Sam's Vacation

by: Elfy | Story In Progress | Last updated Apr 18, 2024

Chapter Description: Of course getting a bike wasn't going to be simple for Sam. When is anything simple for her? Once the friends get underway Sam is given plenty of time to appreciate the view and think about her complicated feelings.

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Sam had a lot on her mind. For once she wasn’t thinking about the diaper rubbing against the inside of her thighs, instead she couldn’t stop thinking about the sudden surge of feelings she had felt towards Nina. She was more confused than ever before.

It was fortunately not a long walk to the bike area. A large warehouse sized building with a translucent ceiling that let a lot of light in. There was a small shop selling bike accessories and things off to the side but most of the floor space was just covered with bicycles. Sam looked around in awe, she had never seen so many bikes in one place and the air was filled with bells ringing and the sound of maintenance being done.

There was a small desk with a Midforest employee stood behind it. He seemed to be checking some bike locks as the women approached him.

“Hello. Picking up?” The man asked.

“Yes. We reserved some bikes under the name Christine Walker.” Chrissy said.

“Uh huh.” The man entered the details on the tablet on the desk, “OK, just bear with me for a minute.”

The employee walked away leaving the girls to wait. There was no shortage of things to see. Sam found all the people wandering around with different types of bikes interesting. There was a lot of movement and colour. Amy, meanwhile, was looking through her guidebook and excitedly telling the others what they might see. Her enthusiasm was contagious, she was normally very reserved so to see her so chipper about something made Sam happy.

“OK, we have three mountain bikes.” The man replied as he came back.

Sam immediately felt her good mood faltering. Every single time there was a problem it always worked out worse for her and she had to think this was going to be no exception. The man lined up the three bikes and helmets and then checked his terminal again.

“We have the four adult bikes booked but I see you a have a kid with you. Let me just check something.” The man walked away again before anyone could correct him.

Sam blushed again. She didn’t blame him, she looked more childish than ever she was sure. The other girls looked and gave “what can you do?” kind of shrugs. They waited anxiously until the man came back again.

“I’m afraid we don’t have any children’s bikes available.” The man said as he scrolled on the screen, “You must’ve made a mistake on the booking because there’s no way she could use an adult bike. Let me see… We have two option as far as I can see. We have… tricycles or the trailer.”

As if to show what the trailer was someone walked past with a bike that had a small pod attached to the back. At the end of a little metal attachment was a child seat with restraints, there were two wheels, one on either side, and a transparent canopy that covered the whole thing from the elements. Sam had seen children riding around in these little trailers on preceding days with their parents cycling and pulling them along.

“But Sam is an adult.” Chrissy said with frustration, “Why are none of you people ready for a smaller than average adult!? I swear I’m going to report Midforest to…”

“Chrissy.” Sam sighed, “He’s right. I can’t ride one of those bikes… I mean, it’s just basic physics. I wouldn’t reach the pedals.”

The employee looked a little bewildered. It was hard to tell if Chrissy’s sudden anger or Sam talking and actually proving she wasn’t a baby was more confusing to him. Sam looked at one of the nearby tricycles. There was no doubt they were primarily for children.

“It might be hard to keep up on the trail.” Nina said as she followed Sam’s gaze to the three wheeled bike.

Sam had to agree. The trail was going to be over a lot of uneven ground with loose surfaces and probably some steep hills, it didn’t seem like the tricycle was built to be taken off the tarmacked areas.

“I’m… I’m sorry, ma’am.” The man was looking down at Sam. She could see he was struggling with the familiar internal battle of looking at someone who appeared to be a child but wasn’t, “Did I hear you’re all going out on a trail?”

“Yes.” Sam replied.

“The tricycles will struggle with that.” The man said, confirming Sam’s suspicions, “It doesn’t have the gears of a regular bike and the steeper hills will be a big problem if nothing else.”

“Which means…” Sam looked at a nearby trailer. It was clearly the only option.

“If you don’t want to do it no one will make you.” Nina said quietly.

“We’ll take the trailer.” Sam said. She put on a brave smile.

Chrissy didn’t look happy that Sam was being treated differently but she signed the forms and everyone started walking out with their bikes. One of them had the trailer attached and that was the one that Amy was pushing. Sam followed the others out. Already her thighs were getting annoyed about the thick padding between them, privately she thought getting to sit down the whole time on this trail was probably a good thing.

“Alright, Sam, if you want to hop in we…” Amy started.

“Is it… Would it be OK if Nina was the one on this bike?” Sam asked as she placed a hand on the tire of the bicycle that was attached to the trailer.

