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Chapter 3

Chapter Description: More of RonW's excellent continuation.

Slipping into the driver’s seat, Anne left the parking lot and once again headed for the mall. The traffic jam had eased somewhat and within thirty minutes they had driven the last five miles and turned into the mall circle. The mall parking lot was relatively full, as it was now well past one o’clock. Anne had to park near the far edge and that left them with nearly a quarter mile to walk. She set the parking brake, got out, and opened the back door to get Missy.

“You don’t need a diaper change before we go in, do you?” Anne asked.

No, I don’t need changed!” said Missy sarcastically. “I don’t need these diapers any more then you do, and you know it.”

“Maybe not,” replied Anne. “But I didn’t wet my panties, you did; so just behave yourself and we’ll go inside and get you back to normal.”

Anne unbuckled the seat belt and lifted Missy out of the car and stood her on the pavement. Taking her hand, she started walking towards the mall entrance. But Missy found her short legs having a tough time keeping up. She was practically running.

“Hey, slow down a little, will ya?” she complained. “I can’t walk that fast.”

Anne looked down and with an exaggerated sigh, picked Missy up and set her on her left hip in the age old method of child carrying practiced by women through the ages. She did it so suddenly that Missy didn’t have time to protest until she was already settled on Anne’s hip. Anne just kept on walking and Missy decided to keep her mouth shut and go with the flow for a while. She noticed Anne’s hand was firmly planted on her bottom for support and she found that too embarrassing to mention. The ground seemed a lot farther away then it normally did. All in all, though, it was nice to be carried. There were a few, minor benefits, to being small again.

They entered the mall through the main entrance and Missy attempted to guide Anne to the “Wishes” store.

“Uh, I think we have to go right, Anne.” said Missy. “I remember I had just bought some lingerie...”

“Shhhhh!” whispered Anne. “Do you want everyone to start asking questions about a four year old buying lingerie? Just point me in the right direction and we’ll find it.”

“OK!” Missy whispered back, and pointed to the right. Naturally, those directions ran right through the food court.

“Well Missy, since you’ve been such a good girl for Mommy all day, would you care for an ice cream cone? Or how about another soda?” Anne teased, patting Missy’s diapered bottom.

Missy blushed beet red! Would she ever be able to live down wetting her pants like a baby? “N-No, thank you!” stammered Missy. “I don’t want anything, uh, Mommy...”

“No??? OK, you can’t say I didn’t offer.” replied Anne. “I think I see the store we want just ahead there to the left. Is that it?”

“YES!” shouted a smiling Missy. “Finally! I thought we’d never get here.”

The sign indicated that the store was open till five PM. As it was only about two PM now, they figured to have plenty of time and went on in.

The saleslady, the same nineteen year old blonde that Missy had gotten the perfume from originally appeared to be the only person in the store. Anne walked to the cash register and shifted Missy from her hip to the counter so she could talk to the saleslady without having to look up too much.

“Hello little girl,” said the lady. “Would you like a lollipop while your Mommy and I talk?”

“I’m not a little girl!” shouted Missy. “And this isn’t my mommy. I’m forty years old and I stopped in here two days ago and you sold me a perfume called “Wishes”. And now look at me! I need something to change me back, NOW!”

At this point Anne stepped into the conversation before it got too heated on Missy’s part, and explained the situation to the saleslady. “And so you see her predicament, don’t you? Melissa has to get back to her rightful age. She has two children at home and a household to keep. She can hardly do either as a four year old, now can she?”

“I see your point Anne, and I’ll be glad to help in any way I can.” said the saleslady in a calm, steady voice. “But let me explain a few things to both of you about this perfume before we continue.”

Anne and Missy both agreed to listen and waited patiently while the saleslady drew the blinds on the windows and shut and locked the door. They followed her to the back of the store and were ushered into a lounge area with a couch and chairs to sit on, a refrigerator and a long table against one wall.

“First, my name is Judy.” said the saleslady. “Now, since I know both your names, we can be a little less formal.”

“I don’t care about formalities,” moaned Missy. “I just want to be forty again. Please hurry and change me back.”

