Sam's Vacation

by: Elfy | Story In Progress | Last updated Apr 18, 2024

Chapter Description: Sam completes the obstacle course but is then left with an even more difficult challenge to overcome.

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The changing table was big enough for an adult. It seemed to be built from sturdy black wood and the top was padded. There were drawers underneath the flat surface made of the same black wood, the whole things looked very well constructed though Sam wasn’t particularly concerned about its sturdiness.

“W-What are you doing?” Sam asked nervously. She glanced at the door behind her, the handle was too high to reach and she suspected it was locked anyway.

“We need to sort you out.” Karen said simply, “You can’t wander around like that.”

“But I don’t need you to help with that.” Sam countered.

“Baby, you just wet yourself out there.” Karen smiled sympathetically, “Do you think I’m going to trust you to take care of this on your own?”

“I’m not a baby…” Sam said quietly. It sounded like she was starting to question that fact herself.

“Uh huh.” Karen didn’t seem to be listening, “Well, how about you let me help you anyway?”

Sam didn’t say anything. Normally it would be easy for her to say no, and usually follow that up with a lot more angry words, but she could see things from Karen’s point of view. She was even feeling bad about being upset with Nina, it was difficult to be annoyed with her when her solution would’ve been very useful a few minutes previously. Not that the idea of wearing that specific type of underwear was more palatable to her now than at any time before. She slowly walked over to Karen with her head bowed.

“Atta girl.” Karen said encouragingly.

As soon as Sam drew close Karen leaned down and lifted her off the floor. Sam’s feet kicked out automatically but she was soon placed on the changing table. She went to sit up but Karen put a hand on her chest.

“You just lay there and let me handle it.” Karen said with a sickly sweet smile.

Sam gasped as she felt her pants being undone. As Karen started to try to pull them down her hands grabbed at the waistband to hold them up. This was madness, there was no way Sam could let this stranger see her in such a way. She shook her head and Karen chuckled.

“It’s nothing I haven’t seen before.” Karen said, “Remember I work with young kids every day.”

“I know. But I’m not a kid!” Sam reminded the Midforest employee.

“Just relax.” Karen said with a smile, “I’ll soon have you changed out of those wet things.”

“But why can’t I do it myself!” Sam whined.

“If you’re going to keep whining you can go back out there and see your friends as you are.” Karen’s tone was still kind but there was a hint of warning, “I’m trained and qualified to do things like this, OK?”

Sam didn’t feel like she had much choice. Her grip on her waistband slackened slightly but as soon as it did Karen pulled down on her pants. As if all of this wasn’t embarrassing enough she was wearing children’s underwear, panties for little girls. Sam closed her eyes as she felt the cool air on her now exposed skin. Next, Sam felt Karen hook her fingers under the waistband of her underwear. She immediately tensed up again.

“Relax…” Karen said airily, “These are soaked, you can’t keep them on.”

Sam let out a moan of resignation as the soaking wet children’s underwear were pulled down her legs. Her face was burning with humiliation, she couldn’t believe she was nearly naked in front of this stranger. Just a few days ago she made sure no one saw her naked but now both Nina and Karen had both seen her most intimate parts. She didn’t understand what was happening or how things had got so out of control. Sam was normally very careful to keep full command over everything she did to stop these exact situations, it felt like as soon as she passed the gates to Midforest her ability to control what was happening had evaporated.

Sam kept her face covered as she heard Karen moving around the foot of the changing table. She didn’t know what the employee was doing but she was too humiliated to speak up or uncover her eyes. It was only when there was a crinkling noise that she realised what the next step would be. She slowly moved one of her hands and saw Karen pulling a baby diaper, not unlike the ones under Nina’s bed, out from her drawer.

“No, no, no!” Sam quickly said as her hands went down from her blushing face to cover her crotch, “Not that! J-Just give me a spare pair of panties or something!”

“There’s no other choice.” Karen said, “We don’t keep spare underwear in here. These are all we have.”

“Then I’ll go commando!” Sam quickly offered.

“I can’t let you do that.” Karen replied simply.

“Why not?” Sam whined. She couldn’t stop staring at the diaper.

“Because if my boss finds out I was changing a baby and left them without underwear I could lose my job.” Karen said simply, “There are always proper procedures to these things for a reason.”

“But I’m not a BABY!” Sam shouted the last word having grown exasperated by people ignoring her.

“The point still stands.” Karen smiled.

Sam went to sit up but Karen’s hand quickly came down to hold her in place. The little girl squirmed in an attempt to dislodge Karen but it was clear she wasn’t going to be allowed up until she was dressed. Tears welled up in Sam’s eyes. No matter what had happened, no matter how many times her small bladder had nearly caused her problems she had always avoided diapers. To her they felt like THE symbol of babyhood.

“Please…” Sam started sobbing as she finished talking but she wasn’t getting anywhere. She took great hiccupping breaths as she looked up at Karen’s sympathetic face.

“It’s not so bad.” Karen said sweetly, “You’ll see.”

