Sam's Vacation

by: Elfy | Story In Progress | Last updated Apr 18, 2024

Chapter Description: Having been led away from her friends Sam is placed in a more "appropriate" activity and finds her only choice is to play along and hope no one finds out.

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When these doors opened Sam was greeted by a large hall that was bustling with movement and voices. The room was very colourful, the walls were painted with cityscapes and the large windows cast a lot of light around the space. On the ground was a large carpet, it was green like a field with decorative flowers and plastic animals. Winding its way around the carpet was a large but simple black track. On the far side of the room there was an area of carpet designed to look like a car park and there were traffic lights and traffic cones set up.

Around this “track” was a dozen or so large plastic cars. On four small plastic wheels was a red seating area and a black steering wheel, above that were yellow pillars in each corner that went up and created a roof. The cars were propelled by the children pushing them along with their feet. It was a classic toy for small children.

“You’ve got to be kidding me…” Sam gasped.

“This’ll be a lot of fun for you.” Karen smiled. She started carrying Sam towards an empty car.

“I’m twenty-one years-old!” Sam exclaimed. Her voice had a noticeable whine.

“Uh huh.” Karen’s voice made it hard for Sam to know if she was believed or not, “Well, twenty-one years-old or twenty-one months-old, you’ll have plenty of fun until your guardians come pick you up.”

“They’re not my guardians!” Sam balled up her fists with frustration, “They are my friends!”

Karen started lowering Sam towards the car. Sam tried to stop herself being placed in the small plastic vehicle with all her might. She grunted and fought against Karen to try and maintain her dignity. Unfortunately for Sam there was just no way to keep it up for long and every time she managed to stop Karen pushing one part of her into the toy vehicle another part was under the same assault, she just didn’t have the strength to get out of this predicament. No amount of shouting or exclaiming was convincing Karen to stop either.

“Stop being so fussy.” Karen said with a sigh of exasperation.

Sam’s feet had been placed against the car door but now Karen lifted her and she lost her grip. She was put on the seat and held there with one hand whilst the other reached to the safety harness. The seatbelt-like device was pulled across her and locked into place. Sam immediately searched for the release button but couldn’t see one.

“Get me out of this thing!” Sam hissed as her face went a bright red.

“Have fun.” Karen said as she ignored the blushing woman.

“Wait! Come back!” Sam yelled but Karen had already hurried away to help some other child that had got their car stuck and was crying.

Sam pulled against the restraints holding her down but found they wouldn’t budge. She assumed the release was somewhere behind the seat but she couldn’t reach her small arms back to press the button that would free her. She was stuck in that plastic car until someone, an adult, came to let her out. It was a shameful situation for an adult to find themselves in.

As Sam looked out at the room at large she could feel her abject humiliation growing. She saw toddlers having fun, mothers and fathers pushing their children around the track and on one side there seemed to be some basic road safety stuff being taught to kids that were fidgeting and itching to scoot their cars. Sam hated how she was expected to occupy herself like they did, she hated that her feet barely reached the floor just like the babies around her.

At first Sam refused to move and be a part of this charade. She wasn’t going to humiliate herself by acting like a baby. She looked at the other children having the time of their lives with contempt as she folded her arms across her chest. However, after looking around the room Sam discovered a fatal flaw to her plan of remaining motionless.

The big windows that faced the entrance were on the far side of the room. If Sam stayed where she was, partially hidden by the people walking around and some of the equipment then maybe her friends wouldn’t see her and let her out, they might assume she had left already and she would be stuck there even longer. She had to get closer to the windows…

“I’m not playing like these babies. I’m just making sure I can leave as soon as possible.” Sam whispered to herself. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

Sam’s lack of stature had led to her being trapped in more than one embarrassing situation throughout her life but this really felt like it was up there in terms of humiliation. Sam placed her feet on the floor and put her hands on the steering wheel. After second- and third-thoughts she finally scooted the vehicle forwards and towards the fake road that all the babies were going around.

Sam tried to turn left at the intersection with the main traffic but after a small movement she suddenly stopped. She frowned and tried again to push forwards. Leaning forwards she willed the car to go but it seemed to be caught on something.

“Come on, you stupid thing.” Sam muttered in frustration.

“That’s the wrong way, Sweetie.” Came a man’s voice, “Look, you have to go the other way with all the other babies, alright?”

“I’m not a… Hey!” Sam started. She felt her little car being turned around. She couldn’t see who was manhandling her thanks to the high back of the seat she was strapped to.

Sam was left facing the pretend road again. She decided that trying to go against traffic and getting constantly turned around by staff would get her nowhere, she would have to play along and go around the track so she could get back to the window. It meant doing three-quarters of a lap. With reluctance Sam started pushing her car forwards again feeling every bit the child she was seen as.