“I will, and very soon, but there are a couple of things you have to know before I give you the antidote. First, as everyone knows, our bodies and possibly our minds are determined by our DNA. It actually acts kind of like a road map, showing our bodies the right road to take to reach a predetermined destination. What we have discovered here at “Wishes Incorporated”, is that there is another road map that is developed as we age. This map can be accessed and we can see what a person was like at any age. Our perfume was designed to return a person to an earlier age on their maturity road map, say ten to fifteen years earlier for each application down to a certain point. After a certain age is reached, repeated doses tend to halve the current age of the subject. As you have discovered, repeated uses of our perfume causes the body to keep retreating to another, earlier road. One use, each seven to eight days, is temporary. Another use within that weekly time frame causes regression that can only be reversed by either an antidote or by growing up all over again.

“OK, OK,” said Missy impatiently. “You said you have an antidote. USE it already! I don’t want to have to grow up all over again. I need to be an adult again. NOW!”

“Excuse me?! Don’t get huffy with me, Melissa. I’m not the one who didn’t follow the directions.” exclaimed Judy. “Just sit there and listen like a good little girl till I’m finished or leave. Understand?”

“Uh, yes Judy...” murmured Missy. “I’m sorry. Please go on.”

“That’s better! Now, as I was saying, we DO have an antidote. But it doesn’t coexist well with the perfume. If we use the antidote, you will return to your original age, prior to the first use of “Wishes”, but you won’t be able to use the perfume again for at least two years.”

“I don’t care. I wish I’d never seen that damn perfume. All I want is to get back to my normal age again.”

“There’s a couple of other minor problems,” explained Judy. “Once you have the antidote, if you should happen to get another dose of the perfume; you will immediately revert to half the age you are now. I would say that would make you about two years old. The ONLY recourse then is to grow up naturally, as the antidote only works once. I would strongly advise you to throw away any perfume you have left after the antidote is administered. There is also the possibility of mental regression occurring. We don’t have much information yet concerning the effects of being physically regressed to a child on a person’s mental state, but our research people say that mental regression will probably occur within a month or two.”

“Okay, I understand! Can we use the antidote now please?” whined Melissa. “I want to be big again. I’m tired of being a kid.”

“Sure, honey!” laughed Judy. “Now that you know all the consequences of what we are about to do. I can have you grownup again in just a few minutes. All I have to do is spray you and stand back. The antidote will do it’s work in minutes.”

“Wait!” cried Missy. “Clothes! I need other clothes to fit me when I’m grownup again. Can you go and buy me some Anne? Please?”

“I’m sorry Missy,” said Anne. I spent all my cash at the drugstore. I have nothing left. I haven’t been working for you long enough to get paid yet. My Visa’s maxed out too.”

“Shit!” said Missy, banging her fist on the counter. “What can we do now? I can’t walk out of here naked. Can we take the antidote home with us and use it there, Judy?”

“No, I’m sorry, but that’s out of the question. This antidote is far too dangerous to leave the store. If an elderly person were to get accidentally sprayed the effect would be like the perfume in reverse. Rapid aging like that could kill them. And there would go our license.”

“There’s got to be something you can do Judy. By the time we could get home and come back, the mall would be closed. I don’t want to spend the night like this.”

“Well, there is one thing I can do, but you make not like it.” offered Judy. “We do have another experimental spray that is supposed to make inanimate objects like clothes and things elastic. They expand and contract to whatever size is forced on them. You could stretch a T-shirt to the front door of this store once it’s been sprayed. We are hoping to market this to women to help any style clothes fit a woman’s body perfectly. It would confirm to the size of the wearer, no matter what size or shape she was in. It would help because, as we all know, not all women who wear the same size clothes are exactly alike. Breast size, hips, etc. However, it doesn’t change the clothes at all, it would just cause them to expand as you grew up. It won’t change the color or style or anything.”

“You mean I would have my old body back and still be dressed as a little girl?” whined Missy. And, thanks to my friend here, I’m even in diapers.”

“Oh my!” chuckled Judy. “I hadn’t thought about that but, yes, your clothes will stay just as they are now, including the diapers; but at least you won’t be arrested for nudity. Of course, you could always come back tomorrow for the antidote.”

“No, No! I don’t want to be like this any longer then I have to...” Missy blurted hurriedly. “Let’s just get this over with so I can go home.”

