Sam's Vacation

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated May 30, 2024

Chapter 25

Chapter Description: With the vacation drawing to a close the girls have one last thing they want to do: Swimming! Before they leave their accommodation though, Sam has an important decision to make on what she'll wear.

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Sam stretched out her arms and legs and felt them connect with the wooden bars. It was still early but Sam could already hear the birds outside the window singing their songs. Swaddled in her blanket she felt very comfortable and really didn’t want to move. She closed her eyes and relaxed, a second later she was wetting her diaper. She shivered as the stream exited her body and trickled down between her legs.

With a sigh a smile spread across Sam’s face and she shifted her butt back and forth a few times feeling the warmth spreading across her skin. She felt like a tiny baby. Laying in her crib, surrounded by her blanket and now in a wet diaper as she waited for Nina to come and get her. It was everything that would’ve once been her nightmare but now that she was experiencing it she only felt a feeling of contentedness and peace. She was embarrassed to feel that way but it was the truth. It felt good not to be fighting.

Sam laid in her crib for quite a while. She was in no rush to get up, she felt supremely peaceful listening to the sounds of nature and feeling the warmth surrounding her. Eventually though she heard Nina stirring in her bed. Sam rolled on to her side and smiled dreamily as she saw Nina slowly sit up and adjust back to the waking world.

Nina sat in bed for a minute or so before she finally swung her legs over the side and stood up. She picked up her dressing gown and put it around her shoulders before walking around the foot of the bed, past Sam and into the bathroom. She heard the sound of the shower and relaxed a little bit knowing it would at least be a few minutes before she came back.

Today they were going swimming which pretty much meant that Sam wouldn’t be wearing a diaper. Whilst she had grown used to wearing under her clothes and even openly whilst with her friends she was not at all ready to be so open to the world. It was hard to imagine but Sam was already so used to the diapers that she felt like she was going to miss them. The security that wrapped around her waist like a warm blanket was going to be absent and she felt unexpectedly sad.

“Good morning.” Nina’s voice made Sam jump.

It turned out that despite the shower running Nina hadn’t actually stepped into it yet. She walked into the room and could see that Sam was awake. Sam looked around and saw that Nina was wearing only her robe. She leaned against the side of the bars and the robe nearly fell open. Sam had to remind herself not to just stare at her friend’s chest.

“Hey.” Sam said as she sat up.

Nina didn’t ask before reaching down and lifting Sam out of the crib. In fact, she didn’t ask as she laid Sam down on her bed and bent down to pull out a fresh diaper. Sam propped herself up on her elbows.

“I don’t think I’ll need another diaper.” Sam said.

“No?” Nina looked up from the edge of the mattress where she was crouched down and reaching under the bed. She almost looked disappointed for a minute before a smile spread across her face, “But do you WANT one?”

Sam immediately felt herself blushing as Nina smiled at her. She should’ve denied it right away but the longer she remained silent the more obvious the truth was. Sam looked to the side and tried to force the embarrassment away.

“W-We’re going swimming.” Sam decided to ignore Nina’s loaded question. The obvious implication was that she couldn’t wear the disposables in the pool… But that she would’ve worn a diaper if she could.

“Fair enough.” Nina said as she stood up, “I can still change you out of this one though.”

Before Sam could properly react Nina was starting to pull on the tapes of the diaper. Sam didn’t exactly want Nina to stop so she laid back down on the covers. Sam sighed in relaxation as Nina pulled out some baby wipes and started the task of cleaning. She wasn’t in any particular rush, Sam noticed, and seemed to be very carefully going over every inch of Sam. Much to the small woman’s embarrassment she found herself responding to these caresses.

So when Nina pulled the diaper out from under her Sam was left on the bed feeling somewhat disappointed. She felt sure that Nina was into her as much as the opposite was true but she still wasn’t ready to take that leap, to ask Nina to keep going or to tell her how she felt. These feelings were all so new to Sam, she didn’t know if she was just confused or mistaken.

“I’ll leave you to get dressed.” Nina said as she took the used diaper away.

Sam waited until the bathroom door had closed before sitting up. She went over to her clothes and picked out a shirt and shorts that she could wear over her swimming costume. Much like the rest of her clothes the swimsuit was childish. It was practically impossible to find any two-piece suit that would fit her so she was forced into wearing a one-piece suit which, to her, seemed a lot more juvenile. It was a bright pink with little pictures of inflatable toy unicorns all over.

After she had got dressed she had to admit that she felt weird. After several days with padding between her legs it was strange to have nothing there now, it felt like there was a lot more space than she was used to. She noticed that when she walked she still did so as if she had a diaper on with her legs wider apart than they had to be.

Sam put some regular clothes on over the swimsuit and walked out to the living room. She had to consciously remind herself to walk normally and focusing so much on it was making sure she wasn’t.

“Hey, Sam, what do you think?” Chrissy asked as she opened the robe she was wearing to show her swimsuit.

“It’s… really nice!” Sam replied a little bashfully.

In truth Sam thought it was more than nice. It made her friend downright sexy and although she didn’t feel the same things for Chrissy as she did for Nina she couldn’t deny what she was seeing. The skimpy swimming costume really accentuated Chrissy’s body, her curves really stood out and she was sure to be turning heads at the pool. Her most private areas seemed to only just be covered up, it seemed designed to tease boys who would be looking in her direction.

It really highlighted the difference between Sam and her friend. Whilst Chrissy had an undeniably sexy outfit Sam would be wearing a children’s costume that covered her up as much as possible.

“All ready?” Nina asked when she came out of the bedroom a little bit later.

“I think so.” Sam replied with a smile, “Feeling a little bit nervous.”

“Why’s that?” Nina asked.

Sam went over to Nina. She wasn’t too keen on being overheard by any of the others. It seemed Nina understood Sam’s reluctance and leaned forwards so she and Sam were close to each other.

“I’m just a bit worried about not having a diaper.” Sam whispered. She looked around conspiratorially, “I mean, after the last few days…”

“You’ll be fine.” Nina smiled, “I won’t let anything happen.”

Sam smiled herself and blushed as she looked away. She wondered if Nina had always been this perfect and she just hadn’t noticed or if it was a recent development. It certainly seemed like Nina had grown a lot in confidence, she seemed as awkward as Sam was at the start of the holiday but now she seemed a lot more comfortable about everything. Maybe Sam’s increasing acceptance of the diapers had awakened some kind of maternal instinct in her friend and she was very confident in it.


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End Chapter 25

Sam's Vacation

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated May 30, 2024


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