Sam's Vacation

by: Elfy | Story In Progress | Last updated Apr 18, 2024

Chapter Description: It's time for a bed after a long and confusing day. Sam has grown surprisingly at ease around Nina, comfortable enough to ask for Nina to hand her some protection... for just in case, of course.

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“I should probably go to the bathroom first.” Sam said as the bedroom door was closed.

“Alright, I’ll wait here.” Nina said as she sat on the edge of the mattress.

Sam climbed up on to the toilet to do her business and then cleaned her hands. She stepped back out into the bedroom to see Nina checking her phone. Sam started to get undressed whilst standing next to the crib.

“Oh god, I’ve got fourteen texts from mom.” Nina said as she used her thumb to scroll the screen.

“Something serious?” Sam asked as she pulled her shirt off.

“Nope, just checking in… over and over again.” Nina sighed as she quickly tapped a reply and put her phone down. She looked up to see Sam naked and for a second it looked like she might fall off the bed.

Sam had quickly lost a lot of her anxiety about being seen naked by Nina. In some ways she supposed it was like the diaper, she had resisted it all her life but when it actually happened it wasn’t as scary. That wasn’t to say that she wanted to be in a diaper, that would be ridiculous, but she felt safe with her friends.

After a small pause Nina lifted Sam into the crib. Sam sat down and pulled her covers to partially hide herself. There was something on her mind that was obvious enough that Nina didn’t walk away from the crib immediately.

“What is it?” Nina asked.

Sam knew the words she wanted to say but found them hiding just out of reach in the back of her throat. Actually moving her mouth to say them seemed like it would be very difficult. She looked around. Her mind was on the last couple of days when she had woken up desperately needing the bathroom. She really didn’t want to be put in that situation again.

“M-Maybe…” Sam started but she found it very hard to go any further.

“Maybe?” Nina repeated.

“Maybe you should pass me one of…” Sam stopped and she nearly choked on her words, “One of the things you bought this morning.”

“A diaper!?” Nina asked loudly in surprise.

Sam’s eyes went wide and she looked at the wall separating the bedroom from the living room. She hoped it was thick enough to keep the issue private. Nina seemed too shocked to register how loud she had been. Clearly after the episode today Sam’s friend assumed she would never want to think about diapers again let alone wear one.

“I just don’t want to wake you up or have a repeat of today.” Sam said with a shrug, “Just as a precaution, you know?”

“I mean, if you want. I don’t mind helping you in the night if you need it.” Nina replied, “I don’t want you to feel pressured into it though.”

“I promise you I don’t.” Sam said with a smile.

“Alright, give me a minute.” Nina said, “And if you change your mind just let me know!”

Sam had to smile. She found Nina’s worrying about her endearing, she was so concerned she was practically tripping over herself as she slid the packet of diapers out from under her bed. On seeing them Sam immediately wondered if she should’ve suggested this. It was one thing someone putting a diaper on her in a situation she didn’t control, it was another to do it voluntarily.

The tight plastic packaging was ripped open revealing the extremely tightly packed diaper within. Sam felt butterflies in her tummy as she watched Nina pulling one of the diapers out. They were so tightly packed it actually took her a few attempts to get one properly out. She held it in both her hands and looked at it before standing up and walking over to the crib.

“Are you sure?” Nina asked nervously. It almost looked like she was expecting a trap, that by bring the diaper over she would make Sam angry again.

“I’m positive.” Sam said, “I’m going to keep it by my pillows and IF I need… Well, you know.”

Sam couldn’t bring herself to talk about actually using the diaper. She wasn’t even sure she would actually be able to put it on if she needed the bathroom, it would probably be preferable to waking Nina up though and there was no question it would be better than wetting the bed like she had that morning.

With a bit of luck it wouldn’t be a problem at all. Sam laid down to sleep with the diaper leaning against the bars next to the wall, she hoped she would wake up in the morning without having to disturb it. She closed her eyes and fell into a deep sleep that was undisturbed by Nina when she came to bed.


Sam had been hopeful of making it through the night without needing the bathroom. She had limited the amount of liquids she had drank and made sure to go to the toilet before bed. She had done everything possible to have an unbroken night’s sleep. So it was with great disappointment that she opened her eyes with an immediate and pressing need in her bladder.

Sam looked up at the ceiling as she contemplated what that meant. She rolled her head to the side and could see that Nina was huddled under her blankets. The gentle rising and falling of her friend’s chest told Sam that she was fast asleep. It was still very dark in the room so morning couldn’t even be close. There was no point trying to wait till Nina woke up, the memory of the previous day’s failed attempt was enough to put her off that.

Rolling her head from one side to the other Sam looked at the diaper. It had fallen on its side at some point during the night. She could feel butterflies in her tummy as she contemplated what she was going to do. She’d come a long way from refusing anything to do with babies to thinking about putting on and using a diaper. Sam really didn’t want to do it, she didn’t want to be found in a wet diaper just like a baby, and she didn’t want Nina to look at her in the morning and see what she had done. She wasn’t sure why but it seemed even more important to Sam that Nina in particular didn’t see her as a baby.

Sam considered waking Nina up. The whole point of having a diaper in the crib with her was to avoid having to do that but now that the prospect was immediately in front of her she found it hard to really think about. Sam tapped her fingers on the mattress as she moved her head back and forth between the diaper and Nina. She felt like she was stuck with an impossible choice.

“It wasn’t so bad…” Sam muttered to herself in the darkness. She was referring to the diaper she had worn the previous day when it had been basically forced upon her.

