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A spray that can restore the body of your youth, but don't use it more than once a week. Co-written by Heidegger

Chapter 1

Melissa just turned 40 yesterday and the fact that she is aging has started to depress her. Her husband John who is himself 40 says she looks great, but she thinks he is lying. Even her two kids Matthew, 14 and Lisa, 16 say she looks great, but they are lying too.

"I hate my body. I am so old. I wish I looked like what I looked like when I was 21."

"I know shopping and spending my husband’s money will make me feel better."

Later that day after visiting quite a few expensive and exclusive stores spending a ton of money, she still felt no better. She was walking to her car when she noticed a small store named, "Wishes." She immediately went in. Sitting behind the counter was a beautiful girl about 19 with a body most men would die to get a piece of.

"Hello" the woman says to her, "anything in particular you looking for?"

"Just a body like yours!" Melissa responds. They both laugh and then the woman says, "you probably did when you were younger."

Melissa thought to herself about what the young girl had just said. The woman hands her a perfume bottle and says, "Take this once a week and I promise you will have the body of your youth. But be warned never use it more than once a week." Melissa stood aback as this woman she didn’t even know was giving something for free for no apparent reason. The woman guides her out the door and closes it behind her. The shop lights go offf immediately after Melissa is outside. She walks to her car trying to figure out what the heck is going on.

That night before she goes to bed her husband told her a new nanny would start for them tomorrow afternoon and to make her feel at home. She went to the bathroom and stared at the bottle, she leans over and picks it up she sprays once on her face. Looks in the mirror and waits for something to happen. She waits a over a minute - nothing. What a load of shit, she thinks to her self.

That night she feels really good and sleeps well too. She awakes when the alarm goes off at 8:00. She gets out of bed and looks in the mirror. What the hell! She looks again and instead of her old aging, winkled face she sees the beautiful face she had when she was 28. She looks down at her body instead of the usual sag, she sees her perfect perky size c boobs. Her waist is small and her body althetic looking again.

She feels great. When she wakes up the kids, they all compliment her on her youthful look. Later that day, she stops by her husband’s office to surprise him.

"How can I help you miss?"

"You joker it’s me, Melissa"

How......I mean.....what did you do?"

"I just got a makeover, do you like it?"

"You don’t even look 30 anymore!"

"So you think I’m sexy?"

"You bet!"

John closes and carfully locks his office door. He pulls her close and kisses her hard. His hands run up and down her smooth young body. He unbuttons her blouse and kisses his way down from her neck along her breastbone. Carefully, he unclasps her bra and looks in wonder at her breasts. He caresses them with his hands.

"If I didn’t know better, I’d swear you really were younger!" he said. Melissa laughed and said,"Maybe I am, but a woman doesn’t tell!" She runs her hand down the front of his pants and he forgets all about it. Soon their clothes are in a pile on the floor and they are making love on his office couch.

Afterward, he tells her that they haven’t had sex like that in ten years. Soon it is time for her to go and meet the new nanny. When she gets home she goes to bathroom and looks in the mirror. A wrinkle is appearing on her face. NO! She grabs the bottle of spray and squirts the offending wrinkle. It immediately disappears. She looks at her watch, the nanny will be here soon. She brushes her hair and accidently bumps the hairspray off the vanity. She bends down to pick it up and feels her clothes get bigger! What is going on? She straightens up to look in the mirror. She sees herself as a beautiful 18 year old girl.

"Oh my gosh! What happened! I am even younger."

The clothes she is wearing still fit but the hips and butt of her pants are a little baggy. Then the doorbell rings, damn. She runs to the door and introduces herself to the nanny. They talk and the women named Anne tells her she looks incredibly young to have a 16 year old daughter. She blushes and tells her that she is 32 and tries very hard to remain young looking. Anne tells Melissa about herself, she is 24 and single, and Melissa tells her about her nieces that come to stay every once in a while. Missy gives Anne a quick tour of the house and goes over what they expect her to do, tells her she can start in the morning and excuses Anne to the door.

Missy is running to the bathroom only to feel a sudden coolness on her legs and trips when she gets to the door of the bathroom. She hits the ground with a thud. She gets up and looks down to see her jeans around her ankles. Her panties are sliding down her hips too. She pulls the jeans back up to her waist - they’re too big! The waistband is too loose and the legs are so long that they gather at the top of her feet, it looks like she’s wearing someone else’s hand-me-down clothes. She shuffles into the bathroom holding up her pants and looks into the mirror.

