Sam's Vacation

by: Elfy | Story In Progress | Last updated May 16, 2024

Chapter Description: It's time for the group's next activity. Tensions are running a bit high as they approach something that looks daunting even to Sam's full size friends.

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For the next couple of hours Sam stayed in her room. She assumed Nina had told the others that she wanted some space because no one tried to talk to her. She spent most of her time sitting against one of the crib’s legs and alternately staring into space in deep thought and looking over to the package that lurked beneath Nina’s bed like a monster waiting for a moment of weakness to jump out and strike.

Eventually Sam’s curiosity overpowered her visceral disgust and she went over to Nina’s bed to pull out the diapers and take a look. Her face scrunched up in revulsion as she looked down at the disposables. The soft green packaging, the picture of a laughing baby, the proud declarations of just how much they could absorb… it all gave Sam a visceral feeling of disgust.

The door opened a little and Sam immediately shoved the diapers back under the bed. She spun around to see Nina tentatively standing by the entrance. She looked almost scared though she must’ve known Sam wouldn’t attack her, even if she did what could she do when she was so outsized.

“I… I just wanted to say we’re getting ready to go.” Nina said quietly.

Sam didn’t acknowledge her. She looked away and waited for the door to close again. She felt bad for being so harsh towards her closest friend but she was hurt, and when she was hurt she lashed out. Even though she knew she was doing it she didn’t feel like she could stop. Realistically Sam knew Nina was only trying to help but the solution was completely unpalatable to her.

A few minutes later Sam walked out of the bedroom to see her friends mostly ready to leave. The atmosphere was awkward, Sam didn’t think Nina had told the others what had happened but they definitely seemed to pick up that something was off. They probably heard Sam shout earlier if nothing else.

“Right, let’s go.” Chrissy said as Sam finished putting on her shoes.

The walk towards the adventure course went a long way to clear the air. Sam was still pointedly not talking to Nina but she found her dark mood lessening as she looked around at all the wonderful nature that surrounded her.

“Oh god, that’s high.” Amy moaned as they approached the start of the course.

If it seemed high to Sam’s normal-sized friends but it was towering over Sam. The course of wires and wooden platforms seemed much higher in person than it had done in the brochure. At the bottom of a nearby tree was a wooden staircase that winded around the trunk. Waiting at the bottom step was a couple of instructors in harnesses and helmets. At the top, not far below the canopy, the course stretched out.

“Geez…” Sam muttered as she watched another group navigate a particularly scary rope swing fifty feet in the air.

“This looks awesome!” Chrissy exclaimed.

“Are you sure they’ll let me do this?” Sam asked doubtfully.

“We’ll ask to make sure.” Nina replied. She looked hopeful that this was a way to start talking to Sam but the little lady simply stared forwards.

The group walked forwards and through the entrance gate to the start of the course. Sam felt butterflies in her tummy and hid a little behind her friends. Chrissy was of course the first to walk up to the employees.

“Hey. We’re the Walker group.” Chrissy said with a smile.

“Perfect.” A man holding four harnesses said, “Right on time.”

“Before we start anything.” Chrissy said, “Can we just confirm that this activity is for everyone? One of our number is…”

Sam heard Chrissy trail off as she gestured at her. The man looked over to Sam and his eyebrows rose. He double-checked his clipboard and Sam felt sure she knew what he was looking for. He would’ve been told the booking was for four adults, now he was seeing three adults and a child.

“Ah.” The man said, “Well, the booking said…”

“I’m an adult.” Sam clarified. Her cheeks blazed red as they always did when she had to go through all this.

“Huh?” The man frowned again.

Sam took a deep breath and looked down as her friends explained the situation. Yet again she felt like she should have a nametag that had her age on it, but it wouldn’t have done any good because nobody believed her without proof. She pulled out her purse and passed her college ID to the man who checked it over more than once.