“Okay, whatever you say.” replied Judy. “Let me get your clothing first. We have to lightly spray each piece.” That said she proceeded to spray a fine mist on Missy’s shoes and socks, then her dress and, finally, lifting her dress over her head, she sprayed her undershirt plastic panties and diaper. “Heheh, this should be the most interesting transformation I’ve ever seen.”

“Yeah, Yeah!” muttered Missy, slowly starting to lose control of her temper again in her embarrassment. “Just get on with it and save the wise ass remarks for someone else, will you?”

“Ah, ah, ah!” chided Judy. “You’re still a child by all appearances. Show a little respect or I’ll spank you and put my antidote away.”

“I’m sorry. Being this young for so long is starting to wear on my nerves.” said Missy. “Please, just get me back to being grownup again. I don’t think I can handle this much longer. Maybe my emotions are starting to regress too.”

“Here we go then. Stand back Anne, I wouldn’t want to get any of this on you.” said Judy. “This’ll take a few minutes to start the actual reversal, Missy.” With that said, she sprayed Missy’s neck and put the bottle of antidote back on the shelf.

Missy shut her eyes and kept them shut as she felt the beginnings of a tingling sensation once again. She didn’t want to see the process, just the finished product.

Judy turned back from the shelf and joined Anne in watching for the changes to Missy. As Judy had stated, reverse aging came much slower then regression and would probably take all of thirty minutes to complete. It seemed like forever but was actually only about ten minutes when they started to notice anything different at all. Slowly the facial features started to lose their “little girl” chubbiness and her chin and cheeks became more angular. Her legs slowly started to lengthen. Missy’s shoulders seemed to broaden slightly and more of her arms seemed to be showing from the short puffy sleeves of the child’s style dress she was wearing. Either the changes started to accelerate once they started or more things were changing at the same time, because Missy just seemed to grow before their very eyes. All the little changes came together and it seemed like all of a sudden there was a 12 year old sitting on the table instead of a four year old.

The changes seemed to hold there for a few minutes, then a small budding of breasts appeared to push out on the ruffled bodice of the dress. Missy’s hair darkened slightly and seemed to grow thicker. Her legs slowly became long and gangly as her breasts pushed farther on the dress. Finally as she reached age 16, she actually looked cute with her pert young breasts jutting out firmly against the dress. Her bottom widened making the diaper and plastic panties easily visible as the dress remained in the short, child style while still expanding to keep pace with the rest of her bodily enlargements. Her legs smoothed out and lost that gangly quality as they aged into the shapely legs of a young woman.

The changes slowed once again as Missy’s body entered her twenties. Her breasts were now full and firm and seemed to stretch the material of the dress to the limit. It was easy to tell that Missy was not wearing a bra. Further transformations were minor. Her hair melded into brunette with a light touch of gray. Missy’s youthful muscle tone was slowly lost as she aged into her thirties, then approached forty. Her weight gain was slow but dramatic as she added about twenty-five extra pounds to her aging body.

The changes finally stopped. As Judy has estimated nearly thirty-five minutes had passed. Melissa felt the tingling of the transformation slowly fade away. Melissa was once again forty years old. She slowly opened her eyes and took stock of the situation. Her hair was slightly shorter then shoulder length with a light dusting of gray. She weighed about 140# again just as she had a few days before. Her breasts were full and sagged slightly with the weight of her rediscovered years and no support other then a child’s T-shirt. And she looked and felt ridiculous. A forty year old woman in a pale yellow “Winnie the Pooh” dress made for a four year old. The skirt of the dress barely covered her hips leaving the diaper and plastic panties on display for all to see. The ribbons had stayed in her hair and with the pigtails, just added to the overall effect. Every piece of clothing had expanded, just as Judy had said it would, but Melissa had to do some adjusting as the diaper had become wedged between her ass cheeks.

“Do I look as stupid as I feel?” asked Melissa.

Anne and Judy couldn’t help themselves. They both burst out laughing. And that didn’t help Melissa’s mood at all. Anne finally managed to get herself under control somewhat and curbed her reaction to chuckling into her hand as she gazed at the newly transformed Melissa.

“I’m sorry Melissa,” replied Anne. “But you must admit you do look a little funny in that child’s dress. I realize it’s embarrassing for you and I’ll try to control myself, but... Heheh!”

