Sam's Vacation

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated May 30, 2024

Chapter 2

Chapter Description: Sam discovers that certain assumptions have been made about their vacation. It starts in the bedroom where she is given a nasty surprise and continues as the friends go out for dinner.

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Sam walked back out into the bedroom and let her skirt fall over the tops of her legs. She could hear her friends struggling with all their luggage. Just as she was about to head out and help she looked around the room and noticed an anomaly. There were two beds, one on each side of the room. One was perfectly normal but the other was smaller and had bars that rose high up. It was unmistakably a crib. Sam’s eyes grew wide as she felt herself immediately lose her temper. Without further ado she stormed out of the room and into the living area where the other girls were hanging out with the bags they brought in around them.

“Hey, Sam are you-…” Nina started.

“What the hell is this?” Sam asked angrily as she pointed towards her bedroom.

“Huh?” Nina replied with a frown, “What’s wrong?”

“Is this some sort of joke?” Sam continued. She could feel her face going red as she pointed to the bedroom. She looked at Chrissy specifically, she was always a bit of a prankster.

Sam led the girls back into the bedroom and heard them gasp as they saw the crib. She felt equal amounts humiliated and upset. They all professed to not knowing what was going on. Amy went across to the other bedroom and said it was the one with the double bed. There was no doubt who this crib was meant for.

“Well… Only one of us will fit in it.” Chrissy said with a small smile.

“Chrissy!” Nina shook her head, “Sam, I don’t know what’s going on. I’ll call the help centre.”

Sam glared at Chrissy who put her hands up in apology. The girls all moved back into the living room, they sat on the long corner couch whilst Nina went straight over the phone. She checked a piece of paper on the table for the number and then dialled. Everyone waited around awkwardly. Sam folded her arms over her chest.

“Yes, hello?” Nina said when someone answered, “Yes we just checked in and there’s a mistake with the sleeping arrangements… Yes, there’s a… Well, a crib and we are all adults… OK.”

It seemed like whoever had answered the phone was checking their computer as Nina leaned against the kitchen countertop. This wasn’t how Sam had wanted to start her vacation. Chrissy didn’t seem quite as bothered, as always she was more relaxed than anyone and picked up the remote. A second later the television turned on.

“Yes, I’m here… Uh huh… I did… No, that’s not what I meant… Uh huh… Well can we move?” Nina’s eyes had widened a little and she turned her back on the group and continued more quietly, “Uh huh… I see… No, I’m sure it’ll be fine.”

Nina put the phone down heavily. Sam didn’t need her friend turning around with a look of frustration on her face to know the conversation hadn’t been too productive. Nevertheless she waited as Nina walked over and slumped on the couch.

“Well?” Sam asked impatiently.

“When I made the booking they asked me if there were any members of the party that had a handicap or a special need to cater for.” Nina said. She was looking fixedly at the table and not any of the other women, “I told them… Well, I told them about your height, Sam.”

“And?” Sam asked.

“They thought I was saying you needed… I think they thought that you were a baby or that you needed help like one.” Nina finished. To her credit she clearly knew how frustrated Sam would be as she closed her eyes as if expecting her small friend to explode.

“So what are they going to do about it?” Sam demanded.

“Nothing.” Nina replied.

“Nothing?” Sam repeated, “Excuse me?”

“They can’t swap it out for a real bed and every lodge is fully booked.” Nina said quietly, “This is the only place to stay.”

Sam’s hands were curled into fists and she grimaced like the news caused her physical pain. Her first instinct was to tell everyone to pack the car and that they were leaving, she felt perfectly within her rights to be majorly pissed off. She looked around at her friends. All the women were clearly unsure what to do or say, everyone was waiting for Sam to decide. She realised that if she demanded it they would all go home, none of them wanted to but they cared for her enough to do so. She thought about just how much they had all been looking forwards to this holiday. She sighed and forced her body to relax.

“OK…” Sam finally said, “I guess there’s nothing we can do.”

“Don’t worry about it!” Amy quickly said with a smile, “No one needs to know. Besides, we’ll be spending so much time out and about you won’t have to think about it much.”

“Or you could take the bed and Nina could squeeze into the crib.” Chrissy joked playfully.

Sam couldn’t help but laugh at the mental image. The truth was that none of the others had a hope of fitting in the crib, they were all normal, it was only Sam who was basically a baby in size. She felt like this was something she would be able to laugh about in future. She hoped so at least.

“Alright, let’s get unpacked before dinner time.” Sam said as she slid forwards on the couch and dropped to her feet on the floor.

Thankfully Nina helped Sam with her suitcase which was bigger than she was. It was Nina that would be taking the other bed in Sam’s room, she always seemed to be looking out for Sam the most of any of her friends. In some ways Sam appreciated it but in others it could be very annoying when she was just trying to get on with things. Sam unzipped her suitcase and started putting things away, as usual she needed help reaching the higher shelves. As expected Nina was only too ready to help her smaller friend. She was funny as well and the unpacking took twice as long as it should have from all the laughing the pair did. By the end of the session Sam had almost forgotten just how embarrassing her sleeping situation was going to be.

“You took your time.” Chrissy tossed out casually as Sam and Nina came back out of the room.

“Did we?” Nina asked as she closed the bedroom door.