"Oh my God! I look 16 or 17."

She raises her hands to touch her smooth, young face and her jeans and panties slide to her feet again. She steps out of the pile of clothes and looks into the mirror. "At least I am not getting any younger now", she thought. No wonder Anne didn’t believe I could have a daughter, I look like I’M the daughter."

Her shirt hangs loosely down to her slender mid-thighs. She pulled it off and looked in shock. The cups of her bra were wrinkled because the breasts they contained were at least two cup sizes too small to push them out to fullness like they did before. She lifted the top of one of the cups and looked in. Her breast was obviously smaller and firmer than before, capped with the smaller pink nipple of her youth. She slid her other hand into the cup and touched her breast. A familiar electric tingle passes through her body and she shudders - but it feels so intense!

She unclasps the bra and drops it into the pile with the other clothes. She also pulls the clips out of her hair and lets it spill around her shoulders. She turns and looks at her profile. High firm breasts that barely jiggle when she moves, a flat tummy and smooth hips and thighs. She turns and looks over her shoulder at her bottom. Wow, it hasn’t looked that small in something like 25 years. Now she really looks like a girl, as a matter of fact she looks a lot like her daughter, Lisa! She laughs out loud at how wonderful she feels as she gathers up the large old clothes and tosses them into the hamper.


Melissa looks in the mirror one more time and thinks "I’ve got to get something to wear". She knows her clothes are all as large as the stuff she just tossed in the hamper, so she’s going to have to get something out of Lisa’s room. She almost skips down the hall to her daughter’s room.

She opens the door and looks around the room, it is a typical teenager’s room - it looks like a bomb hit. There are clothes everywhere. Melissa picks up the shirt and jeans that Lisa had worn the day before. She holds the jeans up to check their size. They look maybe a little long, but close enough. The shirt is big too, but that is the fashion not the size. She throws the clothes onto the bed and opens Lisa’s underwear drawer. Quickly she finds a pair of panties, but she has to shuffle things around to find a bra. "Lisa needs to go through this stuff, she never gets rid of anything," Melissa thought, "here’s a training bra, it’s been years since she needed one of those!" A little more searching and she finds a bra that will fit with lace along the edges of the cups and a small pink bow in the middle. She walks over to the bed and puts it on. Its a little tight, she must still be bustier than Lisa, she grins. The panties come next, fitting her snugly. She sneaks a peek in the mirror. There is no way anyone would mistake the girl in the mirror for a woman, she has "teen" written all over her.

Melissa looks around at all the clothes in the room. Lisa’s pep squad uniform hangs carelessly over the back of her desk chair. She picks it up and then, tossing a playful glance at the mirror, puts on the blouse, pulls up the skirt and slides on the bloomers. She grabs one of Lisa’s pony tail holders and pulls her hair back. She checks her look in the mirror, almost there. She takes some of Lisa’s makeup from on top of the dresser and uses it. Pink lipstick and a light blush. WOW! Now she is a complete schoolgirl. She bounces up and down in front of the mirror imagining she is cheering for the team. She takes off the uniform and throws back on the chair as before. "I might need to get that tonight. Won’t John be surprised!"

She pulls on the jeans which are a bit long, but then throws the big shirt back on the floor and finds a smaller, tighter one in the drawer. She grabs a pair of white athletic socks and an old pair of Lisa’s tennis shoes.

As she walks down the hall to her bedroom, she hears the front door open. "It’s Lisa! Can I let her see me like this?" she thinks, "Well, she has to find out sometime." She steps into her room, better to have Lisa come into her territory. She hears someone coming up the steps. "Lisa, is that you?" she asks.

"Yeah Mom, its me," came the reply.

"Can you come here for a minute?" She sits down on the bed and takes a deep breath. Her daughter walks into the room and stops in her tracks, staring at her mother, a girl not much older than herself. She can tell by the eyes and the expression that this is her Mom.

"Mom, what happened?" she asks.

"Just a little magic, that perfume I bought called Wishes. It made me younger," says Melissa, standing up, "How do you like the new me?"

"Wow, you look like a kid - you look like me! Those are my clothes you have on too!"

"Yeah, they didn’t fit before. What are you doing home so early?"