“I guess I’m sorry too, Melissa,” laughed Judy. “But at least you’re back to your correct age again and the clothes you can change as soon as you get home.”

“Yeah, sure! The only problem is getting from here to home while being stared at and laughed at.” muttered Melissa. “I don’t even have a coat or jacket to cover any of this.”

“Well, we’ll just have to get you home as fast as possible. Once we get to the car, you can scrunch down in the seat and noone will probably see you.” said Anne.

“Maybe you could tell people you’re going to a costume party?” suggested Judy.

“That might work, but there are very few costume parties at this time of year.” responded Melissa. “Well, what the hell, let’s get it over with and get home before I lose my nerve. Lisa is sure going to pay for this.”

Anne opened the door to the shop and took a quick look outside. “All clear. Only a few people around anywhere.”

Thanking Judy for all her help, Anne and Melissa left the shop and started on a beeline for the mall entrance. The mall corridor was relatively empty till they rounded a corner and, looking ahead, remembered they’d have to pass right through the food court; and it was busy.

“Shit!” muttered Melissa.

“Just ignore everyone and barge on through.” suggested Anne. “We’ll be in the car in five minutes and it’ll all be over.”

Melissa set her face in stone and started through. A cone of silent, amused looks, seemed to follow them as they made their way through the tables. They had almost cleared the court when they heard a young girls voice pipe up.

“Mommy, why is that lady wearing diapers and plastic panties just like me?”

“Hush, now Katie! She’s too old to be wearing diape..... Ah, just hush! said the woman.

The remaining walk through the mall was uneventful even though Melissa felt as if everyone was looking at her and laughing. Finally Anne and Melissa were in the parking lot and Anne’s car was in sight. As fast as Anne had the doors unlocked, Melissa was inside and scrunched down in the front passenger seat. She could see out but noone would be able to see her attire, just the head of what appeared to be an extremely short woman with yellow bows in her pig-tailed hair.

Melissa’s emotions quickly turned from humiliation and embarrassment to anger and self pity. “I can’t believe this whole damn day.” she thought to herself. “What did I ever do to deserve this? All I wanted was to be a young woman again. Why me? I made one little mistake with that perfume and, thanks to Lisa, I get to spend the whole day as a four-year-old and now, even worse, as a grown woman dressed as a four-year-old. Wait till Lisa gets home from school, she’s gonna pay bigtime.”

As Melissa’s thoughts of self pity continued, Anne slowly drove out of the parking lot and back onto the interstate heading home. She quickly noticed the silence and anger emanating from Melissa but was hesitant to break it. Finally she decided that she had to try to ease the tension, at least a little bit. “Well, I guess you’re relieved that this ordeal is over, huh?”

“Over? OVER! I’m still dressed like a child, even down to diapers, thanks to you. I won’t be able to hold my head up in public for months, and I have a teenaged daughter at home who thinks she above her mother’s rules. What makes you think this is over?” replies Melissa with sarcasm literally dripping from her voice.

“C’mon Melissa! It’s not THAT bad!” returned Anne. “You can change clothes as soon as we get home, none of those people who saw you will even know who you are if they see you again and your daughter just made an error in judgment in the heat of the moment. Ground her for a month and get over it! I’m sorry about the diapers but it was all I could do at the time.”

Yeah, I’ll just bet you’re sorry. You’ve enjoyed this whole day too much. I’m surprised you didn’t try to put me in the kiddies car seat for the ride home. Maybe you want to check my diaper in case I need to be changed again?”

“The way you’re going on and on about this, maybe I should. I guess Judy was wrong about how long the mental regression would take. You seem to have lost any sense of humor you ever had. Grow up and chill out. I’ll be glad to get you home where I can wash my hands of this whole mess and just drive out of your family’s life.”

“Just leave me alone!” muttered Melissa. Melissa then turned in her seat to face out the window and fumed. “That bitch! What does she know? I’ll bet she wouldn’t be so happy and forgiving if she was back in diapers for a while... Hmmm.... And I’m just the person who can arrange that. I still have the perfume at home. I just have to get her back inside the house and use it.”