With red cheeks she started following the giggling babies, many of whom with family members helping them. All around her she saw people smiling and encouraging her. It was demeaning but at this point she was past trying to tell people she wasn’t a child, not only was it getting her nowhere but it was embarrassing to say that when she was, by all appearances, acting like a toddler. She tried to swallow the lump of shame in her throat as she scooted her car.

“Hold on.” Karen appeared in front of the car. They were at a traffic light and the Midforest employee had switched it from green to red.

“Come on…” Sam whined inadvertently looking and sounding like someone who was genuinely getting frustrated by driving.

“I see you’ve been watching Mummy or Daddy in traffic.” Karen giggled.

“I… You know I’m not a baby!” Sam exclaimed in frustration. She hit the doors of the plastic car.

“Careful.” Karen warned. Her whole demeanour suddenly changed, “You keep on like that and you’ll get in trouble.”

Sam had to bite her tongue. She didn’t know what this woman was doing or what she was capable of. It would be best for her to just be quiet and do as she said to get through this embarrassing nightmare. There wasn’t even any reason for the light to be red, no one was crossing the “road” or anything.

Eventually, and after an excruciatingly long time, Karen flipped a switch and the light went green. Sam could feel Karen looking at her as she hurriedly scooted her car forwards as quickly as possible. How did it come to this? Sam couldn’t help but wonder how she had ended up in such an embarrassing position, she wished she had made her friends get off those damn karts.

Sam became lost in her dark thoughts. She went beyond regretting that her friends were on the karts to regretting even coming on this damn vacation, it had been nothing but trouble since she had arrived. She became so lost in her own self-pity she didn’t notice that one of the cars in front of her had stopped. She was looking down at the steering wheel and thinking about what she would be doing at home when she crashed into the car in front.

“Oof.” Sam grunted as she came to a sudden stop.

The child who occupied the car in front of Sam burst into loud tears as they unexpectedly jerked forwards. Sam thought it was a bit of an overreaction, she hadn’t been going fast after all, but the Midforest employee, a young man and perhaps the one who had turned her around earlier, was checking on the child.

“I think someone needs to try our road safety course.” The man said as he stood up after the child in front of Sam had calmed down.

“It was an accident I…” Sam couldn’t finish her sentence as the man got behind the car and started pushing it.

For a moment Sam thought he was taking her exactly where she wanted to go but after a dozen or so yards he turned the car and pushed it into the faux parking area. Sam wondered what was going on but was getting no answers.

“Just wait right there, young lady.” The man said.

Sam felt the car jolt and then the man seemingly walked away. She frowned and craned around to try and see what was happening behind her but she was just too short. The windows she had been trying to reach were now close by, Sam tried to push forwards but found she couldn’t move.

“What the hell…?” Sam asked herself. All of a sudden it was like the car had become a statue, it refused to budge a single inch. Some sort of brake had been applied to the car.

As Sam continued to shift position another car rolled up next to her. It contained a curly-haired little boy who was currently sucking his thumb whilst making car noises. A line of drool was coming out of his mouth and the front of his shirt was damp, presumably from more saliva. Sam recoiled. She didn’t like children at the best of times but young ones who were so dirty really grossed her out even more.

Before Sam could get used to this new boy who was worryingly close another car was pushed to a stop on her other side. This one had a little girl who looked even younger than Sam’s other neighbour. She had a pacifier in her mouth and was supported by one of her parents on the far side.

Sam’s heart sped up. She was now assumed to be a baby girl and didn’t feel like she could argue otherwise right there and then. If she suddenly revealed that she was an adult these people would think she was some weird pervert or something. Whatever was happening Sam felt like she had no choice but to play along no matter how embarrassing it was to do so.

“Hey guys and gierls! My name is Steven.” The male Midforest employee appeared in front of the three cars. He spoke in fake excitement as if he was a presenter on children’s television. He sat on a seat in front of a white board set on top of a desk, “Now who wants some cool stickers?”

Sam frowned but there seemed to be enthusiasm on either side of her. She watched Steven reach over and open one of the drawers. He took out a cardboard cut-out of the top of a traffic light. He held it up and pointed at each of the colours.

“Red. Yellow. Green.” Steven smiled, “Does anyone know which colour means it is safe to go?”

Sam couldn’t believe it. She had come on vacation with her friends for new experiences and yet she was now sitting in a toy car being taught the absolute basics of road safety. She wished she could speak up and say there had been a mistake but it was just too embarrassing. Steven looked around at the people in front of him waiting for an answer.

“Gween?” The young boy next to Sam said. He didn’t seem sure.