"I wanted to drop off my books before we went to McDonald’s." All the kids hung out at the local fast food restaurants after school.

"Can I go too?" She sounded like one of Lisa’s friends, not her Mom.

"Sure, but what will we tell them?"

"How about that I am your cousin Missy, visiting from Chicago."

"OK. Come on, they’re all waiting in the car. This is so WILD!"

The two girls go down to the car and Lisa introduces Missy to her friend Carrie and three boys, Paul, Mike and Rob. Paul is Lisa’s boyfriend and Rob has been dating Carrie for a week. Mike looks very interested in the new girl and moves over so she can sit by him.

(part of story yet to be written)

Melissa came downstairs wearing one of John’s t-shirts. It fit her like a nightshirt, hanging almost to her knees. The kids looked at the 16 year old who was fixing their breakfast, they still couldn’t believe what had happened. Then their father came down and he looked young too! He was in his twenties and had a full head of hair and a flat, ripped stomach.

"Mom, can I go out with Paul to the concert tonight?" asked Lisa.

"We’ve talked about this before. Not on a school night." said Melissa.

"Dad?" whined Lisa, "can’t I go?"

"What your Mother says stands," he replied, looking his daughter up and down. She was pretty good looking. He caught himself - I can’t think that way, she’s my little girl. Missy looks so much like her.

"She’s not my Mother anymore, she’s not any older than I am!" huffed Lisa, storming off up the stairs. Her father moved to follow her, but Missy motioned him to stay and went upstairs herself. He heard the two girl’s voices raised in argument and then slamming doors. He went up himself and found his wife sitting on her bed with her head in her hands.

"How did it go," he asked.

"Not good," she replied, "I grounded her for three days. I don’t know what to do with her anymore."

He sighed, "Why don’t you go splash some water on your face and come downstairs. I’ll finish fixing breakfast." He left as she stood up and walked in the bathroom. She looked at her young figure in the mirror. At least she was looking good, and so was John now - she lightly touched the Wishes perfume bottle. Then Lisa walked into the bathroom.

"I’m sorry I blew up at you, Mom," she said, glancing at the vanity,"It’s just that you look like you’re my age and so it isn’t the same."

"That’s OK dear," said Melissa and hugged her daughter,"you don’t have to be grounded for three days, just tonight and tomorrow night. I’m glad you apologized." Lisa stiffened, she didn’t want to lose her Friday night. She backed away from Melissa.

"Tomorrow night too?" she cried, "That’s not fair, I apologized."

"I am still your Mother and you still need to treat me with respect."

"No, you’re a child and I’ll show you how much!" Lisa grabbed the Wishes bottle and spritzed the girl in front of her. "No!" cried Melissa, already shrinking. The nightshirt seemed to grow on her, sliding further down her arms and becoming more dresslike. Her hair thinned and her face got smaller, more childlike. Her breasts shrank, pushing the shirt out less and less. She had to look up at Lisa now, she came up to her daughter’s chin. "My God, she must be at least six inches taller than me now," she thought. Her eyes were closer to chest high on her daughter than eye-high. Lisa smiled as she watched her mother dwindle into a middle school girl. "She’ll have to leave my new bras alone and wear a training bra now!" she thought. The panties Melissa had borrowed the day before, slid down her young thighs toward the floor.

She glanced at the mirror and saw what she had feared: a little girl and a young woman, Lisa.

"Why did you do this to me?" she piped in a little girl voice. "Because you grounded me, but I guess you can’t ground me because I’m grown up and you’re just a girl," she said,"No one would belive you were my Mother in a million years." She flounced out of the room with the perfume bottle in hand. Melissa stared disbelieving into the mirror - reduced to a twelve year old. She touched her small face and tears welled up in her eyes. After a moment she composed herself, "I have to get John to take me to that store so I can get an antidote or something," she thought, "but first I need some clothes." For the time being, she slipped off the gigantic shirt and went into her closet and put on one of her t-shirts. Itwas a small and still hung on her like a dress, but was at least more maneuverable than the tent she had been wearing.

Everyone had already left when she got downstairs. She heard Lisa’s car drive off and then the sound of the front door opening.

"Missy? It’s me, Anne. I’m the nanny."

To be continued?



End Chapter 1


by: Heidegger | Story In Progress | Last updated Jun 24, 2006


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