law had been appealed to the United States government. Nobody was quite sure what it was, but they did know this: it would allow the use of a new drug to reverse the aging process, by reversing the cells’ duplication process so that they formed together instead.

This all didn’t make much sense to Dan, but in simpler terms, he knew his parents could make him a mindless Pre-schooler if the law passed.

Finally, the older looking woman with a large hair braid and red lips (how you would imagine a librarian) walked out into the news center. She sat down with the reporter, who said:

"And now, Mrs. Margaret Figg will tell us about this new way of ensuring good education, as well as decreasing population."

"Let us begin." Mrs. Figg said. She pulled out her notebook very slowly, knowing the world was at the edge of their seat. "They will have all the time they need." she said to herself, smiling.

She held up a small glass syringe. "This" she held it higher. "Is Rebirthanol"

"As you may have guessed" she continued. "It is an age reversing Drug. I have spent most of my life engineering it, fine tuning it so that we could control exactly how much we would like to reverse the process."

"And what does the government plan to do with it?" said the reporter.

She smiled."Well, as the new law would state, this drug will be used to weed out the dumb, useless people of America, and give them a second chance, while the bright people will go on to improve the country."

"And how will you determine who is who?" the reported began to have a questioning look.

"Good questions." Mrs. Figg resumed reading her notebook. "Every man and woman from the grades 9-12 will take a single test. They age and grade will be.... Adjusted according to how well they do. People who do well will stay they own age and graduate, while others who don’t will go back into the care of their parents, where they will redo their education. Specifics will be given at a later date.

"So I’m assuming the law has passed?"

"It has. And this has been tested." Figg looked directly into the camera. "Very thoroughly."

Dan shut off the TV and just stared at the wall. He was one of the stupidest people in the Junior Class. In one test, he could go from seventeen to seven.

And then there was his siblings to think about. His other brother was a senior and his sister a freshman.

His parents would be thrilled to get rid of the teenagers in their house, so no help there. It was the law, and it had to be followed.

Or he would have to get out.


"We need to go." said Brandon.

"We can’t just leave!" said Alex. "What about this? What about your fiancĂ©?"

"Look at this." said Brandon, pointing to his Birth Certificate. As Alex had pointed out, the date on the birth certificate was fifteen years earlier than he was born. This could be a misprint, but Brandon had then remembered fragments of another life, a different life than his own.

He had to go.

Brandon hopped in the car. "C’mon."

"Where are we even going?" said Alex,

"Florida." he started the engine. "We’re going to find my parents."




End Chapter 1

Never Ending

by: Voltaire | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 18, 2012


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