Sam's Vacation

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated May 30, 2024

Chapter 14

Chapter Description: Sam wakes up the next day and has to make a difficult decision regarding the activities ahead.

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Sam awoke to a hand prodding her diaper. Her eyes flew open as she saw Nina standing over her with a massive smile on her face. She felt frozen, all her muscles seemed to want to disobey her as she tried to move.

“Aww, did the little baby go tinkles?” Nina asked in a syrupy baby voice.

“Mmm… MMM!” Sam tried to respond but there was a pacifier between her lips. She tried to spit it out but it seemed like the mouth guard was stuck to her.

Nina reached over the side of the crib. She seemed even bigger than usual to Sam who felt confused and as to what was happening. Nina’s large hands came down and picked Sam up off the mattress. As the covers slipped off her little body she found she was wearing a pink onesie that seemed to have materialised out of nowhere!

“What a pretty little girl.” Nina said as she gently tickle Sam’s tummy, “Are you ready for nursery?”

Sam wanted to ask what her friend was doing and where these clothes had come from but all she could do was babble around the pacifier. Nina cradled her in her arms and walked towards the bedroom door. Sam didn’t want her other friends to see her like this and she tried desperately to scramble away but her limbs seemed limited in what they could achieve.

The door opened and Sam gasped. Instead of the living room of the lodge there was a vast lecture hall with all the seats filled. Nina’s footsteps on the floor echoed in the silent room as Sam was carried in. The little girl couldn’t even cover her humiliated face as she saw everyone watching her including, in the front row, Chrissy and Amy.

“Ah, right on time.” An older male professor said as Nina carried Sam over to the front of the room, “Nina, would you kindly take it from here?”

Sam was placed on a small padded table. She had no idea where it had come from but she was trembling from everything. She tried begging Nina to stop and take her out but her useless babble provoked no reaction at all. Her onesie was lifted up as she heard people taking notes. She shook her head and closed her eyes as tightly as she humanly good as she tried to cry out for help…


“Sam! Sam! Wake up!”

Sam suddenly came back to consciousness with a crash. She was panting, sweaty and laying on her front with her head in the corner between her pillows and the wall and her legs open and facing the room. Her cover had been cast to the side. It took her a few long seconds to realise she’d been having a nightmare.

“Sam! Are you OK?” It was Nina standing by the crib in her dressing gown.

Sam looked over shoulder. In her dream Nina had been gleefully treating her like a baby but she looked very concerned now. Sam belatedly realised she was showing her soaked diaper to her friend. Just another embarrassing encounter, one of an increasing number that Sam was having to deal with.

“I think you were having a nightmare.” Nina said as Sam turned over and sat up. She noticed that a lot of the diaper’s warmth had gone but it was still very swollen almost like a pillow underneath her butt, “A bad one.”

Sam nodded. She pulled her cover over and did her best to give herself some modesty. She knew Nina had already seen everything though. Nina hung around the side of the crib awkwardly as Sam tried to shake the cobwebs away from her mind. She felt like she had adrenaline coursing through her and she was still very unsettled.

“Sorry.” Sam said, “I didn’t mean to worry you.”

“It’s absolutely fine!” Nina replied quickly, “I was just about to step into the shower when I heard you calling out. Did you want to talk about it?”

“No.” Sam said shortly. The last thing she wanted was to discuss that particular nightmare.

“OK, well, do you want to come out of the crib?” Nina asked. She was already reaching over the edge anticipating the answer.

Sam lifted her arms without thinking making it easier for her friend to grab her and lift her up. She hung limply in Nina’s hands as she was lifted over the rails but instead of being put straight down Nina held Sam up in front of her. She was looking at the very wet diaper with the clearly changed wetness indicator. Sam was going red in the face and loudly cleared her throat.

“Sorry!” Nina quickly said as she put Sam down.

“I’m surprised you didn’t notice when waking me up…” Sam muttered.

“I did… Well, I didn’t… I mean…” Nina paused to collect her thoughts, “I saw that you’d put it on but I didn’t realise you’d… well, you know…”

Sam thought about snapping back that if she had put it on it would only be for one reason but she held back. She couldn’t blame Nina for being weird when the situation was so strange in itself. She’d always been closest to Nina, it was no doubt difficult for her to believe what she was seeing at times.

“I’ll go have that shower then.” Nina said as she picked up the towel she had draped over the end of her bed.

