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Chapter 2

Chapter Description: This story has been continued by RonW. It is an excellent addition - JoshG or I couldn't have done better ourselves! The addition is much longer than the original story. Enjoy!

“Missy? It’s me, Anne. I’m the nanny.”

“Shit! Why now? I really don’t need this! I can’t let her see me like this! She’ll think I’m loony!”

As Melissa turned to lock the door to her bedroom, the coolness once again tingled through her body. The room seemed to grow and the knob on the door rose at least six inches above her outstretched hand. She quickly turns the knob and locks the door, then turns to look at herself in her dresser mirror. That last spray from Lisa had finally completed it’s regression of her. She was now about eight years old and her new, smaller body literally swam in the T-shirt she was wearing.

“Missy, Missy! Where are you?” shouted Anne as she came up the stairs. “No hiding from the nanny now. Be a good girl and we can play a game or something. Lisa said you were shy but I don’t bite.”

A shiver of fear ran through Melissa. There was nowhere to hide! Anne would be at the door any second now. “Okay, Okay! Don’t panic.” Melissa whispers to herself. “Just go with the flow and act the part of Missy. How hard can it be? Anne will never know the difference and I can explain this whole thing to John when he gets home this evening. I only have to be a little girl for one day. Maybe it’ll even be fun.”

Missy unlocks the bedroom door and slowly opens it to see Anne coming down the hallway. “God she looks big!” she thinks.

“Hello Missy, “ says Anne. “My, but you’re small for your age. Lisa said you were twelve, but you don’t look like you’re older then nine or ten.”

“I-I’m really only eight Ma’am, but I like to pretend I’m older. Lisa just pretends along with me sometimes.” Missy stammers.

“Oh, Okay. Then I’ll pretend along with you too.” Anne says smiling. “Lisa said the airline lost your suitcase when you flew in last night but that we might find some clothes to fit you in the back of her closet. Let’s see what we can find and get you dressed. What do you say to that?”

“Yes Ma’am. I guess that would be okay.”

Missy leads Anne into her daughter’s bedroom and watches while she rummages around in the back of Lisa’s closet.

“Here we go,” exclaims Anne. “Something in here should surely fit a big girl like you.” She pulls a large cardboard box out of the closet and Missy’s cheeks burn as she sees her own handwriting on the box. “Grade School Clothes” She starts to remember all the little girl outfits that she had bought for Lisa and didn’t have the heart to throw out when they were outgrown. She had meant to give them to goodwill but had never got around to it. There was nothing she could do now but continue to go along as Missy. Anne would never believe her story and was only trying to do what she thought best for Missy.

“Wow, what a collection of darling outfits. We can play dressup with these all day, Missy. Now, what underwear would you like? These “My Little Pony” panties or these pink ones with “Barbie” on them?”

“Uh, I guess the Barbie ones Ma’am. I’m a little too old for, uh, my little pony.” replies Missy.

“Barbie it is then, Missy. I had forgotten that you are 12 years old and quite a young lady.” Anne said with a big smile. “And you don’t have to call me Ma’am, Missy. How about we pretend that I’m your big sister and you can call me Anne, okay? I want us to be such good friends, don’t you?”

“Uh, yes, uh Anne.“ Missy stutters. “Uh, thank you!” This was going to be tougher then she had thought. In reality she could be ANNE’s older sister.

Let’s see now,” murmured Anne, “We have a couple of dresses that are way too small for you, one or two dresses that might fit and some jeans and T-shirts. Name your poison honey.”

“Could I wear the jeans please Anne?” Missy hastily blurts out. Some of those frilly little dresses would be far too embarrassing to wear. Besides, jeans and a T-shirt would give her more mobility if she should get a chance to slip away for a while.

“Okay, and there are even a couple of training bras in here too. I know a girl of your obvious maturity will need one of those. Now, can you dress yourself or do you need some help?”

“Uh, I can do it myself, thanks”

“I’ll leave you alone then and start straightening up the rooms up here. Come find me when you’re dressed and we’ll get some breakfast, honey.”

Anne then left the room and Missy heard her walking down the hall and into the master bedroom. With a sigh of relief she shrugged out of the baggy T-shirt she had on and looked once again at her eight year old body. No breasts, no pubic hair, skinny little legs and arms; her hair was still rather long, though now Anne would probably want to braid it. “What a mess I’ve gotten myself into.” she thought. “All because I wanted to be young again.” Lisa was in real big trouble when she got home.

