Sam's Vacation

by: Elfy | Story In Progress | Last updated Apr 18, 2024

Chapter Description: Sam completes the obstacle course but is then left with an even more difficult challenge to overcome.

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Sam was lifted by Karen who instructed the small woman to put her hands on the bars above her. Sam gave the woman a pleading look but she seemed oblivious. Sam did as she was instructed and then, humiliatingly, she was moved forwards and told to swing her hand to the next bar along. When she reluctantly did so she was showered in syrupy praise by the woman who knew her real age. Sam didn’t dare look up to see if any of her friends were watching her getting help like a toddler.

Once on the other side Karen let go of Sam and clapped as if she had done it all by herself. Sam was very red in the face but at least she had nearly finished the course. The last obstacles didn’t present to her quite as much of a challenge as beforehand and soon the tether to the harness was removed and she stood with the other finishers. Most of them were talking excitedly about what they had just accomplished.

Sam realised the area she had been left in with the kids was fenced in. Presumably it was to stop children from wandering off but it presented a problem because she really needed the bathroom and that need was only growing.

“Karen!” Sam hissed as she looked around her. The woman was on the other side of the fence and seemed about to help someone else.

“Yes?” Karen said as she leaned over the edge of, what was for her, the waist high fence. It gave Sam the feeling of being a penned in animal.

“I need the toilet.” Sam said quietly, “You know I’m an adult so…”

“You can wait.” Karen said with a smile, “Once the adults are done with the big course you can join your friends.”

“I am an adult!” Sam said as loudly as she dared without being overheard, “Just open the gate and… Hey!”

Sam reached through a gap in the fence but Karen was already walking away to help another child. Sam turned around to look at all the kids and felt vastly outnumbered even if they didn’t know she wasn’t one of them. It was galling that in the eyes of seemingly everyone she was no different to these snotty little brats.

Another signal from her bladder made sure Sam remembered her predicament. She walked quickly to the other edge of the pen where she could see the “adult” course. There was no sign of her friends, they might’ve finished already or they could still be up in the trees, either way Sam had no way of contacting them from where she was.


Sam turned around to see a small girl standing just behind her. She had curly brown hair and was smiling without any front teeth. She must’ve been very young and yet she was still taller than Sam. Sam grunted a vague hello and turned away again. She didn’t like interacting with kids at the best of times and this was far from the best of times.

“My name’s Alice.”

Sam sighed. Children weren’t very good at picking up on social cues and it seemed Alice wasn’t going to just walk away. Sam turned around and almost lost control of her bladder, she clenched just a little harder.

“Sam.” Sam replied. She hoped her tone made it clear she wasn’t keen on talking.

“How old are you?” Alice asked, “I’m five.”

Sam froze in place. She didn’t know what to say. She couldn’t very well casually reveal she was twenty-one years-old to this kid. She could feel heat rising in her face and she looked around hoping someone was about to rescue her from this embarrassing situation. She saw the girl was slightly taller than her to try and judge how she should lie.

“I’m… four?” Sam’s answer came out as more of a question but Alice seemed to buy it. Sam breathed a sigh of relief.

“Where’s your Mommy and Daddy?” Alice asked curiously.

“Erm… Over there.” Sam pointed vaguely behind her to where the adult course was.

“Oh.” Alice replied, “That’s my Mommy.”

Alice pointed to the side and when Sam saw a woman standing and smiling at her daughter. She was clearly happy to see her little girl socialising. Sam looked back at Alice and really hoped this encounter was nearly over. She felt a little urine trickle into her panties and she whimpered as she tried to hold on again. These little leaks were often like small tremors before the main earthquake.

“Are you alright?” Alice asked with a frown.

“Uh huh.” Sam replied in a strained voice.

Sam wasn’t alright. In fact she was panicking. She was very close to wetting herself and didn’t know how much longer she was going to last. Her hands went down to her crotch and she put one leg in front of the other. She knew how she must look but it was all she could do to stop her bladder from emptying.

“Well, I just wanted to say I thought you were brave.” Alice said, “When you jumped and…”

Sam wasn’t listening as she fought for control. She was losing and just like in the crib that morning she was about to embarrass herself. She was nearly crying, there were so many people around and nowhere she could go to hide. She couldn’t believe it was really going to happen, it felt like her worst nightmare was coming to life. Her tiny bladder waved a proverbial white flag and Sam pulled her hands away just before dark streaks appeared on her pants.

Sam was frozen like a statue as she felt the warmth filling her cotton underwear and pouring down her legs. The tight straps of the harness simply channelled the pee as she soaked her inner thighs. Alice was looking down with wide eyes at the spreading accident.

“Sam, you’re wetting your pants!” Alice squealed in her high-pitched voice.