“Very good!” Steven replied with a big enthusiastic smile, “Green means it is safe. If you see the little green man you can cross the road or if you see a green circle it means that the cars can drive.”

Steven mimed a driving car complete with beeping noise that made the kids laugh. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a green lollypop to hand to the boy who immediately stuck in his mouth with relish. Sam didn’t know what to do, she didn’t want to be found out like this and have these adults think she was there of her own accord, she had to pretend to be little so that they didn’t expect anything was amiss. She tentatively smiled.

“OK, which colour means you stop and wait?” Steven asked as he held up the sign again.

Sam waited for one of the others to answer but they weren’t doing it. The boy had seemingly lost interest and was enjoying his candy and whilst the girl’s mother was trying to help her it seemed she was a bit too young for this. She knew what she had to do.

With trepidation Sam raised her hand into the air. Steven immediately looked at her with a big smile, he nodded encouragingly. Sam swallowed hard, she obviously knew the answer but she had to make sure she didn’t give away her full age.

“R-Red.” Sam said quietly. She made her voice higher although it was already high.

“That’s right!” Steven nodded, “Red means stop. You’re a very clever girl!”

Sam ducked her head in embarrassment. A red sucker was placed on the front of her car and she anxiously took it, when she saw the others waiting she popped the lollypop in her mouth just like the boy next to her.

“Alright, final question…” Steven said and he turned to the young girl next to Sam with his traffic light sign, “Can you point to the colour that means caution?”

Sam watched the girl next to her. She seemed a little confused but between Steven and the girl’s mother they were able to get the little kid to point at the yellow light. The adults clapped and a yellow lollypop was handed to the little girl who immediately replaced her pacifier with it. Sam didn’t think this could get any worse but the safety lessons weren’t over. After the questions the babies had to weave their cars around a figure-eight track and then show they knew to stop for people crossing the road. It went on and on and Sam was just desperate to get away.

“I’m pleased to say you all passed!” Steven held his arms up in the air in triumph.

Sam let out a small smile. She wasn’t at all impressed that she had passed the stupid safety course but she was very glad the ordeal was over. She looked around and saw that there were a lot less people in the hall, they must be coming to the end of the time slot. Sam saw a few stragglers still pushing their cars, a couple of employees gathered by the far wall and…

“Oh no!” Sam whined. She immediately covered her face with her hands.

Standing by the reception desk with looks of pure shock on their faces was Nina, Chrissy and Amy. They were all staring directly at Sam. How long had they been there? What had they seen? At the very least they had seen Sam seemingly “playing” with these kids as she pushed her car around with her feet.

The worst part was that Sam was still strapped into the toy vehicle. Her face glowed bright red as she had to start scooting her way over to her three friends, there was simply no way for her to let herself out. There were tears in her eyes from the sheer shame of how she had been found, her friends would never respect her after this.

“What on Earth…” Chrissy muttered as Sam drew near.

“C-Could one of you help me?” Sam asked quietly, “I think the harness release is on the back of the seat.”

Nina quickly stepped forwards and went behind the car. Sam felt the straps holding her against the seat get pulled at before the correct button was found and she was finally free. It was an awkward climb for Sam to get out of the car and it looked anything but graceful she was sure.

“What’s going on?” Amy asked with concern, “We finished go-karting and were told you were… here.”

Sam explained everything that had happened since the girls got on the go-kart track. She talked about Karen and how she either didn’t believe or didn’t care that Sam was an adult, she told her friends about the toy car she had been put in and the “course” she had just completed. Sam’s friends looked suitably horrified and angry.

“Unbelievable!” Chrissy exclaimed. She turned to the reception desk and stared daggers at the person sitting behind it.

Sam really wanted to just get out of there but Chrissy wasn’t going to leave without speaking her mind. Sam stood next to Amy and Nina and looked down at the floor in shame as Chrissy and the Midforest staff went back and forth. It only stopped after several minutes of raised voices when the receptionist threatened to call security, it was at that point that Amy and Nina pulled Chrissy away. Sam was grateful that her friend would go to defend her but she really wanted to get back to the lodge.

“Oh, erm, before you go…” Steven was standing nearby and looking very surprised at the turn of events. He had no idea that Sam wasn’t actually a small child, “This is for you…”

Sam reached out and took a piece of paper that Steven was holding out. She turned it around and looked at it. She felt her cheeks blazing.

“Road Safety Certificate.” The paper said in a big and posh looking font. There was a space for a name that wasn’t filled in and then, “Is a Safe Driver!”


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End Chapter 6

Sam's Vacation

by: Elfy | Story In Progress | Last updated Apr 18, 2024


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