Missy picks up the pink “Barbie” panties and slowly pulls them up over her slim hips. They actually fit a little snug and that made her feel better for some reason. At least she was “too big” for something. Next came the training bra, which she didn’t really need, but now she had to play along with Anne. It was harder to fasten then she remembered but she managed to get it on. She pulled on a matching “Barbie” T-shirt and a pair of faded blue jeans from the box. There were also some socks and an old pair of sneakers which weren’t too overly big, so she put them on.

Having finished dressing, she went in search of Anne and found her in her and John’s bedroom, making the bed.

“All finished? Good! Now we have to do something with your hair. Hmmmmm! Braids are for little girls! How about we pull your hair into two pony tails, one on either side of your head? Will that be okay, Missy?”

“I guess so,” replied Missy. She might as well get it over with. Something had to be done with her hair and at least it wasn’t pigtails.

Anne carefully combed Missy’s hair out and parted it down the middle, pulling the hair on each side of her head into a long ponytail. Using a couple of rubber bands she found on the dresser, she securely fastened each side. She then turned Missy around so she could see. Missy found herself staring into the dresser mirror with Anne standing behind her. The top of her head didn’t even come to Anne’s breasts.

“Now I have a little surprise for you, Missy,” exclaimed Anne. :Since you’re being such a good girl and acting so grown up, I thought you might like to smell like a nice young lady too.”

“Wha...!” said Missy. But before she could get out another word, Anne had reached down, picked up the bottle of “Wishes” perfume and sprayed a little behind her right ear.

“NOOOOOOOO!” yelled Missy, as she spun away from the mirror and tried to move away. “Not that!”

But she knew it was too late as she felt a cooling tingle on her skin once again. Her jeans and T-shirt seemed to billow in the wind as she shrank once again. Her snug “Barbie” panties loosened and started to sag. Now she wasn’t even as tall as Anne’s waist. As she finished spinning out of Anne’s grasp, she saw herself in the full length mirror on the closet door. She looked like she was five or six years old now. No, she was four years old at best, as the changes stopped. “Could this possibly get any worse?” she screamed inside her mind.

Anne just stood there stunned. She vacillated between looking at the bottle of perfume still in her hand and the newly regressed four year old in front of her. She couldn’t seem to find any words to fit the situation. Finally, she just eased herself don to sit on the edge of the bed.

“I guess you need an explanation,” exclaimed Missy, embarrassed by how high and child-like her voice sounded now. “Well....” And she proceeded to tell Anne the whole story. How she was shopping and got the perfume, forgetting the warning and used it too often and the spiteful spraying of the perfume by Lisa just a short time ago. She also apologized for not trying to explain the situation to Anne earlier, but she was sure that Anne wouldn’t have believed her.

“Well, you’re quite right about that!” murmured Anne. “If I hadn’t seen this with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed it in a million years.”

“So what do you think we should do now? I was going to wait till John got home and have him take me to the mall to try to find that saleslady again. Could you take me instead? Please?!” whined Missy.

“I guess so. Actually, I see no reason why not.” said Anne. “But first we have to get you dressed again in something that fits. You certainly can’t go as you are. And this time, I get to pick the clothes, okay?”

“Why can’t I pick them? I may look like a little girl, but I don’t want to wear some cutesy outfit. That would be too embarrassing.”

“Look, I’m sticking my neck out here. If someone discovers just who and what you are, I could get into trouble. You’re going to have to look and act like the little girl you are. Understood?” Anne said firmly. “Consider it penance for not following the perfume’s directions. And if I understand your explanation correctly, you don’t just look like a little girl, you ARE one. Only your mind hasn’t been regressed to match your body, and that’s your problem, not mine. Just remember to act like a four year old so we don’t have to answer a lot of suspicious questions, okay?”

“Oh, okay. I guess I can stand anything for an hour or two. Do your worst, big sister, do your worst.”

“Heheh, just remember you said that.” replied Anne.

Anne then took Missy’s hand and they proceeded to Lisa’s room with Missy using her other hand to hold up her jeans so she wouldn’t fall. When Anne entered the bedroom she stood Missy up on the bed and quickly whisked the jeans off. Just as quickly, she grabbed the T-shirt and pulled it off over Missy’s head.

“Hey, what was that for? At least it covered me!” wailed Missy.

“Little girls don’t know about modesty,” replied Anne. Besides, it’ll be easier to see what fits this way. Just stand there like a good little girl and be quiet or your big sister will spank your little bare bottom.”

