Sam's Vacation

by: Elfy | Story In Progress | Last updated Apr 18, 2024

Chapter Description: Despite everything the girls plow on with their picnic. Sam is obviously very distracted though.

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Whilst Sam had been away it seemed that Chrissy had set up the picnic. A large but thin blanket covered a flat part of the ground and snacks were scattered all over. Sam sat down opposite Chrissy and crossed her legs, the diaper provided a nice cushion on the hard ground, Amy sat on one side of her and Nina on the other.

Sam was still thinking about what had happened in the forest. How could she not? She wondered what would’ve happened had Amy not walked into the clearing at that very moment. Maybe she had misread the situation but it felt like something had been about to happen…

Sam looked across to Nina but after seeing her looking Nina quickly turned away. Sam ducked her head. Of course, she must’ve been wrong. Why would anyone think about kissing her like that? After all the humiliations she had suffered she was shocked the others were even still her friends yet alone anything more. She was seeing things that clearly weren’t there. The hug had been purely to make her feel better after her accident.

Amy spent a lot of the picnic taking bits of food and wandering around with her binoculars up to her eyes. After eating her fill Chrissy was laid back and talking to Nina. Sam, meanwhile, remained quiet. She spent a lot of time with her mind back in the woods and thinking about what did and didn’t happen.

“It’s beautiful up here.” Chrissy said. She was propped up on her elbows and looking around, “I wonder why no one else is up here.”

“It’s not exactly an easy cycle.” Nina replied.

“It didn’t seem that hard to me.” Chrissy shrugged.

“Yeah, well, you weren’t pulling a trailer with…” Nina’s sentence drifted away as if the wind had stolen it.

“Did you want me to pull the trailer on the way back?” Chrissy asked. If she noticed the sudden awkwardness she didn’t let on.

“No, it’s fine.” Nina shook her head, “It’s mostly downhill.”

Sam tried not to be put off with the way they were talking about her as if she wasn’t there. It wasn’t the trailer that made things harder for Nina, it was Sam, the heavy weight sitting in the little wagon. Being talked about like that with her fresh diaper padding her waist made Sam feel as if she was some small kid and the adults were talking about how to share the responsibilities of looking after her. After a couple more seconds of thought Sam stood up.

“Sam?” Nina asked.

“I think I’m going to go talk to Amy for a bit.” Sam said. She hurried away before anyone could say or do anything.

Sam walked across the clearing. She felt like she could feel Nina and Chrissy staring at her rear end as she waddled slightly but she didn’t look over her shoulder to confirm her suspicions. Amy was stood by the wooden railing and looking out at the lake. As Sam went over she saw her friend let out a little yelp of delight and scribble something in her notebook.

“Hey.” Sam said as she drew level with Amy.

“Hi, Sam!” Amy greeted her small friend enthusiastically, “You just missed a family of deer on the other side of the lake. They were drinking and the kids were playing… It was fantastic!”

“I bet.” Sam replied. With her small height the chances were that she wouldn’t have been able to see anything unless someone picked her up regardless.

“What’s up?” Amy asked as she scanned the scenery again.

“Nothing, really.” Sam kicked a small stone off the ledge and watched it bounce several times on the way down, “Just seeing what you were up to.”

“I could stay here forever.” Amy replied wistfully, “I could build a little cabin nearby. Just imagine waking up to this every day!”

“I think you’d go mad after a week.” Sam joked, “I don’t imagine you’d get much signal out here. Not to mention the internet.”

“That’s true.” Amy chuckled, “Hey… Can I ask you something?”

“Sure.” Sam turned to lean on the fence. She was looking back at Nina who was talking to Chrissy.

“What was going on back there?” Amy asked, “I know you went to sort out your… problem. But when I saw you and Nina…”

“Nothing.” Sam said quickly, “We were just talking.”

Amy didn’t reply and Sam wasn’t going to press the issue. Despite this she was still pink in the cheeks. Why did everything have to be so complicated? Why couldn’t she be just like the other girls? Yet again Sam found her mind wandering a dark path that led to her only thinking about what she didn’t have.

The friends ended up staying for a couple of hours. Sam was honestly a little bored but everyone else was having a good time so she did her best to relax. At no point did she or Nina speak. Half of her wanted to pull Nina aside and clarify things but the other half was scared that she would be rejected or that she would find out she had completely misunderstood what had happened.

“Shall we head back?” Chrissy suggested, “I don’t fancy being out here when it gets dark. All the bears and wolves and…”

“There are no bears out here.” Amy shook her head, “Honestly, haven’t you been listening to anything I’ve said?”

“Do you want the honest answer?” Chrissy replied. It looked like Amy wasn’t about to respond angrily when Nina spoke up.

“Let’s go back to the lodge.” Nina said, “I’m sure we’ve seen all we’re likely to see.”

“But before we go…” Chrissy stood up and stretched, “I need to take a leak.”

“Yeah, it’s probably best I do as well.” Amy didn’t seem keen about squatting behind a tree to pee.

“Sam? Will you be alright looking after stuff for a couple of minutes?” Nina asked. It was the first thing she’d said to Sam in hours.

“Sure.” Sam replied, “Not a problem.”

“That is unless you need to go too?” Nina added.

“I’ll be fine.” Sam answered as the others made their way to the trees.

“Are you sure?” Nina asked, “It’s just you didn’t go before coming out and…”

“I’m fine.” Sam replied a little more sternly.