“Why?” Amy asked, “I mean, it’s not a problem, I’m just wondering if there’s a reason.”

“Nina’s the fittest.” Sam said logically, “I know I’m light but I’m still extra weight.”

“Makes sense to me.” Chrissy said, “Leaves you free to do some cool tricks, Amy. I bet you could do an awesome wheelie.”

Everyone laughed. As Sam looked at the trailer that was to be her method of transport. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Nina looking at her curiously. The truth was that Nina was the fittest of the four of them, she had run track in high school, but there were other reasons that Sam chose her roommate to be the one attached to her.

“Need some help?” Nina asked when Sam looked over.

“Just with the straps I think.” Sam replied.

“Ah, good thinking.” Nina said as she crouched down next to the trailer, “Seat belts save lives. When we get into a fifteen bicycle pile-up you’ll be nice and safe.”

Sam laughed perhaps a little too hard. Her cheeks went a little pink as she started climbing into the trailer. It wasn’t the easiest thing to get into like this and after getting her foot caught on the corner she started to fall backwards. Her arms swung around as she tried to stay up but she was going down until she felt two hands catch her. One was on her back and the other was resting square on the rear of her diaper.

Sam’s eyes flew open as she was helped to get upright by Nina’s hands pressing against her. She turned and sat down in the seat with a face as red as the trailer base. Nina’s face seemed to be similarly red. She didn’t say anything as she reached in and helped Sam with the straps.

As the straps were tightened Sam felt herself getting pushed back against the seat. The way the bottom of the safety seat curved meant that Sam sunk into it and her clearly padded crotch was pushed out slightly in front of her, her legs hung uselessly over the lip of the seat. She hadn’t realised just how much like a baby she was going to feel when sat down like this. She was very much reminded of a child’s seat in a car.

“Alright?” Nina asked nervously, “Everything OK?”

Sam nodded her head and Nina smiled. Reached over to the zip on the clear plastic canopy and brought it all the way round. It suddenly seemed like Sam was in her own little bubble. Sound became a bit muffled but she could see everything. What she didn’t like to see was other people looking in at her and waving as if she was a child. She could hardly blame their assumptions but it still made her grumpy.

“Everyone ready?” Chrissy asked from nearby as she sat on her saddle, “Last one there’s a rotten egg!”

Sam heard Nina laugh as she hopped over the frame of the bike and sat down. A second later Sam felt a jolt as they started to move. All of a sudden she felt a lot less happy about her position as she gripped the sides of her safety seat. It was strange to be pulled along like this without any control over her speed or direction.

The group cycled along the tarmac roads past the adventure course and the main plaza. Sam shifted awkwardly in her seat, she was quickly finding that these restraints were no joke as she could barely lean forwards at all. Just to find out if she could she tried to call out for Nina’s attention but it seemed like she couldn’t be heard. The combination of the other girls talking, the canopy and the sounds of tires crunching on gravel parts of the road seemed to drown out Sam’s small high-pitched voice.

After passing most of the more populated areas of Midforest (and Chrissy nearly fell off her bike after an ill-conceived attempt at a “trick”) the group came to a small opening that led into the forest. Amy checked the signs and her map and then excitedly clapped her hands. She led the way on to the trail.

Sam immediately noticed that the trail was harder for her friends to cycle than the flat tarmac had been. The loose gravel path rapidly rose and fell and there were many bumps. Sam could tell Nina was having to work hard with the extra weight attached to her bike, she was frequently rising out of the saddle to try and peddle harder to keep up. Every time Nina lifted up Sam couldn’t help but stare at her butt. It looked just fantastic under Nina’s pants.

This was an unusual sensation for Sam to say the least. She’d never found herself attracted to anyone much. Amy, who was well-researched on topics like sexuality, suggested Sam might be demi-sexual. Sam had to look up what that meant and found out that it was, essentially, a descriptor for a person that only experienced sexual feelings for someone after developing a close bond with them. In other words Sam didn’t fancy people because of how they looked or if they seemed nice, she had to have an emotional attachment first. Was that what was happening now? Did Sam actually have a crush on her best friend?

Sam tried to think logically about everything. She had always kept walls up so other people didn’t get too close. She was obsessed with not being seen as less than an adult, she never let anyone see her naked or even mostly undressed but in the last few days it had all changed. Nina had seen Sam at her most vulnerable and embarrassed but she still stood by her.

“Guys! We should stop here!” Amy shouted, “It’s beautiful and we’ll be able to see herons, kingfishers and…”

“Alright, we get it.” Chrissy said as she skidded to a stop, “I could use a breather.”