Sam nodded. She tried not to walk about too much. She knew she looked like a baby, she didn’t need to start waddling around to reinforce that fact. She waited until Nina had closed the bathroom door and the sound of the shower started. It was only then that Sam wished she’d gone for a shower first, she felt a little gross in the wet diaper.

Sam pulled at the tapes on the diaper and winced when they loudly came away from the front of the disposable. She hoped her other friends weren’t near the door, it definitely sounded loud enough to Sam to carry through to the main living area.

“Damn it…” Sam exclaimed as she pulled the last tape away.

The diaper dropped to the floor with a loud thump. Unlike the dry diaper she had taken off that had been very light and curled up a bit, this one was heavy and it laid on the floor completely open. The smell of urine quickly started to spread and Sam looked down to see the clearly yellowed padding. She quickly folded the diaper closed and used the tapes to stop it opening again.

The smell of urine seemed to linger and Sam felt acutely embarrassed. She quickly put on some loose pants and a shirt. Strangely, there was no trash can in the bedroom. The one in the bathroom was now inaccessible so Sam’s only real option was the kitchen since she didn’t want to hang around with the used diaper any longer than she had to.

Sam opened the bedroom door and could immediately hear that Chrissy and Amy were already awake and having breakfast. She closed the door again. She didn’t want to walk past them with the clearly wet diaper. They didn’t know she’d been having problems after all. Instead, she put the diaper down just under the corner of the crib so that she could deal with it later.

“Morning.” Chrissy called out as Sam finally emerged from her bedroom, “Sleep well?”

“Yeah.” Sam lied with a smile.

“That’s good. You’ll need all your energy today.” Chrissy replied. She started pouring Sam a bowl of cereal as Sam climbed up on to one of the chairs.

“Oh?” Sam asked.

“Today’s the day we get the bikes we rented and cycle out into the wilderness.” Chrissy raised her eyebrows. It was clear that this less exciting activity wasn’t her choice.

“It’s going to be great!” Amy gushed, “I’ve got a guidebook that says there are all sorts of rare wildlife in the area. I spoke to someone yesterday who told me where our best chance of seeing stuff is. I even got sheets for all of us to tick off when we see the animals!”

Sam smiled at Amy’s enthusiasm but she couldn’t pretend she wasn’t very nervous. After the last couple of days a long bike ride where there wouldn’t be any facilities nearby was concerning. Sam’s bladder was small and that caused problems at the best of times. She knew she could just go into the trees to pee but she was still nervous. She didn’t want to be the reason the group had to keep stopping. At least it would be just the four of them.

Sam ate her breakfast quietly. When Chrissy came out of the bedroom she soon took her place and took a shower. On her way through the bedroom she picked up the used diaper and dropped it in the bathroom trash. As Sam stood in the warm water she wondered what she should do. It certainly seemed like they were going to be going on a long ride and Sam’s last few accidents had left her feeling very anxious about what might happen.

As Sam was drying off she happened to glance at the trash can and the diaper sitting in it. She felt like her answer might be right there. The diaper had successfully held her accident during the night, it stood to reason it could do the same during the day. It just meant she would be choosing to wear one which felt like a major thing.

When Sam walked back into the bedroom she started gathering her clothes for the day. She pulled out a pair of panties and sighed. With resignation she dropped them and went to Nina’s bed where the open packet of diapers was waiting. She pulled one out and looked at it.

It still felt like a big thing for Sam. The diaper she wore during the previous day hadn’t been a choice and the diaper she wore the previous night was for a practical reason. She supposed wearing one now would serve the same purpose but it felt different. Sam laid the diaper on Nina’s mattress and then scrambled up on to it.

Sam found it a lot easier to position the diaper with all the light coming through the windows. She reached down and pulled it up between her legs. The tapes came close to touching each other as she closed it up. The fit was a lot better than her attempt the previous night. She sat up with the accompanying chorus of crinkles and then slid off the edge of the bed. She wasted no time in getting dressed in the baggiest pants and shirt she had. Anything to give her half a chance of keeping the diaper a secret. She already knew she couldn’t do it though, the crinkling may have sounded louder to her thanks to the paranoia but she was still certain it would be audible to anyone close to her.

Looking in the mirror Sam was disheartened to see her pants were still bulging from the padding underneath them. She sighed and had the urge to take the diaper off. After the last few days though she just needed to have a normal day. The diaper made it less than perfect but if it meant she could go on the bike ride with her friends and come home again without being humiliated then it was a sacrifice she would make.