“Uh, I’m sorry Anne. You’re right! I’m letting my emotions get the better of me again. Let’s just get home, make some tea and we can figure out what to do about Lisa. You ARE going to be coming in every day to cook and clean house. What do you say?” cajoled Melissa.

“Whew! You don’t know how relieved I am to hear you say that. I really need this job and I thought I had just lost it. Thank you Melissa! Maybe we can start over again and be friends?

“Sure!” replied Melissa. “I’m sure we’ll be like Mother and daughter in no time. To herself she added, “A very young daughter.”

Melissa and Anne continued making small talk and before either of them knew it, Anne was turning into the driveway. Melissa’s mood had actually brightened a little till she saw Mrs. O’brien weeding the flower beds that separated her property from theirs. She stood up as they pulled in and started towards the car.

“Shit! muttered Melissa. The perfect ending to a perfect day.”

“Sorry Melissa. said Anne. “The way you’re dressed and everything... We’ll probably have to explain what’s going on.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right. She won’t be happy till she hears the whole sordid story. The old busybody!” answered Melissa.

Look at it this way Melissa, this’ll give you a chance to vent and get all your feelings out in the open. You’ll probably feel better after.”

“I hope so, but I wouldn’t bet on it. Well, let’s get it over with.”

All Mrs. O’brien saw as she approached the car was a head of dark hair with yellow ribbons tying back the pigtails. She reached down and, opening the door, cheerfully called out, “Hello Missy, how was your ice cre....? Uh, oh dear! I’m, er, sorry - Melissa???”

“Yes, it’s me Mrs. O’brien. And Missy is also me. Come on into the kitchen and Anne and I will explain everything.” Melissa muttered. “I’ll start while Anne makes tea.”

“Heheh! This is one story I have to hear. Might I also add that you look quite fetching in that frock, Melissa? But it does seem a bit short for someone your age.” snickered Mrs. O’brien.

“VERY FUNNY! Now come inside. I’m tired of being seen and laughed at by everyone in the neighborhood.”

As Anne put the teapot on to boil and bustled about getting out cups and teabags, Melissa and Mrs. O’brien sat down at the table and talked. Melissa decided to start her explanation from the very beginning when she first got the “Wishes” perfume. As she got to the part where Anne had arrived that morning, Anne chimed in with her part of Melissa’s regression to a four-year-old. By that time the teapot started to whistle and a break ensued while all got tea and cookies to munch on. Then Anne resumed her narration of their trip to the Mall. She even told her about the diapers and showed her the ones she still had left in the drugstore shopping bag.

“Though I guess we won’t have any need for these leftover diapers,” smirked Anne. “Seeing as how there aren’t any little ones around here now.”

“We can keep them as a memento of our first day together Anne.” said Melissa. “Who knows when a baby will come into our lives again? And, speaking of diapers, I have to get out of this one and use the bathroom. I don’t have the excuse of being stuck in traffic here.” Melissa joked as she got up and left the kitchen.

As she started up the stairs Melissa heard, “Oh, Mrs. O’brien, you should have seen Missy’s face while I was putting that diaper on her. Mad as can be, and afraid to say a word to me. I think it took all her willpower to keep from crying.”

“Crying?” thought Melissa. “Ha, we’ll see who’s crying in a minute Anne. Let’s see which one you like best, being a Nanny or needing a Nanny.”

Melissa slipped into her bedroom and palmed the bottle of perfume carefully hiding it against her short skirt. As quietly as possible she descended the stairs and stood in the hallway outside the kitchen. She heard, “and having to walk back out through the Mall to the car dressed like that was another chuckle. I think blushed beet red the entire distance...”

“And I suppose that walk wouldn’t have bothered you if our situations were reversed?” Melissa barked at Anne as she reentered the kitchen. “YOU wouldn’t have been the least bit embarrassed at wearing this outfit in public?”

“I didn’t say that Melissa! I was just telling Mrs. O’brien how I thought you were overreacting a little. The outfit is no worse than what one might wear to a costume party... Besides, for someone who professes to hate her outfit so much, you must get off on wearing it. I thought you went upstairs to change!” explained Anne.

I decided I could wait a few minutes till we both went upstairs to change clothes.”

“That could be a long wait, Melissa. My clothes are fine, I don’t need to change.” responded Anne.

