Sam's Vacation

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated May 30, 2024

Chapter 4

Chapter Description: The girls' first meal at Midforest doesn't go exactly as they had planned. Once back hme Sam and Nina have to confront a rather embarrassing situation.

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Sam tossed left and right as she fitfully slept. A couple of times she woke herself up by banging into the bars. Her eyes opened up and she pushed herself tiredly into a sitting position. She looked around at her bars and for a second couldn’t work out what had disturbed her. That was until she felt her bladder telling her she needed the toilet.

“Damn it…” Sam muttered as she looked around at the cage surrounding her.

There was no doubt that she needed to visit the bathroom. It wasn’t uncommon for her to need to go there in the night thanks to her small bladder, it was a problem she hadn’t thought about before falling asleep. It was a fairly massive oversight because she knew she wouldn’t be able to go back to sleep. She had no idea what the time was and since her phone was on the table next to Nina’s bed she wouldn’t be able to find out.

Sam pulled uselessly at the bars but they didn’t budge. She started trying to climb up them but her grip kept failing her until she slid back down to the mattress. She could feel herself starting to panic, she already knew she was stuck in the crib until she was helped out but she hadn’t felt quite so trapped until that moment. She needed to go to the bathroom, a perfect normal adult thing to do, and yet she couldn’t. Annoyingly, the baby furniture designed to keep small children in place was just as effective on her.

There was only one option and that was to wake up Nina. She really, really didn’t want to do that. Sam already felt like a massive burden on her friends whenever they would have to alter their plans or make special accommodations for her, she hated to bother them.

Sam tried laying back down and sleeping. It was useless. Her bladder was aching and now that she had noticed the discomfort it wouldn’t just go away. She tried to wait, the sun would come up sooner or later and then Nina would help her out. It soon became clear that waiting wasn’t going to work either as the minutes trickled by and there was no sign of the morning.

“Nina…” Sam whispered into the darkness.

There was no response. In the darkness Sam could just about make out the lump that was her roommate curled up in the bed. Sam bit her lip and stood up. One of her hands almost instinctively went down to cover her private parts, not because of modesty but because of a childish attempt to stop what seemed like an inevitable accident occurring.

“Nina?” Sam said a bit louder. Her voice cracked a little.

Sam felt ashamed of what was going on. She wished there was literally any other way out of the crib. She had spent years not accepting help because she wanted to be just as adult as her friends and now she was stuck and desperate for their help. She felt so stupid for being in this situation in the first place. What other twenty-one year-old woman would have to wake their friend up just so they could use the bathroom?

“Nina!” Sam said at just slightly more than her regular speaking voice.

Sam held her breath as she watched the lump on the mattress roll over but seemingly not wake. The night had brought a slight chill to the air and she shivered. She looked around for her clothes before realising they had fallen off the bed. She rested her forehead against the bars. Despite Sam’s small size everything was in proportion, she may have been as short as a toddler but she was still fully developed. The last thing she wanted to do was show Nina her bare breasts or anything else but the floor was definitely out of reach.

“NINA!” Sam forced herself to shout. She could feel heat flushing her face.

Nina let out a little yelp as she quickly sat bolt upright and looked around in the darkness. Sam watched the newly awakened girl look around until her gaze fell upon her. Even in the darkness Sam thought she could see her roommate’s eyes widen. Sam was doing her best to cover herself but she was still butt naked.

“Sam?” Nina asked, “What’s going on? What’s the matter?”

“I… I need the bathroom.” Sam said quietly.

“The bathroom?” Nina seemed to think for a second, “Oh, you need my help.”

“Yeah…” Sam said slowly, “Sorry. I didn’t want to wake you.”

Nina quickly checked her phone before standing up. She was wearing a pink nightie that ended just below her knees. Sam noticed her friend couldn’t seem to take her eyes off her, it certainly wasn’t making Sam any more comfortable with her nakedness.

“Why are you…?” Nina started.

“My clothes fell off the side of the bed.” Sam tried to keep her voice neutral, “If you could just…”

Sam had been about to suggest that Nina grab her clothes so she could cover up before leaving the crib but Nina was already acting. Before Sam could finish her sentence Nina had reached over the top of the crib and putting her hands on Sam’s sides. She lifted Sam up and the small woman’s hands automatically moved from covering herself to holding Nina’s arms. It was the first time she had ever been so exposed to someone since she learnt to dress herself as a child.

Sam was in shock. She was completely naked and exposed as Nina lifted her up and over the bars. It was hard to tell which of the girls was blushing more. Sam was placed on the floor and immediately turned away from her friend.

“I’ll wait here.” Nina said as she sat back on the edge of her bed.

Sam hurried into the bathroom and closed the door behind her. She let out a long shaky breath. She couldn’t believe she had just shown her naked body to Nina. Thanks to her hate for her own body she never got naked in front of anyone. She didn’t linger too long though, her body was still aching for the toilet.

Sam clambered up and sat on the toilet. A second later she was finally able to relief herself. When she had finished and cleaned up she hopped down to the floor and looked at the door. On the other side, in the bedroom that she had to go back in, was a woman who had seen her naked and would see her that way again. Sam had seen the look on Nina’s face, she had seen the shock and what she assumed was revulsion, it was exactly why Sam had made sure she was always covered up. Right then and there she wished she was back home and tucked up in her own bed.