“Sam?” Amy called through the closed door, “Are you nearly ready? We need to go pick up our bikes,”

“Just a minute!” Sam replied.

With one last deep breath as she looked at her reflection she turned and walked towards the door. To be more accurate she waddled. Hopefully the waddle was more pronounced in her brain than it actually was in real life. She had one last wobble where she nearly turned around and ripped the diaper off before reaching up and opening the bedroom door.

As Sam walked back out into the living room she could immediately tell that her pronounced waddle wasn’t all in her head. All eyes swivelled to her as she waddled out nervously. It was hard to tell who was the most surprised. Sam went across to her shoes by the door and picked them up, when she turned back around she saw that the others were still watching her in shock.

“Look…” Sam started as she felt she needed to explain.

“Are you wearing a diaper!?” Chrissy immediately asked.

Sam blushed deeply. Hearing Chrissy’s tone of voice and just having it said out loud seemed to really make this real. She slowly nodded her head as her cheeks blazed. Nina seemed to have snapped out of her shock a little as she moved to the side of the couch making room for Sam to sit down as well. This had been a foolish idea. Maybe once Sam could’ve worn a diaper without her friends thinking any less of her but it was getting to be a habit.

“But… why?” Amy asked, “And where did you get them?”

“Guys, I don’t think we need to give Sam the third degree.” Nina said.

“I’m sorry.” Chrissy shook her head and looked genuinely apologetic, “I just didn’t expect it. Not after yesterday.”

“I… just think I should play it safe.” Sam said with a shrug, “After yesterday I think this is a good idea.”

“It was just a one-off though.” Amy said sympathetically, “Everyone has accidents sometimes. Remember when Chrissy had too much to drink at your birthday party?”

“Hey!” Chrissy exclaimed, “I just had a few too many that night…”

“It’s OK.” Sam’s mouth twitched into a smile, “Don’t worry, I’m fine.”

Chrissy shrugged as she went back to getting ready whilst Amy seemed to hang around nervously. It didn’t seem like she really knew what to do with herself or even where to look. The only one who was acting remotely normal was Nina who was checking her phone. Sam assumed there wouldn’t be much reception once they were underway.

“Are you sure it’s alright?” Nina asked once the others had moved away to pack some lunches in the kitchen.

Nina obviously had more information than the other two. The others knew Sam had wet herself and been put into a diaper by a member of staff but Nina knew the rest of what had happened. She knew about the wet bed and how Sam had slept the previous night, she knew how deeply uncomfortable Sam felt about being viewed as anything but the most mature person in the room.

“I’m fine.” Sam said again, “It’s just a precaution.”

“OK, I just don’t want you to feel like you need to use them.” Nina said. She was clearly still kicking herself for buying them without Sam knowing in the first place.

“I’m not saying I’m in love with the damn things.” Sam replied, “But I’m ready to admit they have their uses. I just wish everyone would stop making such a big deal about them.”

“Sorry.” Nina replied.

“And I wish you would stop apologising!” Sam said half-jokingly, “We’re going to have a great day. I’m sure once we get going everyone will concentrate on the ride and no one will think twice about me. Besides, according to Amy we’re very unlikely to see anyone else on this trip.”

“That’s true.” Nina nodded, “Well, as long as you’re sure. You know I’ll support you in anything.”

Sam felt a fluttering in her heart at the words. A strange feeling that she hadn’t felt before. A part of her just wanted to leap at Nina and wrap her arms around as much of her as was possible. To pull her down by the collar and get close to those lip. To…

As Nina stood up and walked away Sam remained frozen to the spot. What was she thinking!? Nina was her friend! Sam had never felt those feelings yet alone started feeling an urge to get close to another woman like that. She knew Nina was bisexual but she herself hadn’t really thought about that sort of stuff much at all. If anything Sam had assumed she was asexual from how little she thought about it. Her face was burning up. It was just because Nina had been helping her a bunch, Sam told herself, that was all. She swallowed nervously and tried to shake any thoughts about the unwanted fantasy that had briefly invaded her consciousness.

“Sam? Are you ready?” Nina asked as she picked up her backpack.

Sam quickly nodded and jumped down from the couch. As she took a couple of steps Nina seemed to be thinking about something. She muttered to just give her a minute and went into the bedroom, she came out a minute later looking slightly nervous but smiling.

“Come on, girls.” Chrissy said, “Let’s go get our bikes.”


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End Chapter 14

Sam's Vacation

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated May 30, 2024


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