“You will my dear, you will.” And with that Melissa raised her arm and sprayed the perfume directly into Anne’s neck. “Hmmm!” murmured Melissa. “I think two sprays ought to do it for you.” And she sprayed her again just as the first spray was starting to take effect.

“Noooooo!” screamed the startled Anne as she realized what was happening. But then a strong tingling began to permeate her body and then became even stronger as she was hit by the second spray. Anne found it difficult to think as the tingling seemed to multiply four-fold when the second spray caught her so closely behind the first one. Her height of vision seemed to leap downward with the spread of her regression causing a slight case of vertigo. Her breasts seemed to melt away, and a wide-eyed look on Mrs. O’brien’s face was all she saw as her eyes seemed to come level with the top of the table. She grabbed for her blouse as it threatened to fall off her, now, much narrower shoulders. She could feel her bra practically hanging in her lap. Her dizziness started to clear up as her regression slowed and finally came to a halt. She was somewhere between three and four years old.

“Wha...!” Anne started to say. “Why? Why did you do that? You sprayed me twice. Now I won’t return to my real age next week.”

“Nope!” laughed Melissa. “Not without help you won’t. But if you’re a good little girl for Mommy, maybe next week I’ll take YOU back to the “Wishes” store for the antidote. Then you can see how I felt. For now though, I think we need to get you dressed properly. Maybe you won’t be so quick to judge someone else next time.”

With that Melissa picked up Anne and placed her on her hip in that tried and true child carrying technique used by Mothers the world over. She kept the “Wishes” bottle firmly clasped in her left hand and reached down for the drugstore bag lying on the table and started back upstairs.

As Melissa’s footsteps slowly receded, Mrs. O’brien just sat stunned at the table slowly shaking her head. “That stuff is fast.” she whispered.

As Melissa proceeded up the stairs, Anne’s mind became sharp and clear again. Her first instinct was to start yelling at Melissa and struggling to get out of her grasp. But before she acted on this impulse, she decided to examine her options. One: She now had the body of a three or four year old child and Melissa was once again a grown woman of forty, she couldn’t possibly best her physically. Two: Melissa obviously had a pretty nasty temper and now had the physical advantage to go with it, and Three: she knew she could be returned to her original age by going back to the “Wishes” store so the situation was not hopeless. She decided she would bide her time for now, go along with whatever Melissa decide, and wait and see what the next few days might bring. Heck, this whole thing might end tonight when Melissa’s husband John got home and saw what she had done.

Melissa carried Anne straight into Lisa’s bedroom and stood her in the center of the bed. She then placed the makeshift diaper bag from the drugstore on the bed and carefully set the perfume on the top of Lisa’s dresser where only she could reach it. She then easily removed Anne’s, now extremely oversized clothes, and inspected her new charge.

As a grownup Anne had sported light brown hair and a reasonable figure for a college student. Her hair was now a very light brown and barely touched her shoulders. It was also very thin and wispy. Her adult figure was completely gone as was any body hair below her neck. She was short for a four-year-old, very likely closer to three. “I guess two sprays of perfume so close together like that got the maximum regression from each.” said Melissa to Anne. “You’re very small, but I’m sure we can find some clothes here to fit you. I never throw anything away.” Melissa then said, “But first it’s bathtime. We can’t have a dirty little girl getting her nice new clothes all smelly, can we.”

“I-I guess not.” muttered Anne. “Whatever you say, Melissa. I realize I had this coming for teasing you so.” Anne lowered her eyes to the bedspread trying to look properly contrite.

“And the holier than thou act won’t work on me Anne.” replied Melissa. “I know you don’t like being a child again but that’s exactly how I’m going to treat you.” Melissa then picked her up and setting her once more on her hip proceeded to the bathroom. She sat Anne down on the toilet seat and began running water into the tub. As she added some scented bubblebath to the water, she teased Anne some more. “Now my little baby girl will smell as sweet as she looks.”

Turning off the water Melissa set Anne in the tub and proceeded to wash her thoroughly with a wash rag and some pink, scented soap. Once she was scrubbed all over, Anne was removed from the tub and thoroughly dried off. She hadn’t been handled like this since before she could remember and Anne actually found it a little comforting in her present persona. “Thank god,” she thought, “the mental regression takes a while to start or I could get to like this.”