“We were starting to think you’d both got trapped in the crib.” Amy said with a smile. Then when everyone turned to look at her, “Oh, erm, sorry…”

Sam’s smile faltered a bit. She didn’t need to be reminded of the problem in the bedroom. It had all been laughs and jokes a minute ago with Nina but in the cold light of day she was back to feeling annoyed. How could she not? Sam had spent years trying to prove how big she was and how she didn’t need help from a “normal” sized person. She had rejected anything childish as she overcompensated, and now she was going to have to sleep in a crib. Her friends didn’t say anything but Sam was sure they were all thinking it was good she would be in there, that she would be safe…

“Sam?” Nina put a hand on Sam’s shoulder causing the small woman to jump.

“Sorry, I was miles away.” Sam said quietly.

“That’s alright.” Nina smiled, “Amy was just asking what we’re going to do for dinner tonight. There’s a range of restaurants and takeaways.”

“I don’t mind.” Sam shrugged, “As long as I’m paying.”

“Sam, we sho-….” Nina started.

“Nope.” Sam smiled, “I insist on paying for dinner tonight.”

“You won’t hear me complain.” Chrissy laughed.


After a couple of hours of settling in the four girls started getting ready for dinner. They had decided on visiting the sports bar, only Chrissy was really into sport but they all had a hankering for some burgers and the menu looked very appetising. They wouldn’t need their jackets so they got dressed in a casual manner, for Sam that mean a pair of light brown shorts and a pink t-shirt. Just like her underwear most of Sam’s clothing was bought in the children’s section, she tried to find the plainest clothes possible but it wasn’t always easy.

The one problem with the sports bar was that it wasn’t part of the main complex. Instead it was further back towards the rear of the park, which meant the four women had a bit of a walk ahead of them. It did mean that they would get to have a look around at some of the facilities at least.

“Is everyone ready?” Nina asked as they put their shoes on, “Sam, do you need to go to the bathroom?”

“Why are you singling me out?” Sam asked defensively.

“Well, it’s just…” Nina trailed off awkwardly.

Sam knew she was being asked in particular because she was the one who often struggled with getting caught needing the bathroom, not least of all on the very drive to the resort. Even worse, Sam did indeed need the bathroom. She wordlessly got up and walked through to her bedroom with her cheeks turning a deep red. She was already planning to go, she didn’t need to be reminded!

Once Sam was finished up in the bathroom she joined the others by the front door. It didn’t seem anyone else needed to visit the little girls’ room. After final checks to make sure everyone had their money and keys they left the lodge.

Sam soon forgot her woes as they started walking. The resort was beautiful, the woodlands felt so relaxing and although there were thousands of people there it almost felt like it was just the four of them. The trees did a wonderful job blocking the sight and sound of everyone else making it very relaxing. The only downside for Sam was the walking itself. Her shorter legs meant she had to work twice as hard to keep up and although her friends tried to keep a slow pace for her it was still hard work.

They passed the central building as they walked and saw part of the huge swimming area. Midforest was known for its excellent swimming facilities and it was obvious why just from the little Sam could see. The pool went from outdoors to indoors, it had slides, some rapids, a lazy river, a Jacuzzi and a host of other fun activities. She couldn’t even see what they had inside.

As they continued walking they walked past a go-karting track, closed for the evening now with just a couple of employees doing some maintenance. Further on was the building that contained the escape rooms and then very close to the sports plaza itself was the sky high obstacle course that was a long way up some very tall trees. Sam had to crane her neck until she was looking almost straight up to see some of the wires and walkways.

Finally the sports plaza came into view. The building looked more modern than anything else around and it was set next to a couple of enclosed soccer pitches and basketball courts. In front of it was a large open green area that Sam thought would be full of people having picnics during the day. The four women walked across and into the plaza.

The plaza was quite busy with people having dinner. As Nina sorted out a table at the attached restaurant Sam walked further back and leaned around the wall to see some indoor sport activities like badminton and table tennis. She was impressed, there was truly so much to do and there was no way they’d get to experience it all in one week.

“Sam?” Amy called out.

Sam turned around to see she was being waved over. She hurried back and followed the other three to an empty table. People stared as she went by and Sam knew exactly what they were thinking. They were wondering why this little girl was being allowed to wander somewhat alone. Sam wished she had a megaphone so she could announce to everyone whenever she walked into a room that she was indeed an adult.

“Table for four. Ah, I’ll get a highchair for the little one.” A waiter said as they reach one of the few free tables.

“That’s not necessary.” Chrissy said before the waiter could walk away and before Sam could explode at him.

“It’s not?” The waiter asked.

“I’m twenty-one.” Sam growled through gritted teeth.

“Oh, right, well…” The waiter looked unsure, “It’s just we don’t have booster seats and the tables are quite high…”

“I’ll manage.” Sam said as she walked over to the chairs and with a little difficulty clambered up on to one.

“I’ll be right back with some menus then.” The waiter said with a smile. He seemed very rushed and with the amount of people dining in the restaurant that evening Sam wasn’t surprised.

“Are you sure you’ll be alright?” Nina asked as she sat down next to Sam.

Sam nodded and tried her best to smile. The issue was that she was much lower than the table, if she wanted to see over the top she had to stand up. This wasn’t a problem at home, she had a booster seat that lifted her up and although a little embarrassing it worked well, obviously she didn’t have it with her here.

Due to the business of the restaurant it took a few minutes until the waiter came back with the menus. Three regular foldout menus were placed on the table along with one very colourful one. The brightly coloured one was in front of Sam and as she pulled it closer to her she realised the distracted waiter had brought her a children’s menu before hurrying off to another table.

“It’s alright, Sam.” Nina quickly said when she saw the problem, “You can share mine.”

“Thanks.” Sam said quietly as she pushed the kids menu away from her.


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End Chapter 2

Sam's Vacation

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated May 30, 2024


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