Sam's Vacation

by: Elfy | Story In Progress | Last updated May 23, 2024

Sam, Chrissy, Amy and Nina are four college friends who have chosen to go on a week's getaway to a forest resort. There may be nothing unusual about that but there is something unusual about Sam... Sam was small. Very small. And although she had been told her height wouldn't be an issue on this vacation she had some doubts. But still, what was the worst that could happen?

Chapter Description: Sam, Chrissy, Amy and Nina are four college friends who have chosen to go on a week's getaway to a forest resort. There may be nothing unusual about that but there is something unusual about Sam... Sam was small. Very small. And although she had been told her height wouldn't be an issue on this vacation she had some doubts. But still, what was the worst that could happen?

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Sam’s Vacation

By Elfy

“I’m so glad we can finally relax.” Chrissy said from the front passenger seat as she leaned against the door. She turned to look at the two women in the backseat, smiling as she lifted her sunglasses, “I thought that semester would never end!”

“Tell me about it…” Nina was driving. Her tall frame almost seemed to struggle to fit in the driver’s seat, it was fortunate she was able to push the seat back so far.

“I think I’ll miss it.” Amy replied. By far the smartest of the four friends, Amy wore a pair of round glasses that seemed to be constantly slipping down her nose. She was sat on the backseat with her hands neatly in her lap.

“How!?” Chrissy and Nina asked at the same time before Chrissy continued, “Oh, I forgot… Amy gets withdrawals if she doesn’t get an A grade once a week!”

“She’ll have the shakes soon.” Chrissy added.

The girls in the car all laughed.

“What about you, Sam?” Chrissy said as she turned to the fourth occupant of the car, “Looking forward to the vacation?”

“Of course!” Sam smiled and nodded, “It’s great to get away, just the four of us. But can we please stop talking about college? I want to forget it exists until the minute we leave for home.”

The girls laughed again as Chrissy settled back into her seat. Nina leaned over and turned the music up, it was something poppy that Sam didn’t really care for but the happiness in the vehicle was contagious as she sat and tapped her fingers on her legs that were lying straight in front of her. That might seem unusual, most people’s legs would be going over the edge of the seat and down to the floor after all, but Sam was very much atypical.

Sam was very different to her friends and indeed any of her classmates. She was very small, perfectly proportioned but only came up to the knees of most people her own age. She had no idea why she was that way, she’d certainly visited enough doctors in her life to try and find out what was going on but no one had ever been able to give her a straight answer. The answer was always the same: “That’s just how you are.”

“Ooh! Did you see that?” Amy suddenly perked up as she pointed out of the window excitedly, “I think that was a barred owl!”

“We haven’t even reached Midforest and you’re already filling out your bird watchers book, huh?” Chrissy said.

Sam smiled as Amy twisted in her seat to look out the back window. Not that she could see anything and she quickly gave up. Nina didn’t own a big car so when four women in their early-twenties piled in with luggage for a week-long vacation it was a tight squeeze. They were nearing the end of their journey now though.

Midforest had been chosen by Nina who had apparently gone there multiple times as a child. She had painted it as an idyll deep inside a forest. A resort where everything you needed was on site and was full of activities to do. Sam had been sold on it pretty quickly, she was just glad to have a place to go with her friends. Initially Sam had been a little concerned about her size and whether that would be a problem but Nina assured her that it would be fine and that was good enough for Sam.

“What are we going to do first when we get there?” Nina asked.

“Unpack?” Chrissy suggested tongue-in-cheek.

“I meant after all that!” Nina laughed, “As you well know!”

“I don’t know.” Chrissy shrugged, “It’s been a long drive. We might just want to settle in for a bit.”

The vacation wasn’t going to be cheap. It had already cost them $300 each just for the lodge. The activities, food and everything else would all cost extra. Sam had been saving for most of the last year doing odd jobs and putting aside some of her student loans to spend there. She was sure it would all be worth it.

Sam shifted awkwardly in her seat. One of the problems with being as small as her was that everything was in proportion and that included her bladder. She needed to pee and had done so for a little while but she wasn’t keen on asking Nina to stop the car, they’d already stopped three times on the journey specifically so Sam could pee. She didn’t want to annoy people by inconveniencing them just for her yet again. They were apparently close to the resort now so she would just have to wait.

Fifteen minutes later and the trees had grown much thicker. The road wound its way through the wooded area until they encountered a big sign advertising “Midforest – A Natural Getaway.” The girls cheered as they turned down the road and straight into a queue of traffic.

“I was hoping we would avoid the rush.” Nina sighed as she stopped and slumped back in her seat.

“Are you alright, Sam?” Amy asked with concern from across the rear seat.

“Uh huh.” Sam replied but she was wincing.

“What’s going on?” Chrissy asked from the front.

“I think Sam needs the bathroom.” Amy replied before Sam could say anything.

Sam blushed. She was very self-conscious of her height. She hated every time someone treated her in any way like she was younger than she was or that she couldn’t do something other women could. That being the case, being talked about as if she were a fussy child was most aggravating and she had to bite her tongue.

“Just go into the trees and do your business.” Chrissy said airily.

“Chrissy!” Sam exclaimed, “I’m not going to do that! I’ll wait till we get to the lodge.”

“Then stop your complaining.” Chrissy teased.

“I’m not-…” Sam started before she saw Chrissy’s cheeky smile.