As Sam’s bladder finished voiding Sam saw more and more people looking over to her. Alice’s voice was attracting attention of nearby kids who were nudging others and pointing Sam’s way. She remained stuck to the spot as she became the centre of attention for everyone. She couldn’t stop the tears falling down her cheeks now. The humiliation was too great. This made the incident in the crib that morning seem positively pleasant. She wanted to run away but the fences meant there was nowhere to go.

“It’s OK.” Alice said. Sam was struck by how kind this girl was, “I’ll get Mommy to help you.”

Sam found herself nodding. She didn’t care about trying to be independent or grown up in that moment, she just wanted someone to take her out of that situation as fast as was humanly possible. Alice ran off and Sam saw her telling her mother about the situation. The woman’s face went from smiling to concern before she started walking over. Sam couldn’t maintain eye contact and looked anywhere but at the concerned mother.

In the meantime Sam could see practically everyone looking away. Some of the older children were smirking or outright laughing. She felt as if she was back in school when the bigger kids, usually ones her own age, picked on her. There she was, a twenty-one year-old college student who was helpless against the children who made fun of her. It was like her wretched school days all over again.

“Oh dear, what happened? Are you OK?” Alice’s mom had come over and was crouching down in front of Sam looking at the accident, “Are your parents here?”

Just like when Alice had asked the same question Sam pointed vaguely behind her. It seemed to get the message across.

“Hmm, I think they’re going to be busy for a while yet.” Alice’s mom muttered, “Come with me.”

Alice’s mom held out her hand and Sam took it. The crowd of people nearby parted as if Sam’s wetting was somehow contagious and she was taken towards Karen and the other Midforest employees.

“Excuse me.” Alice’s mom said as she reached the group, “This little one has had an accident and her parents are still on the obstacle course.”

Of course it was Karen who turned around. Sam looked down at the ground in shame, the one person there who knew she was actually an adult was the one who was witnessing her like this. Sam was terrified the older woman would say something to let slip what she knew but, to her credit, her face remained completely neutral as it was explained to her how Sam had wet her pants.

“I imagine you’ve only just been potty trained, right?” Alice’s mom said as she looked down at Sam.

Sam was in an impossible situation. She slowly nodded her head. Karen was looking down at her with her piercing eyes and Sam thought she could see the merest hint of a smile. Regardless Karen took over from Alice’s mom in holding Sam’s hand.

“Come on, little one.” Karen said, “We’ll get you all cleaned up.”

Sam was grateful to be taken away from everyone else even if it was still mortifying. Karen used her badge to open the gate and started directing Sam out on to the public footpath. The gate closed behind her but Sam couldn’t run away, not with Karen holding her hand.

“Goodbye Sam.” Alice called out, “Don’t worry about it. Accidents happen.”

Sam didn’t take much solace in the kind young girl’s words. She was led up the path towards a wooden hut just off the main thoroughfare. Her wet pants stuck to her leg uncomfortably as she became aware that she was finally alone with Karen.

“You can let me go now.” Sam said a little bitterly, “I can take it from here thanks.”

“Silly girl.” Karen chuckled as she unlocked a door with her badge, “I can’t leave a little girl to deal with all this herself.”

“What!?” Sam exclaimed as she was taken inside the dark room, “You know I’m not a little girl!”

The door closed behind Sam and Karen. For half a second there was darkness before the overhead light flickered and then turned on. Sam finally saw where she had been taken. It was a family changing room!

“We keep this for emergencies.” Karen stated as she let go of Sam’s hand and walked inside towards a large changing table, “It can be used for adults with disabilities or if a child is desperate… Normally they tell us BEFORE they go potty though.”

Sam felt shame washing over her. Normally she would shout at anyone who made any hint that she was anything less than a full adult but it seemed impossible to do it with her pants soaking wet. She wished she had been firmer in asking Karen to go to the toilet after finishing the obstacle course, it was too late now though.

“Well, let’s get you sorted then.” Karen said as she walked over to Sam.

Sam lifted her arms as Karen started to unfasten the harness. She felt so ashamed of what she had done that she felt no desire to argue that she could do this herself. The pink strapping slackened as it was loosened until Karen pulled it off Sam’s little body. Sam sniffed dejectedly.

“There’s no need to cry.” Karen said gently, “All little ones have accidents.”

“But…” Sam sniffled.

“Yes, yes, I know…” Karen rolled her eyes, “You’re not a baby, right? Well you’re still little and little girls like you need looking after.”

Sam flushed with fresh embarrassment. At any other time she would loudly refute such a claim but this didn’t seem to be a good moment to discuss just how independent she was. Karen walked across the room towards the object in the room that caused Sam the most dread.


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End Chapter 10

Sam's Vacation

by: Elfy | Story In Progress | Last updated Apr 18, 2024


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