Sam's Vacation

by: Elfy | Story In Progress | Last updated Apr 18, 2024

Chapter Description: Sam finds a way to embarrass herself once more that day before running off to hide. Thankfully it's Nina who comes to the rescue yet again.

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Sam felt something shifting under her head and then heard a chuckle from across the room. The television was still on quietly in the background. She didn’t open her eyes, she was feeling far too comfortable.

“It’s like when you have a cat on your lap.” Amy said quietly from somewhere across the room, “You’re not allowed to move.”

Sam wondered what they were talking about but she still didn’t want to open her eyes. She didn’t know how long she’d been napping but she felt like she could use just a little more.

“I’m getting pins and needles.” Came Nina’s voice jokingly.

That was odd. It sounded like Nina was right above her but Sam couldn’t work out how that was possible. She tensed up, suddenly she didn’t want to open her eyes because things weren’t making sense and she wasn’t sure what she would see. She didn’t want to move either and let on that she was awake. Sam felt that only she could manage to get herself in such a position and she didn’t even know what was going on!

“Slip a cushion under her head.” Chrissy said. Her voice was closer than Amy’s but definitely not on the couch.

Sam couldn’t pretend any longer. Her eyes fluttered open and it took her a moment to work out what was going and why everyone was talking about her. Then it hit her like a brick. She was looking out at the room but as she turned to look up above her she saw Nina’s smiling face. Somehow Sam had twisted around whilst asleep and laid with her head on her friend’s lap. She was mortified.

“Oh God… I’m sorry!” Sam quickly said as she sat up so quickly the room span for a moment.

“It’s fine!” Nina quickly put a hand out on to Sam’s shoulder, “It was cute.”

Sam should’ve been annoyed. She hated being described as cute, it was something inherently childish. Nina knew that as she quickly shook her head and raised her hands. She started stuttering as Sam turned to look at her again.

“I… I mean…” Nina started.

Sam smiled. She couldn’t help it. Being described as “cute” by strangers who thought she was a baby was one thing, but having it used by the person she had a crush on was quite another. Her smile turned to an embarrassed little laugh as she shyly looked away.

“Erm, I don’t want to break up a nice moment…” Chrissy said causing Sam to look across to her, “But you really need to change your diaper.”

This time Sam wasn’t smiling. She was mortified that Chrissy could be so blunt, it was in her nature but she knew this was a very sensitive topic. Sam felt all the good feelings replaced by anger as she opened her mouth to retort. Sam shifted in her seat so she was sitting normally. She could feel the wetness of her diaper, it felt a lot colder now.

“Oh my word!” Amy exclaimed. She covered her mouth as she looked at Sam’s waist.

Sam finally looked down and saw a huge wet patch between her legs with streaks going down each inner thigh. She scrambled off the couch and fell to the floor going head over heels. When she stood up she could just about see over the top of the cushions to a wet patch right where she had been laying.

“No… No, no, no!” Sam covered her face as tears sprung from her eyes.

“Sam, It’s…” Nina started.

Sam ran from the room. It was less a run and more of a waddle though. Her legs were pushed apart by the thick padding and now she could feel more urine leaking out of the diaper with each step. Her clothes were sticking to her as she pushed the bedroom door open and then closed it behind her. She fell to her knees and then lowered her head to the floor. How could it be possible for her to humiliate herself this much?

Sam cried into the carpet until there was a knock on the door. Sam crawled away from the door and hid underneath her crib. She wanted the ground to open up and swallow her.

“Sam?” It was Nina calling for her.

Sam remained silent. There was another knock but when Sam didn’t respond Nina seemed to back away from the door. She remained under the crib, hiding as if there was a monster stalking the room. She brought her knees up to her chest and rested her face against them. Every time something seemed like it might be going right it all suddenly collapsed. She sat in the silence and sobbed, she didn’t know how long she stayed down there but no one disturbed her. Finally she crawled out and stood up. She toddled to the bathroom to clean herself up.

