Sam's Vacation

by: Elfy | Story In Progress | Last updated Apr 18, 2024

Chapter Description: Sam is in a diaper and back with her friends. However, the new underwear begins to cause problems for her both physically and emotionally.

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Sam kept her face down and walked behind the others. They all remained quiet which was unusual after their exciting activities. It seemed obvious they were all thinking about the diaper, Sam certainly was. She couldn’t wait to get it off. It invaded every one of her senses. She would never be able to remove the knowledge from her friends about what had happened though.

Sam’s walking speed was already slow thanks to her small legs but with the thick padding forcing her to waddle she was even slower. Her thighs were rubbing against the plastic and it was starting to get uncomfortable. Her already slow pace was slowing even further and her friends seemed to notice that. There was only so many ways they could slow themselves down before the issue had to be addressed.

“Is everything alright?” Nina asked.

Sam nodded but clearly grimaced. Her friends had stopped to allow her to catch up. Sam was starting to understand why babies crawled so much, her inner thighs felt like they were on fire. She stopped and leaned against a nearby tree for a few seconds.

“Look, can we talk about what’s going on here?” Chrissy asked, “There’s an elephant in this forest and I think it should be discussed.”

All eyes turned to Sam. She didn’t want to talk about it. What could she say? She had wet herself in front of a bunch of children and then was taken to get diapered? It was the truth but the truth wasn’t very palatable to her right then. Annoyingly it seemed her friends weren’t going to just move on.

Sam sighed and quietly told them the truth about what had happened. She didn’t spare any details and the shock on the other three faces showed that. Once the shock had passed the reactions were very different.

“Where is this Karen!?” Chrissy demanded, “If I see her I’ll…”

As Chrissy raged on Sam’s behalf Amy was just sort of looking at the ground with a red face and Nina continued to look at Sam with inscrutable emotions. It seemed they were waiting for Chrissy’s outburst to pass. She wasn’t going to say it out loud but in many ways Sam actually couldn’t fault Karen too much for what had happened, the only thing she could’ve done differently was take Sam to the bathroom when she asked but there were so many others having to be looked after and so few employees…

Sam shook her head. What was she thinking? Of course she was angry and upset about what had happened! Karen had humiliated her. She didn’t need taking to the bathroom, that woman knew Sam was an adult and could’ve just let her out to go. The diapering was needlessly embarrassing, even if it was necessary there was no reason Sam couldn’t have put it on herself… Truthfully Sam didn’t think she would’ve ever chosen to put the diaper on but that was beside the point.

“Let’s just get back to the lodge.” Amy said as Chrissy continued to talk about making complaints, “I’m sure Sam wants to get back as soon as possible.”

“Alright, alright…” Chrissy finally said.

As everyone started walking again it wasn’t long until Sam was falling behind and wincing again. Nina was the first to notice and she stopped the other two friends. Sam couldn’t see her thighs under her shorts but she was sure they were getting rubbed raw and as much as she wanted to prove her independence and walk home she was struggling badly.

“Look, I know you hate it when people do it…” Amy was the one to speak up. She was still a little red in the face and didn’t seem confident in taking control at all, “But maybe one of us should… carry you?”

“Yeah, I mean, it’s not because you’re small!” Chrissy quickly pointed out as Sam opened her mouth, “It’s because you’re struggling. We’d do the same for any of us.”

“It’s not the same though.” Sam muttered quietly.

“How isn’t it?” Amy asked.

“Because none of you would be struggling because of a god damn diaper!” Sam’s emotions seemed to burst out resulting in her speaking entirely too loudly. At least there didn’t seem to be anyone around to hear her outburst except for the squirrels in the trees.

“It wouldn’t matter why.” Nina said, “Whether one of us breaks their leg or is just tired. We’d help them.”

“It’s still not the same!” Sam sighed and used her deep breath to calm herself down. She already felt humiliated but now her embarrassment was growing even higher, “Because… if you’re carrying me it looks like…”

“What?” Chrissy asked.

“It looks like I’m a baby.” Sam finally said. She was going red in the face and hated to vocalise the thoughts that constantly swirled around her mind, “I don’t look like a friend being helped by a friend I look like a baby being carried by their mother and her friends.”

There was silence. Sam wasn’t able to look her friends in the face. Everyone was aware of how much she hated to be perceived as a child but she had never articulated it so clearly to anyone. She was very aware it was something she should talk through with a therapist but it wasn’t a conversation she wanted to have, and she had never experienced problems with her height quite like she had suffered at Midforest.

“Well you can’t keep walking.” Chrissy finally said, “You’ll never make it back to the lodge like this. I’m sure you want to take the diap… Well, get home and get into something more comfortable. It would be a lot quicker if you let one of us carry you.”

It made sense to Sam. Hobbling like this she could take an hour to get back to the lodge and who knows how many people would walk past and see her diaper in that time. Being carried they would all be home in next to no time. The sooner she was back in the privacy of her bedroom the sooner she could rip the diaper off.

“Fine…” Sam said after a tug-of-war in her brain, “Just this once. And no telling anyone else.”

“Deal.” Chrissy smiled and stepped forwards.

“I want Nina to do it.” Sam said as she put a hand out to stop Chrissy in her tracks.

“Me?” Nina had been silent until now. Clearly after the telling off from Sam earlier she had wanted to not antagonise her little friend again.