Anne was then bundled back into Lisa’s bedroom and once again placed in the center of the bed. “Now we must pick out some clothes for you Annie. I’m sure we’ll find something suitable in this box you so conveniently left out.” With that, Melissa reached into the box and pulled out a bright pink dress, with lacy yellow trim around the puffy little sleeves, neck and hem. “Here, now,” Melissa said. “I think this will do nicely. And, wouldn’t you know it, I even saved the matching socks and barrettes. I know we have some pink sneakers here too. Do you think this would look nice on you, Annie?”

“Yes, Ma’am.” whispered Anne. “Anything you say. But I don’t see any panties.”

“Oh-ho,” laughed Melissa. “We won’t need panties. I can’t be sure that as small as you are you are properly potty trained. I think we’ll have to stick with those diapers you so conveniently bought, honey. I know you wouldn’t want to have an accident in your nice new clothes, now would you?”

“Uh, no ma’am, I kinda figured this was coming.”

“And you shouldn’t be calling me ma’am Annie. Little girls don’t do that, and we wouldn’t want anyone thinking you’re NOT a little girl now, would we? You can call me Mommy, and I’ll call you my darling little Annie, OK?” Melissa said in a condescending tone. “Now lie back on the bed and Mommy will get you dressed for tea with Mrs. O’brien.”

“Okay, uh, er, M-mommy.” replied Anne as she lay back on the bed.

Melissa quickly and efficiently placed a diaper under Anne’s bottom and rubbed baby powder all over her behind and up between her legs. “That actually feels kind nice.” thought Anne to herself. Melissa then pulled a pair of pink plastic pants from the pack that Anne had bought at the drugstore and pulled them up over her legs and firmly into place. A small T-shirt from the box came next followed by the pink dress, socks and sneakers. Melissa then picked Anne up, sat her on her lap and carefully combed her hair and inserted the barrettes.

“There now, Annie. You’re already to go see Mrs. O’brien as my darling little girl. Now scoot and I’ll be right behind you. Melissa then palmed the perfume and followed Annie.

Annie quickly went out into the hall and started down the stairs. The diaper felt funny between her legs and the stairs were much higher now to her shortened stature. She had to take them slowly and one at a time. It seemed like forever but she finally reached the bottom of the steps and entered the kitchen to find Mrs. O’brien still sitting out the table. Melissa was right behind her.

“Oh my, I would hardly believe this if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes. That stuff really works fast Melissa, but was this really necessary? Anne did help you get your adulthood back. She may have teased you a little, but I hardly think she deserves this.” stated Mrs. O’brien.

“I’m just giving her a taste of what I had to suffer. I’ll get her returned to normal tomorrow or the next day and as young as she is, she won’t need or want to use the “Wishes” perfume for ten or fifteen years yet, so she’ll be fine.” replied Melissa. “Besides, this was just practice. The one I really want to regress will be home from cheer leading practice shortly. Then we’ll see who’s the adult and who’s the child in this family.”

“Right now, I’d say that was a tossup.” exclaimed Mrs. O’brien. “Just remember, she’s only a teenager. All teenagers rebel against their parents from time to time.”

“She may be a teenager right now, but she won’t be for long. I’ll make sure that she remembers this lesson for a long time to come.”

Melissa reached down and picked up Annie and sat her in her chair at the table. She noticed right away that Annie could barely see above the table top and laughingly said, “I guess we’ll have to get you a booster chair now, Annie.”

Annie was wide-eyed as she looked around at everything in the kitchen. It was all so huge, she couldn’t remember everything ever being this big. In fact, it was a little frightening. Melissa and Mrs. O’brien sat with their elbows on the table and she could barely reach it with her hands. Finally she squirmed around and got up on her knees on the chair so she could at least reach her cookies and tea.

As they sat there watching Annie nibble at a cookie just like any other three-year-old, Melissa and Mrs. O’brien heard a noise at the front door. “That must be Lisa now.” Melissa said. “We’re in the kitchen!” she called out. “How was cheer leading practice?”

Lisa stuck her head in the kitchen door and in a rather shocked voice said, “Mom? You’re back to normal? Uh, what happened?”