After embarrassing herself in the living room Sam decided she couldn’t have any faith in her own body. She didn’t think she had wet whilst asleep, that sort of thing never really happened to her, but clearly the diaper was having such a hard time with how much she had wet it that laying sideways had allowed some of her pee to just slip out. It was because she didn’t trust herself that, despite the toilet being mere feet away, Sam pulled another diaper out of the packet.

This was getting disappointingly common for Sam. It felt like an age since she first been put into a diaper and now she was going for her third one of the day. Not only that but the first two were fully used. She flattened the fresh diaper on the floor and sat on the fluffy padding. After repeating the same diapering process Sam sat up and looked at the mirror. Sitting on the floor with her legs spread, her diaper on full display, she saw what the world saw. A pathetic baby.

“Maybe I should just… give up.” Sam said to herself. Everyone always thinks she needs to be treated like a baby and now her own body felt like it was being a traitor.

Sam stayed in the bedroom for the whole afternoon. There wasn’t a lot to do in there but most of her time was spent ruminating over the past. Every single embarrassment, insult, miscommunication and rejection had been filed away over the years and now she was revisiting them in her head like a rolodex. She sat naked under the crib and was lost in her thoughts for what felt like hours.

“Sam? Can you at least let us know you’re OK?” Nina called in at some point as the sun started to go down, “We’re worried.”

“I’m fine.” Sam replied just loud enough to be heard through the door.

“Can… Can I come in?” Nina asked.

This time Sam didn’t respond and after a little while heard Nina retreat from the door again. The sun went down without Sam getting out of her hiding place. At one point she felt the need for the bathroom but she didn’t move. She relaxed and wet herself without any effort. It didn’t feel like there was a point going to the toilet. Her friends had seen her crap her pants, they knew she had wet herself and they had even seen her leaking. She remained unmoving as she felt the fresh wetting encircle her butt, the warmth feeling pleasant on the otherwise quite cool floor.

At some point dinner was made and there was another knock on the door. Sam didn’t respond. She didn’t feel hungry, she didn’t really feel anything except self-loathing. Eventually there was another knock on the door but instead of shouting anything the handle turned and the door opened. Sam looked to the side and saw that it was Nina. She closed the door behind her and stayed in place.

“Sam?” Nina asked nervously. She was looking around couldn’t see Sam.

“Down here.” Sam said quietly.

Sam looked away as Nina bent down to look under the crib. She expected her taller friend to leave once she had seen that Sam was alright, but instead Nina got on her hands and knees and crawled under the crib as well. It was a much tighter squeeze for her than it was for Sam. She banged various parts of her body on various parts of the crib until she got into a slightly uncomfortable looking slumped sitting position next to Sam.

“We’ve been worried about you.” Nina said after a little bit.

“No change there.” Sam replied, “I’m so tired of everyone having to worry about me.”

Sam suddenly became much more aware that she hadn’t got dressed again after putting on the new diaper. It wasn’t anything Nina hadn’t seen but she still felt a wave of embarrassment. She didn’t even have something to cover her diaper. Nina was sitting right next to Sam, so close that her clothes brushed the smaller woman’s bare skin.

“Can I tell you a story?” Nina asked.

“I guess?” Sam replied.

“Well, a long time ago, when I was a little kid, my friend Wendy was having a fairy princess birthday party.” Nina started, “I mean this was a long time ago, I must’ve been eight or nine years-old. Anyway, I’m sure you can imagine that a fairy princess party was the height of the social calendar for a bunch of little girls. Her parents really went all out as well. There were decorations, streamers, balloons, a giant cake… Hell, they even had a princess castle themed bouncy castle in the backyard. It was incredible.”

Sam wondered if this story had a point. She slowly looked around at Nina who was looking off into the middle distance with a faraway look in her eyes. It almost seemed like she was literally taking herself back to that time. For just a moment Sam felt like she could see the little girl version of Nina in her college-aged face.