Sam nodded. After looking at each other for a second Nina stepped forward and awkwardly reached down to pick Sam up. Sam’s legs left the ground and, rather embarrassingly, her shirt rode up to show the papery waistband of the disposable underneath. After some awkward fumbling Sam was sat on Nina’s hip. One of Nina’s arms was around Sam’s back and the other was under her butt. Sam knew Nina must be able to feel the diaper she was wearing as her arm pushed into the padding.

“Alright.” Chrissy said, “Let’s go.”

Chrissy and Amy walked in front with Nina and Sam behind them by several paces. Sam could tell that no matter how awkward she felt Nina was feeling worse, she was walking very stiffly. There was a reason Sam had asked Nina to carry her in particular.

“I wanted to apologise.” Sam said quietly enough to make sure the conversation stayed between her and Nina.

“Apologise? To me?” Nina seemed shocked.

“Yeah, for this morning. I know you were just worried about me and doing what you could to help.” Sam conceded, “I shouldn’t have blown up at you. It was just a shock.”

“I understand.” Nina replied, “And I’m sorry I acted without speaking to you first. It was wrong of me.”

“Friends?” Sam asked.

“Of course!” Nina replied. She squeezed Sam a little closer for a second, “Always.”

Sam noticed that after the quick apology Nina seemed to loosen up considerably. She was much more talkative on the rest of the walk home and they caught up with Chrissy and Amy in short order. Considering the situation Sam was surprisingly OK. She had always dreaded the idea of being treated like a baby but here she was, in a diaper and being carried, but the world hadn’t come to an end and her friends weren’t making fun of her. It wasn’t nearly as bad as she imagined it would be. Once back at the lodge Chrissy opened the door and Sam was carried into the living. Nina stood in the living room talking with the other two as they got settled.

“Um, Nina?” Sam said after a few seconds.

Nina paused and looked down to Sam for a second.

“Oh! Sorry!” Nina exclaimed.

Sam was rapidly lowered until she was back on the floor. As soon as she got her bearings she hurried into her bedroom. No sooner had the door closed then Sam was working the shorts back down her legs. She was about to rip the diaper off when she caught a look at herself in the mirror. Walking slowly towards the mirror just past her crib she felt shock. With the baby diaper exposed she couldn’t hide from the fact that she looked much more like a baby than even she had imagined.

Despite her size Sam was still an adult. She didn’t have any of the chubbiness a baby had, or any of the features of an infant. Everything was proportioned to her size but her facial features and everything looked like an adult that had been scaled down, kind of like how a miniature horse looks just the same as a regular horse but smaller.

The diaper changed all of that. That one piece of unusual underwear seemed to undo everything Sam had done to be as adult as possible. When she looked into the mirror she didn’t see a college student looking back, she saw the baby that she imagined everyone else saw. Her hand went down to the diaper as if she couldn’t quite believe she was wearing it.

“Sam, did you wa-…” The door suddenly opened and Amy stuck her head in, “Oh, god, I’m sorry!”

Sam turned to see Amy’s eyes widen massively behind the lenses of her glasses and she quickly left the room and closed the door again. It all happened so fast that Sam’s brain lagged behind the events and it was only a second after Amy had left that Sam realised her friend had walked in on her not just in a diaper but examining herself in the mirror. Sure it had been obvious she was wearing one but actually seeing it was something altogether different. Even worse, from Amy’s point-of-view Sam was watching herself in the mirror with a hand resting on the padding. Sam turned crimson as she thought about what Amy might’ve thought she was doing.

Before any more embarrassment could come from this Sam pulled at the tapes and let the diaper drop to the floor. She marched away from it and put on a pair of her regular panties and a long skirt. It was only now she realised she had left the wet pants she had worn earlier with Karen, she may not see those again though after what she had done to them that might be a good thing.

Sam picked up the unused diaper and dropped it in the bathroom trash can. At least it was over. As humiliating as the day had been she wouldn’t have to worry about it again. She tried to ignore the part of her that felt like something had changed, almost like a seal had been broken on a box she had tried desperately to keep shut forever. She had worn a diaper and been carried around but the world hadn’t fallen apart and she was still in one piece.

Sam shook it all from her mind. It would be best to just forget everything that had happened, dwelling on it would only cause her more pain. She took several deep breaths before stepping out into the living area. The others were present except for Amy who had apparently gone straight from Sam’s bedroom to her own and hadn’t come back out.

The rest of the day passed without further incident. Amy eventually came out of her bedroom shortly before dinner, her face still seemed to be flushed red and she avoided looking at Sam. Otherwise the atmosphere was good, Sam was perhaps more surprised than anyone else after everything that had happened that day.

The four friends spent most of the evening playing games and laughing but Sam was tired from everything that had happened. As the others were setting up for another round of gaming Sam decided it was time to head to bed.

“I think I’m going to go to bed.” Sam told the others.

“Aww, are you sure?” Nina asked.

“Yeah, it’s been a tiring day.” Sam replied as she stretched and slid off the edge of the couch.

“Alright, goodnight.” Nina smiled, “I probably won’t be up too much longer.”

Sam walked to the bedroom door and then paused. She looked back at Nina who was still stretched out on the couch. She looked over and frowned for a second before remembering what Sam going to bed meant and she quickly jumped up.

“I’ll be right back.” Nina said to the others as she followed Sam into the bedroom.


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End Chapter 12

Sam's Vacation

by: Elfy | Story In Progress | Last updated Apr 18, 2024


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