“Well, unfortunately you won’t be able to do the main course.” The man said. Sam’s shoulders slumped as she wondered if she would have to sit out the activity. After what had happened yesterday she wasn’t too keen on that, “But we do have a course closer to the ground that you’ll be able to do.”

“It’s better than nothing…” Chrissy said rather apologetically.

“It’s not just for kids, right?” Sam asked.

“Not at all.” The man replied, “It’s for any people under a certain height or who don’t want to go all the way to the top.”

Everyone looked towards Sam. She felt a lot of pressure to do the other course just so the others could have fun without feeling guilty. Besides a less adventurous course would still probably be at least a little exciting and certainly better than nothing. The tall course looked perhaps a little too scary anyway. She nodded her head.

“Great!” The man said, “We’ll just get you all hooked up with your harnesses. There are people already on the course and more arriving after you but don’t worry, just take everything at your own pace.”

Sam joined the others in getting the harness slipped on and tightened. She was left feeling annoyed again when the adult harness proved to be too big for her. One of the employees had to go over to a separate pile of harnesses and brought back a bright pink one. It contrasted dramatically with the black ones everyone else wore.

“It’s either pink or blue.” The man said apologetically as he put it on Sam.

There were a lot of people around. As Sam and her friends were strapped up more groups arrived and got ready. There were people of all age ranges and body sizes. As everyone stood around and waited Sam could see Nina was trying to catch her eye. Sam wasn’t ready for any kind of conversation about what had happened back at the lodge and she steadfastly looked away.

“Alright, everyone coming up to the main course follow me!” The man from before shouted, “Everyone else is with Karen.”

“Karen?” Sam repeated as her eyes widened.

“This way little ones!” Karen’s voice from the previous day was still etched into Sam’s mind and she instantly knew it was the same person.

“W-Wait…” Sam stuttered but her friends had already started up the spiral steps. An employee closed the gate to prevent anyone going up and injuring themselves.

Sam turned to see Karen smiling and waving everyone towards her. Her shoulders slumped as she walked a short way down the trail underneath the high course. Sam could hear the excitement of the people making their way up the tree. She looked around and saw that most of the people around her were small children. In fact, everyone she saw going the same way as her was a child.

When Sam saw what the easier and safer adventure course actually was she felt her heart sink. She hadn’t expected anything particularly high up but the actual obstacles and equipment was barely a foot off the ground. What’s more, as she looked at the people currently doing the course, those who had finished it and those she was standing with she could confirm she was the only adult, heck, she was probably the only one with an age in the double digits.

“I thought this wasn’t just for kids…” Sam said as she walked up to Karen.

“It isn’t.” Karen replied. She crouched down and started checking that Sam’s harness was put on safely, “It’s for anyone who can’t go on the high one.”

“But…” Sam started but Karen was already walking away.

Sam heard a whoop and a cheer. She looked above her as Chrissy, characteristically, was the first to tackle the higher course. She was currently walking along a wire and using another wire above her head to keep her balance. Sam saw her look down and see the lower course, she quickly looked away in embarrassment.

Sam lined up with the children who were excited to get under way. Some of them had their parents to help them. Sam, in the middle of the line, pouted and wished she chosen to just go back to the lodge. In fact, with Nina going behind her back and all the problems she had experienced she wished she had stayed back at her dorm.

As Sam awaited her turn on the “thrilling” course she looked up at what her friends had to do. After the wire Chrissy had just finished crossing there were some planks that she had to jump between. Then there were some monkey bars and a small zip line. There was a wooden plank bridge and some tires but Sam looked away. It looked thrilling but she wouldn’t be doing any of it. As she waited she felt the first complaints from her bladder. She hadn’t used the toilet before leaving and she was quickly regretting that oversight. With a bladder as small as the rest of her she could go from a slight feeling of needing the bathroom to desperation quickly, she would have to make a beeline for the toilets as soon as she finished the course.

Eventually it was Sam’s turn. Just as she was about to step up on to the platform there was a loud scream above them. Sam looked up to see Amy hanging by her harness having failed a part of the course, an instructor quickly had her back on track though, she was winched back up to the platform to try again, she seemed shaken from the experience.

