Sam's Vacation

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated May 30, 2024

Chapter 20

Chapter Description: Waking up early in the morning Sam is a little confused how she ended up back in the crib. After being helped out it is time to prepare for another day's activities.

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When Sam’s eyes fluttered open she felt immediate confusion. She was lying on her back and looking up at the ceiling, the tall bars of the crib towered up around her on all sides. She couldn’t remember getting put in the crib at all. Her last memory of the previous night was her sitting underneath the baby bed and leaning against Nina.

Sam sat up and rubbed her eyes. She looked out through the bars of the crib and saw Nina asleep in her bed. As she watched the sleeping woman the memories of the previous night came back. She had been under the bed because… the leak came back to Sam like a thunderbolt and she cringed in fresh shame.

It hadn’t been all bad though. Nina’s cuddling almost made up for her embarrassment. She relaxed her bladder with an automatic ease and felt fresh urine warming her diaper. She shivered as the liquid ran in tiny rivulets against her sensitive skin. There wasn’t any hesitation anymore. She wasn’t going to wake up Nina so there was no point holding it and making herself uncomfortable.

Sam laid back down and took a deep breath as she felt the comforting warmth clinging to her. She smiled and shifted her hips a little and reached down to press the diaper even closer to her body. She never thought she’d be doing this but she couldn’t deny the pleasure coming from the wet underwear. Before she was even thinking about what she was doing she was closing her eyes and digging the heel of her hand into the thickened disposable.

“Good morning.” Nina’s voice came through the semi-darkness.

Sam froze and her eyes sprung open. She bit her lip and wondered if she had been making more noise than she had thought. Nina was sitting up and rubbing her eyes. Sam had no idea if she had noticed what was happening.

“Hi.” Sam said quietly.

“I think we both had an early night.” Nina said as she stretched and checked the time, “It’s still early.”

“Uh huh.” Sam slowly moved her hand away from the diaper as she sat up again. She let out a deep sigh of relief that it didn’t seem like Nina had noticed what she had started to do.

“I don’t imagine the others are up.” Nina continued as she stood up.

Sam could see that Nina was wearing just her lingerie. She felt a lump in her throat as Nina passed the crib and went through to the bathroom. The door was left open a little as Sam waited to be let out of her bed.

“I don’t remember getting into bed last night.” Sam said loudly enough for Nina to hear her.

“You fell asleep on me… again.” Nina chuckled, “I put you in there when it became clear you were out like a light.”

Nina flushed the toilet and came back into the bedroom with a yawn. Sam thought the room was still dark enough to hide her blushes, she certainly hoped so. She really needed to stop falling asleep on her best friend…

“Out you come.” Nina reached over the top of the bars.

Sam lifted her arms and was lifted in the now familiar way. Normally Nina put her down on the ground as soon as possible but this time she unexpectedly moved Sam to her chest. Sam’s eyes went wide as she leaned against her friend, she was right between Nina’s breasts that were hidden only so much by the bra Nina wore. She remained frozen, her face turned to one side with one of her friend’s boobs just inches away from her. A hand suddenly patted Sam’s diaper, the warmth getting pushed up against her.

Without a word Nina put Sam down on the end of her bed. She then reached underneath to pull out a diaper and held it out for Sam to take. Sam was on autopilot as she took the fresh disposable and held it against her chest.

“I think you’ll need this.” Nina said with an easy smile and a wink.

“Thanks…” Sam said quietly.

Sam should’ve been outraged. Nina was overstepping lines left, right and centre. To carry her as she had, check her like that and assume she wanted a diaper, these were all things that just a day or so ago would’ve made Sam explode with rage but now she was meekly clutching the diaper as Nina turned around and bent over to pick up a shirt.

As Sam got a wonderful view of Nina’s butt she wondered if her friend was doing all this on purpose. After briefly rubbing her diaper in the crib it now seemed like Nina was teasing her. Sam shook her head, she must’ve been imagining it. She didn’t even know if Nina actually liked her like that for sure.

“I’ll see you in the other room.” Nina said as she finished putting her skirt on.

Sam nodded and waited for Nina to leave and close the door. Sam took a deep breath and looked down at the diaper. As much as she would’ve liked to have been outraged that Nina assumed she needed the protection she knew they were doing an escape room that day, access to the bathroom would be limited. A diaper was probably the right choice.

Sam pulled the tapes off her diaper and let it flop open. She could see that all the excitement from that early morning had had an effect on her. Still, she didn’t want to hang around too long in case Nina came looking for her so she folded up her old diaper and opened the new one underneath her. She pulled up the front of the new disposable and felt the comforting feeling of warm and dry padding encompassing her.

Once she was taped up Sam slipped off the edge of the bed. The diaper crinkled but she barely even noticed it anymore. She looked at her collection of clothes and paused. Most of her outfits were at least a little childish, she could really only shop in the children’s section after all, and although she tried to get the least ridiculous looking outfits it wasn’t always possible. Having gone through most of the clothes she had bought with her in the preceding days her options were getting limited unless she wore unwashed stuff.