“Oh it was no problem,” Melissa said with an air of feigned forgiveness, “Anne took me back to the shop where I got the perfume and they gave me the antidote.”

“Uh, I’m really sorry Mom. I wasn’t thinking this morning, and you had me so mad about being grounded, and...”

“Yes, yes!” exclaimed Melissa. “I’m sorry for grounding you. It won’t happen again.” Melissa stood up and said, “I have a more suitable punishment in mind for a willful young lady like you!” And with that she whipped her hand up from her side and gave Lisa a long spray right in the face. And followed it once again with another spray full on her neck.

“Nearly blinded by the first spray hitting her eyes and feeling a tingling sensation rolling down her body, Lisa fell back against the doorjamb with a startled, “Ohhh!” She could feel her body tingling and her clothes seeming to get larger, and would have run except that she couldn’t see. She kept rubbing at her eyes and trying to maintain her balance as she slowly inched down the jamb.

Melissa watched her daughter’s regression with a look of wild glee on her face. As Lisa appeared to regress past the age of ten, Melissa grabbed her right arm with her left hand and sat down pulling Lisa across her lap in the time honored spanking position of yore. Shifting the perfume to her left hand she quickly and easily removed her daughter’s now, way too large shorts and panties and started to spank her bottom as she had done years ago. “I told you I had a more suitable punishment in mind, Lisa. Since you can’t act like a grownup young lady instead of a child then I shall just have to discipline you the same way I did when you were younger.” At every word she smacked her hand hard against Lisa’s bottom. It quickly grew red with hand prints.

“Lisa, recovering from the perfumed regression was overcome by the pain and began screaming. “Mom, MOM! Please stop. It hurts! Oh, it hurts so much! Please Mom, please stop. I’ll be good, I’ll be good.”

“MELISSA, THAT’S ENOUGH!” shouted Mrs. O’brien. “You’re hurting her. STOP, I said!” And with that she came around to stand in front of Melissa and grabbed her right hand.

A thoroughly enraged Melissa looked up at her and shouted, “Let me go, you bitch! She’s my daughter and I can discipline her any way I please. Now, let my hand go and get out of here.”

“No, I won’t let you hit that child again. You’re hurting her and god only knows what permanent damage you may have done to her eyes. Now let her go and calm down. You don’t know what you’re doing anymore.”

“I don’t huh? Maybe you’d like to spend some time as a baby too? I can fix that in a jiffy.” Melissa brought her left hand up to give Mrs. O’brien a squirt or two of the perfume, but having used that trick twice while Mrs. O’brien was in the same room, she was ready for it. Mrs. O’brien grabbed her left hand and twisted it around just as Melissa finger came down on the nozzle. The mist settled over Melissa instead, and the changes this time were even faster then with Anne. Melissa seemed to shrink in leaps and bounds. Her treated clothes kept up with her ever changing size and it was almost like watching a cartoon. “Noooooooo!” screamed Melissa as she regressed almost immediately to a two-year-old. The bottle of perfume fell from her small fingers and Mrs. O’brien skillfully caught it in mid air. Lisa, no longer supported by the substantial lap of her mother, and now only about four years old slid to the floor and lay there sobbing her heart out.

Melissa blurted out, “Oo dum bit! Look wat oo dun to me! I be a babee adain!” At this point she started to cry, sounding every bit like the two-year-old toddler she appeared to be.

Anne was clapping her hands and laughing in delight. She was enjoying this so much, one might have felt she really was just a four-year-old girl.

Mrs. O’brien stood there stunned. She hadn’t meant for that to happen. If she understood what Melissa and Anne had told her about the perfume before, Melissa, or Missy, would now slowly regress mentally until her mind matched her two-year-old body and she would have to grow up all over again. At least Anne and Lisa could get the antidote and return to their normal ages, but what would John think of having to raise her wife as a daughter. Thinking of John, Mrs. O’brien heard a car in the driveway and knew that must be him returning from work.

“Hmmm!” she said softly while looking at the bottle of “Wishes” perfume in her hand. “I wonder if John is going to want to start dating again. She slowly shook her head and smiled.



End Chapter 3


by: Heidegger | Story In Progress | Last updated Jun 24, 2006


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