Nina slowed and then finally stopped. Sam had been lost in thought but as she now looked around she agreed the scenery was stunning. This section of the path was winding up the side of a hill with the lush forest on one side and on the other a large beautiful looking lake. There was near silence apart from the four girls.

“Um, guys?” Sam said after half a minute.

“Oh crap!” Nina quickly said as she hurried over.

Sam’s three friends had been walking over to the edge of the path to look down to the lake and seemingly forgetting that Sam was strapped into her seat. Nina hurried over and unzipped the canopy as she muttered apologies. Sam found it hard to look at her friend for reasons that had nothing to do with her diaper.

With the straps removed Sam still couldn’t get out of the deep seat without help. Nina took both her hands and helped pull her up. Once Sam was standing she held on for just a second longer than she had to. Sam hopped down from the trailer and went to the others to look at the lake. Amy already had her binoculars out and was urgently scanning the edge of the water for wildlife.

“It’s beautiful.” Sam said as she stood on tip-toes to see over the low hedge at the side of the road.

“Here. Let me help you.” Nina said.

“You really don’t…” Sam started.

Sam felt Nina’s hands take hold of her and she was suddenly lifted off the ground. Sam’s eyes were wide open as she was lifted all the way up to sit on Nina’s shoulders. Her hands wrapped around Nina’s forehead to keep herself stable. She had to admit the view was even more beautiful from this elevated viewpoint and she looked around at the scenery with a smile. Even though the hefty diaper between her legs was pressing against the back of Nina’s head she felt only a little embarrassed.

“Are you feeling alright?” Chrissy asked suddenly.

“Huh?” Sam looked around to where Chrissy was frowning and holding up her bike.

“You normally HATE people picking you up.” Chrissy said accurately.

Sam couldn’t respond. It was true, she actively avoided it in all situations even if it meant she had to struggle or find some way to climb up to where she needed to go. She hated to even ask for help yet alone ask to be lifted up. Now she was sitting on Nina’s shoulders without a care in the world. Her face went red, she didn’t know what to say.

“She just wanted to see the view.” Nina said, “Do you have a better idea?”

Chrissy shrugged and turned away to look at the view again. Sam saw her head quickly turn to look at Sam one more time before she let the subject drop. Sam was grateful for Nina’s intervention. The truth of why she was happy to let Nina pick her up wasn’t something she was fully prepared to admit to herself yet alone other people.

“Ooh, look!” Amy excitedly pointed across the lake, “It’s an osprey!”

Without binoculars all Sam could see was a small bird gliding fast over the water. She watched it get lower and lower until the bird’s legs stuck out in front of its head and it made contact with the surface. A few seconds later it started laboriously flapping its wings and when it rose up it had a fish in its talons. Amy squealed excitedly as she followed the osprey’s progress back amongst the trees.

“Cool.” Chrissy nodded her head appreciatively.

“That was amazing!” Amy smiled widely as she lowered her binoculars, “Wait… what are you doing up there?”

Somehow Amy had been so absorbed in watching the lake and the animals she had completely missed what was happening with Sam. She was frowning in confusion exactly the same way Chrissy had been.

“It doesn’t matter.” Nina said, “We should probably move on anyway.”

Nina crouched down and allowed Sam to carefully lower herself to the ground. Almost as soon as her feet touched the earth she felt a rumble in her belly. That was ominous but there was little she could do right there and then. She tried to ignore the looks she was getting from Chrissy and Amy as she was helped back into her trailer.

“Thank you.” Sam said as the straps were done up.

“You’d have done the same for me.” Nina said with a smile.

“I don’t know if sitting on my shoulders would be all that useful to you.” Sam joked.

The two shared a laugh before the canopy was closed around Sam again. As she heard Nina giggling she felt like her heart was swelling again. She was almost grateful when her friend went back to the bike since it would stop Sam from making a fool of herself. She chastised herself. Of all the times to develop a crush on someone this was a bad one, not to mention it being on her best friend. She would ruin the closeness they had if she told the truth. Besides how could anyone like Sam in that way when she had embarrassed herself in front of them so often.

Sam’s internal monologue was stopped when there was a sudden pull and the trailer started moving. It was only a few minutes later that Sam felt another rumbling in her tummy, it was more urgent this time and now she was getting really worried.

“Um, Nina?” Sam called out as loudly as she could manage.


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End Chapter 15

Sam's Vacation

by: Elfy | Story In Progress | Last updated Apr 18, 2024


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