There were a couple of plain t-shirts but, for some reason, her eye was drawn to a shirt she never really wore and only brought with her for an emergency. The pink shirt had a large rainbow that started at the bottom of the front and curved around to her back where it went down to the hemline again. It was undeniably childish and yet it was what Sam pulled out of her bag with a smile.

Sam pulled the shirt over her head and looked into the mirror. Not for the first time on this vacation she saw a baby girl looking back at her. She blushed as she smiled a little bit. Looking away quickly she wondered what on Earth was going on with her. She would normally be utterly repelled to look this way and yet here she was actually LIKING the look. Sam picked up a knee-length skirt and stepped into it, she pulled it up and over her diaper. She checked the mirror one last time to make sure that the padding was completely hidden which it was though if she bent right over she could see the bottom poking out. She spun around a couple of times and found herself loving the look.

After one last check of everything Sam stepped out into the living area. Nina was sitting on the couch as Sam came out of the bedroom, the other two were absent. Nina smiled when she saw Sam.

“That’s a good look on you.” Nina said.

Sam blushed and looked down at the floor. She mumbled something indistinct before hurrying around to the kitchen to make some cereal. Despite having to climb up chairs to get to the counter Sam managed to get her cereal and brought it back into the living room. Reaching the table was a bit of a stretch so Sam put her bowl on the floor just in front of the couch and facing the television and sat down cross-legged.

“Is there anything you want to watch?” Nina asked as Sam started eating.

“Not really.” Sam answered, “I’m good with whatever.”

Nina was flicking through the channels lazily. It was early in the morning so there wasn’t a lot on. Sam continued eating as the images on the screen continuously changed. The news, some reality show, a morning talk show, cartoons, another talk show…

The screen lingered on the talk show a moment longer than the other channels though Sam couldn’t see why since it looked very dull. Then, just as Sam was putting her spoon in her mouth, the television flicked back one channel and on to the cartoons. Sam froze up and her eyes went wide. Nina was still holding the remote but she wasn’t changing the channel again.

Sam slowly turned to look at Nina who was looking at Sam with a curious smile. The Sam from before this vacation would ask Nina what the hell she was doing and demand the channel be changed, she would be storming out of the room or asking if Nina was deliberately trying to insult her.

“Is this OK?” Nina asked in a quiet voice.

Sam wasn’t saying anything. She didn’t know why she wasn’t talking. She was feeling a lot of different emotions and it seemed like her brain didn’t know which ones to verbalise. After a few more seconds Sam simply turned back to the TV. She could feel herself blushing super hard, a heat just behind the skin of her face made Sam feel like she was a beacon of light.

For the next fifteen minutes Sam sat on the floor in her diaper and watched the cartoons. Neither she nor Nina said a word whilst Sam ate her breakfast. When she had finished she felt a little awkward, she didn’t know what to do or say. She fiddled with her hands and wondered if she had the strength to look back at her friend despite how embarrassed she felt.

“Did you want to sit up here?” Nina asked.

Sam almost jumped when Nina broke the silence. She bit her lip and knew that she definitely did want to sit on the couch. She stood up and turned around, she avoided looking at Nina’s face as she started to climb up on to the couch. A hand suddenly pressed on her rear end and Sam’s eyes widened as she looked around at Nina helping her up. Once settled Sam sat with her legs out in front of her on the cushion and her hands in her lap.

“It’s OK to watch cartoons.” Nina said quietly, “Sometimes I like watching them at home if I’ve got nothing else to do.”

“I know, it’s just…” Sam started.

“I get it.” Nina interrupted, “I really do.”

Sam didn’t say anything. She slid closer to Nina until she was right next to her, just like the previous night Nina held up her arm and wrapped it around Sam’s shoulders. Sam could barely stop a little squeak coming out as she laid her head on Nina’s side. Together they sat on the couch as the cartoons played. Neither of them said much.

Sam could’ve stayed in that position forever but that was never going to be an option. When the door to the other girls’ bedroom opened Sam instinctively hurried across to the other side of the couch and Nina, sensing Sam’s worry, changed the channel before anyone stepped out. Even so, Sam was red in the face as she turned to see Amy walking in.

“Good morning.” Amy yawned.

“Morning.” Nina replied. She turned to look at Sam and gave her a little wink.

“I hope you’ve got your thinking hats on.” Chrissy said loudly as she stepped out of the bedroom.

“This early in the morning?” Nina laughed.

Sam brought her legs together a little more and flattened her skirt. She suddenly felt a lot more self-conscious over her choice of underwear. Fortunately no one was taking the time to look over and they wouldn’t have seen anything even if they had thanks to the angle she was sitting at. Regardless she kept to herself as the others conversed. She felt like she had a lot on her mind.


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End Chapter 20

Sam's Vacation

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated May 30, 2024


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Nika · Mar 29, 2024

I adore your work and would like to express my gratitude. Thank you.

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