To Sam it already felt like the worst thing that had ever happened to her. The diaper unfolded in Karen’s hand and she could see its kid friendly design, little smiling puppets waving and posing, it felt threatening to her.

“It’s lucky you are so small really.” Karen said as she placed the open diaper on the padded surface, “These are normally meant for two-year-olds but they should fit you fine.”

If what Karen was saying was supposed to make Sam feel better she was singularly failing in her task. Sam’s tears grew more persistent and she cried loudly as she felt Karen take her ankles and lift her lower half up. The diaper was slipped underneath and when she came back down she could feel it on her skin. The cottony feeling underneath her butt with a papery feeling at her lower back was unmistakeable. This was something she had always been so desperate to avoid and yet also seemed almost inevitable.

Another drawer was opened but Sam was barely paying attention at that point. She was feeling very sorry for herself and it was only when there was a very distinct smell in the air that she looked down. What she saw only made her even more upset.

Karen was sprinkling a liberal amount of baby powder over Sam’s crotch. Sam was exhausted from the day and her battle was gone. All she could do was cry as the front of the diaper was pulled up and over her crotch to be taped close. It was a very strange feeling, the wings of the disposable hugged her hips in a distinctly different way to regular panties whilst the padding between her thighs was unmistakably that of a diaper. It felt so bulky and unwieldy.

“There we go.” Karen said once she was happy with the fit, “It’s not so bad. You only need to wear it till you get back to your lodge.”

“I hate it…” Sam mumbled around her sobs. She hated how childish she sounded when she cried.

Sam was still wiping her eyes as Karen lifted her up off the table. Before long she was back on the floor with the diaper crinkling softly between her legs, it seemed like every move made the disposable rustle around in a way that seemed deafening in the confines of the changing room. Karen pulled out a pair of tan colour shorts from another drawer and held them open whilst crouched down. Sam had to walk forwards a few paces to reach them and could feel the padding rubbing against her legs with each step. It felt like the diaper was designed to make sure the wearer never forgot they were wearing it. She already knew she was waddling noticeably.

Sam had to put her hands on Karen’s shoulders as she stepped into the pants one leg after the other. Karen then pulled them up until they reached the bottom of the diaper, it suddenly seemed a lot harder to get them on.

“They’re not going to fit!” Sam moaned as she imagined a scenario where she was sent outside the room with the diaper on display.

“It will.” Karen said as she grunted a little from pulling.

Sam was nearly pulled off her feet as Karen worked the shorts up and over the thick underwear. Finally they slipped all the way up though the outcome was still far from satisfactory for Sam who immediately twisted to look at herself from as many angles as she could. What she saw was horrifying.

“This is awful!” Sam wailed as fresh tears sprung up, “Everyone will know!”

“You’re just being paranoid.” Karen replied dismissively.

Sam was sure it wasn’t paranoia that was the problem here. The shorts were bulging at the front and back and she was sure most people would come to the only possible conclusion. It seemed worse at the rear where not only did the material of the shorts bulge out but it was also very smooth. Equally bad to Sam was the way the shorts failed to cover the very top of the disposable where the papery waistband stuck up over the bottoms and would only be covered by the bottom of her shirt.

“Karen, please… There must be some other way of going about this.” Sam begged.

“Come on, I’m sure your friends are anxious to find you.” Karen said as she strode over to the door.

Sam watched as the larger woman unlocked and then opened the entrance to the changing room. As the sunlight came flooding in she felt frozen to the spot. She didn’t want to leave the room like this, she didn’t want to be seen like this but it was going to be impossible to hide. She wondered if there was a chance Karen was actually telling the truth when she said she was being paranoid. Somehow Sam doubted it.

“Come on.” Karen waved to Sam to come out, “Or do you need me to carry you again?”

That was enough to break Sam out of her torpor. She swallowed nervously and started walking forwards. She could still hear the diaper despite the shorts, she could feel the soft cotton padding rubbing against her skin as she moved. She could feel that her legs were slightly further apart than normal.

Sam emerged into the sunlight slowly and uneasily. She looked around as if expecting a great crowd of people to be standing there ready to laugh at her, instead the secluded little hut was as alone as ever. Sam slowly walked towards the main road and, a little further away, back near the kids’ enclosure she could see her friends standing and talking with a Midforest employee. She gulped nervously.

“Sam?” It was Chrissy who saw her first and called out.

Sam wasn’t sure quite how to respond. She sheepishly smiled and gave a little wave as she closed in on her friends. The point where they could see something had changed was obvious. Sam saw their eyes flick down as she approached so that instead of her face they were looking down towards her waist. The diaper must’ve been as obvious as she thought. She trembled slightly.

“Sam? What’s going on?” Amy asked as Sam came to a stop a foot or so in front of her three friends.

“N-Nothing…” Sam nervously replied. She looked around, Karen had seemed to disappear into the ether.

“But you’ve…” Chrissy started as she stared at the place the diaper bulged out.

“Let’s get home shall we?” Nina suggested loudly before Chrissy could go any further.


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End Chapter 11

Sam's Vacation

by: Elfy | Story In Progress | Last updated Apr 18, 2024


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