Missy shut up immediately and stood still as she wasn’t sure just how much Anne was joking and how far she might go with this charade. She didn’t know her too well yet and decided not to take a chance on her good nature till she got back to being an adult again. There would be plenty of time to even some scores later.

Anne dumped the box out onto the bed and began sorting the clothes for Missy’s new size requirements. Those that were obviously too big went back into the box and anything that looked like it might fit, she sorted into piles on the bed. “Wait a minute here, I remember another box in the back of that closet. Most of this stuff is way too big.” said Anne. She got back into Lisa’s closet and with a grin of triumph emerged with a box that Missy had completely forgotten about. “Pre-school Clothes” was written in bold, black letters across the top.

“Oh no!” Missy groaned to herself. “I had completely forgotten that box.”

With a quick flip of her wrist, Anne had these clothes lying on the bed and once again began sorting. Now the piles of clothes that might fit got considerably larger. Finally Anne made her choices and had an outfit picked out that made Missy blush just looking at it, let alone knowing she would soon be wearing it.

“Okay, Hon, here’s what I’ve picked out. Let’s get you dressed and we’ll get started to the mall.”

First came a pair of “Winnie the Pooh” panties in yellow with matching socks. Then a pale yellow undershirt and a yellow dress with all the “Pooh” characters embroidered on the collar. Missy withstood the embarrassment of being dressed in this attire, though she nearly protested when she saw how short the dress was. It barely covered her hips and every time she moved her panties could be seen peeking out from under the hem. The outfit was completed with a pair of yellow and white sneakers with bells on the laces.

Anne then sat Missy down at Lisa’s dressing table and took the rubber bands that held her ponytails in place out of her hair. “For some reason your hair doesn’t seemed to have regressed as much as the rest of you,” she laughed. I’m going to have to braid it or cut it.”

“No cutting my hair!” said Missy. “Do whatever you want to keep it together, but no cutting!”

“I thought not.” replied Anne. She then combed and brushed her hair and pulling it to each side of her head again proceeded to braid it. This time she added yellow ribbons, tied into bows, around the rubber bands at the bottom of the braids.

“Wow!” cried Anne. “You look adorable! Who’d a thunk it? Two days ago you were a middle-aged lady of forty and today you’re just the sweetest little four year old I’ve ever seen.

“Okay! Okay! So I’m adorable. You don’t have to rub it in, you know. Let’s get to the mall so I can get back to being my normal self. I feel stupid, dressed like this. And you’re enjoying this way too much.”

“Ha! Ha! Okay, Missy, don’t get your “Winnie the Pooh” panties in a wad,” joked Anne. We can leave as soon as we have some breakfast. It’s nearly ten A.M. and neither of us has eaten a bite. And remember what I said before, be sure you act like a normal four year old would when we leave this house so we don’t have unwanted problems. You have to promise me you’ll behave. Promise?”

“I promise.” moans Missy. And to herself she adds “Maybe when we get my problem straightened out, I can turn the tables on you for a while. I bet you were also adorable as a four year old.”

Missy hurries downstairs with Anne right behind her. They head straight to the kitchen and Anne starts going through the cupboards looking for something quick to eat.

“I’ll just have a coke and a doughnut.” says Missy. “That’s all I ever eat in the morning.”

“A coke? And a doughnut? That’s not a fit breakfast for anyone, let alone a four year old.” replies Anne. “How about a glass of milk and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, instead?”

“Uh, I can’t drink milk. I’m lactose intolerant. How about a coke and the sandwich?”

“Okay, I’ll compromise this time. But you should eat better, even as an adult.”

Anne quickly puts together a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for each of them and sets a glass of milk on the table for her and a coke for Missy. They eat quickly, with little conversation, and Anne cleans up the counter while Missy tries to hurry her along.

“We’ll get there.” says Anne. “Just be patient for a little while. The mall isn’t going anywhere. Enjoy your youth while you have it.”

“Yeah! Yeah! That’s easy for you to say. You’re not stuck in this body like I am. I can’t reach anything, I can hardly even get up in this chair without help and I’m dressed like some little poster girl for a cartoon show. Let’s get going so I can be my old self again.”

“Ah, the impatience of youth.” Anne laughs as she gets her purse from the counter. “Let’s go then, little Missy, and get this over with.”

Anne locks the front door as they leave, and they proceed down the sidewalk to her car. As they walk down the driveway to the street where Anne’s car is parked, Mrs. O’brien, Missy’s next door neighbor, turns from her mailbox and approaches them.