Sam turned away as the others went into the woods. She couldn’t tell them the truth. There was no way she was going to let them know that she knew she wouldn’t need the bathroom on the way home because she had already wet her diaper.

It had happened only ten minutes or so previous. Sam felt the need to pee come on as it usually did and had started to make for the trees when she stopped. She’d had every intention of going behind a tree like her friends were now doing but she was stopped when she thought about the diaper between her legs.

Sam didn’t know if she could get the diaper back on after taking it off, she didn’t know if she’d be able to do it by herself and she didn’t want to risk having to go commando just in case she really did need her diaper again. So, after thinking about it for a full minute she had made her mind up.

Sam closed her eyes, held her breath and relaxed. It happened quickly and easily. Sam felt a slight building of the pressure and then the heat burst forth into her diaper. The warmth quickly enveloped the area between her legs and moved around the front and back as the padding rushed to absorb it all. She even shivered slightly as she finished up. The warmth was not entirely unwelcome and was becoming something Sam was used to.

Whether any of her friends had noticed Sam didn’t know. It didn’t seem like they had since they were now all going off together to answer the call of nature whilst Sam remained behind. It was only as she started packing away some of the picnic that she wondered why she hadn’t tried harder to stop from using her diaper. Suddenly the reason of not being sure it would go back on felt very weak indeed. She thought about the warmth that was still clinging to her, the way the padding had expanded turning it into something akin to a soft sponge…

“Alright, let’s get this show on the road.” Chrissy said loudly as she emerged from the trees.

Sam suddenly came back to her senses. She looked down to see that her hand was pressed over the warm part of her padding and she quickly pulled it away. Thankfully she was facing away from where her friends were coming out.

Sam joined the others in putting everything away and then climbed awkwardly into her wagon. She couldn’t do the restraints herself so Nina helped her. It felt intimate in that small space. Sam looked away as Nina reached behind her to grab the straps, they were inches apart and Sam felt like she should say something but had no idea what. As Nina pulled the strap up between Sam’s legs her hand accidentally brushed against her diaper area.

“Oh, so-…” Nina stopped midway through her sentence and looked down at Sam’s crotch. It was just for a second but Sam noticed it clearly. After that Nina rapidly finished with the restraints and retreated to her bike.

Sam covered her face with shame. Even with her pants on there was no way Nina could fail to feel the heat radiating from her diaper. It was obvious Sam was wet and now Nina knew it. Worse still was that she had no excuse this time. There had been ample opportunity to get some privacy and do what the others had done, she simply hadn’t done it.

“Let’s roll!” Chrissy called out. She even managed to pull a bit of a wheelie as she led the way towards the lodge.

Sam sat back in her seat feeling tired out. She could only imagine what Nina was thinking about her now. At least the ride back to the lodge was more comfortable than the one up to the picnic spot. For one thing Sam didn’t need to contend with stomach cramps and fight not to crap herself and for another the downhill journey seemed far smoother than the uphill one.

Whilst sitting at the picnic Sam had drunk quite a bit of fruit juice hence the wet diaper she was sitting in. As the foursome reached the bottom of the hill and started along the flat section to the lodge she hesitated for just a brief second before relaxing her bladder again. Fresh warmth blossomed around her padding. Her second wetting of that particular diaper came very easily, she barely had to think about it at all.

“I’m ordering us pizza tonight!” Chrissy shouted as they pulled up at the lodge.

Sam smiled and waited as Nina got off her bike and turned back to undo the restraints. Thankfully she took extra care to avoid brushing against Sam’s diaper this time. Sam accepted Nina’s hand as she was pulled out of the seat and she wobbled as she stumbled on the ground. She hadn’t been quite prepared for just how swollen her diaper had become from the two accidents. Her legs were pushed much further apart than before.

“Let’s get inside.” Nina said. She was still pointedly not looking at Sam, “I could do with a sit down.”

Sam brought up the rear as everyone walked inside. She had a very noticeable waddle now. The padding had swollen between her legs and she could no longer press her knees together. Strangely, she didn’t feel too bad about it. There was a certain amount of embarrassment but at the same time there was some… comfort?

Wetting herself on the journey back to the cabin had shown that without the diaper Sam would’ve needed another change of pants. Usually when she was anywhere away from the house she had to be very careful about where the nearest bathroom was thanks to smaller body. Once she had got over the shock of being introduced to diapers the way she had she could see their use. She didn’t have to worry so much. Heck, she had completely soiled herself but it hadn’t ruined the picnic. Maybe diapers weren’t something to loathe so much after all.

Sam absolutely drew the line at being treated like a kid though. She had come to learn that diapers might be useful in certain situations but there was no use in being a baby. Even as she thought about it there was a part of her that was saying that wearing diapers meant she was being a baby anyway, she tried to silence that voice as much as she could.

Nina dropped on to the couch as soon as she had got her shoes off. Her cheeks were pink from the cycling she had done. Amy went over to put some coffee on whilst Chrissy sat in the armchair. Sam walked over and clambered up on to the couch with a little difficulty. She sat next to Nina as the latter turned on the television. Before she realised she was doing it Sam’s eyes started to feel heavy and her eyelids drooped like her diaper. She let out a yawn and stretched but nothing was going to keep her awake, before they’d even settled on a channel to watch Sam had fallen asleep.


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End Chapter 18

Sam's Vacation

by: Elfy | Story In Progress | Last updated Apr 18, 2024


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