Sam's Vacation

by: Elfy | Story In Progress | Last updated Apr 18, 2024

Chapter Description: Sam has suffered a disaster on the bike ride and now she needs to deal with the aftermath. That mean more than just cleaning up though as Nina comes to have a heart-to-heart.

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Walking beyond the line of trees Sam looked for a spot that would give her some space. After walking a few yards into the forest it almost felt like she had entered a different world. It was darker and cooler as the tall trees blocked the sun. Sound seemed to be dampened as well. The trees blocking off everything that wasn’t in the tiny clearing Sam now stood in. It would’ve been beautiful if it hadn’t been for the smell. That wasn’t the forest’s fault though.

The floor was soft thanks to the dead pine needles that littered the ground creating a natural pillow. Sam let go of the bag and decided this was as good of a place as any. She pulled out one of the clean baby diapers and placed it on a stump nearby. Grimacing, Sam crouched down to untie her shoes. It meant feeling the messy waste in the back of her pants spreading further as she lowered herself. It was gross.

Sam looked around to make sure there was no one watching and then finally pulled down her pants. As she stepped out of her clothes she checked to make sure there was no leakage, thankfully the diaper seemed to have contained everything. She felt a little impressed at how much punishment these disposables could take.

“Alright.” Sam muttered to herself as she looked down, “How am I going to do this?”

It was a legitimate question. Sam knew that there would be quite a mess in that diaper and she wanted desperately to avoid getting any of it on her clothes or hands. Holding up her shirt and cleaning at the same time seemed like it would be very tough. She thought about how babies were changed on their backs and decided she would give it a go that way, at least it would make it easier to keep her shirt out of the way.

Sam laid down amongst the pine needles and foliage. She pulled her shirt up and out of the way before reaching for the diaper tapes. With the toilet roll at the ready she started to pull the tapes away from the front of the padding, the smell seemed to get worse with each one. When the final tape came away the front of the diaper slumped against her. She tentatively lifted it and was pleased that none of the poop had seemed to have migrated to the front of the disposable, it seemed like that would make clean up slightly easier.

Getting to work Sam scrunched up her face as she tried to clean herself. It quickly became apparent how difficult it would be, it seemed like every time she cleaned one area another would be smeared, she couldn’t see behind herself either so had to tentatively try to clean whilst blind to how bad things were.

Sam had no idea how long she was in that clearing working away but it felt like forever. She felt slightly panicky that she would be left behind, that her friends would just leave her there. They would see this as their chance to break away from her. It was completely irrational but she didn’t feel like she was in a rational situation. She stood up and bent over to try to finish cleaning the last hard to reach places.

Finally, with the last of the toilet paper, Sam wiped all over her behind and between her legs. When the paper came away clean she let out a deep sigh of relief. The diaper was still laying open on the ground but she had been around the smell so much that her nose was actually getting used to it. She had tried to drop all the used paper in the diaper and she made sure not to leave anything behind as she folded the diaper up and taped it closed. It felt like a miracle that, as far as she could tell, she hadn’t dirtied her clothes or hands.

“Sam?” Nina’s voice called out through the trees. Her friends were looking for her.

Sam froze and then a second later Nina stepped out from behind a tree. She looked around and then saw Sam and the scene of the change. The small woman grabbed the diaper she had taken out for the change and used it to cover herself up like a shy toddler.

“Oh, sorry.” Nina said as she spun around, “We were just starting to worry you were lost.”

“It’s fine.” Sam said with a long sigh, “If you give me a second I’ll be done.”

“Sure.” Nina replied. She walked over and picked at the bark of a tree and making sure not to watch Sam.

Sam opened the diaper and laid it on the ground. She sat down on it and then lowered herself so she was on top of it. She looked to the side where Nina was still pointedly looking away as if the tree in front of her was the most interesting thing in the world. The temptation to ask Nina to help was strong but she couldn’t, she had blown that with her constant stream of embarrassing situations and there was no need to cause another one now.

Reaching down between her legs with a grunt Sam pulled the diaper up and quickly taped it closed. It was a skill she was quickly getting good at. She sat up with loud crinkling that Nina seemed to be pretending not to hear and then she put her pants back on.

“You can turn around.” Sam said as she hopped up on to a log at the back of the clearing.

Nina turned and smiled as she looked around the clearing. She walked over and sat on the log net to Sam. For a good half a minute they just sat in silence listening to the birds singing above them and the leaves rustling as the wind blew through them. It was peaceful.

“Been a crazy day, huh?” Nina finally said.

“Things have been crazy ever since we got here.” Sam replied, “I’m really sorry about… everything.”

“What? No! You have nothing to apologise for.” Nina said quickly

“I feel like I do.” Sam shrugged, “You guys just want a normal holiday with friends and I’m here turning everything into a complicated mess. I’m a massive burden.”

“None of it has been your fault.” Nina said, “I’m the one who should be sorry.”