“Ready, Sam?” Karen asked.

“Huh?” Sam looked down to where Karen had appeared in front of her.

Before Sam had a chance to react her harness was clipped on to a wire above her head and she was lifted by Karen on to the start of the course. Yet again she found herself being manhandled like a child as Karen starting encouraging her to walk across the generously sized plank that made up the first “obstacle.” It was barely narrower than a regular sidewalk.

“That’s it!” Karen encouraged in an excited voice like Sam was a toddler who needed reassuring, “Take big steps for me.”

Sam was about to tell Karen exactly what she could do with her “encouragement” when she saw both kids and, more importantly, their parents watching her. Just like in the go-kart centre she suddenly felt unable to reveal the truth because of how humiliating it would be for these people to know she wasn’t a small child.

With hesitation Sam started walking across the plank in front of her. Each step was showered in praise by Karen who seemed not to care that Sam was actually an adult. High in the trees above her Sam could hear adults, people her actual age, having a lot of fun trying to scale some genuinely challenging obstacles.

Much to Sam’s chagrin she found herself actually struggling with a few of the obstacles. Despite her age being far in advance of everyone else there she still had to contend with her lack of size. There was a section of monkey bars that she had to cross but the gaps between the bars seemed quite big and despite being a relatively small fall if she failed it was still something she wanted to avoid.

“Come on, Sam. You can do it.” Karen encouraged as she had been doing throughout the whole course, “Do you want me to help?”

Sam quickly shook her head. She didn’t want to be carried across the gap like a baby. Still she hesitated as the kid in front of her got further down the course and the ones behind her quickly started having to wait.

“Can’t we just cut in front of her?” One young boy asked impatiently.

“No, Billy, just wait.” The woman standing next to the boy was presumably his mother.

“Ugh, she’s taking forever!” Billy whined as his mother shushed him.

Sam tried to ignore what was happening right behind her but it was easier said than done. She was holding everyone up which she knew was just increasing attention on her, which wasn’t to mention the pressure she was feeling. Karen was being patient though. She didn’t seek to rush Sam at all, she just continued to encourage. For once Sam almost felt a little grateful towards the woman who had so embarrassed her.

“I can do it… I can do it…” Sam repeated under her breath a couple of times.

“That’s right.” Karen said, “I’m right here if you need me.”

Sam licked her lips as she looked at the bar which was just in front of her and slightly above head height. She bent her knees and adjusted her feet as her hands went out in front of her. All of her focus was on that bar right ahead.

With a leap Sam launched herself at the bar. Time seemed to slow down as she felt like she soared through the air. Her hand reached the metal bar and grabbed on to it but her momentum was carrying her further than she anticipated. Her second hand reached for the next bar along but she couldn’t reach it, her eyes widened as she felt herself swinging and her fingers lost their grip.

Sam couldn’t help herself. She let out a childish scream as she started to fall. She scrunched her eyes closed and prepared for the heavy landing. Except she didn’t hit the ground. The harness had done its job and Sam remained safely above the ground dangling by the rope attached to her back. She opened her eyes as she swung slightly.

For all the relief Sam now felt it was tinged with embarrassment. As she slowly revolved on the spot she saw the children behind her smirking and giggling at her failure. The adults were giving her sympathetic looks but, worst of all, her scream had attracted the attention of the people high above her. Nina was looking down in surprise as she stood on the edge of a tire.

“It’s OK.” Karen said softly, “I’ve got you.”

“Take me off this thing!” Sam hissed urgently.

“You’re nearly done.” Karen said as she put her hands around Sam’s waist.

In truth there was more than one reason that Sam wanted to be detached from the harness. Firstly, she was very obviously deeply embarrassed but secondly, and much more importantly in her mind, the sudden jolt had massively increased her need for the toilet.


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End Chapter 9

Sam's Vacation

by: Elfy | Story In Progress | Last updated May 16, 2024


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