“Anyway, it was amazing. Everyone was having a great time and there was lots to eat and drink.” Nina continued, “I was one of Wendy’s best friends, we hung out all the time at school and whenever either of us needed a partner we would go to each other. Our parents joked that we were sisters that had been separated at birth with how much we clung to each other. Well, we went to a part of the living room where a huge princess castle had been set up. Three other girls were there too, Joy, Angelica and, funnily enough, Sam.”

Sam gave a small exhale of amusement. She had turned slightly to lean against the wall whilst facing Nina who carried on with her story.

“These other three, we were friends but we weren’t particularly close, you know?” Nina said, “So we’re all playing and we all have our dolls and we’re making them all look pretty when…”

Nina paused. She looked down at the floor between her legs with a wry smile then turned to Sam.

“I wet myself.” Nina finally said. Despite being years removed the memory clearly still affected her as she cringed slightly.

“In the living room?” Sam asked. She was fully invested in the story.

“Surrounded by all my classmates, their parents… At that age it felt like everyone in the world. It was everyone I knew.” Nina continued, “I was just so into playing that I guess I never noticed that I needed to go. Everyone saw, of course. It was running down my legs and pooling on the floor.”

“Oh no…” Sam said sympathetically.

“Wendy was the first to notice. I had frozen up completely in shock and fear. She looked at me and… the look she gave me, it was like pure disgust. I can remember it to this very day. We always helped each other no matter what but when I saw the way she looked at me I knew everything had changed.”

“What did she do?” Sam asked.

“She laughed at me. She ran away laughing and got everyone to look at me.” Nina swallowed, “All the girls gathered around, the adults couldn’t get so many little girls who were hopped up on sugar under control. I still just… stood there. It was like my brain had switched off. It’s stupid really but, all these years later I can remember all of this so clearly.”

Sam reached out a hand and put it on Nina’s arm as a gesture of friendship. Nina smiled.

“Do you know who helped me that day?” Nina asked. Sam shook her head, “Joy, Angelica and Sam. We were friends but we never hung out outside of school, but when I was desperately in need of help they stepped in. Once they had recovered from their shock they got me out of the room and into the bathroom upstairs until someone had found my mom. I was mortified, of course, I cried and cried and begged not to go back to school. Mom told me I couldn’t hide forever and she was right. I went back and, well, I learnt three things.”

Nina held up a single finger.

“Other people won’t remember you embarrassing yourself as much as you do. Seriously, whilst I was still dying from shame everyone else had moved on completely by the next day at school.” Nina laughed.

Nina held up a second finger.

“Friends, real friends, stick with you no matter what.” Nina said a little more seriously, “And when you are most in need is when they will step up to the plate. You learn who your true friends are when you at your lowest.”

Nina held up a third finger.

“And lastly…” Nina leaned in closer to Sam and continued in a whisper, “I learnt that Wendy was a real bitch.”

Sam burst out laughing and Nina chuckled along with her. Sam sniffed and wiped her eyes as her laughter died down a few seconds later. Nina was smiling and sighed as she looked from Sam to the edge of her bed.

“God damn it…” Sam shook her head, “I’m trying to be miserable here. You’re not making it easy.”

“Oh, sorry, I can go if you want.” Nina replied tongue-in-cheek.

“I didn’t say that.” Sam leaned sideways against Nina’s arm.

Sam wasn’t expecting it but Nina moved her arm allowing Sam to lean against her side. The arm went around Sam’s shoulders. Sam felt a shiver go through her, a good one. She tingled at the touch. She felt so comfortable, it was like the log in the woods all over again but this time there was no one to disturb them.

They stayed that way for a long time. Sam thought she could fall asleep right where she was, pressed against Nina and feeling the warmth of her body. She no longer felt any anxieties about being mostly naked or the openly displayed diaper she was wearing. She let out a little sigh as she closed her eyes and breathed in Nina’s comforting smell.


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End Chapter 19

Sam's Vacation

by: Elfy | Story In Progress | Last updated Apr 18, 2024


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Great story!

NxK · Mar 22, 2024

Loving the story! Can't wait for more!

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