Sam suddenly felt disgusted with herself and shook her head as if she could force loose the bad thoughts and push them away. The other side of Sam came to the fore and started whispering to her. Not bad? Sam had been trying to prove she was a grown-up for her whole life and now it was all falling apart. She could tell her friends were thinking less of her already. Look at the state she was in. Sleeping in a crib, wetting the bed, doing kids activities and now considering a diaper…

“What choice do I have?” Sam whined to herself. If anyone had been listening she would’ve sounded crazy.

Waking up Nina was unfair on her. Sam knew that Nina needed plenty of sleep and she couldn’t be expected to have her sleep disturbed every night by Sam whining from the crib. With a blush that Sam felt could light up the darkness she realised how childish that behaviour was. A little girl who couldn’t make it through the night without some attention from an adult. Then that voice in the back of her head returned. It asked if she was seriously going to wet herself. Sam bit her bottom lip.

After a few more minutes wrestling with what to do Sam reached out a hand and picked up the diaper. The thin plastic crinkled as she sat up and looked at it. She wondered if she would find this less awful if it wasn’t a baby diaper. Would it be better if these were adult diapers? Maybe a disposable that was plain and medical rather than childish and colourful would’ve made her feel better. It would at least affirm that she wasn’t a baby for needing them.

“I don’t need them.” Sam quickly but quietly corrected herself.

Sam’s hands trembled slightly as she opened the diaper up. The inside felt soft and cottony, in the darkness it looked almost like a cloud held in the embrace of a plastic hammock. She kicked her cover off of her and laid the diaper down between her legs. Sam had never done this before though the mechanics of it seemed pretty simple. Her butt raised off the mattress as she pulled the back of the disposable underneath herself. It took several attempts to get it straight and Sam got the feeling this was all a lot easier if you had someone doing it for you.

Sam lowered herself on to the padding and felt it conforming to her body. She was nervous but any second-thoughts she might be having were chased away by her need to get it on before her complaining bladder gave out and she wet the bed regardless. Having come this far she couldn’t just stop.

Ignoring the dissenting voices in her head Sam reached down and pulled the front of the diaper up and over her lower tummy. She pulled the sides up and then started taping it closed. When she was done she moved her hips back and forth a little bit, the diaper crinkled around her but it stayed on, it was a little crooked but it was a fine job overall.

Now that the diaper was on Sam felt her urge to release increase. She climbed up on her knees and was very worried that the crinkles would wake up Nina, the other woman was a deep sleeper though and was undisturbed by all the activity in the crib.

Sam sat back with the disposable resting on her feet whilst her knees dented the mattress. She felt anxious, she knew she was small and these were the diapers that fit but she was worried that it wouldn’t be able to handle everything. She relaxed herself as much as was possible and for a tantalising few seconds Sam’s bladder was on the brink of letting go but then stopping at the last second. Then, quite suddenly, the muscle relaxed and she started to pee.

Sam had no idea what to expect. Her only experience with wetting herself was when it was completely accidental and she was in panties, like the day that had just passed. This was completely different.

The urine streamed out of Sam but instead of pouring down her legs and rapidly cooling she could feel it all being held against her body. The padding in the diaper started to swell noticeably and a warmth spread backwards between her legs. It took her brain a couple of second to put the two pieces of the puzzle together, the heat was from her own urine. To her amazement the diaper was holding it all. It expanded and pushed out as it filled up, Sam could feel the minute movements as it grew heavier by the second.

Sam shivered as the golden stream finally lessened and then stopped. She was left crouching in the middle of her crib with her now wet diaper acting as a radiator on her crotch, it felt almost like a hot water bottle though it was sagging and pulling away from her skin a little bit. It was a very strange sensation and Sam found herself a little intrigued by it. Physically it felt a lot different than she imagined. It was so much warmer and heavier than she thought it would be.

What rapidly swelled and overtook the intrigue though made Sam cringe. She felt disgusted at herself for doing this. The rational part of her mind saying she had no choice was drowned out as she had to face up to her actions. She was beyond disappointed with herself for losing control.

Sam imagined what she looked like to an outside observer. Crouching in the baby crib with her now very wet diaper on. She could hear the imaginary people jeering, their smug faces telling her that they were right and she was wrong, that she was and had always been a baby with ideas above her station. “Look at you now…” Sam kept thinking over and over. The walls that held out these thoughts had served her well but now they had crumbled to dust.

Sam dropped back to sit down and felt the hot padding get pushed up against her body. She winced as she felt small rivers of her pee running though the contours of the padding looking for a place to soak in. She looked down at what she had done and felt humiliated even though no one could see her. The yellow line that ran from the front to the back of the diaper had gone a greenish-blue. The padding had expanded a lot and when Sam remembered how much her legs had been forced apart on the walk back to the lodge in a dry diaper she couldn’t imagine how much harder it would be in a wet one. She might’ve even been forced to crawl.

Sam laid back down and pulled her cover over her. She considered tearing the diaper off and throwing it as far away from her as she could but she didn’t allow herself to give in to that feeling. There was no sign of the morning and there was always a chance Sam would wake up again needing the bathroom again. Despite her shame at what she had done she looked up at the ceiling and tried to go back to sleep.

It was no use. Sam just couldn’t clear her mind and relax. She didn’t think anyone would be able to in this situation. The warmth inside her diaper combined with a sweaty clamminess made it impossible to ignore. It stuck to her skin tightly and crinkled whenever she made even the slightest movement. A muscle twitch in her leg seemed to cause enough sound to wake up everyone in the lodge according to her tired mind. She couldn’t even lay on her side easily with the wide padding forcing her thighs apart.


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End Chapter 13

Sam's Vacation

by: Elfy | Story In Progress | Last updated Apr 18, 2024


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