After another couple of minutes Sam finally opened the door and stepped back into the dark bedroom. Nina was exactly where she had been when Sam went into the bathroom. She looked over and when she saw Sam half-covering herself up she quickly looked away again.

“I’m sorry for all this.” Sam muttered quietly.

“No, don’t be, it’s not your fault.” Nina replied, “There’s nothing to be sorry about. Nobody could’ve predicted this damn crib was going to be here.”

“I mean…” Sam started, “Never mind.”

Sam was apologising more that Nina had been forced to look at her naked body. It was too difficult to explain and it was obvious Nina wanted to get back to sleep. After a little awkward gestures Sam was lifted up and placed back into the crib. Nina smiled down at Sam and then retreated to her own covers.

“Thank you.” Sam practically whispered.

“You’re welcome.” Nina replied with a yawn, “If you need more help just let me know.”


The next time Sam opened her eyes it was the morning and Nina’s phone alarm was blaring. Sam rolled over to see Nina’s outstretched arm grope around the bedside table before finally getting to her phone and turning the alarm off. It seemed like Nina was just going to go back to sleep until she propped herself up on her elbows and let her cover fall off her face. Her hair was a bit of a mess with loose strands pointing in all directions, for whatever reason Sam felt that the look suited her.

“Ugh, who thought it was a good idea to go on a vacation that required us to set alarms?” Nina moaned.

“I think that was you.” Sam replied.

“You should never listen to me.” Nina smiled as she got up and stretched. She yawned as she gave her sleepy brain a few seconds to properly wake up, “That’s rule one.”

Sam watched Nina pull her nightie over her head and start getting dressed for the day with very little modesty. Sam had to admire Nina’s confidence, not to mention her body. She soon realised she was staring and looked away just as Nina turned around.

“Oh, damn, you probably want me to get you out of there.” Nina said.

“Could you pass me some clothes first?” Sam asked. She should’ve been more assertive in asking for them last night.

If Nina felt at all embarrassed about what had happened she did an admirable job of hiding it. She went to Sam’s suitcase and pulled out a few things that she slipped through the bars of the crib, she then turned around and went into the bathroom. Sam appreciated the privacy even if Nina had seen everything the previous night anyway.

Sam put on her bra, it was an A-cup which was very generous for Sam’s chest. In truth even a training bra was a bit extravagant on her. She picked up the panties Nina had tossed her way and winced where she saw the childish designs on them. How she wished she could find some plainer underwear that fit her. Sam put on the dark blue blouse and jeans that had been passed to her and called out to Nina that she was ready.

Sam stood up near the bars and lifted her arms as Nina walked over. The larger woman’s hands clutched Sam and lifted her over the white bars. As much as she didn’t want it to be so she was starting to get used to this manhandling.

Nina went out into the living area and Sam heard her talking to the others. In the meantime she spent a little time alone to make herself more presentable, she didn’t feel a pressing need for the bathroom but she went anyway since she didn’t want a repeat of any of the problems of the previous day.

“Hi Sam. Sleep well?” Amy asked when Sam joined the others.

“Not too bad.” Sam lied. She hoped Nina would keep what happened a secret between the two of them.

“Well at least you had a good night.” Chrissy said from the dining table where she was eating breakfast, “I had to spend the whole night listening to Amy snore.”

“I don’t snore!” Amy complained.

“She sounded like a walrus with a cold.” Chrissy said to Sam and Nina.

“I don’t snore!” Amy repeated. Her cheeks had gone a little rosy, “… Do I?”

Sam couldn’t help but giggle. She joined the others at the table and Nina was nice enough to bring her a bowl of cereal. She stood on her seat and then climbed up on to the edge of the table. No one batted an eyelid, it was how she sat at home if they were all eating together.

“Why are we up so early anyway?” Sam asked as she ate.

“It’s 10am.” Amy frowned.

“That’s early for a vacation.” Nina answered for Sam. The toddler-sized woman nodded her head.

“We are up early because we have activities booked.” Chrissy said, “Starting with… a drumroll please?”

Nina tapped her hands alternately no the table. At this resort it was strongly advised you booked a lot of your activities before you arrived, especially for the more popular activities. Chrissy had insisted on keeping it a secret for excitement but all the girls had at least suggested what they would like to do. She built to a crescendo and then pointed at Chrissy for the answer.

“Go-karting!” Chrissy said with a big smile and her arms outstretched.

“Cool!” Nina nodded her head.

“Is it going to be safe?” Amy asked. She was already looking nervous.

“Of course it is!” Chrissy replied dismissively, “They have all the protective equipment for us.”

Sam was excited. Due to her size she had never been able to experience driving in any way so this would be a novel experience. She was a little anxious though, after all her height was an issue in most vehicles and she was concerned it would be the same for these karts.

“Are you sure I’ll be able to do it?” Sam asked. She didn’t want to dampen the excitement.

“I think so.” Chrissy replied, “When I booked it online it said it was for all ages… Not that I’m saying you aren’t an adult of course…”

“I get it.” Sam said with a smile. Her fears were alleviated somewhat.


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End Chapter 4

Sam's Vacation

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated May 30, 2024


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