Chrissy was one of the first people Sam had got to know at university. She was a very outgoing person and she seemed to notice Sam struggling to adapt to college life. Sam would never admit how grateful she was that the easy-going and personable young woman had pulled her under her wing. Her attitude of never taking anything seriously did have its downsides though, sometimes her flippant comments could hit a raw nerve.

“Settle down everyone.” Nina said, “We’ll be through this in no time.”

Midforest was marketed as a true getaway from the world. It was very ecologically friendly and full of wildlife which meant that cars were only permitted beyond the car park on arrival and departure days, it meant that six days a week there were no vehicles driving around except for a few employees. Whilst it created a very peaceful atmosphere most of the time it did make those days where cars were allowed in pretty hectic.

The car moved slowly along the road towards the check in area. Sam wasn’t able to see much out of the windows thanks to her size, she could only look up through the glass in the door to see the tops of the trees. She leaned to the side and looked through the front windscreen, the top of a hut was visible over the roofs of the cars in front. They were reaching their destination not a moment too soon as Sam’s bladder complained.

“Can I have your booking reference and the name the reservation is made under?” A smiling woman at the desk asked as the car reached the kiosk and the driver’s side window was rolled down.

After the exchange of information the four women were given a map, an information booklet and the keys before being waved inside. Nina explained that they would be allowed to drive up to their lodge to unpack but after that the car had to be back in the car park where it would remain until they left. Sam didn’t really care, she just wanted to get to the lodge so she could use the bathroom.

Despite her discomfort Sam had the wherewithal to notice how beautiful the area was. There were minimal roads and nature seemed to be spilling over the top of the smooth black tarmac. Tall trees loomed on both sides and a canopy of leafs formed a ceiling overhead. Although there was no immediately obvious wildlife she knew the woodlands was teeming with them. The brochure had listed a huge amount of animals that they might encounter during their stay.

The car slowly trundled along the road. Sam wanted them to hurry but it just wasn’t possible. The road network was a giant one way system and there were cars parking everywhere as well as people going back and forth from their lodges to their vehicles.

“Where are we staying?” Sam asked. She hoped the answer was very nearby.

“We’re just a couple more turns away.” Chrissy said as she looked at the map, “Pretty close to the main complex.”

As Chrissy spoke the main complex came into view. Sam saw a large building that managed to look both modern but not out of place surrounded by the woodlands. There were large brightly coloured tubes that came out of the walls that curled around and then went back in.

“I can’t wait to go on the waterslides.” Chrissy said. She was obviously looking at the same thing Sam was.

Of all of them Chrissy was definitely the one most likely to go on the waterslide. She was more of a thrill seeker than any of the others. Sam never usually tried the big slides and things but she had resolved to push her boundaries whilst on vacation. It looked like there was a lot going on inside the building, there were a lot of people going in and out, the congestion only meant the car had to slow even more.

“Come on…” Sam muttered.

“We’re nearly there.” Nina said as she looked in the rear view mirror.

“Do you need us to pull over?” Amy asked.

“No.” Sam replied. She knew she didn’t sound sure.

In truth, if Sam hadn’t been so hung up on not being looked at like a toddler, she would’ve stopped the car and dashed into the main centre to find a toilet. She crossed her legs and one of her hands went down to cover her crotch, they couldn’t be far from the lodge now.

After passing the large building they started driving past other lodges. They were all set quite far back from the road and almost blended in with the trees that surrounded them. There were still a lot of cars and people around so progress remained slow. The car had mostly gone quiet now, Sam got the feeling that everyone could sense her discomfort but nobody was going to say anything.

“This is us.” Nina said as she finally pulled the car over next to a path that led to three different lodges.

Sam pushed open the door and ran around to the path. She hurried up to the door of their lodge as fast as her little legs would take her. Of course it was locked and even if she had one of the electronic wristbands that functioned as keys she wouldn’t have been able to reach the place she had to put it. Amy hurried over with a wristband on, Sam was trying not to look as desperate as she felt.

“Thanks!” Sam yelled over her shoulder as the door clicked open.

Sam ran past the entrance area and into the living room. The lodge looked well-furnished and very nice even considering the high cost of staying there but she didn’t have time to hang around appreciating the furniture right then. Either side of the large living area there were two doors that she presumed led to the two bedrooms. Sam just picked one and ran towards it. She had to jump slightly to reach the handle and then hurried through the bedroom without looking around, the bathrooms in the lodge were en suite.

The bathroom was a little cramped but equally nice to the living room. Sam quickly pulled down her panties and jumped up to sit on the toilet, almost immediately she started peeing. With a sigh of relief Sam heard the tinkling of her urine splashing into the water below. It had been a close run thing, another few minutes and she wasn’t sure she would’ve made it.

As Sam sat on the toilet she looked down to the panties that were by her knees. They were pink with a picture of a unicorn’s head on the front. They were embarrassingly childish, in fact they were for children, but it was the only thing that Sam could find in her size. People wondered why she never had any romantic experience with men or women but Sam was sure any potential love interest would be put off when they saw her underwear, not that it mattered since any potential partner wouldn’t have interest in her thanks to her size. She could see a large and noticeable wet spot on the inside of her panties.

“Damn it…” Sam muttered.

A little leakage wasn’t unusual for Sam. When she was desperate for the toilet she often found a little urine could trickle out before she made it. With a sigh she pulled them off her legs. Once she was done she reached up and flushed the toilet, a precarious situation that required her to kneel on the side of the toilet.


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End Chapter 1

Sam's Vacation

by: Elfy | Story In Progress | Last updated May 23, 2024


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