“Hello,” Mrs. O’brien says cautiously. “I don’t believe I know you. Are you the new Nanny the Ferguson’s just hired? And I have certainly never seen this cute little thing here before.”

“Yes,” replies Anne. “I’m the new Nanny. I just got hired yesterday and this is my little sister, Missy. We’re going shopping. Say hello to the nice lady, Missy.”

“Uh, er, hello nice lady.” stammers Missy. “This is humiliating,” she thinks to herself. “Mrs. O’brien is such a busybody. I can’t let her get suspicious.” She carefully takes hold of Anne’s skirt with one hand and shyly hides behind her legs.

“Oh, isn’t she the shy one? Isn’t that just too cute for words?” laughs Mrs. O’brien. “I’ll bet she’s a holy terror around other children her age though. You’ll have to let her come over and play with my nieces sometime, dear. What are you and your big sister going to buy, Missy?”

“Uh, just some stuff....” says Missy as she lowers her eyes to the ground.

“We’re going shopping for groceries, Mrs. O’brien. One of my duties as Nanny is to cook dinner for the family. I’d let Missy stay with you now, but I promised to buy her some ice cream if she was good this morning, and she has been so sweet today.” Anne smiles as Missy blushes.

“How are you going to take her with you Anne? I couldn’t help but notice that your car doesn’t have a child’s car seat. Isn’t it illegal for her to ride in a car without one?” sniffs Mrs. O’brien.

“Oh dear,” says Anne in a worried tone. “I was running late this morning and completely forgot it.”

“Just happened to notice.” thought Missy. “Hah! That busybody is always snooping around. She was probably nosy as a kid too.”

“You can borrow mine, if you like.” said Mrs. O’brien. “We can have it installed in a couple of minutes. You can bring it back tomorrow after you’ve put yours in.“

“Why, thank you! What a nice offer! I’ll be sure to see that you get it back promptly in the morning. Say thank you to Mrs. O’brien Missy.”

“Uh, er, thank you Ma’am.” Missy said in a shy, little girl voice.

“You’re welcome honey.” replied Mrs. O’brien. “I hope you enjoy your ice cream. You’re welcome to come over and see me anytime. We can make some cookies. Would you like that?”

Mrs. O’brien went to get the car seat and was back in a couple of minutes. She and Anne quickly installed it in the back seat and Missy was soon belted and buckled in. With another thank you and a hasty good-bye to Mrs. O’brien, Missy and Anne were finally on their way to the mall and, hopefully, to Missy’s salvation from her second childhood.

They hadn’t driven more then two miles down the interstate when they came to a traffic jam. The radio said there was an accident up ahead involving a semi and three cars. This, in itself, would not have been a problem except for the coke that Missy had just before leaving home. They were in “Stop and Go” traffic for nearly an hour and a half when Missy noticed a building pressure in her bladder. Long dormant memories of wet panties and accidents as a child surfaced in her mind causing mental as well as physical discomfort.

“Uh, Anne?! Uh, I think I have to go to the bathroom. Real bad.” stammered Missy.

“Shit!” said Anne. “That’s all we need. Do you see a bathroom nearby? You should have gone before we left home.”

“I know! I know! But I haven’t been in a child’s body in over thirty-five years. I didn’t remember how fast my bladder would fill up.” exclaimed Missy. “I’m trying to hold it, but we need to find a bathroom fast.”

“Missy, the next exit is at least a mile down the road. At the rate we’re moving it’ll be at least half an hour till we get there. Just try to hold it. I’ll do the best I can.”

“I’ll try, but I really have to go bad.” replied Missy

Their progress down the interstate did not improve. Thirty minutes later they were still nearly a quarter of a mile from the exit. Missy was growing frantic with her need to not pee in her panties like a child. “I am an adult,” she told herself, “and adults don’t wet their pants. They don’t! They don’t!”

“Oh no!” Missy cried as her bladder let loose and soaked her panties and the pad on Mrs. O’brien’s car seat.

“You didn’t!” sighed Anne with exasperation. The traffic had taken it’s toll on her nerves and this was the proverbial last straw. “I can’t believe you couldn’t hold it. Now, how do I explain this ruined car seat to Mrs. O’brien? I guess I’ll have to forget that you’re an adult in mind and start treating you just as I would any other little girl who wets her panties.”

“I couldn’t help it!” cried Missy. “I tried to hold it. I really did!”