“Why on Earth would you need to apologise?” Sam asked.

“You were right behind me on this bike ride.” Nina kicked the ground. The frustration at herself leaving a small scrape in the dirt, “You were going through all that shit and I should’ve been there to help. I should’ve heard you or checked on you or… something.”

“First of all, did you mean that to be a pun?” Sam asked with a small smile, “Secondly, you couldn’t hear me. There was nothing you could’ve done. I should’ve remembered to use the toilet before we left. Even if you saw the trouble I was in what would we have done? It’s not like there’s an overabundance of bathrooms around here. It’s not your fault.”

“I’ll agree it wasn’t my fault if you agree it wasn’t your fault either.” Nina said with her own smile.

Sam held out her hand and Nina shook it a second later before both girls laughed themselves to silence. Sam sighed as she looked over at the balled up diaper still laying in the middle of the clearing. She found herself wondering what they were going to do with it, they couldn’t leave it there after all.

“And you’re not a burden.” Nina broke the silence, “I don’t want you to ever think like that, OK?”

Sam nodded her head a couple of times but didn’t really believe Nina. It was easy to say that she wasn’t a burden or that nothing was her fault but it was a lot harder to believe it. She knew that if she had stayed home the other three would be having a much smoother time. She couldn’t blame them for resenting her. She resented herself.

“Besides, I don’t think I’d have come if you weren’t here.” Nina finally said. She was looking pointedly away from Sam back at the tree that had captivated her as Sam had changed.

“What!?” Sam was shocked.

“I’m serious.” Nina said.

“But… Why?” Sam frowned as she looked at Nina. Her cheeks were red but how much that was because of the recent physical exertion Sam couldn’t know.

“Because you’re my closest friend!” Nina laughed, “I would want to be wherever you were. Here, back at the dorms… Heck, I’d probably follow you home to your family in the summer if you let me.”

Nina laughed but Sam was feeling a flood of emotions. The wave of affection she had felt earlier was back. She felt like she was tingling all over and she was worried she was about to faint. Nina turned to look at Sam and then did a double-take when she saw Sam was looking right back at her. The air was still and even the birds seemed to have stopped chirping.

Sam climbed to her feet on the log and closed the distance to her much larger friend. She held her arms out and before Nina could say anything she wrapped them as far around Nina’s chest as they would go. She leaned against Nina’s clothes as she closed her eyes. She didn’t know what she was doing, all she knew was that she had a lot of emotions and they needed to be expressed. She didn’t trust her mouth to say them so she fell back on something a lot simpler.

Just as Sam was about to pull back she unexpectedly felt Nina’s arms around her as well. Her heart fluttered as the hug was returned. No words were shared but it felt like that one physical embrace communicated more than any of their conversations had ever done.

They could’ve been wrapped up there for one minute or one hour. Time seemed irrelevant to Sam, it faded into the background along with the trees around them and the sound of nature. All that existed for Sam was what she could feel.

Eventually Sam felt Nina’s hands gently take her arms. They separated but Sam didn’t look away from her friend’s face. She wondered what was about to happen as her heart felt like it was about to burst. Almost imperceptibly Nina leaned forwards towards Sam.

“Nina?” Amy’s voice cut into the clearing.

Sam jumped and both she and Nina scooted away from each other. Just a moment later Amy came walking into the small clearing in the same direction Nina had. She looked over at the two on the log and smiled with relief.

“We thought you were both lost!” Amy said, “Chrissy is just-… Are you two alright?”

“We’re fine.” Sam and Nina said at exactly the same time.

“You just look a little…” Amy paused to find the right word. That was quite something for Amy who seemed to know more words than the dictionary, “Flustered?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Nina said. She almost sounded convincing, “I was just helping Sam.”

“Right…” It sounded like Amy suspected something was going on but didn’t know what, “Anyway, you guys missed a bald eagle swooping over the lake and grabbing a fish. It was so cool!”

Sam smiled. Amy started gushing excitedly about the wildlife encounter and as happy as Sam was that her friend was excited she was happier that it had distracted from asking more questions. They started making their way back to the clearing. Nina scooped up the messy diaper from the ground, she pulled out a plastic bag she had in her pocket and slipped the used disposable inside. She placed the plastic back in the backpack she had let Sam borrow and managed to do it all so smoothly Amy didn’t notice as she led the way.

“Finally.” Chrissy said as the other three emerged from the trees, “I’d run out of people to send in looking for you.”

“Sorry.” Sam replied with a timid little smile.

“Is everything alright?” Chrissy asked.

“Everything’s fine.” Nina answered, “Now let’s get eating. I’m starving.”


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End Chapter 17

Sam's Vacation

by: Elfy | Story In Progress | Last updated Apr 18, 2024


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Nika · Mar 7, 2024

This is one of the most interesting stories of this genre that I have read. I wish you success in this and that Sam becomes a good girl)

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