“Yeah, sure you did!” Anne replied sarcastically. “Well, it doesn’t matter now either way. As soon as I can take this exit, we’ll have to stop at a drugstore and get some stuff to clean you and the car seat.”

Twenty minutes later they finally were able to exit the interstate and Anne drove into the parking lot of a nearby drugstore.

“Now, wait here and behave yourself, Missy! I’ll be back as soon as I can with some towels and dry pants for you.” ordered Anne as she got out of the car.

“Okay, okay! But hurry it up, will you? I hate sitting here in wet pants. And I want to get to the mall as soon as possible. Oh, yeah, see if you can get panties without cartoon characters on them, will you? Find some plain white ones.”

“Why, yes, Your Highness, white it is! Will there be anything else for the lady of the house? Another coke, perhaps?”

“No need to get all huffy, Anne. Just hurry.”

“Don’t, Heheh, get your panties all in a wad, little one,” said Anne with a chuckle as she turned toward the store and slammed the car door shut.

As Missy watched Anne slowly cross the parking lot and enter the store, she noticed once again how cold and clammy her wet panties felt against her skin. “God, I hate this!” she thought. “Lisa’s gonna pay big time for every damned minute I spend like this. She’ll rue the day she messed with me.”

It seemed like an hour to Missy, but hardly ten minutes had passed when she saw Anne emerge from the store and head towards the car. She was carrying a large plastic bag in each hand. As she opened the back door across from Missy’s car seat....

“What the hell all did you buy Anne? We didn’t come here to shop. All we needed was some dry panties and some paper towels!” fumed Missy.

“Well, you’re in for a small disappointment, Missy.” replied Anne. “The store was completely sold out of panties of any kind or color. Sorry about this, but we’ll have to make do.” With that she pulled a package of disposable diapers out of one of the plastic bags.

“DIAPERS!?! Are you nuts? I haven’t worn diapers in almost 40 years and I’m certainly not going to wear them now.” screamed Missy in her little girl voice. “What the hell is the matter with you? Have you forgotten who I am?”

“SHUT UP!” yelled Anne. “Just shut your mouth and listen for a change.”

Missy’s mouth dropped open and she and she stopped talking most abruptly. This giant woman was truly frightening when she was angry.

“Get this through your thick little head, Missy! I’m not the little girl here, you are! I’m the adult! Is that clear? I’m not the one who needs to find a cure for age regression, you are! And, I’m not the one sitting in a car seat with wet panties. You are!”

With each exclamation of “You are”, Anne stuck her index finger hard into Missy’s chest, further terrifying her into submission.

“It’s not my fault the store was out of underwear for little girls. I did the best I could. getting these diapers. If you don’t like my decision, fine, we’ll go back to your house and call off this little expedition to the mall. Frankly I’m getting tired of the whole damned thing. Maybe I can give Lisa the perfume bottle again and we’ll see if she likes you at this age or wants to make you even younger...”

“No! No! Please, not that?” cried Missy. “I’m sorry, I’ll wear whatever you want me to, but please don’t let Lisa make me younger. Please???”

“Much better!” exclaimed Anne. “But I’ll warn you right now, Little Girl, one more outburst like that to me and I’ll take you home so fast, your head will spin. I may even use the perfume on you myself, just to be sure it’s done right. Is that understood?”

“Y-yes Anne. I-I understand. I’ll be good! I promise!” stammered Missy.

“OK, then, let’s get you changed and cleaned up and we can get on over to the mall and have you returned to normal. The sooner we can accomplish that, the easier this whole thing will be on each of us.” continued Anne.

Anne reached into the car and unbuckled Missy from her car seat. With a quick upward pull, she lifted her out of the seat and laid her down. Before Missy really knew what was happening, her wet panties were off and Anne was washing between her legs with a baby wipe. With a practiced hand, Anne lifted her legs and placed a disposable diaper under her bottom. Missy was blushing furiously as Anne applied baby powder and taped the diaper snugly around her little waist. Looking Missy straight in the eye with an “I dare you to say anything glare”, Anne removed a pair of bright yellow plastic panties and pulled them on over Missy’s diaper clad bottom. Missy didn’t say a word. Anne then proceeded to wipe down the car seat with some paper towels she had bought. She had to turn the pad over so Missy wouldn’t have to sit in a wet seat.

With a final sigh of satisfaction, Anne gently put Missy back in the, now dry, car seat and buckled her up once again. “Look, I know this is embarrassing for you Missy, but it’ll all be over soon. Hopefully, you won’t hold this against me when you’re an adult again and my employer.”



End Chapter 2


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